Insight from 1st and 2nd Ascension Wavers.

I am first wave of Ascension and this let me be very clear makes no more superior than anybody else,just different to my task being on the planet.During the period of 2012-2019 i had to go through intense purification process creating the pathway with all first wavers to the higher dimensions for the rest of the waves and generations coming.The 2nd wavers are now in full process going through the stages of Ascension in much faster pace than the first wavers,which from one side seems cool and from another side is going to be super intense.Those ones are preparing the pathway for the 3rd wave of Ascension which is going to be even faster and so on and so on.And yesterday i was having a conversation with Lore,who is an artist from Belgium and we found out she was a 2nd waver from what she was describing.And the reason i am writting this is because what she shared with me i find mind-blowing of what is to come!!!We were speaking about New Earth education and how to assist children in learning processes and she shared with me that the star children will be attracting what they need to know through their hologram of existence.Try to rap your mind around this information here and see what is to become of our current educational systems.We the older generations even while on the Ascension awareness are just starting to comprehend how 5D world and beyond is operating.Now try to expand this thinking and apply to all other ways of living our lives,collaborating one with another and finding solutions that work for all.A few days ago,i introduced the term FEEL tankers instead of think tankers.Now,lets imagine that we gather few of the super kids and ask them to find solutions on different areas of life so they work for the highest good for all.Can you imagine with what speed we will be able to bring about solutions just with the power of our feelings?it is already happening in our individual lives for those of us who experiment with those ideas of deliberate creation,now multiply this a million fold and feel the results that will be coming out of our FEEL tankers for the highest good for all.