Music and Dancing are 2 of the most Powerful Ways To Stay on The High Flying Disc & find Your Soul Family.

As a musician (DJ & Performer) for many years in the electronic music industry,discovering again that music and dance is a powerful way to get on the high flying disc,brought me closer to a serie of manifestations of a project i’ve been working on in cleaning the industry from all toxicity.

Since 2010 i ‘ve been working on creating sober parties with small groups,with like minded and like hearted souls dancing and celebrating drinking only fruit juices,water and eating mainly vegan & raw vegan treats :Feel More Than Fine-The Party. 

The parties are now taking off all over(another effect of the Ascension energies),there is Daybreaker in USA and across the planet,there is Morninggloryville in U.K. and there are tones of ectatic dance events all over the planet.These are great places to bond with others.

And if you fancy getting a feeling of the vibe of Feel More Than Fine events,feel free to listen and buy my compilations on iTunes,on Spotify on Bandcamp & Music Compilations.Most of my music is produced on 432Hz and 528Hz frequency, the frequencies of spiral of evolution and miracle and of course always Love & Light coded for a smooth Ascension.

INjoy and Keep On Dancing!!!!

And why not also give you an idea of the vibe while i am dancing myself! 🙂

photo credit :MorningGloryVille