Who is Donald Trump?St Germain via Sharon


December 8, 2020
Me: St Germain, are you there?
StG: I am.
Me: I have some questions. There’s a lot of different opinions about Donald Trump. Some people say he’s a saint. Is he?
StG: To them he is.
Me: But is he a saint?
St: He may be.
Me: Oh he’s not yet?
S: No. He may become such. It depends on how well he does.
Me: Is he any kind of master?
S: No, not yet.
Me: Is he close?
S: Yes.
Me: is he an incarnation of you?
S: he is.
Me: So you school him, teach him, guide him…
S: I do.
Me: So he’s an earthling.
S: He is.
Me: Almost a master. Okay. Up for sainthood on earth.
Who was Kennedy then?
S: He was an incarnation of El Morya.
Me: Why?
S: Because of his placement in the Age of Pisces; it takes the will of God, a blue ray to deal with the negativity he was dealing with then, which has decreased by the way, so we have my incarnation ushering in the new age of Aquarius.
Me: Makes sense. But there were a lot of Indigo’s that came in in the 1950’s and 60’s.
S: Yes, but not as leaders.
Me: Wouldn’t it have made more sense to have a transmuter of energies in power in that time?
S: No, a man who already knew his power was one that was necessary. And he was religious and believed in the power of God, so he was chosen.
Me: So do you appear to Trump, embodied?
S: I do. In private he speaks with me.
Me: What I find so hard to grasp is that you get a man who’s a business man, who’s had 4 trophy wives and has lived a lifestyle rubbing elbows with the Illuminati and now he’s turned tail and become a saint to people on this planet.
S: It depends which side of him you want to see. You live in duality, remember. It is possible to view him any number of ways – bad or good. It depends on how you choose to see him.
Me: I’m just finding it hard to trust a business man, that’s all. Especially coming out of our ruthless economic system.
S: That’s your background. We have placed beings of Light in all fields.
Me: I’d have an easier time trusting someone like Princess Di or Mandela. Or a Ghandi.
S: They had different paths to walk.
Me: I suppose it’s not up to me anyway. Okay, thanks St Germain. Just let the poor man finish his breakfast first before you start the day’s business because he’s probably run off his feet.
S: Remember, he golfs every weekend.
Me: Yeah, that’s true. Thanks very much. I had to put this to rest.
St G: You’re very welcome, Sharon.
Me: Love you. xx