The governmental abuse story .

To break it down super simple for everyone!!! 
1) The deep state has been in control of the world for centuries and in the past 30 years Donald Trump, Gen Flynn, princess Di, Jfk,MJ, ( to name a few), and the military patriots had a plan. They wanted to make a plan to save mankind and the children especially. Because the deep state had gotten into every country in the world and got to the top of the governments.
For example North Korea was not bad, The media lied to us, as they had deep state players in there controlling them.
Since been removed
This secret society of illuminati had pretty much control of everything!!!
Gov, meds, food, media, schools, entertainment. The satanic TV box was brainwashing the masses.
2) The final nail in the coffin was supposed to be when Hillary Clinton got into power. Their plan was to keep selling off America, to unleash a deadly virus, that would connect us to the 5G, And then they would herd us into colonies.
3) That plan was foiled when Donald Trump got into power and the deep state don’t know how because they had it rigged!!!
4) Now there’s A supercomputer called the NSA Which has everybody’s texts, emails. In 2017 Donald Trump went around to ALL the deep state countries, Vatican, Canada, all the evil corporations, and the Un.
They were showing all the evidence and told them, either they’re going to play along with the plan of Trump the patriots and Q Or be taken care of right there.
The Vatican completely capitulated and the federal reserve was cut off at the knees and all the federal reserve gold was taken into the treasury.
Donald Trump and the patriots are in full control of the world!!!
5)THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to learn and understand.
People were so brainwashed and programmed by the media and television that they would not believe the patriots if they were told everything that was done to us, and the children.
So they continued with the plan WITHOUT Unleashing the virus.
The coronavirus is nothing but the common cold.
The reason they continue with the plan was for the following reasons. 
A) To show the people the evil so they can wake up and get ready to be told the truth, which is horrifying by the way.
So countries were told to be really forceful with their Covid measures so as to wake up the people. So many stories of people dying, Was exaggerated.
They needed to take down the federal reserve and central banking system by ruining and taking down the world economy. By giving out lots of stimulus packages the federal reserve could not survive. They were just printing their own money and then charging us interest on it. The banks are absolutely screwing mankind over, all mortgages were fraudulent.
C) There was massive tunnels that were filled with drugs and children. They Waged war against the cartels , Isis and MS13. They put all the celebrities and powerful people under arrest and or execution. The tunnels wet all around underneath the world and even the ocean, for all the nonbelievers you don’t understand how much technology they had that they kept from us.
They use trillions of dollars to make these massive tunnels so they can transport children and drugs around.  
In Australia there was tunnels on top of tunnels like a spiderweb and there was hundreds of thousands of children dead snd alive in there. A total horror show!!
We are now almost at the end of the show. So trust in Jesus Christ and the God that raised up patriots and Donald Trump to save mankind and give us a second chance.
Lastly for people that wonder about the fact that some innocent people still lost their lives what they did to us is nothing compared to what Hillary Clinton and the satanic cult would’ve done.
Have joy in your heart, know that this will be over by the end of the year.
And for people that still hate Donald Trump you have to realize that anything you know about him you learned about it in the media. Everything!!!
And the media was bought and paid for to paint him in a terrible light. His wife is an incredible First Lady, she is beautiful and she has an amazing heart. Every time they made fun of her outfit they didn’t realize that she had a reason for every dress.
Jayson Bottyan