High Vibrational Food Art – Jasmin Dué

High Vibrational Food is synonym of Raw Vegan Food using exclusively Fresh Organic Ingredients,the closer we are to the source,the highest the vibration.


For example in Germany there are a lot of apples in the winter and a lot of strawberries in the summer.These foods are vibrating higher than bananas coming from Peru as they are they didn’t have to travel from the other side of the globe.


The Vibration of a preparation  is also rising through the passion that it is made with and Jasmin Duè’s Creations are a proof of what i am talking about,not only from the depth of the taste but also from an aesthetic point of view.


Jasmin has been experimenting for a while now with some new creations and one of them is Sneak N Raw.You most probably know sneakers right?she is the inventor of the raw vegan version  along few other similar products imitating the taste of that we find in the mainstream market with the only difference that they are not harming our bodies.

She is  organising workshops to help you invent your own creations.

Have a Party!Invite few friends , book your workshop and find some of her products on her new website: www.Sneaknraw.com


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