Seeing Tangible Manifestation in our Reality

This is in response to a comment from a friend on FB that i felt it was right to share my perspective with.Up to you to see if this works for you:

My friend,i want to share with you that in my current reality doing an intensive work of deliberate creation,imagining all things that i want and i say what i want,not just what i need,imagining and feeling into the frequency of each thing,small of big as much as often during my days and nights,i can clearly see tangible change in my reality.Alignement with my Higher Self and Allowing more of The God that IAM to flow in,understanding that only God is Love,Abundance,Prosperity and All The Essence of everything i desire to manifest more and more tangible physically in 3D takes place while i know that all things in 4d and 5D have already been taken care of from the moment i asked.And so my work is to focus on the frequency of what i want while also doing my daily meditations that works for the highest good for all.In other words,as i see myself getting exactly what i want i am also sending out the intention for all beings to experience this ability with ease and grace…What i wish for myself ,i wish for you and for each and every person living on the planet to get far more that what you need and exactly what you want…many will share that this ego speaking and i say well,there must be balance in all things,balance in all dimensions.IAM already in 5D and IAM also in 4D and 3D and 2D and 1D and 9D and 10D and beyond.All it takes is just a thought.i feel into it and boom IAM there.And the more IAM there the easier things come to me.In the beginning it is very delicate and one must be careful to not condition it…it’s about remaining in a state of uncondtional beigness.:i love the feeling of clarity,i love the feeling of well being,i like the concept of deliberate creation,i love to know how source feels about me… speaking words for at least 68 seconds,is a very good way to remain there.Happy practice and let us know what manifestations you see from all the subjects you like to see change…focus only on the good signs,delete the rest…and so what you focus on magnifies.LOVE.

To this i am going to share with you here few links that may assist you in your journey :

Pull out your magic wand, which has always been part of you. For your wand is merely your beliefs and expectations…You know what you need and when you need it. You know what kind of life you wish to live – now live it…instead of pretending that others are directing your life as you have for eons, create the life you want now.

The more confidence you show in your ability to create your reality, the less action you feel you need to take.-The Arctrurians via Daniel Scranton-

You experience instant manifestation in a meditative or imaginative state-AA Gabriel-