Party for those who honor their bodies & seek spiritual growth

From Amsterdam to NYC and Cologne to Bonn Sober Parties are taking over!

For those who honor their bodies,seek spiritual growth are from all backgrounds/races,who respect and wish to explore our connection to each other and enjoy Healthy Pleasures!

Zero Proof Party Zone

New York, NY
1,852 Conscious Creatives

Wellness. Arts. Community…..converge at the Zero Proof Party Zone .Meet a very intriguing, open -minded,  diverse group.. who are committed to an alcohol free lifestyle. Gat…

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Sober is the new drunk: why millennials are ditching bar crawls for juice crawls   In Cologne April 28th 2016.12141061_1947485218810620_5662010995450593785_o-1024x384


Feel More Than Fine in Bonn.May 22nd 2016.

Bonn Healthy//Voiceless//Barefoot Dance Party Bonn.