I Create.

Diving into our powerful co-creative abilities feeling into each outcome.As you read you assist in allowing this to attract it faster in our reality.When 2 or more of us come together,that is where our power lies.

I Create The Highest Good For All.
I Create Abundance and Prosperity For All Humanity.
I Create that All Children are Safe and Sound
I Create That All Men and Women are Safe And Sound
I Create Celestial Chambers for everyone on the planet.
I Create Beautiful Eco Sustainable Communities where we live harmoniously with one another.
I Create Free Energy and Awesome Mobility for everyONE
I Create the cleaning of Oceans,Rivers and the Reforestation of all Lands
I Create Homes for all Homeless.
I Create the most Posititive Ascension Timeline for everyone on the planet.
I Create a Planet that is loving ,forgiving and with respect for All Life.
I Create Basic Universal Income for everybody on the planet.
I Create Basic Health Care and Care for free for all :Children,Elders,Single Mothers or Fathers and for all in need.

Please add your creation and share with others my dear.

Intention is the plan.

Frequency is the plan executing itself.

Feeling is Frequency work.

Feel More Than Fine!

I also created a House Music Dance Track on 432Hz where i speak these words,adding movement while listening and /or speaking out the words is a very powerful way to co-create.