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Happy thanksgiving

Thank You for being here in this body witnessing the unfolding of evolution and expansion on an individual and collective path serving the highest good for all. Thank You for my breath and the air i breath, thank you for abundance in all ways, always everywhere, thank you for excellent Well Being, thank you for the contrast showing me what i don’t want so i know what i want. Thank you for all my family, soul family and friends. Thank you for creating me in such way that whatever i do that gives me pure authentic joy also benefits all life. Thank You God Creator Source, We are One, You are me and IAM You. Thank you for knowing how alignement to Source feels.
Thank You, I Love You.
And Happy Thanks giving to All.

If showing your appreciation feels good to you , donations small or big are welcome here, reminding you that all the money that you give/spend is blessed and comes to you multiplied.

Manifestation Skills practice.

person sitting inside car
Photo by Roberto Nickson on Pexels.com

One of the many things i practice manifesting is my next Vehicle, be it Electric or Hover Car. I feel myself driving it, i hear the silent motor, i have few pictures of various models i would like to drive and daily i am doing this work feeling into it, among other things, describing with at least 12 different words how does it feel…after 21 days, it is fully integrated in my system and now i am having fun doing this wherever i am. Nothing matters more than to feel good. And doing this feels really good and by doing that i am serving the collective as one keeping their vibration high is more powerful than millions who are not. I Am a Source energy Being living in this body and i know it and that is why i always get what i want or better!
So i invite you with this to practice and see how this works for you.
For me when walk in the streets in a city where there are almost no electric cars at all well, i manifest daily at least 3 or 4 times of those driving around. Universe always confirms what happens in my Creation Vortex.

Feel More Than Fine

white and black car parked
Photo by Burak Kebapci on Pexels.com

Sending Blessings of support and Love to all involved for planetary liberation.

Please repeat these words :

IAM my IAM Presence and IAM ONE with the IAM Presence of All Humanity and Mother Father God.

I blaze the blue fire of protection, safety and security to myself and all involved.

I blaze the violet flame of freedom , support and transmutation to all involved

I blaze the pink flame of Love , Light and Truth to all involved.

I bless all involved, i bless all my projects and all projects worldwide that work for The Highest Good For All.

Feel Gratitude for 2 minutes radiating out.

It is done! And So It Is. And So Be It.

Special support for Patriot Mike Lindel : Mike Lindell and His Cyber Symposium Attacked | Frank Speech the Home of Free Speech

Sharing my Ascension experience

It has been a while since i wrote a blog, sharing my Ascension experience. Truth is , i have been busy meditating and clearing the path while feeling the awesomeness of non resistant thought and ‘speeding up the process’ it relates to where attention goes energy flows. I watched less movies for entertainment and created again my own as i would like to experience my future life. Since i know that i am the Creator of my own reality and what i want to be manifest is meant to be. And yes indeed, i must admit there have been moments that i pushed the button a little but too much while now i am in this loving space of understanding that since IAM already enough and whole and ONE with GOD, there is no need to push more rather enjoy the process along the way keeping the balance doing my sacred work going within, becoming from Some ONE to No ONE and then to Every ONE, every Thing. every Where at all times = The Eternal Now. This was a wonderful work i must admit to integrate in my daily habits few more pieces like feeling and writing chapters about my future Life with as much detail as possible.

So now that i am writing this, it is almost 16h00 here in Greece, it is 40 degrees celcius outside and i am about to have my Raw Vegan lunch that i prepared a while ago. My diet is also shifting towards eating less food than ever before, this as a consequence of transformation of our Ascending body from carbon based to crystallin cells as the more we do inner work the more the Light feeds the body, there is less appetite for solid foods for me and more for liquids and luckily enough i found a local store here that sells raw vegan ice cream!!! once in a while it is nice to have them ready instead of making it myself as i do all my foods each and every day…because around here there is no restaurant that serves vegan and organic…besides with all the restrictions for now i don’t even feel like entering any of these places . Being in the knowingness of the Light Body as a powerful Armour that boosts the immune system, no jab , no masks and no PCR tests for me since the very beginning. I live my life continuing what i did before expanding each and every day, much less friends around physically but with so many in the ethers knowing fully that this is the process to attract all those like minded and like hearted in our New Earth communities. I am walking my talk and i am eagerly anticipating what is to come while appreciating what is with ease, grace, flow and playfulness and fun fun fun times.

I hope this serves you in your journey



ps.i know the picture has nothing to do really with this post and yet it really does if you look for deeper meaning because this is also part of my experience as Ajjuna who stands in the middle told me in a private message : Everybody is so thankful to you . And yes i don’t usually share any of these messages but i thought why not share once just for the lucky ones who read this post.

And don’t you love it knowing that children go to sleep knowing that they are safe and sound with their bellies full ? 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 This is one of our projects that once the prosperity funds are here we will be supporting further…meanwhile we give small donations that make big difference to the lives of all these children. If you wish to donate go to charities, choose one or more and make yours.


Basic Universal Credit/ paychecks per month for all is one of these lights now slowly activating through #NESARA #GESARA 

I am blown away by the amount of people not seeing the beauty of not having to work for a living. We are not meant to do that. We are meant to do activities that please our heart. This does not mean i agree with the current ways of worldwide governments trying to buy of people with money…folks wake up, they are at the end of the rope, they know the end is near for them. And little by little we see good actions happening to assist every human being come out of hunger and misery imposed on us by enslaving cabal controled governments that want to think that our Universe is not abundant in all ways.
God loves all his daughters and sons and you living in a body right now, are witnessing the most amazing unfolding of The Golden Age. Everything works for the highest good for all and no matter how hard they try to convince us otherwise there are many beautiful lights at the end of the tunnel.
Hold your heads up ,in prayer and meditation to uplift yourselves daily, it is the only way to feel into what is coming.
Basic Universal Credit/ paychecks per month for all is one of these lights now slowly activating through #NESARA #GESARA .

ps. California just agreed to send up to $1,000 monthly checks to residents in nation’s first guaranteed income program


The New Financial System:Clarity Time – Nikos Akrivos

The New Financial system through NESARA/GESARA has nothing to do with what is being called the great reset.The first is Divine, the 2nd is just trying to immitate in order to control more globally. This is the reason there is confusion for many about Basic Universal Income ,thinking that only the 2nd rule of total control applies when in fact this is a process coming forward to benefit all citizens of Earth. Many amongst you called me a communist among other stuff. I am with no political party. I am for the highest good for all. So to resume, this is coming forward now for all to enjoy and work if they desire too. But let’s not forget the reason all this takes place ,:is not just to eradicate hunger and cover basic needs ,it is also for offering enough free time so one can dedicate more time to their spirituality and Ascension process. So no more excuses like :i got to work for a living. This will be covered through BUI.(basic universal income).We have strong reasons to believe it will be 1200€/adult in Europe and 600/under 18 years from the moment they are born.