Feeling GOod.

It can be irritating with the speed that things seem to move in the physical world.And all we have is NOW.So better make good use of it,instead of wanting at all cost to be right for any matter at hand,even when one knows there is truth in what they share.It all comes back to feel the Love that one really is. One can not do this by blaming any other as any other is a mirror to the self.Yes to be aware and look to feel the love and be the love no matter the circumstances is the true mastery that any human is called to work on in this phase of our existence as a collective,it has always been like that,only now the energies are calling for a much larger awakening.The true meaning of life in my sense is to intend to feel good most of the time and when it is not so,do what needs to be done to find it from within out.I can not do this with words i share here for anyone but myself and so goes for anyone.The more one realizes their power as Love,as a positive vibrational frequency,the more their world becomes a better place to live in with all one wishes in it including everybody else as one understands that ALL IS ONE and ONE IS ALL.From this place caterpillar has permanently moved to Buttefly existence.And the more butteflies one feels within the more their ability of soaring in infinite possibilities expands.Pure Magic.#feelmorethanfine

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