Our Purpose on Our Ascension Ride.

Our purpose on our Ascension Ride is to Build New Earth.Each and everyone has a specific role to play according to what makes his/hear heart sing.Our main tool is Alignement with Source to receive guidance as to what is our heart’s song any given moment.A constant play of surrendering,trusting,allowing,receiving which i call being in a S.T.A.R mode and expanding.A S.T.A.R expanding through inspiration as an individual soul living in a costume called Human Body which in turn is also ascending and gets all upgrades that makes me more sensitive in making choices any given moment.Individual and Yet ONE with the whole :IAM GOD and with GOD,IAM.IAM The ONE,IAM.WWG1WGA.Shifting and Sorting.Choosing from a puzzle of infinite potential of possibilities the one piece and then then next one and next one following my inner compass called emotional scale to guide me.There is no wrong or right.There is only expansion and experiences to choose from.Do i choose to make same experience all over again or do i choose something different that i have never tried before?My mind has an idea of what is that i like and want.My Heart is constantly checking in if my mind is not overtaken by my ego and that is very easy to check.If i don’t feel good,it means or that i am aligned with what truly is my Heart’s call or that i need to do some extra work in order to allow the expansion energies to flow through me or that my ego is trying to boycott this operation.In this 2020 year,those of us who took advantage of this pause,have been doing the work to constantly allow and expand without being able to see tangible and physical material results , yet having our inner compass confirming that all is well, since every time we do the work to allow Love/Light to flow in a meditative/creative/relaxed state,we feel better,we feel good,we feel more than fine.And having The Light Beings confirming through many different channels that all is well indeed makes this ride easier than expected every now.As all we have is NOW.And with appreciation of what is and eagerness of what is coming (thank you Abraham Hicks!) our suitcase has even more tools to do this journey even smoother and easier!!!If i have a wish for each and everyONE on the planet right now, it is to discover what Alignement to Source means and do be able to use the many tools that are being equipied with as we Ascend in our Physical Bodies,from Carbon Based to Crystal (Christ Consciousness) Based Bodies,to become aware of our Existence as Source Energy Beings.

It is about understanding that this ride is about feeling good all of the time, making the best of it any moment to stay on the high vibrational disc of creation , magnetizing to our being what we think and feel for.From something ‘small’ to something very ‘big’,there is no difference!The difference is being created by an old program running in our mind for all kind of reasons,that we can choose to flash away by saying simply:”I pull back all the energy i gave into this life or past lives for all things that did not work for my and the highest good for all.I blaze the violet fire to all timelines,dimensions and realities,i breath in and bring all this energy in the here and now.And breathing out i feel rejuvenated and ready to continue my ride in the higher dimensions of 5D,6D,7D and beyond,appreciating what is and eager of what is coming.In Knowing what i don’t want,I know what i want.I Intend to Feel Good.I intend to Feel More Than Fine!And for that i am eternally Grateful for the constant support i am getting from The Source of All Creation, Mother Father God.IAM THAT, IAM.I don’t need to push for it, Divine Mother is doing this for me.I only ALLOW.And that includes all specific desires i have,be it a relationship,job,home,travel,travelling means,hobby,financial abundance etc i feel into the frequency of it and I ALLOW Divine Mother to flow through me!And So It Is.

Magic right?

Intention is the plan.Frequency(Feeling into specific outcome) is the plan executing itself!– Pleiadians Insight-

And do you know how i best do this lately?

I have written down what is that i want exactly in life including a planet that works for all and the highest good for all ,i read it twice a day and i am thankful in the now as it already happened!And btw dancing and making the #21daysdancechallenge is part of this game too!As when i dance I ALLOW.



Nikos Akrivos

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