Last night i found myself flying while sleeping.It was so intense and vivid that i am totally convinced that i was indeed flying in this other time space reality/dimension called Lucid Dreaming.I felt the breeze of the air on my face and body and i felt the freedom of flying wherever i want to.It felt i was flying for longer than the few hours i was asleep and like every mornings always wake up around 2 or 3am.Call it Ascension symptom or just a habit that is part of me since i’ve been sending out my intention of remembering that i am dreaming while i am dreaming,which also called Lucid Dreaming.So,in a way The Ascension symptom that wakes me up early hours it always serves me in writing down my dreams.This habit of mine lead me also to do my inner work in starting my day in quite meditation only to find out not so long time ago that the best time to create our reality is the early morning hours.It takes about 45′-1 hour to write down my dreams and meditate -always for the highest good for all- and usually after that i go back to bed, unless of course there is an early hour activity to do like a healthy dance celebration, me among 500-700 people dancing ecstatically on house music for about 3-4 hours ,drinking just water or fruit juices and enjoying raw vegan treats, sometimes i am just a dancer in the crowd some others me DJing for the crowd.Sorry for digressing,just using the opportunity to share on how i live currently a high vibrational life style 🙂

So,to come back to me flying!How did i dream about that? well ,i always believed that i can fly!Maybe i was a bird in past life, maybe i was/am an Angel living in costume called human body,maybe i just happen to day dream a lot about being free and flying, maybe i fly too often with aeroplanes,maybe my 24 strand DNA becomes more operational and activating hidden powers in me that i was not aware off(effects of Ascension,going from carbon based to crystalline based cells) maybe i just happen to believe in what i see when monks in Tibet can levitate themselves through intense meditation and like another dream we have in life, this also it starts to become true and maybe maybe it is the total activity of what takes place in my throughts, feelings and emotions, all becoming one and expressing through my dream states before manifesting in my physical reality.Maybe i am just nuts for daring to think and feel like that and maybe too it is also because i eat too many nuts as part of my raw vegan diet that keeps me uplifted and sustained in a high vibrational state 24/7 and yet there is something in me that as i continue speaking of that is rising up and feeling happy and total excitement and eagerness in what is coming in what i am about, we are about to become as i/we learn to guide our thoughts, feelings and emotions with intention to that what we mostly desire:Freedom,Abundance,Prosperity,Peace,Love,Purity,Compassion,Patience,Joy,Trust,Fun,Playfulness,Smooth Ascension,Ease,Grace & Flow the Highest Good For All(me and all of Humanity and Mother Earth including all animal and planet Kingdom,Our Solar System,Galactic Society,Cosmos,All That Is!) to name the top priorities.Am i asking too much?ooooops sorry i forgot seeing all children of the world being fed and being happy, going to bed at night knowing they are goods,i forgot all homeless having shelter and all hungry having more than enough foods forgot all the people that are in prison without reasons coming out and breathing the fresh air of freedom,i forgot all mothers or fathers that raise their children alone being in communities assisted by others with ease and flow,i forgot vehicles that respect mother Earth i forgot clean oceans, rivers and air we breath,i forgot medbeds to heal and rejuvenate all elders that wish to live in 20’s bodies for up to 900 years and anti gravity scooters and Free Energy and Replicators to create homes and anything else we desire in the now.Am i asking too much?how about telekinesis:ability to move objects with the power of my mind and teleportation and telepathy and walking on water!Sananda aka Jesus Christ said:this and more than i did you will do!Ask and it is given right?right!i/we have asked and now i/we receive!

How about meditating with all sisters and brothers and making all this become true for all that live in costumes called human bodies in the now!If there is no time and the time is now, the time is now to make this happen true as we Are God Beings Creators,each and everyone of us!Maybe it is just the time to remember our power of God Beings Creators and start first with the ‘small’ things in our own reality before taking it to the next level.

Does meditation help?does it help spending quietly time to go within, each and every day to feel the joy that one is indeed God in the now,connected and being one with Prime Creator,Mother Father God and supported by Company of Heaven if one remembers to ask for their help in gratitude before going within?Sorry i distress again!And if you like to join us out of free will, here is all information.

And yet all this is one and the same, so while i dream on being free and flying ,maybe one day we will fly together side by side, maybe you will see me flying and you will be inspired to do the same as to what i just shared indeed works in creating my/your reality.If of course you choose to fly,mayb e you choose another quality that i am not aware of :)I expect the unexpected and what an amazing time to live in this costume called human body ladies and gentlemen!

I close this, going to my feelings of flying and freedom while i expect each and everyone of you reading this to surprise us in unexpected ways that you didn’t even dare to imagine or think and feel of.

Maybe time for you to dare?

Feel More Than Fine