Imagine & Feel New Earth Creations.

This is an invitation to focus together on what truly matters.And this is the Rebuilding of New Earth.This is where we choose place our focus as to how can we can best serve to assist each and everyone on their Ascension Journey so it is firmly grounded on the planet.What i/we imagine is already true.So please dance with me here and now 🙂

What are our intentions at Feel More Than Fine?

1.Basic Universal Income for everyONE.Imagine what Freedom will do in people’s lives.

2.Celestial Chambers for everyone on the planet as part of the program for Universal Medicare,Pharma Care and Dental Care.Imagine that everyONE can get healthy and rejuvenated in less than 3 minutes.Picture elders being astonished to discover this reality.

3.All Children Safe and Sound on the Planet:We have 1 project in Dakar to assist children and from there expand in more African Countries :Feel More Than Fine Africa leading to Universal Elder Care, Child care, and Single-parent care. (1) Picture children being happy and feeling fulfilled in their daily activities.

4.Support and Creation of Eco Sustainable Communities leading to The Venus Project.

5.Free Energy and Awesome Mobility that respects Mother Earth.

6.The Cleaning of Oceans and Rivers and Reforestation of all lands and cities.

Light Workers we will come together and take things in our hands in Local and Worldwide Gatherings Conferences to bring forward solutions that make this planet work for each and everyone.It is all happening and it is beautifully unfolding as we are observing now in the U.S.A. elections.It is not what we see.What we see is the dismantling of what does not work.The implementation of NESARA/GESARA is happening and GODSPEED for this as this is what will lead to Divine Governments on our Ascending Earth From Human to Galactic before being able to use replicators and other technologies that will make the use of money obsolete as no-one of our Galactic Families needs to use this.It is a gradual process and Divine Mother’s has already decreed and Her plan is unfolding and for this reason,the next months will be quite a ride.There is no turning back.We are blessed to be living in these times.And i wish you all the best in your discovery of how you will be best be of service on New Earth.

Much Love




The Six Point Plan

One, universal basic income covering all normal living expenses for every person living in that country, lesser for young children (under twelve). Everyone has their basic expenses in life covered and can choose to work on top of that.

Two, universal (free) medicare, pharmacare, and dental care. Public health of excellent standards available to all people living in the country, without distinction.

Three, universal accessibility to all levels of gender-equal education (K-Ph.D.) for all people living in that country.

Four, universal elder care, child care, and single-parent care.

Five, the elimination of personal debt.

Six, the elimination of the national debt.