How can long can a human truly live?

Think about it:Humans,WE have been lead to believe that living a life of 80 years is what is called normal.This has been happening for over 13,000 years that WE, collectively as souls living in our human bodies have been coming on the planet to go through hundreds cycles of incarnation and reincarnation having to deal with Karma and Karmic cycles.This very belief is still in our days very much promoted from many ‘gurus’ out there that based on facts on what has been happening till now seem like they want to keep on living their lives and ‘teaching’ at others what is the cycle of life. Now, look at the kids around you.Observe how vibrant they are, how full of life they are and how much they show us what it is to be in an unconditional state of being-ness, always finding ways to play.And here the famous saying applies :”Humans don’t grow old because they age, the grow old because they stop playing like kids”Humans passing away age at the tender age, yes you read right, tender age of 80 or 90 or 100 Earth years just when they integrate the so valuable fruits of wisdom is a big fat illusion that so many ignore and so they do pass away(creating own reality).There is no judgement here and i do not say that death is bad thing.For many it is a good thing to leave this difficult 3d life and choose to leave.I totally accept and respect this and anyone’s decision to go of course!And then now here comes my perspective:Humans, WE can live in beautiful rejuvenated bodies for hundreds if not thousands of years!Our sisters and brothers in Hollow earth are living this way.Thankfully now that every day more and more of us understand that complete forgiveness to self and all others releases from the wheel of karma for ever, we are starting to break this illusion and understanding that there is so much more in life to create to expand to become and to be eager about, unlimited possibilities down the path of joy choosing to do what makes our Hearts sing.We become more aware that there can be creation through physically being active and there can be creation through simply allowing the mind to expand in stillness to reach a frequency that creates the final desired outcome till one day it manifests tangibly in our realities.And that there is no better action than inspired action(Abraham Hicks)In a couple of years from now, anyone would be able to go into a facility and have the possibility to rejuvenate their bodies and refresh their cells memory to its original perfected state.(check previous post of mine about Celestial Chambers)For now for those of us that are here and want to live longer what is needed is intention.Affirmation :I choose to live a long life and remain young in my body.I Trust the Universe will bring about all that is needed to do so.My body is guided by divine intelligence and show me through clear sings what it needs.I listen to my body.And to be able to listen to my body, i promise to my body that i will do my best to keep it as pure as possible.I know when my body is pure i have clarity of mind.I intend for Excellent Health and Abundance of Clarity.I choose to Ascend in my physical body!And so be it.And So It is.