Feeling spacey, blissy?Our 11:11 Gateway just opened.

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Blessings Beloveds ~

Our 11:11 Gateway opens tonight. We continue to see more rainbow-plasma, crystalline realms and collective DNA activation. This is a quantum effect of the Embodiment of a new level of Christ consciousness.

Embodiers have been particularly blissful this week; more preparation for this Divine passage which supports BECOMING the new light in form.

We have experienced this before; the sleepy, dreamy, blissful daze of higher activations. It is growing in frequency and consistency, washing away the density of the old Self and the sensation of duality. Surrender to it, express gratitude while it works its magic on the cells and consciousness. Your Higher Self will only deliver what you can handle, and what you request in alignment with your path.

Much of this passage is about alignment, reality choices and 2020 clarity of the Heart. Gaia is in FULL SUPPORT of the new Gateways, which is obvious to anyone working with her reconnection to multiple cosmic stargates. The energy and codes are there for you to receive and amplify.

What makes this passage different is the WIDESPREAD collective activity of Embodiment. The conscious collective choice to show HUmanity what Ascension is truly about, and pave the way for a new expression of the HUman genome in its Christed state is opening the gates within.

Opportunities to Connect as ONE

SUNday Unity Meditations: Infusions of peace, stability and amplification of the New Light at 5:11AM, 8:11AM & 11:11AM PST (UTC – 8). Details HERE.

Monday November 11 is our 11:11 unification. Please mediate and gather at 11:11AM in your own time zone. We enter this sacred space with a global focus on peace, revelation and unity consciousness.

Sedona Tribe, join us at the Cathedral Rock platform on November 11 for a unity meditation at 11:11AM MST.Details here.

Gatekeepers/Gridworkers: Hearts up for our next influx November 13-17.

Free 2020 preparation guide next week

Linear time check-in:  Much is unfolding in the next 5 weeks with the 11-11 and 12-12 Gateways. Solstice and the eclipses are just six weeks away.

I AM guided to create a concise Preparing for 2020 video for the Tribe. This will assist while I AM on my annual private retreat (December 15 – January 15). Subscribers will receive a link to these materials in the next newsletter.

Crystalline DNA Mastery class

Our final Live Q&A call is Saturday, November 9 @ 10AM -12noon PST
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More free DNA content:

The latest conversation with John Burgos about the experience of Divine DNA is now on YouTube. Click the image below to listen in:

Responsible Creation

This is a big shift passage, within and without. We lead the way with kindness, compassion and Divine Neutrality. With the energies pushing for personal transformation – in order to create collective transformation – it is a perfect moment for self-care, highest choices of Love, and supporting each other with New Earth Now dynamics.

How does your experience of the next level look and feel? Visualize and FEEL your creation, however you would love it to unfold. We walk upon fertile 5D soil. Plant wisely.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension! In Love, Light and Service,

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