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Our Purpose on Our Ascension Ride.

Our purpose on our Ascension Ride is to Build New Earth.Each and everyone has a specific role to play according to what makes his/hear heart sing.Our main tool is Alignement with Source to receive guidance as to what is our heart’s song any given moment.A constant play of surrendering,trusting,allowing,receiving which i call being in a S.T.A.R mode and expanding.A S.T.A.R expanding through inspiration as an individual soul living in a costume called Human Body which in turn is also ascending and gets all upgrades that makes me more sensitive in making choices any given moment.Individual and Yet ONE with the whole :IAM GOD and with GOD,IAM.IAM The ONE,IAM.WWG1WGA.Shifting and Sorting.Choosing from a puzzle of infinite potential of possibilities the one piece and then then next one and next one following my inner compass called emotional scale to guide me.There is no wrong or right.There is only expansion and experiences to choose from.Do i choose to make same experience all over again or do i choose something different that i have never tried before?My mind has an idea of what is that i like and want.My Heart is constantly checking in if my mind is not overtaken by my ego and that is very easy to check.If i don’t feel good,it means or that i am aligned with what truly is my Heart’s call or that i need to do some extra work in order to allow the expansion energies to flow through me or that my ego is trying to boycott this operation.In this 2020 year,those of us who took advantage of this pause,have been doing the work to constantly allow and expand without being able to see tangible and physical material results , yet having our inner compass confirming that all is well, since every time we do the work to allow Love/Light to flow in a meditative/creative/relaxed state,we feel better,we feel good,we feel more than fine.And having The Light Beings confirming through many different channels that all is well indeed makes this ride easier than expected every now.As all we have is NOW.And with appreciation of what is and eagerness of what is coming (thank you Abraham Hicks!) our suitcase has even more tools to do this journey even smoother and easier!!!If i have a wish for each and everyONE on the planet right now, it is to discover what Alignement to Source means and do be able to use the many tools that are being equipied with as we Ascend in our Physical Bodies,from Carbon Based to Crystal (Christ Consciousness) Based Bodies,to become aware of our Existence as Source Energy Beings.

It is about understanding that this ride is about feeling good all of the time, making the best of it any moment to stay on the high vibrational disc of creation , magnetizing to our being what we think and feel for.From something ‘small’ to something very ‘big’,there is no difference!The difference is being created by an old program running in our mind for all kind of reasons,that we can choose to flash away by saying simply:”I pull back all the energy i gave into this life or past lives for all things that did not work for my and the highest good for all.I blaze the violet fire to all timelines,dimensions and realities,i breath in and bring all this energy in the here and now.And breathing out i feel rejuvenated and ready to continue my ride in the higher dimensions of 5D,6D,7D and beyond,appreciating what is and eager of what is coming.In Knowing what i don’t want,I know what i want.I Intend to Feel Good.I intend to Feel More Than Fine!And for that i am eternally Grateful for the constant support i am getting from The Source of All Creation, Mother Father God.IAM THAT, IAM.I don’t need to push for it, Divine Mother is doing this for me.I only ALLOW.And that includes all specific desires i have,be it a relationship,job,home,travel,travelling means,hobby,financial abundance etc i feel into the frequency of it and I ALLOW Divine Mother to flow through me!And So It Is.

Magic right?

Intention is the plan.Frequency(Feeling into specific outcome) is the plan executing itself!– Pleiadians Insight-

And do you know how i best do this lately?

I have written down what is that i want exactly in life including a planet that works for all and the highest good for all ,i read it twice a day and i am thankful in the now as it already happened!And btw dancing and making the #21daysdancechallenge is part of this game too!As when i dance I ALLOW.



Nikos Akrivos

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What is Enlightment in 2020?

Nikos Akrivos channeling Higher Self.

Enlightment is to be not be triggered by anyone or anything out there while being in the world but not of it.Not so long ago, monks had to isolate themselves in temples for long periods of time and in some cases for their whole life in order to reach a higher state of consciousness and sustain it.Today, the ever increasing energies of Love and Light coming from The Sun of all Suns/Source of All Creation/Mother Father God and Prime Creator have already brought Earth into the 5th, 6th and 7th Dimension and therefor her name : New Earth Pacha Mama Terra Christa.This allows each and everyONE to feel in the present moment their oneness with GOD within and with all Life becoming more aware that what ones thinks and feels, one vibrates one creates.Whatever one experiences in their life one attracts to the self.It behooves most people to believe it is so because how can this be that one attracts bad experiences to the self? Most people would rather see God as out there, being responsible for that happens in their life, rather taking the responsibility to acknowledge that they create their own experiences by the way the feel, think and more often reacting than truly acting from a place of alignment with their Soul/Higher Self.And in doing so, creating their own matrix of reality with like minded souls as like attracts like.Is there a way to get out of this constructed matrix?yes , there is and the answer lies within.With enough daily practice long enough to be able to listen the voice within for at least 15-20 minutes one can begin to create a better reality for the self and cross the bridge to the New Earth.There are those who have already crossed the bridge and have created the space for all to be able to do so.And then comes Free Will.God loves so much each and everyone that all have free will to do so or not in their lives.Everybody is loved and everybody chooses for their experiences in life that they feel, serves them best.When one has reached a state where is no longer triggered by anyone by anything, not even social media comments or any news out there, one knows clearly that He/She is already on New Earth manifesting with ease and grace and flow anything they want to be ,do or have for the highest good =the highest good for all.


UPDATE 21 Sep.2020.

Dear Feel More Than Fine Tribe,Light Workers,Light Warriors and Starseeds i feel it is good time at this stage to give you small update from my perspective as to where we stand in our Ascension journey as a collective.Individually only you know depending on what you feel mostly resonates with you as your joy and truth of living your life.And a rule one for those of you that come on this website is to always feel good at every now.Can this be always possible?no, because there are always more Love & Light energies pummeling the planet requesting from you and each and everyONE to receive those.So for some, it may feel as resistance while for others is that can read the signs it is much smoother because they are sensitive enough to feel a spike on the schumann resonance (which is of course the result of doing your inner work with discipline and daily :meditation and affirmations and practicing alignment with your higher self which represents the highest form of joy emanating from our being).

And so as withIN so withOUT.

The more of us doing the work the more Light and Love can reach the planet as we affect millions around us through entrainment.

One person connected to source is more powerful than millions who are not-Abraham Hicks-

And at this time there are millions around the planet doing this work which for itself is amazing news.
Here at Feel More Than Fine we have been focusing mainly on 2 global meditations taking place on SUNdays on 3 different times and Daily with Jared Rand at 3PM EAST(Check category on the website) and 4 years now being on this train we can feel our collective power and the shifts that are taking place thanks to our our beautiful dedicated groups of Light Workers.

And in this now what truly works for me to keep me always high in my energies as much as possible during my days&nights is to practice sacred breathing for 7 times as many times as i can remember when i walk or prepare food or even do my yoga:
I Inhale God’s Pure Source Oxygen
I Assimilate God’s Pure Source Oxygen
I Exhale God’s Pure Source Oxygen
I Expand God’s Pure Source Oxygen

-(Patricia Cota Robles)-

Now in the collective level i feel we are reaching a place where the masses are truly waking up and this is the main reason we have been preparing for eons of times to be the eye in the storm, the eye of joy and the eye of peace : AA Gabriel reminds us to not be concerned if for some of us feel detached from outside events.It is ok to be on that place and it is ok to find our joy in every now.This is the category where i belong personally honouring by the same Feel More Than Fine lifestyle, which is not about being selfish but about being selFULL.Full of Love,Full of Light,Full of Joy:holding the space for that for the collective.
And when we observe the outside events, too many of them to mention, you all have your medias and you all have your own filters to perceive reality, the one thing that i want to bring your attention here is the
N.E.S.A.R.A. / G.E.S.A.R.A. Mission Statement :

To assist each and everyone on their Ascension path so it is firmly grounded on planet Earth

The reason is Ascension from Human to Galactic, from Carbon Based to Crystalline Based Cells.
The delivery of funds is to make everyone’s life easy on the planet.
This has been denied to humanity on September 2001,which was the main reason of the collapse of NYC twin towers.And Trump is doing an amazing work in bringing this forward with the support of the Alliance and Galactic Federation of Light by gradually bringing in the Restored Republic in the U.S.A. who’s constitution has been signed by the founding fathers through Divine Intervention with no other than Saint Germain who passed through the walls and convinced the founding fathers with an epic speech to sign the constitution in 1776.And since the time of JFK in the 60’s it has been looking for ways to express and has been opposed with success.But not any longer, we can clearly see the results of our collective unified consciousness now and the more we are in this Knowledge,feeling into it the more it gives us all the signs with Clarity and True Understanding.This is our Collective Vortex Sisters and Brothers.
All this to share with you, that whatever takes place in the coming months, do not allow this to enter your being.Be the observer and further more Observe less and Imagines more as You are the creator of your reality and nobody can take this from you!

You are Source Energy GOD being Creator ,You are GOD and with GOD.


Wherever you stand in your Ascension journey and if you managed to read this far here means that you are doing Stellar Work.Each and everyone on the planet, has been chosen to be in the here and now, as the ones who were the most gifted of all souls with highest possibility to make this journey of Ascension a success.And Victory of Light is already at hand as confirmed by Mother God.Yet the way to go there’s shifting depending on the collective’s energy.
If each and everyONE on the planet did a synchronised sacred breathing for 9 times our reality would shift very rapidly to the higher dimensions of New Earth/Golden Age of Existence –Prime Creator-
And this is the journey that each and everyone is on ,wherever we stand in our Ascension.
If we truly want to make physical contact with our Galactic Families,we must first unite.And when i see, the many not doing their inner work, i keep in mind one last chance for them:The Event if their soul chooses to go through this.Free Will always at hand for all to use for each Soul.
A planet where all children are safe and sound, where all homeless have homes, where no-one needs to do a work they don’t like for a living(Basic Universal Income), where Free Energy is used for all purposes,where One can heal any condition in less than 3’ or rejuvenating from 90 to 25 years through the use of Celestial Chambers, where jobs are being created to serve the true reason of our existence which is Ascension and Joy of existence and expression that do no harm to self and all others, where we travel from London to Mount Shasta in one hour ,where all have abundance of wholesome organic foods,where all life,all animals and all plant kingdom is respected,with much more greener cities and communities,where each and everyONE is aware of their Oneness with GOD, is much closer than we can conceive in our minds.In fact it is in plain sight if we feel for these very things i am mentioning.

Instant Manifestation!Feeling into the frequency of what I/WE Want in the now.Isn’t Life Just Amazing/Awesome/Grant???Hallelujah!!!!
I Love You aaaaaaaaaaaand

Feel More Than Fine Always!!!!

Nikos Akrivos

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“Charlie Ward and Gene Decode: Alliance Victorious, Wondrous World Incoming” -Kat –

Hi Dinarlandia,

This is such an inspiring vid-chat between Charlie Ward and Gene Cosensei (Decode.) Not only do they cover some of what has been, but then Gene outlines the glorious new post NESARA – GESARA world that is forthcoming. It’s thrilling.

Importantly, Gene underscores the immense power of our thoughts and prayers.

The more people who wake up and say “No more!” to all the darkness, the faster the cabal world crumbles. They can’t create a New World Order without our fear or anger.

When we pray with love and light the deep state can’t create anything because they have no soul and you cannot create without a soul.

Gene is one of the world’s authorities on D.U.M.B.s [Deep Underground Military Bases,] on their locations and their histories.

After 30 years of studying the cabal, Gene never thought he would see this day—that the Alliance would have so soundly defeated the deep state:

17:51 Gene Decode:I never thought I would see this…
When I first RedPilled and I started realizing
and investigating this cabal…
I didn’t think it was possible…
I mean I spent 20+ years watching it
get worse and their power grow…
But now to see all the pieces coming out
and watch it coming down
I did not think that was possible…

Charlie Ward always says, “We are living in amazing times.” In this transcription Charlie says, “We are coming out of darkness into light, out of evil into good.”

Charlie and Gene share remembrances on certain events in their lives that they didn’t realize at the time would have any bearing on WWIII. But each one has had experiences that make them uniquely qualified to address what is happening on Earth right now.

Key points

-The Prince Charles Hospital in Brecon Beacons, Wales in a DUMB.
-There is a drug that can make a baby appear stillborn, but they’re not. They would give that drug to mothers in Brecon Beacons, show her the stillborn baby, then send that baby straight into the DUMB and resuscitate it.
-The DUMBs are often where the cabal do their sacrifices.
-Charlie Ward has been in 2 DUMBs in Bath, England.
-In the 1990’s the cabal was going to nuke the world so the Alliance deactivated all nuclear weapons, including the SSBN submarines [Nuclear Ballistic submarine.]
-Gene is aware of 356 DUMBs in the USA and has vetted 349.
-Gene has photographs of President Eisenhower at Holloman Air Force Base, going into Hangar 18, during the time of the 1954 Greada Treaty between the USA and the Alien Greys.
-Operation Indigo Skyfold (Chem trails) is over and they’re no longer pumping calcium-fluoride into the water to keep our pineal gland decalcified and destroy our health.
-The Mainstream Media is exactly what Hitler did—propaganda. Same playbook.
-NESARA and GESARA puts an end to the cabal and all deception. 217 countries have signed onto GESARA which means they’ll go onto a Constitutional System in which you have unalienable rights—ending British Law.
-The Quantum computer is being monitored by very high beings at 5th Density. The Quantum Financial System (QFS) and the Quantum Voting System (QVS) are unhackable.
-The plan to defeat of the cabal was launched in 1903 by the Trump brothers, Nikola Tesla, Howard Hughes and Bondergrath. It started out as a 3-inch binder and is now a massive set of binders that goes into every play and counter play that the cabal could possibly do.
-It’s already done. The majority of the war is done. All the upper handlers have been removed.
(Charlie Ward said that in March ’20, the first country to go into lockdown was Italy because it was the first country the Global Military went into and they arrested the 13-demon-bloodline families, the Mafia heads, the Pope and 350 personnel in the Vatican. Then they cleared out the Vatican of cash, gold and valuables in 650 plane loads and flew that to Fort Knox. President Trump said, “First, they cut off the head of the snake,” and he meant the 13-demon-bloodline families who had been running the global deep state world.)
-NESARA and the wonders of Free Energy and Anti-Gravity technologies makes the entire infrastructure of the old world go away.
-The more people wake-up to what has been happening with the children, the tunnels, and the deep state, the better chance the Alliance has to prevail with much less loss of life and many more children are saved because of the focus and the prayers of people all over the world. It is so powerful.
-The cabal’s evil world is coming down because people are waking up and saying “No. We don’t want this ever again.” It’s amazing.
-Both Charlie and Gene have the exact same INTEL on this point: All the cabal information will come out in March 2021. Everything is happening now, but it won’t come out until the Ides of March ‘21.

This is a powerful, information packed video/transcription. It was a privilege to listen to.

I won’t say “enjoy” because there are some difficult passages but ultimately God’s Light and the mighty Alliance have prevailed and that is the essential point.

With blessings of Peace, Health, Happiness and Abundance for all — We are Goddess, Sovereign, Free,

xo, Kat

Gene Cosensei (Decode) Charlie Ward Explosive Revelations – UK DUMBS & Brecon Beacons 9-16-20

As of this writing Charlie Ward has 165k subscribers


Partially Transcribed by Kat

2:05 Charlie Ward: You are my last video today and it’s 10 o’clock at night my next one tomorrow starts at 4 in the morning… being a Farmer’s Boy you make hay when the Sun shines…

2:34 Gene Decode: It’s kind of like the schedule I had in the Navy… you run by the appointments you’ve got to get done rather than normal people’s hours…

2:49 Charlie Ward: One quick thing… I’ve had a message from a lady in South Wales… She lives in Brecon Beacons… and there used to be a Hospital there that was known as either the King Charles or Prince Charles Hospital, I forget… [Prince Charles Hospital in Methyr Tydfil, Wales]… there was a lot of stillborn babies back in the 1980’s that were unaccounted for…

3:24 There was an investigation into it but there was never anything ever said about it… and she said would you ask Gene Decode if you had any knowledge or observations or whether you’d be able to decode anything from that.

3:40 Gene Decode: I know all about that… Brecon Beacons is a D.U.M.B. (Deep Underground Military Base)… the Hospital was one entrance… The “Stillborns” is a drug that they give the woman that makes the baby…. it’s known to a lot of Shaolin [Kung Fu]… it mimics the death and you think the baby’s dead, or the person’s dead… but they’re not…

4:10 It’s a way to get children down into the DUMBs… that’s why they go missing it’s a perfect way to get infants straight into the DUMBs… show the baby to the mother… the baby is not actually dead… it mimics death to the point you can’t notice the difference…

4:49 If a person knows how to resuscitate that… I actually had an episode during a Kung Fu series in which he did that… a guy that was being hunted by the Tong… he was supposed to be killed by the Tong and they gave that drug to him… the Tong thought he was dead…

5:16 That’s the only DUMB I know of in Wales that I’ve vetted… there are some in Scotland that I know but I haven’t vetted them… but I do know there are 2 in Ireland and a bunch of them in England…

5:35 Charlie Ward: I’ve actually been down 2 of them in Bath [U.K.]… one in Lansdown and one the other side of Bath… that was 30 years ago… I was going down with a view to putting Security Cameras down there… I left disappointed cuz they only wanted cameras at the entrance and the exit not inside of it… and there was a lot of areas where I was not allowed to go… but when I say it as huge… I mean it was 20 miles of big tunnels and storage facilities… they told me it was used in WWII for Signals and ammunition… that was the official line…

6:33 Gene Decode: Those go back to the Roman days [43 AD – 410 AD]… the Roman occupation… it goes from Bath it goes under Hadrian’s Wall… to stop the Picts from coming into the Roman held areas… those tunnels actually go all the way to France…

Kat Note: Hadrian’s Wall, also known as the Roman Wall, Picts’ Wall, or Vallum Hadriani in Latin, is a former defensive fortification of the Roman province of Britannia, begun in AD 122 in the reign of the emperor Hadrian.[3] It ran from the banks of the River Tyne near the North Sea to the Solway Firth on the Irish Sea, and was the northern limit of the Roman Empire, immediately north of which were the lands of the northern Ancient Britons, including the Picts.


7:10 Gene Decode: Why do they only want cameras at the entrance? Because they don’t want a record of the comings and goings like the children coming from Brecon, Wales… you don’t want to record or have information… a big part of the DUMBs is where they can do their sacrifices and things…

7:38 Charlie Ward: There’s obviously a lot of DUMBs from what I understand being blown up in the United Kingdom…

7:43 Gene Decode: Correct… one under London and Liverpool, and I have people that have sent me… like we saw in Porter Ranch, in California, with the fires… also down in Brazil you see that too now… the fires coming up through the manhole covers and storm drains…

8:36 Just in the last 2 years when they started taking out the DUMBs where they have to come in with flame-throwers for the kooroog (?sp) and that kind of thing… the contagious kooroo (?sp)… that they developed… they have to burn it out and that’s why we see the fires…

8:48 Charlie Ward: And obviously there was a big one removed in Beirut, in Lebanon…

8:50 Gene Decode: Yeah, they blew that building up, those big warehouses and stuff because of the nuclear weapons in there… people don’t get it… they ask me, “well, innocent people died”… well yeah… I think it was 160 people died… but if you have 100 nuclear missiles and warheads and if those nuclear missiles were directed at 100 cities how many MILLIONS of people would die now?

9:22 In a war you have to go with the lesser of 2 evils sometimes… it’s unfortunate but that is the way it works… and then when they show… like some lady says on the news… “Oh look, there’s a tunnel and maybe some of these people got out”… a LOT of people got out because those tunnels go from Lebanon all over the Middle East…

9:45 Charlie Ward:And this is something the normal person of this world has no concept of at all… it was only 30 years ago when I saw it for the first time I was completely blown away… but because I had signed the Official Secrets Act I was not allowed to talk about it for 10 years… it’s only become relevant now… but that was 30 years ago…

10:10 You start to realize… the journey that I’m on there’s a lot of things that happened in my life that have now become beneficial to my getting the story out there… the message out there… I’ve seen firsthand a number of things that I thought were insignificant at the time and now they have an awful lot of significance…

10:31 Gene Decode: Yes… same thing for me is… the things I did in submarines at the time seemed just relevant to that time and that situation… but now 30, 40, 50 years later… I look at the significance of things when I was young and my father was working for Lockheed-Martin… at first it was Martin-Marietta before they merged… I’d go through the living room and see arcs and sparks flying across and it just didn’t seem significant to me… I’m just a kid…

11:07 And now I look at the big picture and it’s really obvious that all of this fits together… this grand puzzle of the cabal that’s now unraveling… and all the pieces are falling out in our lap… you start taking the border off and the pieces all start to come apart… and we’re seeing it… like you, I’m being sent certain places to see little things all over…

11:30 I’ve always had a questioning and curious mind so in the 1990’s when they deactivated… the various groups of the Alliance… because the cabal was going to nuke the world… so [the Alliance] deactivated all the nuclear weapons all over the Earth including the submarines…

11:46 I was watching submarines pulling into Fort Island [FL] and Pearl Harbor [HI]… and they were off-loading all the nuclear missiles… and my mind’s like… Why are they off-loading all the ICBM’s [Intercontinental ballistic missile] off all the SSBN submarines… [Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine]… and 2 of them went onto the ferry…

12:00 They have to have a ferry to take them off… and I was on a ferry so I jumped in my car as quick as I could and followed this Semi… you know a big flatbed truck with 2 ICBMs… and it went up into the Aliamanu Crater [Honolulu] which is Military housing… I drove up on the rim cuz I’m curious how he’s going to get out of there… cuz it gets pretty small and sharp turns… you’re not going to be able to get that thing out of there…

Kat Note: Aliamanu Crater / Salt Lake neighborhood of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Military: Salt Lake is almost surrounded by military installations. Nearby Fort Shafter is the headquarters of the United States Army Pacific. Hickam Air Force Base is headquarters of the United States Pacific Air Forces. Pearl Harbor is headquarters of the United States Pacific Fleet. United States Pacific Command is to the north of Salt Lake at Camp H. M. Smith. Tripler Army Medical Center, visible on the heights to the northeast, is the principal U.S. military medical facility for Asia and the Pacific Basin.[citation needed] Coast Artillery Battery Tiernon, which mounted 2 X 3″ guns, was located at Salt Lake for the protection of Pearl Harbor.


12:26 Gene Decode cont.: And I watched it drive straight into what looked just like the old small DUMBs they had for during WWII inside of the crater for munitions storage in that… the semi drove straight into solid… what looked like to me was solid rock… I thought, what the heck?…

12:40 A couple hours after he didn’t come out… I drove down there and walked around and put my hands on it and it feels pretty solid to me… that’s really odd… I don’t understand…

13:00 So then I drove back up and then about 9:30 at night he’s coming out the other direction I’m like… he turned around in there?!?… that must be massive somewhere in there… I mean how does he turn that huge Semi around… and now the ICBMs are gone… I’m like, this is really strange…

13:20 Like you, you get to see all of these little pieces fall together… it’s pretty amazing now…

13:27 Charlie Ward: We live down on the South Coast of Spain and just down the road from us is Gibraltar, which is a rock, and they’ve often said there are more roads inside the rock than outside…

13:47 Gene Decode: Yeah, that DUMB there is very very ancient… it goes back to the 16th century… and the Spanish, the Moreaus, were coming across, the Spanish had to try to repel that, they literally chiseled at that and there’s actually windows that they can look out across that inlet to the Mediterranean Sea… and then that goes across that inlet, underground and comes up in Morocco in Tunisia… the old city where you see in the old Errol Flynn movies with all the sword fighting it comes up under that old city in Tunis, in Tunisia…

Kat Note: Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula.


14:30 Charlie Ward: Wow… wow… so what have you decoded then this week, Gene?

14:33 Gene Decode: Well, I’m continuing a long decode I did that’s updating my DUMB decode that I did a couple years ago and then updated a year ago on the underground facilities all over the world… but now I’m primarily focused on the U.S…. I have 356 I’m aware of and I now have 349 vetted out… so we’ve done 2 shows and we’re going to do another one tonight… it’s probably going to take 5 or shows because I have 349 on that list with a bunch of pictures…

15:15 It includes pictures of the Greada Treaty in 1954… with Eisenhower at Holloman Air Force base going into Hangar 18 @Holloman…

Kat Note:The 1954 Greada Treaty between the USA and Alien Greys.


Former US President Eisenhower’s Great Granddaughter in Australia to discuss Alien Treaty at Close Encounters Conference 11-13-17
On 21 February 1954 President Dwight Eisenhower signed the Greada Treaty after a meeting with Alien Greys. Eisenhower had 3 meetings with extraterrestrial races following that ‘First Contact’ meeting.
Now, almost 64 years later, the former President’s great granddaughter, Laura Eisenhower, is coming to Australia to share more of this fascinating story.
The Greada Treaty is signed every 10 years, and the ways in which it impacts upon the world and humanity is shocking. She is keen to meet with Donald Trump in the Oval Office and enlighten him from her wealth of knowledge.
Laura Eisenhower will be travelling to Uluru where she will be fulfilling a long held dream of opening the 13th stargate at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference and also appearing at the Close Encounters Conference at Coffs Harbour…


15:25 Gene Decode: As well as pictures from underneath Dulles, as well as underneath the base in Arizona [Luke Air Force Base?]… they had a hybrid facility I got a picture of those tanks with the hybrids… and then tons of non-terrestrial vehicle rescues to the different bases as well as going into Edgewood Arsenal facilities under there in Montauk [New York]… which is an outgrowth of the Philadelphia Experiment…

Kat Note: Edgewood Arsenal human experiments

[Not to be confused with Project MKUltra (a similar CIA program) or Project 112 (a similar military program) undertaken at the same time.]

From 1948 to 1975, the U.S. Army Chemical Corps conducted classified human subject research at the Edgewood Arsenal facility in Maryland. The purpose was to evaluate the impact of low-dose chemical warfare agents on military personnel and to test protective clothing, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines…

Overall, about 7,000 soldiers took part in these experiments that involved exposures to more than 250 different chemicals, according to the Department of Defense (DoD)…

The experiments were abruptly terminated by the Army in late 1975 amidst an atmosphere of scandal and recrimination as lawmakers accused researchers of questionable ethics. Many official government reports and civilian lawsuits followed in the wake of the controversy…

The chemical agents tested on volunteers included chemical warfare agents and other related agents:

Anticholinesterase nerve agents (VX, sarin) and common organophosphorus (OP) and carbamate pesticides
Mustard agents
Nerve agent antidotes including atropine and scopolamine
Nerve agent reactivators, e.g. the common OP antidote 2-PAM chloride
Psychoactive agents including LSD, PCP, cannabinoids, and BZ
Irritants and riot control agents
Alcohol and caffeine


16:16 Gene Decode: And that is one of those puzzle pieces that we were talking about earlier, Charles, that fell in my lap… when I was first redpilled back in ’90… I got to talk to 2 people… one who didn’t have his right hand anymore… that had been on the Underwood…

16:34 [U.S.S. Underwood, guided-missile frigate]… who were participants within that experiment of moving that ship The USS Underwood… from Philadelphia Harbor in 1943 to Boston Harbor in 1987 and then back again… and the guy lost his right hand because he had it rested up against the bulkhead…

16:55 When the ship and he became pure energy and then it came back his hand had pushed through the bulkhead… because if you’re in an energetic state organic can push through non-organic… fortunately the decks on that ship were all Teak… so they didn’t soak into the deck… but he told me that many of the men in their bunks died because they were wound up half way through the bunk or half way through the bulkheads and they died from that… and he lost his hand that way…

17:35 So I have pictures as well from Montauk and the experiments going on from there as well…
17:51 I never thought I would see this…

When I first redpilled and I started realizing and investigating this cabal… I didn’t think it was possible… I mean I spent 20+ years watching it get worse and their power grow…

Even when I first researched it and they had people… like JFK said… “through infiltration”…
They infiltrated everything… even local Police Stations, Post Offices, all the CPS systems [Cyber-physical system]… everything…

Kat Note: In 1961, President Kennedy gave the most perfect description of the cabal / deep state / demons / ever. And the Alliance has now defeated the cabal. It’s miraculous.


President John F. Kennedy
Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City
April 27, 1961

…For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence—on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.

It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

Its preparations are concealed, not published.
Its mistakes are buried, not headlined.
Its dissenters are silenced, not praised.
No expenditure is questioned,
no rumor is printed,
no secret is revealed.

It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match…


18:18 Gene Decode cont.: I’m like there’s no way… and I was trying to wake people up… there’s this New World Order and there’s this worldwide cabal… and people are rolling their eyes at me… hey mate, you’re daft… you’ve lost it… you’re totally gone… there’s no such thing… laughing at me…

18:43 And now the guy that attacked me on the bases was saying “We’ve ALWAYS known about The New World Order… but no, there’s no underground worldwide system like that…it’s ridiculous…”

18:51 I go, no, 30 years ago when I was trying to wake people up about the New World Order they weren’t saying, yeah we’ve known about it all along… that wasn’t the case… it’s grown…

But now to see
all the pieces coming out
and watch it coming down
I did not think that was possible…

19:14 In 2014 in Colorado I was watching… and I was getting frantic by that time cuz I was watching the choke points being put up on the main freeways coming in and out of Colorado on the borders… at Toll Pass they had tanks up there with Foreign Troops dressed in Military Uniforms like all Turkish and Vietnamese at that time… as well as on the border of 1-70 where 1-70 crosses out of Colorado on both sides and 1-25 where it goes into Cheyenne…

19:50 Then just North of me in Longmont, Colorado they had a FEMA camp that used to be a Walmart and I watched it be turned in… and then they put in the incinerators underground there…

20:02 And the DIA [Denver International Airport] was built and I watched that with fences pointing in… and watched ships… big huge Aurora Class and Dragon Class ships [Space battleships]… launch off of the frontier…

Kat Note: I’m a fan of the 2004 Battlestar Galactica TV series.

Below are photos of the Aurora-class Battleship that Gene Decode is referring to, and The Galactica from the TV series. Very similar looking.

The cabal must reveal what tech they have; they must reveal every capability they have; and in order to comply with that agreement, they hide their tech in plain sight… in the movies.

Hollywood is/was run/controlled by the Jesuits / Mafia / deep state.


20:17 I would sit out on Tower Blvd. at night and squinch down in my car and throw a tarp over me so if Police came up to shine a light they wouldn’t see me…

20:26 When I would watch 2 or 3 of the runways come down and the big ships come up on it… like an aircraft carrier… and zap off into space… I was like… we’re so done!!!… our goose is cooked… this is it… there’s no way out…

20:43 And to see it all
coming to an end now
it’s just amazing…

20:53 And people think Trump’s on their side [cabal]… you’re daft… if that were true the number of arrests worldwide of these people Trafficking children?… you wouldn’t be seeing that…

21:01 And things a lot of people don’t know about the Chem Trails… Operation Indigo Skyfold… and watching that now come to an end…

21:09 And then even less people realize about the calcium-fluoride they’re pumping in the water to keep our pineal decalcified and destroy our health…

21:22 I’ve only made distilled water for the last few years I have to clean that every month… now that’s not the case…

21:37 Charlie Ward: We’re certainly coming into an amazing time… we’re coming out of darkness into light, out of evil into good… and it’s such an amazing time to be alive… to witness what’s happening… we’re starting to see things… we’re starting to learn stuff the Mainstream Media and the Governments are hiding hiding hiding away… we’re having to do our own research and people like you are invaluable to us to find out what’s really true… because if you look on CNN or the BBC you won’t find this information…

22:28 Gene Decode: Yeah, same with the Mainstream Media in this country (USA)… people say, well if there are children being rescued from under us in the thousands, why don’t we see them?…

22:40 Like Operation Brokenheart… they arrested over 600 pedophiles across the U.S. in a day and over 2,100 children were rescued and you didn’t see that in Mainstream Media and that was on the surface…

22:56 In Colorado there were 73 Catholic Priests arrested in a 70-year Trafficking of children that they were doing… that didn’t hit the Mainstream news in Colorado… so if you don’t see the stuff on the surface in the MSM… do you really think you’re going to see a massive thing that’s going on completely under our feet… obviously not.

23:24 Charlie Ward: The Mainstream Media are also complicit… so that’s the last thing they want going public… Government Agencies were complicit as well, there are so many involved with this… so they’re absolutely desperate to keep this quiet…

23:41 Gene Decode: Yeah, people don’t realize that the Mainstream Media… this is exactly what Hitler did…

Kat Note: This is what Gene Decode is talking about.

This is the Hitler / Nazi / cabal / Mainstream Media playbook perfectly defined by one of its own: Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Reich Minister of Propaganda from 1933 to 1945:

“If you tell a lie big enough
and keep repeating it,
people will eventually come to believe it.
The lie can be maintained only for such time
as the State can shield the people
from the political, economic and/or
military consequences of the lie.
It thus becomes vitally important for the State
to use all of its powers
to repress dissent,
for the TRUTH is the mortal enemy of the lie,
and thus by extension,
the TRUTH is the greatest enemy of the State.

~ Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Politician

23:50 Gene Decode: People don’t notice that the cabal just replays… it puts the disc in and replays the CD… it’s the same technique they use over and over…

23:58 Where they got the Brown Shirts to get control of the Media… put them in control of everything so that is literally just their Propaganda Arm… [a la Goebbels]…

Kat Note: I found this image on the internet. This is what Hitler’s Brown Shirt thugs looked like.

Interestingly, I got a text from MoveOn yesterday saying “It’s time we got rid of Trump” or words to that effect. How did they get my number? I deleted immediately. YUK.

I yelled back at my iPhone “President Trump is saving Earth you idiot!” or words to that effect.

24:10 Gene Decode: The same thing with our Media… they did the same thing with the Police where they created riots and things… defunded the Police… like Obama was saying we need a National Force that has equal funding to the Police… so then [the cabal] Force is in control…

24:28 Then they burn and loot and create riots and create an internal situation of chaos… out of chaos comes control and order… THEIR control, THEIR order…

24:40 Problem – Reaction – Solution… the Heigelian dialectic… where you put forth the problem and you’ve already designed the problem… you already have the solution like with the Trade Towers coming down… immediately after that we have the Patriot Act which pretty much in the U.S. got rid of the Constitution… now they can come into your house because they say they “think” you’re a Terrorist…

25:04 They go in your house and arrest you… you don’t have the right to representation or anything… you can go through airport security, they can give you a complete strip search, cavity search, anything, you don’t HAVE any rights… they took ‘em completely away…

25:24 Part of what people don’t realize with NESARA, part of what it’s doing, is returning us and all the countries in the world into a Constitutional Republic… the 217 countries that have agreed to go onto GESARA worldwide and NESARA here… means you’ll go onto a Constitutional System in which you have certain unalienable rights… as the Constitution for these United States of America was originally writ…

Kat Note: The Declaration of Independence is my favorite Legal Document. It’s the only one I know of that underscores Happiness twice.

It Declares that Happiness is an unalienable Right and that the Safety and Happiness of the people is the mission of government.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

~ Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776


25:50 Gene Decode cont.: You have rights given to you by God that are unalienable that cannot be removed from you…

25:55 And so all of this Brit-ish Law… “Law” of the people of the Red… “Brit” means people of the Red… “ish” is the people of… a “Brit” is a blood agreement… the contract is signed in blood…

Like a writ of Habeas Corpus is a written demand to produce the body… so in this case the Brit is the people of that written demand or that written agreement, and who is that written agreement with? That’s what people don’t understand…

[Habeas corpus A writ requiring a person under arrest to be brought before a judge or into court, especially to secure the person’s release unless lawful grounds are shown for their detention.]

26:25 Gene Decode cont.: So it’s going to put all 217 countries that are under GESARA back into a system where we have unalienable rights… and we have a representative government… where people do a maximum of 4-year terms and you don’t have people like congressman in for life… all that’s going to be removed…

Kat Note: A few of the longest serving congress people in the U.S. Government:

Chuck Schumer, 39 years
Joe Biden, 36 years
Mitch McConnell, 36 years
Nancy Pelosi, 33 years

26:51 Gene Decode cont.: It’s not just putting us back on the Currency that’s based on the Quantum Financial System and gold, silver, and platinum… it’s also putting us on the Quantum Voting System, the QVS, where they can’t hack our votes… it doesn’t matter how that vote is done even if it’s a mail in ballot… because the Quantum event is unique…

27:09 And the Quantum computer that records that is being monitored by very high beings @5th Density and they can’t hack that… that A.I. won’t get out of control because it is being monitored by a group of 12 individuals in 5th Density so they can’t hack that…

27:25 Charlie Ward: Yeah… (Nodding his head in agreement…)

27:27 Gene Decode:That controls the entire Quantum System worldwide… the QFS and the QVS… and so those countries that agree to go into that… all of this will be going away for them as well as for those in the U.S….

27:48 Charlie Ward: Yeah… it’s amazing the Quantum Voting System that’s going to be used for the next election in America I understand is also going to be used in South Africa which is amazing for a country like South Africa… for people to realize that their vote really does count…

28:07 Because obviously with Africa, as with the rest of the world, monies changed hands to make sure certain people got into power… those days are over… so the people’s vote will actually count… we might actually get people in power we actually want…

28:19 Gene Decode: Indeed… other than the last election I didn’t vote previously because I know that when you vote all they need is the vote… the computer systems they had had hacked all the voting… can take your vote and move it anywhere you want… there are quite a few Presidents that didn’t even come close to winning the popular vote… and through the Electoral College to… so everything was totally fake… when my vote is put to anybody they want?…

28:19 Charlie Ward: I’m just glad to be alive right now and watching what’s happening…

29:25 Gene Decode:It’s so amazing to watch this all come about… and come into play with what originally started out as a 3-inch binder in 1903 with the Trump Brothers, Tesla, Howard Hughes and Bondergrath (?sp)…

29:43 Is now a massive set of binders that goes into every play and counter play that the cabal could possibly do… they have literally taken.. even including the CME… everything… they’ve taken in every possible thing… there’s no play… it’s Zugzwang… what we call in Chess Zugzwant… where no matter what move the enemy does, he’s done… he’s going to be checkmated it’s only a matter of time…

30:13 People don’t realize… IT’S ALREADY DONE… THE MAJORITY OF THE WAR IS DONE… all the upper handlers have been removed…

Most people never met or know who their handlers are anyway… they’re actually getting all their talking points in the Media and all that… from the Alliance… we’re seeing them being played…

30:36 If you watch from how the Media talked from about 2016 and back through the Obama years… you’ve never seen things so blatant and so stupid on the cabal’s part…

Like the last thing on the mask that won’t stop the smoke… (!!!!) Well if it doesn’t stop smoke which is way bigger than the virus then of course it’s not going to stop that either…. (laughter)

31:17 People don’t realize we’re watching a movie and they’re going to let this movie and the cabal play out right up to the end because you’ve got to get people to realize the lies for themselves… you can’t spoon feed people… here it is, here’s what’s happened… they won’t believe you… I’ve been doing that for 30 years…

31:30 Let ‘em see how close the cabal came… to what they came close to what they came close to… which was literally wiping out 11 out of every 12 people on Earth and enslaving everybody else… and everything they know would have been gone…

31:47 Living your life complacent going along to get along… that’s gotta end… same thing with NESARA… it’s not go along to get along and get a check every month and everything’s going to be hunky dory and I’m going to be rolling in wealth and don’t have to pay taxes and utilities…

32:02 Yeah, realize NESARA is getting all of these Free Energy technologies and Anti-Gravity technologies… you’ve just made the entire infrastructure of the world go away…

32:16 Reliance on oil is gone… Reliance on power grids is gone… you can have a local device on your house that can develop more power than a city would need… that’s not even the size of a 9 volt battery…

32:30 Now you’re not only in a system where you have to retrain everybody with all this new technology… but all the old stuff’s gotta be taken out and removed…

32:39 Now you don’t need power stations… you don’t need power plants… you don’t need sub-stations… you don’t need wires… and that’s why Tesla said “You’re gonna wire the Earth??”… Ridiculous…

33:02 It’s going to be amazing and glorious but there’s going to be so much work to do… I don’t see how anybody would be unemployed once this comes in…

33:13 Charlie Ward: I totally agree with that… I totally agree with that… there is so much to be done…

33:17 Gene Decode: Not only do we have to remove all the power grid… all of the freeways and highways won’t be needed when you have Hover Cars that are anti-gravity… all they need is grass below them…

Kat Note: The Renault Float Hover Car:


33:27 Gene Decode: That changes the whole nature of cities and the weather patterns… the cities are massive heat sinks with all that concrete and asphalt… so it’ll change the Schumann Frequency and make it more clean… it’s going to change everything…

33:53 And another way you can tell that the child Trafficking is coming way down… you’re in Spain, right Charles?…

[Gene Decode related a news story underscoring that the adrenochrome supply has dried up. The Alliance has rescued more than 2 million children from the tunnels, so desperate adrenochromers are resorting to terrifying violations and were sacrificing Horses in Madrid and France. Police were able to save a Mare and a Foal… I just couldn’t transcribe the story. Apologize. I can’t bear any harm to Animals or children. For me it is the exact same crime. Unspeakable.]

“The Arabian horse breed has a long and rich history and over the years they have given their beauty, courage and intelligence to nearly every light horse breed that lives today.”


35:05 Gene Decode cont.: They’re so desperate… people don’t realize how desperate… because if you’re to the point where you’re doing Animals?…

These very high, clean, horses that have been raised carefully… treated very well… extremely intelligent… those horses are literally priceless… 8-12 generations… if people watch the movie HIDALGO, they’ll understand how much those lineages are prized…

35:48 Now that happened with that one in Madrid… they’re not going to get anymore because they’ve had mercenaries that are retired Special Forces like the group you have in England… like the Army Rangers and Seals… plus motion detectors… things that can check foot falls and heartbeats and everything… they can monitor everything now… they’re not getting in again…

36:24 That’s incredibly desperate…

36:33 Charlie Ward: They did say to me some time ago that’s it’s actually more addictive than heroin… adrenochrome…

36:37 Gene Decode:Yeah, if you go cold turkey on heroin, some people can survive it… but on adrenochrome, what I was told, is that it’s about 1000 times more powerful… but it’s absolutely addictive… if you’ve been doing it as a regular basis for 2-years you can’t go cold turkey… you’ll die…

37:03 Charlie Ward: What is the significance of getting a black eye when you come off it?

37:06 Gene Decode:The black eye… that’s actually due to part of the rituals that they do to be able to get the adrenochrome… it’s different levels of the initiations… about 33rd degree and above… certain initiations you have to get that… other initiations at higher levels you have to give your firstborn… that’s part of the Brit or the blood contract that is done… in these families…

37:33 Charlie Ward: Wow… incredible… Well, Gene it’s been an absolute pleasure talking with you yet again… and I thank you so much for your decoding and information because it’s invaluable right now…

38:00 Gene Decode: It’s amazing to me… when I did that first decode on the underground facilities 2 years ago… like nobody ever heard of it… you had a few people like Phil Snyder… even the Anons… Thomas did a little on his show, a little snippet…

38:28 But now within the Anons and on YouTube… it’s pretty much part of the mindset because everybody knows about it… it’s so massive… I’m so glad to have been able to let people focus their minds and focus on “We don’t want that anymore…”

38:43 Because that focus of our minds and our hearts to have this come to an end… is what the cabal’s been using to be able to create their reality… cuz they can’t create without souls… you can’t create without soul… those that have souls still create…

39:01 So focusing your heart and your mind on that not continuing and this war and the people doing this war all over like in Sydney now… they’ve moved out from Melbourne and into Sydney and cleaning that mess up there… it changes the tide of the war completely…

39:20 So the Alliance has much more abilities of prevailing and much less loss of life on the side of the Alliance and many more children are saved because of the focus and the prayers of people all over the world… it’s so powerful…

39:34 It’s what the cabal has been using against us… like with the World Trade Towers and what they say with all these movies with all the satanic symbolism and focusing our thoughts and our fears and hate, anger and frustration and pain and suffering, that’s all they promote because that’s the kind of energy they need to create their New World Order…

39:55 That’s all coming down because now everybody’s waking up… that’s why your show and me out there telling people it’s so important to wake up everybody to what has been going on… for thousands of years… and now they can’t use us because we’re waking up… the Great Awakening is here…

40:10 It’s amazing… I appreciate you asking me back Charlie… come March next year… I’m getting that all this is going to start mid-March next year… when that comes… then the amount of information coming out that day is going to be so massive we won’t be able to cover it all… it’s gonna be great…

40:51 Charlie Ward: That’s very much in line with what I was told… that everything is happening now but the information won’t come out until March next year… that’s exactly what I was told…

41:01 Gene Decode: Yeah, I’ve been told beware the Ides of March… that we’re going to see the fall of Caesar… which is the cabal… coming out Mainstream…

41:17 Charlie Ward: If there is such a thing as Mainstream when we get to March… (!!)

41:19 Gene Decode: Indeed (lots of laughter)… Thank you so much, Charles…

End Partial Transcription by Kat


Building a Future City.Wouldn’t it be nice if…

Ok,so let’s play this game together!

If you had all the money of the world to build a city what would you do?

Here is what i would do and i am going to shift this into feelings by putting in front of it the phrase : Wouldn’t it be nice if…feeling into every outcome.As you read,by the way you feel,you assist the whole planet in creating The perfect Cities that work for each and everyONE.

Wouldn’t it be nice if…

1.All Children , All Women and Men live in an environment where All Are Safe and Sound?

2.Where everybody Has Basic Universal Income and can choose to work or do other activities according to what brings each and everyONE true Joy?

3.There is a Holistic Health Care System for free for everyONE on the planet with true knowledge of The Ascension process and use of Celestial Chambers/Medbeds that can rejuvenate anyone from 80 to 20 years if he/she so wish and use non invasive technology for healing anything?

4.There is is Free Energy for all uses available to all the planet?

5.There is amazing mobility that respects Mother Earth?

6.All Life,including Animal and Plant kingdom is valued and respected at all times?

7.There is abundance of whole organic foods and clean water for everyONE on the planet?

8.There is Abundance of Vegan and Raw Vegan Restaurants serving High Vibrational Foods that are truly nutritious for each and everyONE?

9.There is open communication with our Galactic Families,having them landing in our backyard or even being able to travel to other planets?

10.Each and everyone is assisted in their Ascension journey so it firmly grounded on the planet?

11.Every city is covered with much more green areas,green verandas and balconies and greener streets where oxygene is abundant for all?

12.People are celebrating in 100% healthy ways,connected each to their God within?

13.if every job or work that everyONE chooses to do is always assisting The Highest Good For All? For example that every bar in town serves only juices and elixirs that are uplifting and non toxic to body,mind and spirit?

14.if everyONE is liberated in having authentic sacred parternship(s) with self or the lover(s) of his/her choice without judgement by any other?

15.If everyone is free to live in the country and home of their choice to travel freely with open borders anywhere and choose their new dream home as he/she is being guided?within in a beautiful community?to become a future city?to become a Light City??? 😉

16.Where all kind of Arts and new ways of expression and playfulness and FUN truly flourish?

One thing is for sure,there is a higher aspect of my Multidimensional Me that is already living this vision 100% in all its glory and the more i do the work to see and feel myself into this the more it becomes my reality living on New Earth in 5D,6D,7D.

What else would you add to this tapestry of Love and Beauty?

How do you like my Feel More Than Fine City so far?


Donations are Welcome

Brainwave Entrainment

The practice of bringing one’s brainwaves to a desired frequency.

This is achieved through imagination.

And to be able to live in joy in the here and now is to make it a habit to imagine more of our desired outcome,feeling into it than just being an observer.That is deliberate creation at its best.And by doing so,one feels good all of the time.When one does not feel good,it is a call to go within,find again the zero state,the neutrality and then focus again on imagining a desired outcome and when doing that bringing up the higher scale emotions of Love,Joy,Gratitude in the here and now.

So,my dear Feel More Than Fine Tribe,if you want to prove to yourselves your power of Source Energy Being you know what to do :focus more on imagining what you want,focus more on feeling into what you want and less on observing what is occuring as in these times we are living now,as the vibrations rise in,through and all around us on the planet,manifestations happen faster and faster.They may not happen precisely as one thinks and imagine and yet they happen more and more closer to a desired outcome.

Imagines,Imagines,Imagines and Feel More Than Fine Feel More Than Fine Feel More Than Fine!


old order just disintegrates due to a complete lack of popular support.A new environment, in which peace, love, acceptance, understanding, and cooperation unite all, is being established, and signs of this are becoming visible in many places.

People everywhere are reclaiming their individual sovereignty.

08/31/2020 by John Smallman


Saul Audio Blog for Monday August 31st

As your moment of awakening draws ever closer, there is a palpable air of excitement worldwide, in spite of all the “bad” news that the mainstream media is focusing on so constantly and vociferously.

Truly, there is much pain and suffering as age-old hatreds and resentments rise into people’s consciousness to be acknowledged, forgiven, and released.  Awareness of the insanity of many of the old patterns of human behavior – one on one, in families, in social, political and religious organizations, and between nations and groups of nations – is spreading, and people are making it clear that change of enormous magnitude and on a global scale is essential NOW!

It is becoming apparent to all that for peace and harmony to prevail the oneness and interconnectedness of all to all must be honored in harmonious loving acceptance of one another, regardless of any and all apparent differences that you observe between each other.

Humanity is a vast family, with many diverse interests and creative abilities, and it is now time to recognize this and honor all your brothers and sisters, instead of dividing yourselves into opposing groups that judge and condemn the appearances, beliefs, and creative endeavors, etc., of other groups.

You have been aware for a very long time that that does not work, nevertheless, the immature and egoic need to be right, to which so many cling, has made it practically impossible for you to truly honor even one other because of your own lack of self acceptance.

That sense of non acceptability is the result of trauma of varying intensity inflicted or imposed upon you during infancy and childhood.  None among you grew to adulthood unscathed by the trauma of childhood unacceptability, trauma so painful that you had to disown it or bury it deep within you – out of sight, out of mind – to enable you to face and engage with others, even though there still remained within your conscious awareness a sense of not being good enough.

What you had buried so deeply within yourselves as totally unacceptable was constantly being reflected back to you by others who were similarly traumatized, whom you then judged and condemned, just as you had been judged and condemned as little ones.

Growing from human infancy to mature adulthood is not easy, and many were so traumatized that they have never succeeded in maturing emotionally or psychologically.  Many of those then used their physical or intellectual capabilities to defend themselves against what seemed to be an an almost constant and aggressive onslaught from others, and often sought positions of power and authority over others in order to find some kind of personal self-acceptance, which has frequently brought disastrous consequences raining down on humanity.

What you have come to accept as normal behavior is behavior that has been conditioned by your childhood experiences of trauma, now mostly concealed below the level of your conscious minds, and is basically a defensive mode of existence in which you are on the alert for any sign of confrontation arising which might threaten you emotionally, psychologically, intellectually, or physically.

To live in such a state of alertness is, of course, very stressful and energetically draining.  But, because it has for so long been the apparently essential way of life, it has become normal for most humans, and so stress is expected and dealt with on a daily basis unless it becomes totally debilitating, in which case many who experience that state seek medical assistance.

It is not the way you would choose to live, which is why you so often watch infants, before they have become too traumatized, playing and engaging with life in delightful spontaneity and wonder why you cannot find the same joy in life, even if only momentarily.

It is this wondering that has, over the last few decades, encouraged people to look for more rewarding and enjoyable ways to live, and has therefore brought into their awareness the insanity of modern express-paced living in which there is no time to just be.

And even when people do realize this, and try to relax for a short period of time doing nothing, or engaging in meditation or contemplation, the almost constant and insistent urge to do something – anything! – sends them rushing to find some kind of distraction.

And there are countless opportunities for distraction available in your modern lives, that often appear to you to require your instant attention, but which obviously do not, except in your intensely felt need forsome distraction, Please!

Now, as is clearly apparent, people are ready for change, are demanding change, and those in positions of authority, who are generally rather egotistically driven, either cannot see this, refuse to see it, or are so driven by their desire to maintain their sense of power, that they try to retain their hold on it by passing new and unacceptable rules and regulations to maintain the status quo – authoritarian control – and demanding that the police and other “security” forces then impose them.

This approach always seemed to work in the past.

But, the Past is Over!  Change, inevitable and absolutely essential change is occurring, and will continue to occur until the old order just disintegrates due to a complete lack of popular support.

A new environment, in which peace, love, acceptance, understanding, and cooperation unite all, is being established, and signs of this are becoming visible in many places.

People everywhere are reclaiming their individual sovereignty, the sovereignty with which they were created, for and in eternal joy, to live in freedom, being what their loving and amazingly sensitive hearts guide them to be – Themselves – unhindered by even the slightest feelings of guilt, shame or unacceptability, because such feelings or negative self-judgments are, and always have been, utterly invalid!

You are all divine beings having a temporary experience in form as humans.

As humans your task was to evolve spiritually, and you have been doing this for eons, and the fruits of this evolutionary progress are beginning to ripen beautifully as they start to become a most magnificent harvest for all to enjoy.

Therefore, prepare to CELEBRATE.

With so very much love, Saul.

Insight from 1st and 2nd Ascension Wavers.

I am first wave of Ascension and this let me be very clear makes no more superior than anybody else,just different to my task being on the planet.During the period of 2012-2019 i had to go through intense purification process creating the pathway with all first wavers to the higher dimensions for the rest of the waves and generations coming.The 2nd wavers are now in full process going through the stages of Ascension in much faster pace than the first wavers,which from one side seems cool and from another side is going to be super intense.Those ones are preparing the pathway for the 3rd wave of Ascension which is going to be even faster and so on and so on.And yesterday i was having a conversation with Lore,who is an artist from Belgium and we found out she was a 2nd waver from what she was describing.And the reason i am writting this is because what she shared with me i find mind-blowing of what is to come!!!We were speaking about New Earth education and how to assist children in learning processes and she shared with me that the star children will be attracting what they need to know through their hologram of existence.Try to rap your mind around this information here and see what is to become of our current educational systems.We the older generations even while on the Ascension awareness are just starting to comprehend how 5D world and beyond is operating.Now try to expand this thinking and apply to all other ways of living our lives,collaborating one with another and finding solutions that work for all.A few days ago,i introduced the term FEEL tankers instead of think tankers.Now,lets imagine that we gather few of the super kids and ask them to find solutions on different areas of life so they work for the highest good for all.Can you imagine with what speed we will be able to bring about solutions just with the power of our feelings?it is already happening in our individual lives for those of us who experiment with those ideas of deliberate creation,now multiply this a million fold and feel the results that will be coming out of our FEEL tankers for the highest good for all.



Fake News Definition.

News created by the best professionals in their respective fields (reporters, actors,think tankers etc that are getting paid very well to do their jobs)to disorient the public from Truth.This means that indeed there is a vast population paying the price with their lives, so that the rest of the population on the planet remain in the low frequencies of fear, hate and shame.So yes, it truly happened and it has been prepared meticulously to happen but it did not happen naturally so to speak.The truth about the last known pandemic is more likely to be known by all in about 3 months.This will prepare for the next truths to be told in 2021 when humanity as a whole is ready in consciousness to receive the whole truth =full disclosure of what occurred and has been occurring for thousands of years.Much of the truth is already licking out and If you are reading this post most probably you know about most of it and if you don’t and happen to believe what i am posting my invitation to all is to continue daily in your prayers,visualizations and meditations seeing that everybody is no more afraid , everybody becoming aware of the one Truth that we are all pieces of the same one Being(GOD/UNIVERSE), and the same one Being (GOD/UNIVERSE) exists in all of the pieces.IAM the ONE.YOUARE the ONE.( Neo in Matrix short Reminder :YOUARE the ONE Neo = You each are Neo(=anagram for ONE). #FeelMoreThanFine

My Work.

If i have to give a name for my current work/job it is :To Remain High Vibrational 24/7.

Everything that i do goes through what i like to call FEEL-fulness filter:How does this feel if i do this and how can i feel better while doing this?
Same way as mindfulness yet more centered in the way i feel as the way i feel creates magnetizes to me the things i want.

Thoughts have electric power,Feelings have magnetizing power.

And with the intention to Feel More Than Fine i magnetize to myself all circumstances,people,things that work for my highest good.Yes,there are still things,people,circumstances in my reality that i do not like and hence creating the contrast for what i am thankful because it gives me the impulse to create an ever better reality for myself and hence for all the people,things and circumstances i magnetize to myself.

And when i speak in singular,i am also speaking for you as in me as there is only YOU,IAM the ONE and WG1WGA (Where I Go One,We Go All)

So by becoming aware of my responsability in being a steward of the way i feel 24/7 and by intending to be in the higher emotional fields of joy,love,compassion and gratitude i am serving the whole.And all i need to do is entrain myself to stay here 24/7.From here everything comes to me with ease and grace and flow.How wonderful,amazing,awesome to be aware of this and keep on keeping on,being the observer of all that i am attracting and the overseer of how can i become even better in the ART of feeling more than fine at all times,everywhere with who ever i am with :

”I go out and look up the sky and all around me :Source/Universe/God i acknowledge that i am the object of your positive attention and today wherever i go,whatever i do and with who ever i do it with, i also know you will also be there uplifting me,supporting me,helping me,assisting me,loving me,manifesting with me,inspiring me,giving me clarity,protecting me,healing me,reminding me to be loving and forgiving…getting into this endless loop of throughts that feel good and entraining myself to keep the frequency high within as the way i feel shows clearly how aligned i am with source/higher self or not.” – Thank You Abraham Hicks!-

Feel More Than Fine


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Ascension for dummies.

For those of you who are hearing the term Ascension for the first time,this is for you!No,you are not a dummy,i am just taking the time to explain what it is using simple words.

So,what is Ascension? It is a process of transformation taking place within our bodies, a mutation as we are bathed in higher amounts of Light originating from the Central Sun and Source of All Creation.Our cells act as receptors to the energies and they are transformed from Carbon Based to Crystalin (therefor Christ Self) Based Cells.

Medical studies and scientists have just begun speaking about it,myself i know this from a very young age and been doing my best to share the message with those around without success,as nobody would believe my theories,if they are not written by someone.In 2008 The Pleiadians made sure that i remember the reason i came to the planet by constantly sending me on a link on youtube where i could listen to Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak and from the very first time ,it all resonated as my deepest truth.This same year is the year that i became Vegeterian(nowdays Raw Vegan) and that same year i got initiated in the Art of Reiki Usui (Japanese Healing Alternative Technique).

In my previous youtube video that you can watch here ,i was sharing You Are Much More Powerful Than You Think You Are!(Here Is How To Become Aware of This).

Today,i want to bring your attention to the fact that our bodies are also evolving and becoming multidimensional as well.This is very important notion to become aware of and here is why:While we are receiving the higher energies and our consciousness gets attuned in relatively short time,our bodies need much longer time to do so and so it is very important to see them as integral part of our evolution and not separate from the whole.It is not just about being healthy in our body,it is also about being aware of the transformation taking place to remind ourselves to be gentle and kind to our bodies for the time they need to go through the transformation.This also explains extreme fatigue and as personal trainer myself,i invite all teachers,yoga teachers ,coaches and personal trainers to really be aware of this and be gentle with your clients in bringing this information in your practices.Some may think that they are getting old in the bodies,while the only thing that is happening is a transformation whereas if one is really aware about this detail,one will really listen to their body and not do too much by accepting the process for the time it needs.Process takes many years and this is a first one for Ascending Humanity.There are of course those that are ascending by leaving their bodies and that is because it has been agreed so,pre-birth from their souls.This,in no way means that something is written in stone,one that reads this information may choose to live and be on the Ascension train.

All one needs to say is :

I want to Ascend within my physical body!And choosing to Ascend within our physical body,means that we choose to live ,if we desire so,up to 1000 years or more!The Hollow Earth beings live for many thousands of years.

We are the ones deciding as our DNA is expanding and the information we choose to believe becomes our reality.Welcome to 5D of authentic peace,joy and unconditional love and infinite possibilities!

One may choose to just shape their body to become a model only with the power of their mind and projecting images of beauty seeing self as that.It works also for Diet purposes or seeing in our mind’s eye our perfect body and writing about it describing it for 30 days.Try it!and you will notice the difference,i guarantee!!!

To this i am adding here a Song i made dedicated to Ascension.

The Highest Good For All.

Much Love and Happy Ascension!

Feel More Than Fine