Go within for answers and solutions no matter how seemingly mundane the problem or issue and what manifests will be practical and seemingly ordinary but works.

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OCTOBER 31, 2021

Dear readers, always know that the intention of these messages is to assist on all levels, those open to being assisted. We realize that in many ways ordinary life has become difficult because much that you have been accustomed to no longer functions as it once did. Allow the process for all is as it needs to be at this time in order for the un-awakened majority to wake up–if not fully, then at least into a new and higher sense of what life should be about.

The energy you are feeling has become increasingly intense as high resonating frequencies of Light come in contact with and expose the low resonating and dense energies that have dominated and defined mankind’s thinking for eons. This high frequency energy is causing everyone to question their choices, beliefs and goals–life in general as they have always lived it and believed it to be.

The dissolving of the false is the purpose behind everything taking place at this time–the exposures, awakenings, change, resistance, and the dismantling of many old firmly entrenched paradigms. Never lose sight of the fact that you chose to be on earth at this time not only to clear personal energetic debris but also to assist with the heavy lifting of the world’s collective consciousness.

All is proceeding according to plan both within and without. Trust, and cease continually attempting to fix everything with old tools. Doing, doing, doing is a three dimensional activity that you have been programmed to do. Real change can only flow from within, the Source of creative thinking and new ideas. Go within for answers and solutions no matter how seemingly mundane the problem or issue and what manifests will be practical and seemingly ordinary but works.

Many for the first time are beginning to experience a sense of camaraderie with others. This is how awakening into a conscious awareness of oneness begins. The realization of every truth begins as a tiny crack of Light in a person’s awareness. This little step is in reality a huge step for someone who has always lived fully from three dimensional thinking. That tiny crack of light will then begin to expand because it is Reality and Reality automatically dissolves everything unlike ITself.

Do not judge the efforts or non-efforts of those around you because every person must evolve at their own pace. Some have more three dimensional lessons to experience while others have completed theirs. Always remember that regardless of appearances, every person has a Higher Self and Guides. Knowing this makes it easier to pull back from the temptation to enlighten someone who does not wish to be enlightened.

Love is allowing and there may come a point at which you must simply allow another to fall flat on their face which can be very difficult if the other is a loved one. The job of a spiritual master is to have their hand out ready to grab the hand that is reaching out for help but is never to reach down and pull someone kicking and screaming out of their chosen gutter experience. There are occasions when an intervention is appropriate but only when those around the person intuit that he/she actually desires help.

Know the truth about every individual you see, become aware of, or interact with regardless of how spiritually asleep they might seem to be. This never means allowing yourself to be used, intimidated, or abused in any way in the false belief that you are being patient, loving, or spiritual. Evolved and spiritually aware individuals are empowered, not afraid to lovingly but firmly speak their truth and capable of taking whatever necessary actions may be required but never losing sight of the fact that they and the others involved are spiritual beings.

Many are not yet able to comprehend the quiet ways of peace and love and misinterpret these qualities as weakness. They often lash out with words and actions in fearful attempts to maintain their belief system of separation and life as they know it. With time all will come to know unconditional love for it is the reality.

Some of you will be discovering or have already found that others, often a stranger or someone you least expect is drawn to you asking questions about truth, what you believe, or what you would do about some issue. This is because they feel your energy, are able to align with it, and are spiritually ready for more. Give spiritual “baby food” to the beginners and spiritual “meat” to those ready for it. Giving a deep truth to someone not yet spiritually prepared will simply confuse or actually turn them away. Always trust your intuition to guide you in these matters.

Every thought you think and every false belief you hold becomes part of the collective. That is why we advise to limit news watching and three dimensional based involvement in outer affairs for when you do this you simply add old energy to the collective consciousness that you are hoping to enlighten.. Examine your own personal beliefs and you may find that you still hold beliefs from the collective that no longer serve your present and more evolved state of consciousness. Remember, there is no unexpressed consciousness and every little belief you hold will manifest in some way at some time because you are creators .

Allowing oneself to become embroiled in the right and wrong, good and bad of the outer scene, simply adds to or augments the contents of the three dimensional collective. However, this does not mean you close your eyes to the problems and issues of the world. You see them, are aware of them, and do not deny or resist them but rather observe them from a place of higher awareness, one that knows the reality underlying all appearances. When you do this you add light to the collective rather than more of the false.

There are some who have incarnated specifically to take an active role in world politics, law, religion, medicine, education, military, science etc. These souls are highly evolved and strong enough to open cracks of Light in the densest of areas. Some have been severely abused, even killed for their attempts to change the status quo but many continue to work for peace and change right along side those still fully enmeshed in old energy. If you are one of them you know who you are and we honor you for your strength and courage.

Simply and quietly hold the Light knowing that you carry it with you wherever you go. The Light of an evolved consciousness can be a beacon for those struggling to survive the “storms” now taking place. Many evolved individuals falsely believe that they are doing nothing and wonder why they have not been given a “spiritual” job. Every thought you think, every place you go, and every person you interact with is being spiritually served by you because the Light of your consciousness is you. This is the real meaning of Light work.

The artist who presents beauty to others is a Light worker. The farmer who lovingly provides healthy and wholesome food is a Light worker. The teacher who patiently serves her students is a Light worker. A wife and mother who cares for her family is a Light worker. The refuse collector who does his job with love and care is a Light worker. Everyone who does what they do from love and a sense of oneness is a Light worker.

A person’s state of consciousness determines what they bring to the world. Let go of any remaining concepts about “saints”, spiritual teachers, priests and gurus, psychics, and healers being “special”, holier, better than you. It is true that some of have attained a high level of spiritual awareness and may be very evolved but others of them have not. Everyone is an expression of Divine Source–God for nothing else exists. This was the message of Jesus, but the people then and now did not understand and began to and still worship the man while forgetting the message.

We of see so many of you struggling with spiritual truth in the light of what you see happening in the outer world. Let the outer world do what it must do dear ones, while you continue to hold to your center. The things that you read or hear about are not yours unless you bring them in and make them yours. Allow others to work their way through what they need to work through.

Most of you have completed your necessary three dimensional experiences, done the work, and did not incarnate simply to live a satisfying three dimensional life. Rather you came to help lift the world consciousness to new levels of awareness but you cannot do this if you attempt to do it from the same level of thinking that created the third dimensional belief system in the first place. You must come out and be separate from that which you know to be old energy.

Allow previous beliefs about it being your duty to fix everyone and everything to drop away. You are no longer that state of consciousness but many of you are having a hard time moving beyond this belief because you were taught in many lifetimes that it is your job as a good person to save, fix, or heal everything and everyone that does not reflect yours or current thought about what is true and correct.

Trust that all is proceeding according to a Divine plan and know that every soul is on a journey of awakening and will eventually get there. The conflict, confusions, and chaos taking place at this time are all facets of earth’s shift into higher dimensional energy. All is proceeding according to plan never doubt this.

Trust, allow, and BE.

We are the Arcturian Group 10/31/21

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Before you know it, you’re helping to uplift tens of millions of people and making the world a distinctly better place than it would have been without the benefit of your presence. -Metaphysics-

How You Make the World a Better Place

by Owen Waters

One of the mysteries of quantum physics today is the fact that subatomic particles communicate with each other at speeds far greater than the speed of light. Apparently they weren’t listening to Einstein when he said that they’re not supposed to be able to do that.

This phenomenon came to light in 1982 at the University of Paris, where it was shown that related photons are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them. It doesn’t matter whether they are 10 feet or 10 billion miles apart, they say. Somehow each particle always seems to instantly know what the other is doing.

Metaphysics – the science of energies beyond the physical – provides the answer because it recognizes the existence of mental energies. It also recognizes that all things are conscious, so let’s rephrase that 1982 experiment in metaphysical terms:

Two photons meet and, like two normal, healthy, conscious entities, they take a liking to each other. Even though one is sent off on a long journey and the other is kept close for observation, they stay in touch. After all, they are friends. When something happens to one, it promptly happens to the other as a sympathetic reaction. Now, because mental energy travels at millions of times the speed of light, their speed of communication is virtually instantaneous. And, yet another mystery is solved by modern metaphysics.

Mental energy is one of the nonphysical energies in Creation. It can be used as an umbrella term to include the energies of both rational thought and emotional feeling. The existence of mental energy in motion should come as no surprise because the universe was created by Original Thought and Original Feeling set into motion.

Every second of every day, your physical brain transmits and receives mental energy to and from the mental atmosphere which surrounds this planet. This globally-shared mind belt is the medium which enables discoveries and inventions to occur at the same time by people who are not in physical contact with each other. For example, the discovery of oxygen was made not by one researcher, but by three different ones in three different countries at the same time. Mathematical calculus was another example. It was created by Newton in England and Liebnitz in Germany at the same time, leading to years of entertaining rivalry.

Have you ever had an idea, then seen other people express or use that same idea? You probably said, “Hey! I thought of that first!” Well, that’s exactly how the mind belt works. It’s an atmosphere that you share with all other sentient beings, but you especially tune in to the topics and frequencies of mind that interest you the most.

Throughout your life, you contribute to the energies of the mind belt and do your part in making the world what it is today. As a spiritually-minded person, you uplift the mind belt because the frequency of heart-centered consciousness is a lot higher than the self-involved thoughts of the statistically average person across the face of the globe. At this point, you may wonder how spiritual people – a smaller portion of the current population – can do much good in a world affected by a lot of materialistic and depressive thinking. The answer may surprise you.

It’s almost as if the Creator stacked the cards in favor of spiritual evolution. As a spiritually-minded person, your higher-frequency thoughts have exponentially more power and influence than thoughts of a lower frequency. By definition, at least 80% of the population has an average effect upon the mind belt. You, however, have a frequency advantage which empowers your influence in the world far more than you may have realized.

Researcher David Hawkins spent years investigating the effects of the whole frequency range of human consciousness and came up with an amazing discovery. As a spiritually-aware person, the influence of your consciousness is equivalent to hundreds of thousands of statistically-average people! This surprising fact presents us with an incredible opportunity to help others and make a very positive difference in the world.

His actual figure was that a person’s consciousness at the entry level to spiritual awareness counter-balances and lifts up the effect of the thoughts of 800,000 people of average consciousness around the world! Imagine what happens when you go beyond the entry level and work every day on your own spiritual growth. Before you know it, you’re helping to uplift tens of millions of people and making the world a distinctly better place than it would have been without the benefit of your presence.

As you raise your consciousness, you contribute exponentially more to the spiritual quality of the global mind. Therefore, your greatest service to humanity is, paradoxically, focusing upon your own spiritual growth. This wonderful level of service to humanity occurs as a direct effect of your consciousness upon a world which has been starved, for so long, of spiritual thought and spiritual energy.

Meanwhile, as you develop ever-higher levels of consciousness, you become more attuned with the soul aspect of your awareness. Operating just above the heart-centered level of consciousness, your soul aspect has the freedom to see beyond the limitations of space and time.

Your soul, as the higher part of your mind, knows the exact details of your life plan and its current status. While your physical brain rests at night, your active awareness rises to this higher level in order to review your life on an ongoing basis.

The key to being on-target with your intended life path each day is to develop soul awareness as your intuitive support for the goals and challenges that you face in your physical life.

Make a decision to develop your spiritual growth on a daily basis. Choose a time for reflection and spiritual practices each and every day. Spend that time increasing your frequency of consciousness by engaging in meditation, spiritual study, energy work, reflection, and the use of sacred essential oils.

As you develop your spiritual knowledge and healing ability, you become able to spread the word of how others can empower their lives and achieve spiritual freedom. With a more developed sense of intuition, you soon learn how to make better choices based upon a growing sense of your innermost joy. Life becomes an inspired dream factory where your highest visions for a better world begin to manifest in the physical reality around you.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Exploring Resistance

October 30, 2021, ytinityesoterics.com


There may be times in your life where you know something is good for you, yet you experience resistance to moving in that direction. This is completely normal. It simply means that there is an unhealed part of you that is needing your love and attention before it is willing to cooperate with moving in that direction.

So rather than pushing against your resistance, get curious about it. What is it that is wanting to hold you back from moving forward? Is your inner child or ego afraid it will be left behind? It is an integral part of your team and may simply need to be reassured of that fact. Do you have a fear of experiencing your next highest expression of self? Your expansion always brings more comfort and satisfaction, not less.

Is it fear of the unknown? There are always many wonderful things waiting for you to discover in the realm of potentiality which is just beyond what you can see. Is it fear of success and/or fear of failure? The value is not in the result, it is in the experience. Is it a fear of change? If there are areas of your life that are not satisfactory, it is only through change you can find solutions and better matches.

Dear Ones, the flow will always take you somewhere better, the trick is to get all the parts of you to cooperate and willingly move along with you, and the vast majority of times. whatever is attempting to hold you back is simply looking for your acknowledgement, presence, and reassurance.

Rather than trying to wrestle your resistance to the ground, why not simply guide it forward with love and compassion? If you have the awareness that your resistance is holding you back from expanding in new, more empowered ways, you are more than ready to be your own loving shepherd, guide, and parent, and to follow the beckoning of your soul.

A Reminder for Our SUNday Unity Meditations.

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If you want to feel empowered and recharged for the rest of your week, invite you to join us on our SUNday Unity Meditations every SUNday at 5am and 8am and 11am pacific time with thousands across the planet going in stillness for 30 minutes each session preferably offline for better telepathic communication ;). After 5 years that i am on this journey i have experienced great truths within me and i can safely surf the Ascension waves with ease, grace and flow. Of course this does not mean i do not go within any other day, just that on SUNdays we are this powerful group coming together blasting the planet with Light that works for The Highest Good for All and all participants can feel it!!!



ps. times in Central Europe (Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam) is at 14h/17h/20h00.

What if, instead of fearing your ghosts – living, dead, or even the ghosts of your own past – you were to pray for them to know only love?

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As many of you celebrate your holiday of Halloween, we love the fact that you are taking things that might otherwise be considered “frightening” and instead “lightening” them up! From our view of reality you have nothing to fear at all because you are, and always will be, in control of your own vibration, and therefore in control of your experience of reality. Love wants to flow, and as we expressed last week, you either allow it or pinch off its supply.

For example, there are indeed ghosts who are souls that don’t believe that love is real – even when the light appears for them. They stay in a vibration in between heaven and earth, often harmlessly wandering about, but sometimes rather angrily. You wouldn’t fear an angry, tantrum-throwing two-year-old, dear ones, and you need not fear anyone – living or deceased – who is living in an unpleasant and pinched-off version of their own reality.

What if, instead of being afraid, you were like a parent looking at their adorable two-year-old who is, in a given moment, unhappy and screaming. Like that parent, you might feel some irritation, but you would also feel compassion for those in your world – living or dead – who are angry and scared as well. What if you could see the innocent child within them, and pray that they feel safe and secure in God’s love?

What if, instead of fearing your ghosts – living, dead, or even the ghosts of your own past – you were to pray for them to know only love?

Then dear ones, those “scary” beings and things on your planet would be only as powerful as your cute little Halloween ghosts whom you don’t take very seriously at all.

If you were to remove the power you give your problems, you would unblock the flow of love waiting to help you solve them.

Right now you could say that there is a tug of war between love and what you call “evil” on your planet. Evil, dear ones, is simply “LlVE” in reverse. Evil is that which doesn’t realize that it is connected to an endless stream of LOVE that helps it LIVE. As a result, it attempts to go about life backward, grabbing resources, money, power, and energy from others, because it has pinched off its own supply chain to Love’s endless flow.

You need not fear evil. You need not give it any more power than your Halloween figures! You need not even focus upon it. In fact, the less energy you give that which you call evil, the more energy you are giving Love. In a vibration of love dear friends, “though you walk in the shadow of the valley of darkness you will fear no evil.”

In the greater understanding of reality, there is nothing but love. Your experience of this greater reality depends on you. You either let love flow into your life or you block Love’s endless supply.

There are those who let love flow into their lives as much as possible by focusing on kind, loving, soothing, comforting, inspiring thoughts, and actions. There are those who pinch off their experience of Love’s supply by focusing on anger, fear, sadness, and other unpleasant feelings or situations. Most of you go back and forth between the two… and that is OK! You are learning to unblock your supply as you move through life.

You are learning to reach for thoughts that feel good and focus on things and situations that feel good. You are learning to find good feelings even when the external world doesn’t make it easy. When you feel good your supply chain from Love’s source is unblocked and flowing easily. When you feel bad, to some degree, you’re pinching off the endless flow of love. Your feelings are your guide.

Dear ones, your connection to the endless supply of love grants you freedom from the influences of what you call evil – freedom from the influences of those who operate from an experience of pinching off their own supply. Your connection to the endless supply of love grants you immunity, abundance, joy, grace, and ease.

There is nothing more important in your lives right now than your connection to the endless supply of love from the Source. If you have a problem, stop spinning within it. Sit. Breathe. Receive our love. Focus on how the solution would feel. Have faith dear ones! You are loved! The supply is there. Unblock it by focusing on the good that is waiting to flow to you. Allow for it. Stop getting in God’s way, as we like to say.

If someone has triggered painful feelings within you, although it is difficult, try not to use their behavior as an excuse to disconnect yourself from the endless supply of love. When others are unloving it is even more important for YOU to connect with love. Don’t wait for the world to make it easy. Don’t wait for others to behave as you wish. Don’t wait for things to look exactly as you want. Open now, dear ones to the supply of Love that is here for you always – right here, right now.

The moment you appreciate a single ray of sunshine you are open to love. The moment you value the feeling of the floor supporting your feet, your open to love. The moment you think of someone you care about you are open to love. The moment you have a good wish for someone who is challenging, you are open to love. The moment you dream of a better world, you are open to love. You don’t need to look for the “monumental” experiences of love. Choose the small ones, one after the next, and soon dear ones, you will live in the endless supply of love. In this reality, all that you find spooky and scary will be seen much like your little Halloween ghosts, as nothing to fear at all. In this reality, evil cannot touch you because you are focused only on the Love beneath it all.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

It is time to not just make friends with your body, but to honour your body as an essential partner on your journey.

October 29, 2021, trinityesoterics.com

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Embodiment

Dear Ones, you are in the process of embodiment ~ the incorporation of more and more of your higher self into your physical body. There is a pervasive belief that your body or your human self is somehow less than your spiritual self. But we ask you, how on earth can you possibly embrace embodiment without accepting your body?

Do you see? It is time to not just make friends with your body, but to honour your body as an essential partner on your journey. True unification happens when you celebrate all the glorious parts of you.

Celebrate your victory!

Celebrate every single day – and that is setting the landscape for your new reality!

Archangel Michael’s Clarion Call to Celebration!

At the behest of Archangel Michael, Andrew joyfully shares Michael’s 2nd Clarion Call to the world – his Clarion Call to Celebration – from his reading with Linda Dillon.

Andrew: I don’t know if you’ve any further comments for sharing generally as Channelled Gems? I think your introductory message was certainly one for that, but I wonder if you’ve anything further you’d like to add.

Archangel Michael: Dearest heart, the only thing I would add – and yes, I have given you my Channelled Gem because that is my Clarion Call to Courage, but I also, right next to it, want to make a Clarion Call to Celebration!

You know there has been upon your planet many theories – and somewhat delightfully imaginative – of how the shifts, the ascension, the anchoring of Nova Earth will look. And very often, it has been the belief system that there would be a spin-off planet or an alternate location [chuckling] for ‘the good, the bad, the ugly, the evil,’ which is not the way the Mother works – and neither does love.

So now we invite you to celebrate as you are stepping forward. It is not in the doldrums of “Oh, here is another chapter we must endure like the longest march across the Russian front.” No! It is the celebratory dance, it is the glitters, the balloons, the champagne, the heart-to-heart celebration that you all – and you individually – yes, it one thing to celebrate as a collective, but it is meaningless unless you are celebrating individually. Celebrate your victory!

And you say, “Well, Michael, I don’t feel as if I am victorious.” Well then, think every day of three things: of gifts you have been given, insights you have received, insights you have arrived at, actions you have taken. Celebrate every single day – and that is setting the landscape for your new reality!

So I invite you, beloveds, to come celebrate with me! Let us dance across the sky together as One for we are but one family.

Go with my love and go in peace, sweet angels. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted. [Full terms of copyright at https://counciloflove.com/copyright-notice/]


A Message to Lightworkers – October 29, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time with you today.

This week, our writer speaks with Mary Magdalene regarding the changes you are seeing, as the Divine Feminine energies are re-instilled into Lady Gaia and human consciousness . . .

COR: Greetings, Lady Master Mary the Magdalene! I am honored to speak with you today.

Ascended Master Mary Magdalene: Greetings, dear one! I am honored to speak with all of you.

COR: My questions have to do with the Divine Feminine energies coming to Earth now.

We are regaining the other half of life.

Regaining the other half of our spirit and psyche—those Divine aspects that have been suppressed, ignored, or violated for thousands of years.

That should all be wonderfully good news, yet look what is happening!

There is a great effort to downgrade our DNA, to enslave us with one last angry act of desperation on the part of the old power structure.

I hardly know where to look some days.

Yet these energies, and our capacity to open to them, seem to be getting more powerful and more transformative by the day.

Ascended Master Mary Magdalene: It is important to recall that all who are aware of the transformation that Earth is currently experiencing will have come in with a particular set of interests, whatever their intentions.

And so it cannot be a coincidence that so many have arrived on the planet at this time with a powerful mission to assist in Earth’s and humanity’s Ascension.

Nor can it be a coincidence that so many have chosen now to speak on matters that affect consciousness in general.

The great lift in frequency can be felt in the air around one, and in the trees, the plants and soil, the water, the animals. In human hearts and minds.

This is not so much a matter of the meaning of words, as you know. It concerns the energies expressed in them.

This is why words are sacred. They carry great Creative power.

The physicality of sound calls forth certain vibrations, enacting them to call waves or beams of energy into action, for a particular purpose.

This then translates to energetic presence, and often, outer form.

Most of you have been discovering this for a number of years now.

Millions are realizing the power of their own voice, thoughts, and physical presence, to act as a transmitter and communicator of a particular form of experience.

Though this would be called fanciful nonsense by some, millions are experiencing the reality of it.

So that when you comment on what is coming from the shadows, where fear is engaged as a control measure, you are noticing one part of Earth’s vibrational reality, and that is the lower vibrational aspect of human life at the moment.

As the media airwaves are full of those low vibrations, it feels that those energies are predominating on the planet.

Yet we can tell you: They are not.

The Light consciousness has now rooted into Gaia and into human consciousness to where it cannot be uprooted.

Currently it is muted in some respects, but even that will not last much longer.

COR: Yet what is difficult, is that we have been trained via centuries of trauma-based control to feel that we are in constant danger, even when we are not.

For some, this has not been very noticeable until now, in this time when illness and extreme weather and armed conflict happening in so many places, as well as all the economic disruption and hardship those can bring.

So that we are more easily falling into sync with the low-grade fear vibration that rings through the air, particularly where there are large populations.

That’s where the media proliferates anxiety and density and divisiveness so powerfully, and never more so than now.

I am wondering if we are better off ignoring the dense messages, or admitting that these are the shadows of our own experience, coming up for us to finally face, full-on?

Mary Magdalene: In a sense, it is best to ignore them.

Steeping yourself in dark images and warnings of a dismal future is not why you have come in at this time.

And yet, knowing that that density is there does indicate to you that so much has come to the surface asking to be healed, or entirely dissolved, yes!

And this can only be a good thing!

People are upset when a physical or emotional symptom shows up, yet if it indicates a problem that needs to be healed, that is something that one can be thankful for.

You would otherwise far more easily ignore the issue, or not be conscious of it.

And so it is, for humanity as well.

Much has come forward now to finally be healed not only in the context of a human healing construct, but in the transformative, transfiguring Light that is flowing to everyone now, without exception.

One might say, quite happily, that there is no escaping it.

That is the era which humanity has now entered.

COR: How do we keep from being overwhelmed by either the news or our own innate need to heal the pain and density of hundreds of incarnations?

I agree that it is energy healing that we need now, which far outweighs the older forms of what we call therapeutics or spiritual practice.

This is the environment of Earth Herself we are healing—and humanity, en masse.

Mary Magdalene: Yes. You have come in for nothing less!

Just be aware that you are not the ones experiencing all that is occurring now in your inner lives and on the planet.

Your higher selves, your star families, your own souls—these are powerfully activated now, and highly involved in all of this.

As you connect with them in moments of quiet, you connect to an entire network of Light work and healing that you once could have only dreamt of encountering on a conscious level.

Now it is open to you on increasingly higher and more discernible levels of experience.

You will need to be ready to connect with these, yet remember: most of this is just you in higher form.

These beautiful resources are an oasis, a healing place of respite and rest from the demands of Earth life, and they are always there for you.

You may not always feel an immediate lift in your energies, yet that will be provided as you openly seek and open to receive it.

COR: Could you offer us a process by which we can access these, Lady Master?

That would be quite helpful.

Mary Magdalene: I am honored to assist.

Begin by breathing deeply yet comfortably, concentrating only on your breath, as you release all thoughts.

If it helps you to concentrate on silence—to reach for the silence behind all sounds, then do that for a moment, as a point of focus that quiets the mind.

Or you may wish to have music playing that is high vibrational in frequency, or a recording of Sanskrit chanting, such as “Om.”

These will remind you that you are not so much a physical vehicle with brain and emotions, as pure energy that has currently manifested itself into outer form.

Image before you a brilliant ray of Light, a great wave of sparkling, aware, sentient energy moving through the Universe.

See that Light or energy also flowing through you, and through all of your Earth, lifting all to a beautiful resonance that returns you and your Earth to your highest dreams of what is possible for you—a transfiguration.

See it lifting you into new and accelerated forms of healing and renewal—a transformation into higher outer forms, as you resonate with and acclimate to these frequencies.

Many use the Rose Ray in this image, as it is felt to be the predominant ray of the Divine Feminine.

This Light ray is powerful. It holds an energy of active openness.

You have been taught that the Feminine is a weak or passive state. It is not.

It is a Creational flow of intent, and it has created worlds, whole races of beings, star constellations, galaxies, universes.

Consider that far from being separate from this beautiful energetic flow and this powerful Intelligence that is an expression of higher Love, you are actually One with it.

Consider that what you feel is your brokenness, your weakened human state, your pain and losses, are only colors on a canvas that is so masterfully painted that you come to realize, as you see the full masterwork:

“Nothing of my Earth lives has been accidental.

“All is well, as I live in the Light of this Divine Radiance, and Her Love for me.

“I Am One with Her, and all Her Creation.”

Offer up all that which you feel is too heavy to carry, to understand, to solve or heal.

For you are correct, those who feel that Earth and Her people have traveled too far into this great experiment that you call duality.

Strangely, yet perfectly, the rejoining of those two halves of shadow and Light is forming a more perfect Whole than you have yet experienced in any Universe.

And so now, as you see the presence of Divine Mother coming to you on this wave—and you will see her in whatever way most resonates for you—

See her coming onto the planet, and into your own energies, with all Her glory and empowering presence and compassion, and ability to renew, to release, to remake that which had forgotten it is part of the Whole, of the All That Is.

Yes, part of your own essence was forced to forget about Her, yet instinctively, all of Her Creation knows to remember, and to rejoin with Her now.

So call in every fractured part of your existence to assist, and to be a part of the full integration of every fragment of your life energies.

You are joining that which resides on Earth in your current body, and that which is still elsewhere in the Universe.

And as you see these individual aspects coming forward and integrating with your current Earth self, realize fully:

“I AM whole now. I AM Divine Mother’s Creation of beauty, wholeness, brilliance, and creative power.

“I AM more than powerful enough to assist the re-Creating of Earth at this time.

“My mission is clear. My path is full of Light. My Joy is complete. I Give Thanks.”

See Divine Mother reach out as if to touch your heartspace, yet note that she is sending Her powerful essence into your energies.

Not to overcome or control your essence, but to remind you of that Universal Sun from which you came, from which your Earth consciousness was birthed.

When you are ready, come back fully into the room, thanking Divine Mother and any other beautiful Beings you sense assisting Her in blessing you, in reminding you of your own magnificence.

For this we see, always, even though it has long been hidden from you.

COR: Thank you, dear Lady Master! I feel that even just reading these words will uplift many.

Mary Magdalene: They have the Mother’s essence in them.

So drink of that water that is meant for you!

As always, all of us here, of the Collective, of the Ashtar Command, of the Company of Heaven, as many call it—we are with you, at every moment.

COR: Namaste, Lady Master!

Mary Magdalene: Namaste, dear one! My Love and blessings to all.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to this post,
at ________.

Thank you.

Loving your body and truly acknowledging all it does…will shift you into unity consciousness within yourself and from there you will have finally created the perfect conditions for healing and vibrant health that goes far beyond just the physical.

topless woman in bathtub with white flower
Photo by Elina Fairytale on Pexels.com

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Unity Consciousness Within

So many of you are in deep resistance to your own bodies. Dear Ones, your bodies are dedicated servants to you. They allow you the wondrous ability to feel, to experience, to love in a tangible way. They have worked tirelessly for you from the moment you have taken your first breath, to provide you the vehicle to be on the planet, learning and growing, and participating in the great shift of the ages.

We urge you to make friends with your bodies! They are an essential member of your team. When was the last time you had true love and appreciation for your body? It is a truly miraculous creation.

If there are parts of your body that are not working well, we encourage you to get into a meditation and have a conversation with your body and/or those specific parts. What do they need from you? What would they like you to know? How can you help them thrive? Your body has an innate intelligence that will never steer you wrong if you allow it to take the lead.

Many of you are incredibly judgmental and rejecting of your bodies. What we wish for you to understand is your body is an integral part of you, and when you are rejecting and speaking abusively to it, you are harming yourself

You are practicing resistance and separation consciousness with yourself, which will create a deep discomfort within you and make it difficult for you to thrive. Your negative self talk is detrimental not just to your body but to any other aspects of yourself that are trying to heal and integrate.

Loving your body and truly acknowledging all it does – thanking it, loving it, nurturing it, listening to its guidance, and embracing it as part of the whole of you during your life expression – will shift you into unity consciousness within yourself and from there you will have finally created the perfect conditions for healing and vibrant health that goes far beyond just the physical.

Once one starts to awaken and steps more fully into their light, a whole new spiritual paradigm begins to unfold.

estrela sirius
Photo by Tiago Caires on Pexels.com

Ben Rafael Guevarra ~ El’lah: The Cresting Dawn of a New Paradigm

Greetings dear one,

It is I, El’lah, your guide from the Sirian star system, and I come forth today with a message for humanity in this auspicious time of your global, species-wide awakening.

The message I have is for those who are already upon the path. It’s for those who are already deep within the journey of their awakening. For you who have already gone deep within and done much of the work of facing your own shadow, awakening into your own light and bringing that light forth into your outer world in whatever way it presents itself ~ this message is for all of you, dear ones.

In this great time of transition, the messages that would go to those that are still asleep within the matrix of illusion are very different, and very differently received, than the messages that would go to you, dear ones, who are already awakening into the light.

And so, we come to speak of the ever-quickening deconstruction of the dark matrix that you have been within: the matrix of illusion that keeps the rest of your dear brothers and sisters asleep and unawakened. As you feel the dismantling of these shadows, of the matrix crumbling around you, many things come into question. Even as you begin this journey of waking up within the dream, the rules and concepts of spirit and metaphysics are much different than they used to be. Those rules were all the mechanics used to navigate the awakening within the dream.

Once one starts to awaken and steps more fully into their light, a whole new spiritual paradigm begins to unfold. This is what many of you are navigating now.

So it’s not even about looking at the old matrix of illusion and deconstructing it, for you are long past that. Now it’s about deconstructing the old spiritual paradigm, the old rules and regulations, if you will, that you once thought were the underpinnings of metaphysics and the nature of spirit.

This is another whole job and journey within itself, for even those paradigms and old spiritual understandings were, in and of themselves, part of the illusion. They were needed to help you wake up within the illusion so you could emerge from it and into the light itself.

And so, many of you are finding new pathways to your own inner light, new concepts, new paradigms and new understandings. For many, this can be an even more daunting and confusing part of the journey. The foundation of spirit and metaphysics that helped you awaken out of the illusion has begun to crumble beneath your feet as you step into the higher realms of light and evolve out of 3rd density consciousness.

This can also be a very exciting time, for in a very real sense, you’re no longer re-discovering ancient knowledge once lost; you are creating pathways anew, bringing with you the wisdom of indigenous knowledge and spirituality into the new light of higher consciousness. This is an exciting time, for it gives you a platform or playground to creatively express, to creatively innovate and journey unbounded into a new dawn of awakening within the light and within the expression of one’s own consciousness.

Many of you are beginning to have awareness of this. For those who have yet to reach this stage, we come with a message of hope. It is a very exciting time when one reaches this level of their awakening, because it becomes about boundless creative joy and expression.

This will be the point from which one journeys, from which one creates, from which one experiences…centered in the ever-expansive heart that is opening into toroidal fields that cannot be contained by the old illusion.

This level can be reached much quicker by journeying into the heart and connecting there, connecting the heart to the 7th and 8th chakras and beyond, and opening to those higher levels of information that are now available to you: the cosmic light of the 9th chakra, the full awareness of Higher Self and the Akash of the 8th chakra, all being brought down through the 7th into your embodiment, fully as an awakened soul.

This is all open and available to you now, so it can be a time of great joy, adventure, and creativity. We would say unto you, do not waste any more of your time and consciousness looking back at what was. Invest that energy and that creative intention into looking forward to what you are becoming, and what is available to you now in the infinite potential of an awakening species.

This is the gift that is now present and available to you, dear ones. And so, I will end this message with an expression of the utmost excitement and love that I and my fellow brothers and sisters in the Sirain star system have for all of you. We are here to assist you in your awakening, to love you in your transition, and to share with you in your seeking.

We are always here if you need us, and so I shall take my leave, expressing my unconditional love for all of humanity and for you dear one, and we wish you to know that you are loved, and so it is.

There is delicious anticipation to be had in the wait, and great joy to be had in the discoveries you will make when you learn to fully embrace whatever phase you are in.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Embracing Where You Are

October 27, 2021, trinityesoterics.com


Contraction is always a precursor to expansion. We understand contractions can be uncomfortable, but they are designed that way. Why? So you cannot possibly stay in a contracted state.

So if you find yourself in a contracted space, we recommend that you try to stay out of resistance which will only compound your discomfort. This too shall pass! With your faith, trust, and wisdom, try to remember that every phase serves you. Staying open, curious and willing to cast your net wider to include brand new experiences and solutions will keep you poised for even greater movement when the time comes.

There is delicious anticipation to be had in the wait, and great joy to be had in the discoveries you will make when you learn to fully embrace whatever phase you are in.

You are moving into a time where everyone will get to be able to decide what their individual reality looks and feels like, and you will also understand that no matter what anyone else is doing, thinking, saying, feeling, or living, they are contributing to the whole.

The Newest Activations ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very satisfied with your progress, as we measure the overall vibration of the human collective consciousness. We are monitoring you closely, as we determine what the next batch of energies we give you needs to contain in order to activate more humans into that level of consciousness that you are all striving for. The fifth dimension is a level of consciousness and not a place that you go to. You are in the process of co-creating your fifth-dimensional reality, your fifth-dimensional Earth, and your fifth-dimensional society, and it’s good for you to know that. It’s good for you to realize that this is not something that is only pre-existing or something that is just being done for you. It is something you are doing as a collective.

In fact, everything that you are living there on Earth right now is about helping you to decide what type of reality you want to move into next, and you are doing this individually and collectively. You are moving into a time where everyone will get to be able to decide what their individual reality looks and feels like, and you will also understand that no matter what anyone else is doing, thinking, saying, feeling, or living, they are contributing to the whole. You will have an understanding of the interconnectedness of all consciousness, all beings, all that is, and that will help you in determining what you want to do next. You won’t wonder whether you’re doing the right thing, or whether you are doing enough to be of service, because you will just know that everything you choose and everything you do is of service to someone, somewhere, and it will be of service to the whole of humanity as well.

Now, in order to get to that beautiful point in your consciousness we are telling you about, you also benefit from help, and whether that help comes from us or other beings doesn’t really matter. But if you feel an affinity to us and you like our vibration, then opening yourselves up to us certainly does help you in receiving those activations. The activations give you more of an internal reminder that you are ascending, you are becoming your higher selves, and you are reaching those higher levels of consciousness. You are doing these things all the time, whether you realize it or not, and if you put your focus on that, instead of railing against the world as it is today or the world leaders as they are, then you will have a much easier and more enjoyable time of ascending.

This is a time for you to be focused on how much you can receive because everything that you receive, you will put to good use, and it will be good for everyone, everywhere. And as we work on these energies that are giving you these activations, we also listen to you, and we know what your requests are, and we just want you to know that they never fall upon dear ears, not when directed to us. We love you. We adore you, and we seek to co-create this fifth-dimensional plane with you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


close up photograph of flowers
Photo by Secret Garden on Pexels.com

Just a few days, i went to the store to buy some flowers for my grand mother’s memorial of one year since she passed away. And while waiting for the bouquet to be prepared, I started a conversation with the seller after i said to her that all flowers come from the stars and that they are directly connected to the stars at all times. She looked at me a little puzzled but also curious to know more so i went on and told her that we are not alone on our planet. There are many of our Galactic families that are watching on us and taking care that the Galactic Codex does not get violated while also respecting our free will at all times. I also shared that what is really taking place on our planet is that we are becoming part of the wider galactic society and that we have now entered in this new era of our existence as Galactic Humans, a result of increasing our vibrational frequency and of Earth. So far so good. And then at some point feeling that she enjoyed our conversation i went on saying that i don’t agree about the bible where the role of Divine Feminine has not been considered and that the original bible was 777 books instead of what was out there of 66. There are of course many things in the bible that i know are pure lies, like for example that Christ is the only son of God when i know that WE are All Sons and Daughters of God now becoming aware as we expand as Christed Consciousness ( Christ = Cryst = Crystalline Cells) aware of our ONENESS with GOD and each other. And that was the moment of cognitive dissonance when she said that i am just part of GOD but not GOD ITSELF. Without trying to be right, i replied with kindness and love that everything is GOD and there is no separation. She kept on repeating that i am only part of GOD and in that moment i laughed, not in a sarcastic way but because i found that this was pretty amusing. That is the moment that she got even more angry saying that i should be humble and that the people is the voice of God and when they many believe in God in ‘her’ way there is no space for anything else. I could really feel her anger and her need to be right…that is what we call cognitive dissonance. So i replied : I am sorry if you took this personally, we all must learn to live on a planet that accepts all belief systems and i accept yours. She kept on repeating that i am just a tiny fraction of GOD. I smiled, finally got my bouquet of flowers and left saying Thank you while the seller herself was already serving another client without getting back an answer.
And so, sharing this experience with you, i am not here to convince you of anything, just to share freely my very humble opinion :
I believe IAM GOD, not just a tiny part of GOD, IAM GOD constantly expanding just as you are and everybody else, while having a physical experience within this costume called Human Body evolving now to accommodate higher frequencies of Love and Light in 5D, and beyond, it never stops, so we never get it done, we are constantly expanding and therefor change is the only constant. Appreciation of what is and eagerness of what is coming is the best way to make any journey enjoyable.

In fact there are 352 dimensions in our Universe and our awareness about it, brings more integration and INNER-standing.

I felt that this was a great opportunity to share with you my perspective about ONENESS consciousness and consciousness of separation.
As always take what you resonate with and leave out all the rest.

You are Loved, I am Loved, We are Loved at all times.

Namaste and there is nothing that matters more than to Feel More Than Fine.

Nikos Akrivos.

ps. i dedicate this post to my Grand Mother Alexandra.

Congratulations dear Hu-Mans, you have completed the Grand Experiment!! You have turned the darkness into light!

Lucy Pringle Crop Circle Photography

Crop circle June 2009 England

Dear Hu-mans* of Earth,

Attention! Attention! The time of the ‘Great Experiment’ has ended. Time everlasting on your planet has been devoted to the contributions of hu-mans and their potential to inhabit the galaxy and the omniverse. The ‘Great Experiment’ has been a test of your species. The test has been long and arduous and even longer and more difficult than you realize. After eons of watching and observing, we have decided that the future of hu-mankind in the galaxy is not to be reckoned with. This means that it is inevitable. You have proved yourselves worthy of joining (what you may call) the Galactic Federation of Light, (but what we call) Our Group of Enlightened Beings from all over your galaxy, the universe and even beyond what you can imagine.

We are an enlightened bunch who have, as you have, traversed the many trials of lower density life. Through our dedication to persevering (just has you have), we climbed the ladder of consciousness and were granted travel among the stars. This too has been your journey and it has been fraught with seemingly everlasting death, violence and darkness.

But through it all you have had help from Enlightened Beings who wished to assist, and this assistance was granted. These Beings seeded light where necessary to nudge you on your spiritual evolution. Their delicate guidance over and over and over again throughout your darkest history has been fruitful. Seeds of light were planted, and they bloomed and assisted in spreading light wisdom, love and empathy across the planet. Your society, your kingdom of many races has finally conjoined and gathered in service of the One, in service of love, and has tipped the scales in the favor of the light.

Needless to say, this brings all of us who have been observing your species great joy! For even though to you it may seem as if we were cold, non-feeling, distant, non-emotional Beings watching you as “lab rats” nothing could be further from the truth! ** During all the eons that we observed you we were rooting for you and cheering you on. We greatly desired your success, for we see in you the qualities of Prime Creator, our Creator! We do wish to get to know you better, to meet you, co-create with you and show you things. Things that will help you and your society as Gaians, these things will help you further ascend on your spiritual path. But we could only do this when you (Gaians) reached a certain level of light quotient (as you think of it).

Congratulations dear Hu-Mans, you have completed the Grand Experiment!! You have turned the darkness into light! You have assisted Gaia in rising again and helping her to ascend as well. We are ones of the Galactic Federation of Light (what you call us), we bring you Greetings, we bring you Congratulations, we bring you our Love and our Joy!

The old ways of what you term your ‘3D life’ will be ending very shortly and soon you will all graduate into a life that you can barely even imagine. We won’t waste time in trying to explain it, but please know that you will all be overjoyed. Many, many, many great things are coming for you, your family and all your loved ones. We know over the eons that countless lifetimes have been extremely difficult for all of you. This is why we continue to say Congratulationsfor your steadfast pursuance of climbing out of the darkness to the light; for your dedication and persevering through extremely difficult times—we applaud you!

Peace and Love to All on Gaia!



*Note: Hu-man is used when one is emphasizing that “Hu” means “god,” so we are “god-men” (and women).

**”DD is translating, we are sending her thought nuggets and she translates it into your tongue so you can understand.” They said this because I paused when they stated, “Nothing could be further from the truth!” I thought, “Wow, how funny they would say it like that, it sounds just like me”. LOL. Our brains are amazing.


Please feel free to share this message!

Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin


Your Place of Power in the Universe ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

nature sunset people woman
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Your Place of Power in the Universe ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are the ones in this galaxy who seek to promote peace and unity through finding those states of being within the self. We are not as concerned as others are with fighting the good fight. Although we respect those who protect humanity and others from harm, that is not our way. We seek to promote the peace and unity within the galaxy and universe through appealing to that which is within each and every one of you. We seek to amplify those feelings within you through our messages and through the energies that we send.

We know that it is hard to measure results when you go about seeking to have peace in your world, in the galaxy, and in the universe in this way that we are describing. But we also want you to realize that even if all weapons on your world were disarmed simultaneously, the people with the feelings within them that were left unresolved, and that were filled with hate and anger, and even fear, would find another way to start a war.

And so, all problems throughout the universe must be addressed at their origins. There must be a willingness to look within the self and to acknowledge what is present there. There must be a willingness to accept what is present within the self, to embrace it, and to release the judgments that you have of yourselves and others. Until you do, you will continue to perpetuate that which you do not wish to see on your world and throughout the universe.

Ascension is not about separating the good from the bad and allowing the good to move on, while the bad is left to fight and war amongst itself. If you are awake, truly awake, then you are willing to look within yourselves for that which you may not like to see, and you are willing to make peace with it as it is. You are also seeking to look outside of yourself at where the most love, healing, and forgiveness is needed. You are compassionate, even to those who are lashing out because they know no other way and because they are hurt, traumatized, and have been given no opportunities to heal from their families, teachers, and society as a whole.

Therefore, you are the peacemakers. You are the ones that everyone on Earth has been looking for and waiting for. Every single one of you is as important as the other. Every single one of you can have the biggest impact you can possibly imagine. That’s the way it is and the way it has always been there on Earth, and those who have come to know this truth have lived their lives accordingly and have been responsible for peace treaties amongst people who lived in countries that were thousands of miles away.

The origin of everything starts within the person who is awake and who is conscious and aware of what’s going on inside of them. This is why we tell you that the news about what’s going on outside of you, behind the scenes and in the shadows, matters not at all. It is because we know how the universe works and what your place in it is. We know how powerful you are, and we would never want to disempower you by telling you a story that is just one reality, one truth, and that caused you to focus outside of yourselves, where you have no power. The inner realm is where all your power lies and it is where we meet you. It is where we are available to you all the time and where we spread the peace within you so that you may spread it all around your beautiful planet.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Dream and create big for this is a new world requiring big dreams from forerunners and all who follow

photo of woman writing on tablet computer while using laptop
Photo by Anthony Shkraba on Pexels.com

Dear Ones,

You know you are different than before you exited 3D. And you know the same is true for your world – whether you define your world as the globe or your household. But those differences do not seem to be the peace, comfort, and joy we, of the Universes, prophesied.

So you are actively pursuing peace, comfort, and joy. And by doing so, you discover you have less energy to share with others and more need to explore within.

Exploring within is your key to personal success on many levels. We have discussed similar topics in past information pieces. The difference now is you are unwilling to wait for your dreams to come true.

You are actively seeking your dreams in ways you do not yet understand. So it is you have a need to stop, rest, and explore your wants.

Whatever you feel you need at the moment, you are beginning to demand of yourself and others. You are no longer willing to wait until your dreams arrive or someone gives it to you – as others get their needs met.

You are taking control of your direction, future, and life for the first time ever while of the earth. Oh, you have played with these thoughts and peeked out at the possibilities. But your possibilities were always in the future. “When I do this or complete that.” Or, “When someone values me enough to give me this, my dreams will be fulfilled.”

No longer are you willing to wait as you have been trained to do throughout your 3D lives.

In your Universal existences, thoughts were created instantaneously, as you have been doing in your sleep dreams for eons. It is time to bring those dreams into your earth wake state. And you are chomping at the bit to do so.

So it is you find yourself a bit cranky, tired, or even angry. “Where is it? I’m tired of encouraging others to live their dreams with my assistance and negating myself.”

You are perhaps acting a bit like a large 3D two-year-old. At the same time, you are acknowledging that you are a Universal being tired of playing the 3D game of maybe in your next earth life or when you complete this or that.

You are not a bad or selfish person. You are merely shifting into your Universal being tired of playing 3D games such as waiting for your joy so you do not take someone else’s.

Is it not true that many of you believe there is limited everything? That if you were a billionaire someone might starve? You do not dare create too much for that might take away from others. Such is a 3D thought pattern you are beginning to ignore.

As we, of the Universes, have informed you for decades, no one of the earth is limited by anything other than how they limit themselves.

Perhaps you counter with, if everyone was a billionaire, that amount of money would be like ten dollars is to you now – important, but not life-changing. So it is you continue to combine your 3D beliefs with your new you wishes and creations.

No one of the earth has the same dreams as you. Even though your current dreams might appear to be of your 3D past, they are of your future needs.

You no longer have dreams not required for your new you creations. Something you have likely not contemplated as you continue to worry about others – part of your 3D caretaking role.

Everyone now of the earth is as strong and capable as you.

There is no need to worry about others for their dreams are different than yours.

Even though those who have not yet transitioned beyond 3D may seem to have dreams similar to yours, their dreams are attached to 3D fear. Because you are no longer of 3D, you do not need to fear that your dreams are thoughtless, cruel, or selfish. Those are attributes of your former 3D life.

Your current dreams are stepping stones to your new being role. So there is no longer shame in wanting or feeling the need for something. You are beyond 3D fear and shame.

Dream and create big for this is a new world requiring big dreams from forerunners and all who follow. Your 3D fear thoughts merely reinforce the very structures you wish to destroy. Your freedom to create and be are the building blocks of this glorious new world.

It is time for you create instead of dream. It is time for you to stamp your feet and say, “Now,” instead of when this happens in the world, or that happens for friends and family.

This is your creation time. So stop pouting and start creating your dreams. You have the power – and the need to do so. So be it. Amen.

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So why do I speak of courage this day? It is the courage to say, “Enough!” and to let go, surrender, shed all the grievances.

Linda Dillon: Archangel Michael’s Clarion Call to Courage!


I am awakening this fierce, ferocious, outrageous courage of hope and trust and action within you and within all this day. It is time!

Archangel Michael’s Clarion Call to Courage!

At the behest of Archangel Michael, his global Clarion Call is lovingly shared by Andrew from his reading with Linda Dillon.

Greetings, I am Michael. Welcome, beloved friend, for I come to you as Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love and, yes, Bringer of News. I wish to speak to you and to all lightworkers, all loveholders, and to this entire planet about Courage.

And yes, my beloved brother, you have been stalwart and you have not wavered and you do practise courage. But never in this process of ascension, and never in this process of anchoring, forming, formulating Nova Earth has it been more important for all Beings of Light, all loveholders, to step forward in courage!

Now, let me be very clear right at the outset. I am not talking about armed battle or civil war or massacre or mayhem, for that is not courage. Courage is the massive, huge, magnificent ability to hold and to be the peace – yes, as observer, as participant, in creation of the new – and the release, the simple letting go and shedding of the old.

There have been – and I do not simply mean in your current global situation – but there have been so many scenic detours; there have been so many misconceptions, misconstruing, misinformation, misdirection. But the truth, the truth of love, has always been – always, in every single lifetime – backwards, forwards, up, down – the truth rests within you. And it is the truth of your sovereignty, and it is the truth of love, and it is the truth of your unbreakable connection to the Mother/Father/One.

What is courage? What is valour? What is stewardship? It is the ability to proceed in hope and trust. The only cautionary tale is what the Mother has said time and again to the words you say, to the words you hear, to the words you speak, the actions you take, the actions that are done unto thee: Does it feel like love?

And if not, do not stand in judgement – that is not your role or mine. If it does not feel like love, you simply turn away and redirect internally and externally. But an ingredient and essential element and component of courage is the ability to step forward – not merely the willingness, but the true ability of stepping forth and declaring the Light of who you are.

When I issue this Clarion Call, it is not about politics. It is about fairness; it is about equity and equality; and it is about anchoring peace so deeply, within and without, that there is no room for war, there is no room for hatred. There is no room for any of the false grids that have plagued this planet for eons.

As you well know, star brother, the fleets hover close to Earth. There are many, many thousands – millions – of boots on the ground and they await the collective sigh – the sigh that says, “I am done with this. I am done with struggle and hatred and greed and abuse.” This is the courage. Courage in the letting go is not ever defeat. It is the prelude to expansion and peace.

You know, I have talked to you often – I have talked to all of you often, as has Grener and Ashira and many – about the intergalactic wars, about how many planets and civilisations were completely annihilated, disappeared, gone. No – energy never disappears – but the physical presence certainly was, and they faced annihilation on an intergalactic level.

What happened to stop that foolishness? What happened was civilisations, populations – not merely governments which always drag their heels! – it was the populace saying, “Enough!” – of having the courage to say, “Enough! We will not continue in this way.”

In that declaration, which is exactly where Gaians are right now, there is that momentary pause – and beloved Andrew, you have been feeling it – and it is the collective and the individual stillpoint. In many ways, it is the outbreath of relief and the next inbreath where you say, “What now?” You have, and you all have, but you, beloved Andrew, are my brother at arms, brother gardener, brother artist, brother physician, brother traveller…

What happened was we said, “What now?” It was not that all the solutions were already in place prior to the cessation and the use of such terrible technology, enough to kill off a planet. In the “What now?” was the new beginning, and it was at that point that the beginnings of diplomacy, the use of Perro – yes, non-judgemental language … ‘stick to the facts, only the facts’… not machinations of the truth … but simply what is, without blame, without judgement.

And then they came together to create a new form of peace throughout the galaxies. Gaia herself and certain representatives had been invited to the table of the Intergalactic Council two decades ago! So much has been in the ‘Pause’ – yes, I’m not suggesting that a great deal has [not] been accomplished.

So why do I speak of courage this day? It is the courage to say, “Enough!” and to let go, surrender, shed all the grievances. And it does not matter whether they are real or imagined, because if they are imagined they are real! It does not matter. If your house burned down and there was nothing but ashes, you may take some, like from the crematorium, and say, “Well, this will be my memento,” but you would not sit in the ashes and say, “This is my house!”

You would rebuild – and perhaps you would rebuild elsewhere and it would be your glamourous mansion that you so all richly deserve, within and without. And then you would fling open the doors to your internal heart and your external mansion and you would say, “Here – come join me that we may conjoin and celebrate, and share a meal and a cup of wine, and listen to Michael play the harp!” [Laughing]

That takes courage – the courage to begin again – and my beloved brother, I am speaking to you about this because you, like many, have been feeling absolutely exhausted. You have turned to me and you have said, “I don’t know if I can go on.” So I am awakening this fierce, ferocious, outrageous courage of hope and trust and action within you and within all this day. It is time!

There is no desire, there is no agenda, above or below, to see you suffer in darkness. Yes, of course, we have kept you safe and we will continue to do so… we will all continue to do so. And that is true for all of you – and particularly those of you who have the courage to say, “Let us begin again. Let us speak in Perro so that we can find the common ground and go forward as the powerful mighty creators that we are.”

I am with you. This entire Council is with you. The Mother is gently guiding and powerfully pointing: “It is time, beloved ones. It is time!”

Thank you for allowing me to address you this way.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

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