What is Happening is not against you,it is happening For You!

What is happening is not against you, it is happening FOR YOU!Because we can not continue living on an ignoring planet where children and women and men are hungry or homeless , where lying politicians are having a say in our lives, where we are using prehistoric technologies instead of existing free energy machines that can give us abundant clean energy that respect the environment , where doctors are operating surgeries cutting bodies open instead of using existing healing technologies that are not invasive, where people live lives in deep sleep as to who we really are instead of all of us being aware of our existence as Divine Souls in a costume called human body and our power as Source Energy Beings in alignment with our Higher Selves.We can not keep on living on a planet where power over others entities are allowed to manipulate things in their favor, ignoring the consequences for everyone else.We can not live on a planet where there is still sex slavery or where one is manipulated with money to bring their talents for plans that work for the few that exist in a different dimension than ours.The prostitution of humanity labor in all its forms ends here.We can not live on a planet where old patriarchic models are still trying to enslave the Divine Feminine.We can not live on a planet where toxicity is sold in super markets or kiosks in the form of cigarettes or alcohol or drugs and other or events where people are pretending to celebrate when they are intoxicated. No, no and no!!!This will not be allowed.This all ends here.This is New You and Me in a New World.It may sound like dictatorship but it is not.This is Mother Father God’s Plan for me and for You.Free Will becomes Divine Will. THE WILL OF GOD IS LIGHT. THE WILL OF GOD IS LOVE. THE WILL OF GOD IS GOOD. THE WILL OF GOD IS GRACE. THE WILL OF GOD IS PEACE. THE WILL OF GOD IS PURITY. THE WILL OF GOD IS BALANCE. THE WILL OF GOD IS HEALTH. THE WILL OF GOD IS ABUNDANCE. THE WILL OF GOD IS KINDNESS. THE WILL OF GOD IS UNITY. THE WILL OF GOD IS HAPPINESS. THE WILL OF GOD IS HARMONY. THE WILL OF GOD IS PERFECTION. What is about to happen in the coming days, weeks and months, if you are not aware yet, will reveal to you that all this is now changing for The Highest Good For All.And by all, i don’t mean just Human Beings, i mean Mother Earth and The Animal and Plant Kingdom and all our Loving Galactic Families from outer space that are here patiently supporting us in our Collective Great Awakening and eagerly waiting to meet with us when we finally decide to UNITE ALL as ONE HUMANITY.The infinite possibilities world is beginning tangibly to open right in front of us, we can feel it when we take the time to imagine it or dream about it in our sleeping times and even for some of us see it being tangibly manifest in front of our eyes.I am inviting you to once again dive deeper into yourself, love yourself enough till you know yourself as the center of your Universe and Cosmos and as a potent creator of Unlimited Love and Light .Of course we can not agree with one another because we all have different aspirations and desires in life and yes, we can do the work to accept one another and to work in Unity making peace with that wherever we stand in our evolution journey.So this message ends again to Self Love.Only with dedicated daily intention to love the self and all others, we will be able to move forward as a United collective.You might not like what you see on the many others and you can choose to see each and everyONE as Divine Beings having a human experience even during their arrogance to you and others.As by doing that, you uplift yourself and attract to you what you imagine and feel for yourself and all others.It is Universal Law.Like attracts Like.What you feel is your magnetic power and how you choose to feel right now creates your future experience.All OF The Time.It has always been like this, only you didn’t know then, what you know now.Make good use of it and be amazed by your Magic and MagnificenceChoose For Love Alaways!Enjoy your pop corn and don’t forget to dedicate time daily to go within in sacred partnership to Your God within, to imagine what you want in life taking in consideration to what your Higher Self has to say.Because if you really listen you feel good and if you feel good you allow more of what you want to come to you.Nothing is more important than to feel good.And if you are dealing with pain, be easy on yourself.Be easy at all times.You are always loved and supported by The Angelic Beings and Ascended Masters.Ask what you want and it is given.And let’s make it clear:You will not always immediately receive in the material world.You need to reach mastery before you get to that.Mastery is to be and loving with the self and all others at all times.And yes,You can be ,do or have everything you want.And so does everyone else too.And you must learn to work it to get there with your self with Self Love.That’s your true work.And when things begin to manifest, this is your test that you are reaching mastery. Nobody but you can find the way in your life.And as life on Earth becomes easier and with more freedoms you will have more time to discover your power. If you want it and if you allow this to happen.Ascension within your physical body or without?Divine Will or Free Will?And so it is.I Love You.


Nikos Akrivos

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