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What is Enlightment in 2020?

Nikos Akrivos channeling Higher Self.

Enlightment is to be not be triggered by anyone or anything out there while being in the world but not of it.Not so long ago, monks had to isolate themselves in temples for long periods of time and in some cases for their whole life in order to reach a higher state of consciousness and sustain it.Today, the ever increasing energies of Love and Light coming from The Sun of all Suns/Source of All Creation/Mother Father God and Prime Creator have already brought Earth into the 5th, 6th and 7th Dimension and therefor her name : New Earth Pacha Mama Terra Christa.This allows each and everyONE to feel in the present moment their oneness with GOD within and with all Life becoming more aware that what ones thinks and feels, one vibrates one creates.Whatever one experiences in their life one attracts to the self.It behooves most people to believe it is so because how can this be that one attracts bad experiences to the self? Most people would rather see God as out there, being responsible for that happens in their life, rather taking the responsibility to acknowledge that they create their own experiences by the way the feel, think and more often reacting than truly acting from a place of alignment with their Soul/Higher Self.And in doing so, creating their own matrix of reality with like minded souls as like attracts like.Is there a way to get out of this constructed matrix?yes , there is and the answer lies within.With enough daily practice long enough to be able to listen the voice within for at least 15-20 minutes one can begin to create a better reality for the self and cross the bridge to the New Earth.There are those who have already crossed the bridge and have created the space for all to be able to do so.And then comes Free Will.God loves so much each and everyone that all have free will to do so or not in their lives.Everybody is loved and everybody chooses for their experiences in life that they feel, serves them best.When one has reached a state where is no longer triggered by anyone by anything, not even social media comments or any news out there, one knows clearly that He/She is already on New Earth manifesting with ease and grace and flow anything they want to be ,do or have for the highest good =the highest good for all.


UPDATE 21 Sep.2020.

Dear Feel More Than Fine Tribe,Light Workers,Light Warriors and Starseeds i feel it is good time at this stage to give you small update from my perspective as to where we stand in our Ascension journey as a collective.Individually only you know depending on what you feel mostly resonates with you as your joy and truth of living your life.And a rule one for those of you that come on this website is to always feel good at every now.Can this be always possible?no, because there are always more Love & Light energies pummeling the planet requesting from you and each and everyONE to receive those.So for some, it may feel as resistance while for others is that can read the signs it is much smoother because they are sensitive enough to feel a spike on the schumann resonance (which is of course the result of doing your inner work with discipline and daily :meditation and affirmations and practicing alignment with your higher self which represents the highest form of joy emanating from our being).

And so as withIN so withOUT.

The more of us doing the work the more Light and Love can reach the planet as we affect millions around us through entrainment.

One person connected to source is more powerful than millions who are not-Abraham Hicks-

And at this time there are millions around the planet doing this work which for itself is amazing news.
Here at Feel More Than Fine we have been focusing mainly on 2 global meditations taking place on SUNdays on 3 different times and Daily with Jared Rand at 3PM EAST(Check category on the website) and 4 years now being on this train we can feel our collective power and the shifts that are taking place thanks to our our beautiful dedicated groups of Light Workers.

And in this now what truly works for me to keep me always high in my energies as much as possible during my days&nights is to practice sacred breathing for 7 times as many times as i can remember when i walk or prepare food or even do my yoga:
I Inhale God’s Pure Source Oxygen
I Assimilate God’s Pure Source Oxygen
I Exhale God’s Pure Source Oxygen
I Expand God’s Pure Source Oxygen

-(Patricia Cota Robles)-

Now in the collective level i feel we are reaching a place where the masses are truly waking up and this is the main reason we have been preparing for eons of times to be the eye in the storm, the eye of joy and the eye of peace : AA Gabriel reminds us to not be concerned if for some of us feel detached from outside events.It is ok to be on that place and it is ok to find our joy in every now.This is the category where i belong personally honouring by the same Feel More Than Fine lifestyle, which is not about being selfish but about being selFULL.Full of Love,Full of Light,Full of Joy:holding the space for that for the collective.
And when we observe the outside events, too many of them to mention, you all have your medias and you all have your own filters to perceive reality, the one thing that i want to bring your attention here is the
N.E.S.A.R.A. / G.E.S.A.R.A. Mission Statement :

To assist each and everyone on their Ascension path so it is firmly grounded on planet Earth

The reason is Ascension from Human to Galactic, from Carbon Based to Crystalline Based Cells.
The delivery of funds is to make everyone’s life easy on the planet.
This has been denied to humanity on September 2001,which was the main reason of the collapse of NYC twin towers.And Trump is doing an amazing work in bringing this forward with the support of the Alliance and Galactic Federation of Light by gradually bringing in the Restored Republic in the U.S.A. who’s constitution has been signed by the founding fathers through Divine Intervention with no other than Saint Germain who passed through the walls and convinced the founding fathers with an epic speech to sign the constitution in 1776.And since the time of JFK in the 60’s it has been looking for ways to express and has been opposed with success.But not any longer, we can clearly see the results of our collective unified consciousness now and the more we are in this Knowledge,feeling into it the more it gives us all the signs with Clarity and True Understanding.This is our Collective Vortex Sisters and Brothers.
All this to share with you, that whatever takes place in the coming months, do not allow this to enter your being.Be the observer and further more Observe less and Imagines more as You are the creator of your reality and nobody can take this from you!

You are Source Energy GOD being Creator ,You are GOD and with GOD.


Wherever you stand in your Ascension journey and if you managed to read this far here means that you are doing Stellar Work.Each and everyone on the planet, has been chosen to be in the here and now, as the ones who were the most gifted of all souls with highest possibility to make this journey of Ascension a success.And Victory of Light is already at hand as confirmed by Mother God.Yet the way to go there’s shifting depending on the collective’s energy.
If each and everyONE on the planet did a synchronised sacred breathing for 9 times our reality would shift very rapidly to the higher dimensions of New Earth/Golden Age of Existence –Prime Creator-
And this is the journey that each and everyone is on ,wherever we stand in our Ascension.
If we truly want to make physical contact with our Galactic Families,we must first unite.And when i see, the many not doing their inner work, i keep in mind one last chance for them:The Event if their soul chooses to go through this.Free Will always at hand for all to use for each Soul.
A planet where all children are safe and sound, where all homeless have homes, where no-one needs to do a work they don’t like for a living(Basic Universal Income), where Free Energy is used for all purposes,where One can heal any condition in less than 3’ or rejuvenating from 90 to 25 years through the use of Celestial Chambers, where jobs are being created to serve the true reason of our existence which is Ascension and Joy of existence and expression that do no harm to self and all others, where we travel from London to Mount Shasta in one hour ,where all have abundance of wholesome organic foods,where all life,all animals and all plant kingdom is respected,with much more greener cities and communities,where each and everyONE is aware of their Oneness with GOD, is much closer than we can conceive in our minds.In fact it is in plain sight if we feel for these very things i am mentioning.

Instant Manifestation!Feeling into the frequency of what I/WE Want in the now.Isn’t Life Just Amazing/Awesome/Grant???Hallelujah!!!!
I Love You aaaaaaaaaaaand

Feel More Than Fine Always!!!!

Nikos Akrivos

Brainwave Entrainment

The practice of bringing one’s brainwaves to a desired frequency.

This is achieved through imagination.

And to be able to live in joy in the here and now is to make it a habit to imagine more of our desired outcome,feeling into it than just being an observer.That is deliberate creation at its best.And by doing so,one feels good all of the time.When one does not feel good,it is a call to go within,find again the zero state,the neutrality and then focus again on imagining a desired outcome and when doing that bringing up the higher scale emotions of Love,Joy,Gratitude in the here and now.

So,my dear Feel More Than Fine Tribe,if you want to prove to yourselves your power of Source Energy Being you know what to do :focus more on imagining what you want,focus more on feeling into what you want and less on observing what is occuring as in these times we are living now,as the vibrations rise in,through and all around us on the planet,manifestations happen faster and faster.They may not happen precisely as one thinks and imagine and yet they happen more and more closer to a desired outcome.

Imagines,Imagines,Imagines and Feel More Than Fine Feel More Than Fine Feel More Than Fine!


Ascension for dummies.

For those of you who are hearing the term Ascension for the first time,this is for you!No,you are not a dummy,i am just taking the time to explain what it is using simple words.

So,what is Ascension? It is a process of transformation taking place within our bodies, a mutation as we are bathed in higher amounts of Light originating from the Central Sun and Source of All Creation.Our cells act as receptors to the energies and they are transformed from Carbon Based to Crystalin (therefor Christ Self) Based Cells.

Medical studies and scientists have just begun speaking about it,myself i know this from a very young age and been doing my best to share the message with those around without success,as nobody would believe my theories,if they are not written by someone.In 2008 The Pleiadians made sure that i remember the reason i came to the planet by constantly sending me on a link on youtube where i could listen to Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak and from the very first time ,it all resonated as my deepest truth.This same year is the year that i became Vegeterian(nowdays Raw Vegan) and that same year i got initiated in the Art of Reiki Usui (Japanese Healing Alternative Technique).

In my previous youtube video that you can watch here ,i was sharing You Are Much More Powerful Than You Think You Are!(Here Is How To Become Aware of This).

Today,i want to bring your attention to the fact that our bodies are also evolving and becoming multidimensional as well.This is very important notion to become aware of and here is why:While we are receiving the higher energies and our consciousness gets attuned in relatively short time,our bodies need much longer time to do so and so it is very important to see them as integral part of our evolution and not separate from the whole.It is not just about being healthy in our body,it is also about being aware of the transformation taking place to remind ourselves to be gentle and kind to our bodies for the time they need to go through the transformation.This also explains extreme fatigue and as personal trainer myself,i invite all teachers,yoga teachers ,coaches and personal trainers to really be aware of this and be gentle with your clients in bringing this information in your practices.Some may think that they are getting old in the bodies,while the only thing that is happening is a transformation whereas if one is really aware about this detail,one will really listen to their body and not do too much by accepting the process for the time it needs.Process takes many years and this is a first one for Ascending Humanity.There are of course those that are ascending by leaving their bodies and that is because it has been agreed so,pre-birth from their souls.This,in no way means that something is written in stone,one that reads this information may choose to live and be on the Ascension train.

All one needs to say is :

I want to Ascend within my physical body!And choosing to Ascend within our physical body,means that we choose to live ,if we desire so,up to 1000 years or more!The Hollow Earth beings live for many thousands of years.

We are the ones deciding as our DNA is expanding and the information we choose to believe becomes our reality.Welcome to 5D of authentic peace,joy and unconditional love and infinite possibilities!

One may choose to just shape their body to become a model only with the power of their mind and projecting images of beauty seeing self as that.It works also for Diet purposes or seeing in our mind’s eye our perfect body and writing about it describing it for 30 days.Try it!and you will notice the difference,i guarantee!!!

To this i am adding here a Song i made dedicated to Ascension.

The Highest Good For All.

Much Love and Happy Ascension!

Feel More Than Fine


Free Will and Divine Will

How do i know that my will is aligned with Divine Will?

The answer is simple:how i feel in every now defines how close my will is to Divine will.And the fastest train to be totally aware of how i feel is either getting a nap if i really feel tired or/and getting into meditation for about 15-20 calming the mind and getting into the spaciousness as Source Energy Being.Many paths to go here from doing simple breathing techniques to participating in mass meditations it all works.That is the beauty of our current times.Even the so called pandemic is actually a blessing and a messenger as to take the time to go within,reflect and release resistance.Resistance is the cause of all sicknesses and diseases.The global pandemic proves the global resistance of allowing the changes to happen with ease and grace.We came here for the purpose of joy,this is the way i prefer to see and this is the way that anyone has the free will choice to see the world,this is what i know Source/God/Universe wants for me,for us.

And so to feel the joy emanating from within,authentically without the need of any exterior stimuli allows me to know that my free will choice in every now is aligned with Divine Will.This is what i intend 24/7.Intention to feel joyful from within out to be in celebration from within out is what alings my Will with Divine Will.Simple.All i need to do out of free will choice is to intend to be The Joy that i know IAM.

Nikos Akrivos