divine masculine and feminine

Gender in the Higher Realms

by Steve Beckow.

People may wonder about gender in the higher realms.

Higher-dimensional star brothers and sisters don’t experience gender the same way we do.

The way the Arcturians through Sue Lie describe it, “we are neither male nor female, rather we are the integration of male and female.” (1)

Diane of Sirius explains that biological differences are unnecessary in the higher realms. That isn’t what gender means there.

“Even in the highest levels there is still a feminine energy. Not as you may use the terminology to distinguish male and female, which is more for the physical attributes. Such differences are unnecessary as you go into the higher levels.

“The Beings of Light are androgynous, and only use form as you understand it when it is deemed necessary. You have seen them as your glowing godly Beings from which beautiful light radiates in all directions.” (2)

She goes on to discuss the Divine Plan for Gaia as it relates to gender.

“I come to bring the feminine energies to a world that until recently was dominated by the powerful influence of the male energies, and reflected his often aggressive approach to life. In fact as an intentional plan to bring a change of direction for mankind, women have been helped to take their place alongside men.

“In ages past there were times when women ruled, but they carried more of the male attributes that meant they were warriors. However over time, a balance has come in and the male and feminine energies have come closer together. For example the role of mothers and fathers is no longer strictly defined, and there is sharing of family responsibilities.

“As you approach Ascension, so each of you will experience a softening of the extremes of personality as normally defined by gender. The gentle touch and caring of the female will also be found amongst the males, and it signals a closure of this period of duality amongst the sexes.” (3)

We’ve been talking about remaining in the center; Diane’s “softening of the extremes of personality as normally defined by gender” would be a welcome development.

Biology is different, but I don’t have time within the confines of this article to go into it.

The subject however does lead one to wonder whether they make love and if so how. Ashira addressed this question on Heavenly Blessings with Suzi:

“When we procreate it is through ‘conjoining’, and I am not trying to be prudish here because many of you think, “Well, how do they do it?” Do you think I do not know? Let us say that we have the equipment, but to truly have – and you have touched upon it – Sacred Union is a meeting of the Souls, and this is what you are truly beginning to experience in your own evolution on Earth.

“Before, you used to think – I do not mean you, sweet One – but you collectively often felt that Tantra was the highest form of prolonged union, or heightened ecstasy and union. Take it twenty-two steps further – it is a union of the heart, the mind, the body – and the Soul. (4)

“And when you are in that form of Union – not only is it profound joy – it can sustain you for thousands of years. When you join with another like this – and that is what we do – the bond very rarely can or would be severed.” (5)

If only we were lucky enough to experience the same forms of love and union. And we will.


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