Twin Flame 5D Connection Tools

There are many guided meditations on YouTube that will help you to connect with your counterpart & are a really good place to start so you can practise visualisation. This is a muscle you need to train, so make connecting to your counterpart in 5D part of your daily routine. 
Your twin’s energy has a unique signature that will be undeniable & easy for you to recognise. We tend to feel their energy at a chakra point – most commonly the heart (for me solar plexus) – when their energy comes in it will feel like a tingling, radiating, even pulling sensation. You may feel burning in the chakra or whooshes of energy like a laser beam. As this happens you’ll also become aware of their energy signature coming in. This energetic connection feels VERY good – for me it’s a little bit like getting drunk, when you go jelly-like. When you feel this connection taking place, experiment with sending back love through your connected chakra points or any messages you wish to send telepathically. When this energy comes in, really focus on it & bathe in it so you learn to recognise it straight away.
Once you recognise the energy, you can try to call it in at will. This is usually easier in the evening (I think because it’s likely you’re both chilling out at the same time). Bring your awareness to the chakra where you usually feel your twin (go with Heart if you’re not sure), & really try to see the energetic connection. See a beam of light coming out of your heart and connecting to your twin’s. Try to picture your twin as clearly as you can in your mind, summoning as much detail as possible. In your mind, say “I call upon the energy of [name]”. See how this feels. It may take practise before you can summon their energy at will.
Use crystals for enhancing intuition & for love, such as clear Quartz, Anethyst, Moonstone & Rose Quartz. Keep them under your pillow to encourage astral connection. You can program a crystal to assist with your 5D connection. Place the crystal at your 3rd eye & state “I program this crystal to assist with the non physical connection I share with my beloved”. Wear this crystal every day & intend for your 5D connection to improve.
Via @Divinefeminineuk
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