When the trinity is complete, the earthling will be invincible again. The Father will reign in your hearts. There will be no more Illuminati.-El Morya through Sharon-

I am hoping that this channeling will help all of you who can’t forgive themselves for some of the things they have done. What El Morya is saying here is that you acted without wisdom for example, so what do we do? We call ourselves “stupid”. When in fact you were learning to balance the God-fire within your heart. It has nothing to do with stupidity. We have to stop that judgment entirely.

I saw my entire life and all the lessons laid out before me as he channeled this. All the times I kicked myself for falling for something, for the times I’d let my friends down, for the times I let someone walk all over me. They were my teachers and you have your teachers too. This is why Ivo says life is love in action. You’re learning to be powerful, loving and wise by going through the muck you go through every day. This is God’s love in action, to help you draw closer to Him.

El Morya: Wisdom is a gift conspired through Love and through Power. I said that and I meant it. Do you see how you grow? There is the three fold flame in your heart and it must become balanced. When you look at the aspects of the three fold flame you see how you are out of balance, do you not?

Loving without power

Loving without wisdom

Empowerment without love

Empowerment without wisdom

Being wise without love

Being wise without power

Whether you realize it or not, you are all on a path to achieve self mastery. And the mastery is mastery of these three things. Life’s circumstances come to you to help you grow in any of these three areas.

When you look around earth today, do you not see many examples of these in action?

Me: Are you kidding? I WAS so many examples of these in action.

El Morya: So you were learning. You all must learn to balance these three facets of God’s power within you.

Loving without power: You see this. You see the frail, beaten down mother who loves all with abandon yet fosters no love for herself. This is loving without power. You feel sorry for people such as she.

Me: Yes.

El M: Loving without wisdom,

Me: Oh forget that, I was a master of that. A master of disasters.

El M: But you learned.

Me: I can think of so many examples of mistakes I made, or I dated men and didn’t realize they were into ego games I was so desperate for attention. I didn’t realize they wanted to show me around for the sake of rubbing it in their friend’s faces, of showing their friends up. I didn’t realize they were this egotistical.

El M: Yes. Now you have your perfect mate.

Me: I do.

El M: And you see empowerment without love all the time. Reference your politics. They hold all the power yet they are unkind and unloving behind your backs. And the people realize this but they allow it to continue. This is because they are unwise and without power. They have given their power away, which is unwise. Do you see? Perhaps they are loving the wrong people as well.

Me: I get it. I could write my life’s story just looking at these six sentences.

El M: You have many of your medical professionals who understand the human body but are not tuned in to the human heart of the patient. They are wise perhaps but lack love, which makes them foolish.

When the three are imbalanced, one may predominate but the other two must also balance up. To have one but not the other two is to fall very short of the mark. To have two but not all three still requires many hard lessons.

Me: Yes.

El M: Earth now suffers from a regime that is empowered but unlovingly so. They are unkind to say the least, but now they will be usurped, as all upon the planet are becoming more empowered. Many are capable of loving, many are capable now of the wisdom to see, and now they will take back their power. When the trinity is complete, the earthling will be invincible again. The Father will reign in your hearts. There will be no more Illuminati.

Me: Great. Can’t wait.

El M: It is happening now, my child. Just look as your world opens its eyes.

Me: Isn’t it wonderful?
El M: There is childish play, the casting of insults. This is empowerment without love, empowerment without wisdom. For if that one person who cast the insults would only see themselves reflected back in others’ eyes they would feel the loss of respect for them.

Me: Yeah, they say fake it until you make it. I like that.

El M: When you respect your contemporaries one day but not the next, then you are still capable of respecting them. You have fallen short and perhaps your flame is a bit low on that day, work again to raise it to burn bright again.

Me: Yes.

El M: Earth is a hard school, but such a wonderful opportunity.

Me: Yes.

El M: I will go now. You are fatigued.

Me: Thank you Father, I love you.

El M: And I love you too, my child.

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