My Work.

If i have to give a name for my current work/job it is :To Remain High Vibrational 24/7.

Everything that i do goes through what i like to call FEEL-fulness filter:How does this feel if i do this and how can i feel better while doing this?
Same way as mindfulness yet more centered in the way i feel as the way i feel creates magnetizes to me the things i want.

Thoughts have electric power,Feelings have magnetizing power.

And with the intention to Feel More Than Fine i magnetize to myself all circumstances,people,things that work for my highest good.Yes,there are still things,people,circumstances in my reality that i do not like and hence creating the contrast for what i am thankful because it gives me the impulse to create an ever better reality for myself and hence for all the people,things and circumstances i magnetize to myself.

And when i speak in singular,i am also speaking for you as in me as there is only YOU,IAM the ONE and WG1WGA (Where I Go One,We Go All)

So by becoming aware of my responsability in being a steward of the way i feel 24/7 and by intending to be in the higher emotional fields of joy,love,compassion and gratitude i am serving the whole.And all i need to do is entrain myself to stay here 24/7.From here everything comes to me with ease and grace and flow.How wonderful,amazing,awesome to be aware of this and keep on keeping on,being the observer of all that i am attracting and the overseer of how can i become even better in the ART of feeling more than fine at all times,everywhere with who ever i am with :

”I go out and look up the sky and all around me :Source/Universe/God i acknowledge that i am the object of your positive attention and today wherever i go,whatever i do and with who ever i do it with, i also know you will also be there uplifting me,supporting me,helping me,assisting me,loving me,manifesting with me,inspiring me,giving me clarity,protecting me,healing me,reminding me to be loving and forgiving…getting into this endless loop of throughts that feel good and entraining myself to keep the frequency high within as the way i feel shows clearly how aligned i am with source/higher self or not.” – Thank You Abraham Hicks!-

Feel More Than Fine


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