Planetary Liberation Happens Now Signs


Chimera Group and Additional Help From Galactic E.T. Alliance Coming From A Couple Galaxies Away
In January 31, we are supposed to have spaceships coming from two galaxies over to help the earth alliance rid of the Chimera group. The Alpha Dracos/Chimera group have strongholds under the Brazilian rain-forest and in the African Congo. Ships will be cloaked. White Hat Military Destroy Cabal’s Deep Underground Military Bases Off of Southern California By High Tech Directed Energy Weapons
Kent Dunn says that this morning at 10:30am , 26th of January 2017. The White Hats detected signals coming out of the San Francisco, California area. The signals were being sent to Bouvet Island which is were “they” (cabal) were conducting cyber attacks. White Hat military unleashed their directed energy weapons and “blew up” the cabals underground bases in San Diego. If you were in the area of San Diego you may have heard a “big boom”. The cabal’s underground base had communications equipment which was destroyed by the directed energy weapons. Kent Dunn says their is still another cabal base operating out of northern California, but White Hat’s are waiting for the cabal to activate the equipment before they take them out.Galactic Allies vs. Grey Aliens Earth Battles
Galactic Extraterrestrials allied with the White Hat military are fighting with the subterranean Grey aliens in Alaska right now. They are trying to bring them out of the ground, says Kent Dunn. They are dug in pretty deep. Residents of the Alaska area may experience rumblings and strange environmental phenomenon while these battles are taking place in order to remove the Greys. This location is considered a “hiding spot” for the Greys but is not one of the main bases which the Greys inhabit. This “hiding spot” is located in Alaska not to far away from Siberia. It is said that they will be able to remove these Greys by tonight, January 26, 2017.
Liberation has begun to the fullest.