the ability to see things always through the high vibrational filter.

This is a message i shared on my FB today:

One can always choose to watch what is taking place out there from a high or low vibrational point of view, meaning by that that one can always choose to see the light , to see the love in all things, labeled good or bad whatsoever.
Feel More Than Fine State represents the ability to see things always through the high vibrational filter.
And agreed vibration can be a tricky word to use as even the word itself does not represent the value of what it really is if only perceived from the mind.Vibration of body, mind and spirit sums up on how one feels in any given moment.
One can ask the self : how do i feel in this now when observing what is taking place?I know that i am a creator and i create my reality every now through the frequency=vibration i emit from my being at all times.I know that the way i feel indicates how close in manifesting a certain outcome i am or not.I know that when i don’t feel good, all i have to do is take a break for about 15-20’ and go within and center myself and then from here on, i will receive the thoughts that will assist me in creating my reality with ease, grace and flow. Is what i desire working for the highest good for all?and does it give me joy along the way?does my little action any given moment, be it :Making Art, playing music ,cooking ,cleaning the house, walking ,breathing ,doing yoga ,running ,dancing ,writing , gardening ,participating in global synchronised meditations ,finding fun games to play in my mind to uplift me, reading high vibrational messages, working on a project playing with kids or animals etc. also work for the highest good for all? and the answer to this last one is yes absolutely!the rest of questions you will need to ask yourself.Even if in isolation ,one person that makes sure to feel good 24/7 uplifts millions around him or her. So ,my friends, do not underestimate your power and your ability of creation and co-creation from where you are. Yes, it takes practice to do that but then what you are being asked to do is to find ways to be in joy at all times.Do you now realise why all that happens out there works for the highest good for all? It is not us against them.It is just about how one feels and if one feels the love and light she/he truly is at all times then they become part of the higher timeline where there is no drama and where even drama is seen as a good thing.So to bring our focus once again to the pandemic, what one needs to know that this is a perfect time to stay at home and rest because our cells in our bodies have been through an intense process of transformation from carbon based to crystalline.Crystalline as Christ or Krishna, choose the one you most resonate with.The Christed being is you and you can choose to remain in your physical body just by choosing that you want to live.One leaves the physical body because they stopped making choices or because they simply made such agreement before they were born.Can one change their agreement?yes, they can!and if ones leaves do they disappear?of course not.A Soul is Eternal!You are Eternal and Unlimited Source Energy Being.Can you feel the joy in what i am expressing to you right now?if it makes your happy ,it is TRUE!if it does not resonate it is not. IAM the Resurrection and the Life,The Way and The Truth,The Light of this world.IAM!You Are the Resurrection and the Life,The Way and The TruthThe Light of this world.YOU ARE!We choose always!And then to end this communication ,did you know that the pandemic attacks mostly those that were kidnapping our children???Something that has been happening for thousands of years without collective humanity being aware about it.Can you see the good in what is taking place?
Can you see it with the eyes of love, that all was a mis-creation of our collective consciousness that has been manipulated genetically to be in slavery mentality instead of being in our perfect rejuvenated bodies of perfected Human DNA of 12 double strands of DNA?And FYI i even made a dance track with prayer that lasts only 10’(link in section comment) and if practiced daily can assist you in redefining your DNA, cause you can, cause you are a creator, cause you are divine and you are powerful multidimensional being of Love and Light.Remember who you are.Find the joy and be the joy and see The Golden Age/New Earth reality making its way to you ,moment by moment, a choice of every now ,how do i feel right now? what can i do to feel better?Feel the liberation of our Human Race taking place in this now, living on a planet where life works for everyone with ease, grace and flow.With forests and rivers and oceans being cleaned.With Free Energy technology that makes us totally sustainable and independent.With Mobility like Hover Cars or Anitgravity technology that can takes us from Paris to NYC in 15’.With Celestial Chambers where one can re-atomize their bodies and become young again totally rejuvenated and for as long they desire.With 5h dimensional homes that are an extension of you and adapting instantly to make you feel good using materials that work organically with our thoughts and nature?A reality where money has been long gone and replaced by replicator technologies which can cook a meal or make us a car or a house and can be used by each and everyone freely.How long will it take to go there?well my friends, it has begun, this is the change, this is Ascension, this is what you all signed up for.You have been chosen among the strongest of the strong.Remember your power of creation and Be in Joy.Before we get there comes helicopter money called NESARA/GESARA that will assist each woman, man and child take back our lives to our original perfected state.It is is a Journey.Enjoy every moment of it and LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH.LAUGH OUT OUT.Laughter, the sound HA is exactly the same frequency of 528HZ ,the frequency of LOVE.So let’s finish this with a laughing Yoga :Breath in and LAUGH OUT.LOUD :HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA even if there is no reason to laugh.When you do this for 2-3 minutes your vibrations raises and you are part of the highest timeline again living life with ease,grace and flow and abundance and prosperity and freedom and harmony and peace and forgiveness and compassion.

Feel More Than Fine


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