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Higher Self Message through Nikos Akrivos

Be at peace with where you are with the ever increasing energies. It is true that this demands even more inner work in order to surf the waves of Solar/Mother God Energies smoothly. The work you are doing is also benefitting all those around you who are not as aware of what is taking place. The shift ,as we have repeatedly shared, is first within and then without in all things, for all manifestations both personal and collective. We are always one breath away to assist you and once you ask , support is immediate as you may notice more and more. That is the thinning of the veil manifestation and the shift on how you feel is equally a direct manifestation in the now to be tangibly manifest soon in the physical world. Notice that the word soon means: time of manifestation is shorter and shorter as the vibration rises on the planet. Another direct manifestation is the time of sustaining a good feeling, a good thought or a frequency of manifestation is getting longer and longer. This means that what the collective of Humanity wishes is about to become tangibly manifest more and more sooner than later. This is why it is good to write down ones thoughts as they come through a personal dialogue as this brings more clarity and a higher perspective, first felt through vibration , then translated through feelings, thoughts and finally words. Trust, have Faith and Surrender. Or as you like to say be a S.T.A.R. Surrender, Trust, Allow and Receive.
More than ever the Surrender part is the one that you learn to practice and be at in this now.
Allow Universe/God brings the beautiful uknown at your door step and you will discover that it was really worth it!
I Am Your Higher Self and I Love You.


Sharing my Ascension experience

It has been a while since i wrote a blog, sharing my Ascension experience. Truth is , i have been busy meditating and clearing the path while feeling the awesomeness of non resistant thought and ‘speeding up the process’ it relates to where attention goes energy flows. I watched less movies for entertainment and created again my own as i would like to experience my future life. Since i know that i am the Creator of my own reality and what i want to be manifest is meant to be. And yes indeed, i must admit there have been moments that i pushed the button a little but too much while now i am in this loving space of understanding that since IAM already enough and whole and ONE with GOD, there is no need to push more rather enjoy the process along the way keeping the balance doing my sacred work going within, becoming from Some ONE to No ONE and then to Every ONE, every Thing. every Where at all times = The Eternal Now. This was a wonderful work i must admit to integrate in my daily habits few more pieces like feeling and writing chapters about my future Life with as much detail as possible.

So now that i am writing this, it is almost 16h00 here in Greece, it is 40 degrees celcius outside and i am about to have my Raw Vegan lunch that i prepared a while ago. My diet is also shifting towards eating less food than ever before, this as a consequence of transformation of our Ascending body from carbon based to crystallin cells as the more we do inner work the more the Light feeds the body, there is less appetite for solid foods for me and more for liquids and luckily enough i found a local store here that sells raw vegan ice cream!!! once in a while it is nice to have them ready instead of making it myself as i do all my foods each and every day…because around here there is no restaurant that serves vegan and organic…besides with all the restrictions for now i don’t even feel like entering any of these places . Being in the knowingness of the Light Body as a powerful Armour that boosts the immune system, no jab , no masks and no PCR tests for me since the very beginning. I live my life continuing what i did before expanding each and every day, much less friends around physically but with so many in the ethers knowing fully that this is the process to attract all those like minded and like hearted in our New Earth communities. I am walking my talk and i am eagerly anticipating what is to come while appreciating what is with ease, grace, flow and playfulness and fun fun fun times.

I hope this serves you in your journey



ps.i know the picture has nothing to do really with this post and yet it really does if you look for deeper meaning because this is also part of my experience as Ajjuna who stands in the middle told me in a private message : Everybody is so thankful to you . And yes i don’t usually share any of these messages but i thought why not share once just for the lucky ones who read this post.

And don’t you love it knowing that children go to sleep knowing that they are safe and sound with their bellies full ? 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 This is one of our projects that once the prosperity funds are here we will be supporting further…meanwhile we give small donations that make big difference to the lives of all these children. If you wish to donate go to charities, choose one or more and make yours.


Basic Universal Credit/ paychecks per month for all is one of these lights now slowly activating through #NESARA #GESARA 

I am blown away by the amount of people not seeing the beauty of not having to work for a living. We are not meant to do that. We are meant to do activities that please our heart. This does not mean i agree with the current ways of worldwide governments trying to buy of people with money…folks wake up, they are at the end of the rope, they know the end is near for them. And little by little we see good actions happening to assist every human being come out of hunger and misery imposed on us by enslaving cabal controled governments that want to think that our Universe is not abundant in all ways.
God loves all his daughters and sons and you living in a body right now, are witnessing the most amazing unfolding of The Golden Age. Everything works for the highest good for all and no matter how hard they try to convince us otherwise there are many beautiful lights at the end of the tunnel.
Hold your heads up ,in prayer and meditation to uplift yourselves daily, it is the only way to feel into what is coming.
Basic Universal Credit/ paychecks per month for all is one of these lights now slowly activating through #NESARA #GESARA .

ps. California just agreed to send up to $1,000 monthly checks to residents in nation’s first guaranteed income program


Mira  from the Pleiadian high Council & Apollo through Valerie Donner

A message from Mira  from the Pleiadian high Council through Valerie Donner July 3, 2021

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I am pleased to speak with you today, to our beloved ground crew hard at work. We are with you and know of your comings and goings, your successes and your failures, as you see them. We realize your doubts and your fears, your needs and challenges. We comprehend how much your world is changing and your relationships, also. In fact, it is challenging to find any place in your lives that is not changing.

This is what ascension is about. It’s about loving, learning your lessons, and letting go. You cannot rise into higher consciousness if you are still holding onto the chair in which you are sitting. Can you imagine there could be something so much more comfortable for you? Maybe you will be sitting in the commander’s chair on your ship with your galactic family? Yes, anything is possible.

Gone are the days of the old illusions. You are awakened beings of light so the illusions apply very little to you now. You are aware of what is true and what is not. You have had numerous experiences of having been tricked. It’s becoming what you call “old hat.” The dark ones are having trouble tricking you and confusing you like they used to do. You know the truth in your heart. Even though tricksters still try to mess with you, you are finding their energy less attractive. Be aware if something seems too good to be true. Do not hang on to every word some of these people are saying. The garbage has to be taken out.

The truth is rising to the surface like a meteor falling to the ground. When it falls it will bring explosive information that will spread quickly now. Most of humanity, whether they realize it or not, want to know the truth. These are the end times of living in the material third dimensional consciousness. The human soul longs for peace. We reassure you this is how you will be living.

Step-by-step, day by day, you are creating your new world. Before you know it, you’ll be living in 5th dimensional higher consciousness. We are  working together as a powerful force of light to lift the earth and all of life into higher consciousness.

Keep your eyes on the skies because we are with you.


I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council and the Earth Council sending you, our love.

Here’s the latest from Apollo on July 3, 2021,

“You have been stretched from here to there and continue to see how to apply yourself according to the changing circumstances. Little did you know you would be caught in such chaos and destruction. Both are here and so are you. You have been tested in your strength and courage, and your ability to masterfully maneuver through the changing energetic currents. Yet, you are here to participate in the huge awakening process on the earth. As challenging as it can be, you are needed here and will ride the situation through to its completion. You have been promised a beautiful new earth and it is already present. Although you may feel somewhat like a contortionist as you move through your daily challenges, you are successful and have won over the game of darkness.

Dear We The People Message on Telegram through Romana Didulo.

Dear “We The People” of the #World,Please, read these slowwwwwly.👇1) We control, the #Vatican2) We control, #London (no more fake UK Royals)3) We control, #DC4) We control, #QFS (new banking system)5) We control, the #Internet (new system)6) We control, the #Satellites (new system)7) Our #Military is with us!😎 We control, the #media (new system)9) We control #pharmaceutical industry (bye bye)10) We control, everyyyyyyything, everyyyyyyything, did you hear #everyyyyyyything!!?? 😂Peace and Prosperity. Or perish.

HRH Romana Didulo,Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,Head of Government of Canada,Queen of Canada#WWG1WGA🙏🇨🇦🇺🇸🌎

Dear Canada 2.0 🇨🇦

Re: #UNTroops in Canada = #FakeNews 👈

There are #Zero UN Forces in Canada.

The Military Aircrafts you see landing/departing are:

1) #US Special Forces Aircrafts

2) #Global Allied Special Forces Aircrafts

3) #Federation of Earth Defense Special Forces (unmarked = no flags) Aircrafts

4) IF, you see #unique Aircrafts -they are our #InterGalactic Federation Allied Special Forces.

They are in Canada per my prior informed written consent.

~Peace and Prosperity~

HRH Romana Didulo,
Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,
Head of Government,
Queen of Canada

#WWG1WGA 🙏🇨🇦🇺🇸🌎

Queen An-Ra via Erena Velazquez | June 16, 2021

June 16, 2021


I am Queen An-Ra, from the Grand Council of New Earth Council, which was formed last year. I removed the council members in our realty and in your reality from Alliance, who were working on behalf of the Negative Entities trying to jeopardize the progress with Disclosure and Ascension.

The truth that was hidden for a long time is starting to surface to the general population. The Darkness as usual tries to manipulate with your Media the humankind and some Light community by hiding information about the secret tunnels built globally under cities in every country.

They have been changing your reality daily with their hidden agenda and portraying themselves as elite beings, who are in charge of your planet. These entities brainwashed everyone for a very long time, so well that no one ever questioned or doubted that you were living in a false world.

Each day, I see that more and more of you are realizing the truth by seeing, what is going on around you. The Illuminati, Anunaki, Reptilians, Orions and others have been playing Gods thinking that it’s okay to torture and sacrifice kids, allowed for the Secret Space Program to be hidden from the humanity by saying that there are no other life in this Milky Galaxy or Universe, and they deprived you from prosperity and health.

These corrupted souls conducted themselves by violating Universal Laws and Codes left and right. They felt being untouchable and superior, and forgot one very important fact that no one can abuse others without eventual consequences. We all have a free will, and it’s not permitted to violate and force on someone their rules, which are not in compliance with basic right to live freely in the truth.

The Darkness never allowed for the human beings to flourish by being nurtured and happy. They are going to pay dearly for their crimes. Some of them already paid by being captured and put in jail. I personally removed many members from the council and Alliance, who were trying to slowdown and disrupt our progress in assisting Mother Earth during the transition to the Golden Age.

My daughter is going to take my responsibilities of leading the Egyptian Civilization, this is why Anubis built a new fleet, as it will be needed in the near future for different upcoming missions. On Earth she will proceed as the ambassador and overlook globally the construction of Light Centers. These centers are gong to play a key role in the intergalactic communication and interaction between humans and civilizations from the Cosmos. Also, they will provide healing technologies for the Earth inhabitants.

Our plan is only to assist your world, the majority of the load of work will fall on your shoulders. You are going to learn and understand, what it means to build the civilization from scratch and make it prosper and shine with Light and Love. Many of us are going to help and teach you, on how to become an independent and a free society without being controlled and manipulated by the controllers.

The Light always wins against the Darkness. Just trust and have faith that happy times are ahead for all of you. I am Queen An-Ra, and I am going to leave you in Peace and Light.

It was my pleasure to communicate with everyone today, and I am looking forward for more transmissions through this Universal Channel. Thank you.

Create Your Future in the Now.
Queen An-Ra

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

Judith Kusel: The Great Splitting


Last year, when I was preparing to go to the USA, I was called to do a lot of remote energy work on sacred sites there, and in the process was working with the Sacred Ancient Ones and the Those Tribal Guardians and Keepers who indeed merely have withdrawn into a much higher dimensional frequency band and are very much still present everywhere. I never work with sites, without asking permission, and thus they made themselves known to me.

I was shown the sites in their original forms, long before the Great Floods were and afterwards when the Tribes indeed were led to these sites and indeed assumed co-guardianship and keeperships of these lands.

This morning I woke up and White Feather appeared, one of the Ancient Ones, and he showed me what is happening, as the drums are beating and indeed are calling.

I was taken to the Hopi Site where the Great Hopi Prophesy is stored and I was shown what is happening here, and the Ancient Ones and the Tribal Guardians and Keepers were gathering around me.

As the drums were beaten and talking, two distinct lines appear: The First line had split from the bottom line, and indeed this line was white-golden. This stream of souls indeed now were completely splitting from the bottom line and indeed as they progressed into the New Earth, they were being transformed into a totally New People and indeed they became White-Golden (energetically and figuratively). They are the New Golden Race, the New embodied race of much higher Beings, who indeed are AS ONE with the Great Spirit (The Divine Source) and are thus living in Unity and Harmony, with the New Mother Earth and All-That-Is.

The bottom line indeed was sinking lower and indeed pulled down more and more into the quagmire of their own inability to rise out and above it, as the Old Earth is disintegrating. Indeed, this is of their own making and their own free will and choice. I was shown who all is dissolving and indeed the Old Earth cannot hold form in any way anymore.

Then I was shown how all the tribes around the world and those souls who are leading them, the Great Tribe of Souls if you like, are indeed all doing the same. Indeed the Higher Stream are far fewer than the bottom steam, but the higher stream is indeed being lifted ever higher and higher, for as they step into the New Earth, they are resurrected into the True Soul Self, and then assume their truthful Divine Soul Self, and thus infinite space is opening where they can cocreate the New with Love, in Unity and Harmony and AS ONE.

I was then shown that the Highest Steam, the White-Golden Stream, all have their heart center fully open and now live from the Sacred Heart. They are united with each other through the Heart and Soul Centers and live from ONE HEART and are indeed ONE HEART AND ONE SOUL.

I saw the Ancient Ones, celebrating, as the drums indeed started beating faster and indeed the songs of Joy rose from the White-Golden Stream of Souls, as they are rising ever higher into the Oneness and Unity. Indeed all the Cosmos joined in song and celebrations.

I was then again shown the Sacred Sites, not only in Americas but all over the world, many still totally hidden from humankind. I saw them filled now with the White Flame and indeed filling to capacity, as they are being reactivated and lifted too, into the New Earth.

And within me THE ODE TO JOY rises as I join in celebration.

I thank White Feather and the Ancient Ones, the Elders, the Guardians and the Keepers and Sacred Ones for showing me this, with the Divine Source and all my Counsel of Elders who surround the Throne of the Divine who work with me and the High Orders.

This in unprecedented in the History of the Outer Planet Earth as the Inner Earth has joined in celebration.

I have spoken.

Plato via Erena Velazquez | June 1, 2021

June 1, 2021


I am Plato the Athenian Philosopher, and I have been asked by Light Beings to speak to humanity today on their behave.

I was born and lived in glorious Athens, Ancient Greece a long time ago. Philosophers from different eras studied my work in written dialogues. I was fortunate and blessed to be born in a wealthy Aristocratic family, and to live until my early eighties of a human life.

Many historians have been fascinated by my name‘s origin of Plato, as my birth name was different. I am originally from the planet Plato a faraway star cluster. I arrived to Mother Earth as one of many other volunteers with the mission to enlighten the population and free them from the control of Dark Entities.

I was able to bring some significant advancements in the Ancient Greece, such as the Platonist school of thought and the first Academy of higher learning institution of Western world and etc. My purpose at this moment is to explain to you how important it is for you to understand, and to see that everything and everyone are connected in the Cosmos.

Light and Love spreads positivity and destroys the Darkness. The negative behavior brings only unfavorable results. A lot of your modern scientists, philosophers and inventors are suppressed emotionally and financially by the Dark Entities. They kept everyone for eons in illusion that there is no existence beyond Earth and that only life is on planet Earth. Also, they controlled all of development and growth of the human civilization.

Numerous planets are resembling and look like Mother Gaia, and some of them got destroyed by the corrupted souls, who first conquer the world they invade, and then they make the whole civilizations go extinct. Same destiny was carefully planned for this planet. Fortunately, the inhabitants here are going to stay safe, as you are protected by the Light Beings from out of space. The Collective Consciousness is also on the rise, and it’s getting close to reaching the critical point needed for Ascension.

In this part of the Galaxy every day millions of ships pass by. Eventuality in the future, the humanities advancement is going to surpass many other civilizations as a result of Starseeds, who carry immense knowledge, experiences and who live here on Gaia. All of you came from different Galaxies, Universes and Star Systems to rescue and save this world.

These negative entities are always trying to confuse and bring negativity to the Light community by sending misinformation on many subjects like that the soul can be switched during your sleep, no one can touch your soul. It’s one with Father, who created everyone, and you can also surround yourself with a special protection by asking Prime Creator. Another example, the Greys are not allowed to enter the Earth orbit, so they don’t have any bases here.

My recommendation please, listen to your soul and you are going to immediately recognize the truth from a lie. I am Plato, and I am delighted to delivery this message to all of you. Thank you.

You are the Knowledge and the Power.

Surrender to the loving, better-feeling impulses within. This is your guided, grace-filled path to the manifestation of your dreams.

Messages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Be gentle with yourselves. These are intense times upon your planet earth. A mighty force of love is cascading into your planet right now and it is stirring up all that was once stagnant, releasing all that was once stuffed, and pushing up against all the walls of your resistance to love.

This force of love is catalyzing the massive awakening that humanity, collectively, has prayed for. You are re-birthing yourselves, and birth can either be a glorious experience of surrender, or a tough process of pushing past the pains of resistance.

You may feel this birthing in many ways. You may find yourself thinking differently about what you want or who you want to be. You may feel outbursts of emotion – profound love, or sudden tears of anger or frustration. You may have physical conditions suddenly appear to be revealed and healed. These strong waves of love are purging you – mind, body, and soul – of all that no longer serves so you can become and experience more of what you truly desire.

Think of a seed. It lays dormant in the dark cold ground all winter. It is content within its shell until springtime. As the sun warms the soil, and the rain waters seep into the shell, the force and Source of life itself stirs within the seed, impulsing it to sprout. The sprout grows within the confines of its shell until, at long last, its desire for expansion pushes up against the shell. What once protected is now confining. The force of life within that sprout will summon a mighty energy to cast the resistant shell aside, so it can grow into all that it is destined to be.

So too, a caterpillar who was once content to crawl on the ground is suddenly impulsed to attach itself upside down to a plant, spin a cocoon, and surrender to its own process of death and rebirth. The force and Source of life is the impulse that guides it. The Source of life is growing and expanding into something greater within. Eventually, the cocoon that once protected becomes confining. The butterfly must exert a mighty force to reach past the resistance of its former security blanket in order to become all that it is destined to be.

Your mother earth is no different. As she stirs within her own heart and soul, she shakes, and suddenly the crust cracks and hot magma from within her beating heart rises to the surface creating new land, new soil, new life, and new opportunities for all that live upon her. A mighty force is required to overcome the resistance of the crust in order to allow the creation of new land. There would be no life on earth without this process.

A mother feels life stirring within her. Eventually baby and mother receive an impulse, and both must surrender to the contractions to allow for the birthing to occur.

You too are experiencing the impulses of the force and Source of life within yourselves. Many of you are feeling an urge or impulse to try something new. Some of you are feeling urges and impulses to do things you’ve long put off. Some of you are feelings the urge and impulse to simply rest and relax. Some of you are feeling the impulse to love yourself more by making healthier, happier choices for yourself. You might have an impulse to take a class, clean out your closet, take a nap, change your career, shift your relationships, create better boundaries, to share your heart with love, walk away from a situation with an awareness of how it once served as a protective shell from which you are growing beyond.

Moment by moment, this force and Source of life within impulses you to take the kindest, easiest, healthiest, and happiest next step on your path.

To the degree that you surrender to these natural impulses to create a more loving reality for yourself in each moment, you will feel better. To the degree you resist these natural impulses to create a more loving reality for yourself in the moment, you will feel worse.

While most of you were taught that feelings such as inner conflict, stagnation, and anger are the result of undesirable conditions in the outer world, we’d like to share a more powerful perspective with you:All negative feelings come from resisting the loving impulses that are trying to guide you towards what you – yourself – have asked for.

The question is not, “does the outside world make it easy for you to feel loved and loving in a given moment” but rather, “Are you allowing yourself to feel loved and loving in a given moment?”

You learned, for example, to blame your inner conflicts on the external world. In reality, all inner conflict results from your mind being conflicted with your heart in a given moment. Give yourself permission to listen to your heart. Suppose you want a new job. You feel you should look for a job, but you want to rest or call a friend. The Source is guiding you to rest, or call the friend. Your mind is telling you to act. Surrender to your heart. Perhaps in your resting you’ll relax and hear your guidance. Perhaps in calling your friend you’ll get an idea or a tip on how to find the perfect job. Surrender to the force of life guiding you. Choose to trust in the unfolding journey, in your guidance, and in perfect universal timing.

Likewise, many of you have been taught to blame feelings of stagnation on external situations. In truth, stagnation results from you thinking that your feelings don’t matter. They do. Care about how you feel. Choose a thought or action that feels a little better each time you can. If you are sad, that might be a good comforting cry. If you are upset, you might need to vent in a safe and healthy way. There is always the next best loving step to take. Drop into your heart and reach for it with your intention. Ask, “Heart how can I best love myself now?” Listening to your own heart’s desire to feel better creates movement.

As well, almost all of you have been taught to blame your anger on others or external life situations. You say, “This made me angry,” or “They made me angry. Nonetheless, without its human label, “anger” is the same force that causes the seed to sprout past the shell, the butterfly to climb out of the cocoon, and your Mother Earth to erupt in a volcano in order to create new life. It is the forceful push of the birthing contractions, and the push you sometimes need to expand, grow, and give yourself permission to shift your awareness into a kinder and more loving reality.

For example, you get angry at a person driving erratically in traffic. Of course, you don’t like this behavior. Of course, you’d prefer kindness and sensitivity, but why the anger? Why not just roll your eyes and go back to enjoying your drive? In this case, the anger is a force saying to you, “Stop giving other drivers power over your peace and your life. You alone have control over your vibration. Take back your mind. Take back your power.” Focus back on a wonderful song on the radio, a conversation with a friend, or the peace of the drive and suddenly anger is gone.

You would almost certainly be angry at someone who lied, cheated, betrayed you, stole from you, or abused you. The burst of anger is saying, “Of course you don’t want this behavior in your life. Move forward as fast as you can. Stand your ground if you must. Speak your truth if you must. Take action for justice if you must, but after that don’t give them another ounce of your precious life, attention, and energy. Let’s create better!” Anger is a force propelling you forward into a kinder, more loving reality.

Dear ones if you can look at your feelings this way and realize that all positive feelings indicate a surrender to the loving impulses of the Source, and all negative feelings indicate a resistance to the loving impulses of Source, then you will more quickly move in the direction of your happiness, health, peace, serenity, security, harmony, and resonant connections.In each moment, no matter who has done, or is doing what in your life, reach for the best feeling thought that you can. Be kind to yourself. Get the help you deserve when you need it. Listen to your body. Put good things in your mind. Accept yourself as you are. Love yourselves dear ones as you wish to be loved, for you are all worthy. Reclaim your God-given power to be happy and to create the life you truly want, one kinder thought at a time.

As you learn to surrender to being kind to yourself, and doing what is right for yourself, then the people who have wronged you, the ones you fear, and the ones you thought had power over you will simply become irrelevant to you as you move forward into your own loving life.

Your vibration is what is relevant. Your joy is what is relevant. Your relationship with the force and Source of life within is what is most relevant of all.

You are nothing less, Dear ones, than the power that creates worlds experiencing itself in countless forms. You are loved. You are guided. Your unique perspective and desires matter. We want for you the best of what you want for yourself.

Surrender to the loving, better-feeling impulses within. This is your guided, grace-filled path to the manifestation of your dreams.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Make no mistake, the war between the dark and the light is over. The positives and the negatives have been canceled out. It is time to leave the old.-Apollo via Valerie-

Dear Ground Crew:

Here is the latest from Apollo, November 30, 2020: “Make no mistake, the war between the dark and the light is over. The positives and the negatives have been canceled out. It is time to leave the old. There are a few stragglers who have not gotten the message but I am telling them loudly and clearly, it is over! They are done! They are off to some other place because the earth is finished with them! We have all had enough. I make this pronouncement and it holds. Our Creator has spoken. All obstructions are cleared. The New World is ready for those who can rise in consciousness and who will be able to allow and live in the Golden Age and the golden light. Welcome!”

November 29, 2020, “The gateway to a new tomorrow is opening. Things will never be the same on Mother Earth. We are preparing our landing craft. All systems are ready. The dark have lost their grip. There is much cleaning up to do. Completion is at hand. As above so below. The light is blasting through. The total cleansing of the planet is going on in a very big way. Look out for the debris! Humanity is in for a huge awakening. Say goodbye to the dark forces of evil. You are ascending and you are free!”

Twenty-five years ago, when I first started writing on the Internet for the ground crew, we mistakenly thought that we were ready for ascension. Reflecting back, it is obvious that we had to go through much more. We were told that when the Schumann Resonance reached 12, we would be in the null zone, zero point. The Schumann Resonance measures the heartbeat of the planet. At that time 7.8 was normal. This past year, or more, it vacillated all the way up into the high 90’s and has been hovering recently around the mid-teens. It is interesting to note that as of this writing on December 1, 2020, the Schumann Resonance is at 70!

We are in the null zone of the photon belt which comes around every 26,000 years. Just think about what we have learned since the mid-nineties and how much more aware and awake we are right now. This 2020 year has been the most challenging for most people. It is the great awakening.

There are forces of dark who would like to prevent the awakening by using lies, censorship, mind control, physical force, chemicals in the sky, vaccines, prevention of human gatherings and connection, and by polarizing friends and family. Many lightworkers have been taken off YouTube and other bringers of truth have had their platforms attacked. We have to remember that none of this will work. Censorship is like putting a blanket over the sun to prevent the light. The light is for our enlightenment and cannot be stopped. Light is information. It is far more powerful than any of the means the dark forces are using to prevent the ascension.