#FeelMoreThanFine Update June 2020.

Our Universe is composed from 352 Levels and each Level has its own dimensions.We speak of these past years of the evolution of our planet and humanity and all life forms living on the surface from 3rd dimension to 5th dimension.The 4th dimension is the dimension we are right now,(while 3d exists simultaneously), it plays between what we dream when we go to sleep, what we choose to visualise or feel and what we choose to believe and it also called astral dreaming:the dream becomes reality and the reality becomes a dream and in so many ways this reality that we realise through our 5 senses is not what truly there is.Let me explain in the best of my abilities in the here and now:Without labelling anything as bad or good, some beings who were more evolved than humanity or if we dig deeper that purposely manipulated human DNA to enslave humanity through the course of thousands of years which also guaranteed that the experience of separation from Source and from one another can be successful(something WE as Souls agreed upon before choosing to live in our bodies and this for the course of hundreds of lifetimes) are the cause and reason of the 3rd dimensional matrix that we all have and are experiencing in this now moment while the Freedom codes of Love and Light coming from the Central Galactic Sun/Supreme Creator are activating our DNA to come back to its original perfected state.It is of course for that reason ,that if one wants to take full control of their life as creator to allow these codes to flow within with ease ,one must do their best daily to intergrate daily habits of going within of meditation ,of connecting with nature of eating high vibrational foods and of drinking plenty of water.With the past full moon and one eclipse in June and 2 more coming on Solstice and July 4th, there is an avalanche of energies pummelling the planet that one must do the best they can to receive these energies without resistance.Cause resistance can only make one’s life difficult and one may get very angry.Those who have manipulated our DNA know this and would love to have as many as possible to delay our process as a collective.And so when we take responsibility of our self, loving ourself and doing the Good work for our Highest Good and The Highest Good For All we are rising instantly into the 5th dimension where we become untouchable.To remain in this dimension one must remain at all times in a unconditional love and peace and full forgiveness to self and all others.This 5th dimension is already here right now achievable by simply intending and saying :IAM a 5th Dimensional Being.IAM The Love,IAM The Light,IAM The Truth.The 5th dimension is a state of bliss and true joy emanating from within continually.And from here one can choose to visit any other dimensions in all 352 levels any time and feel into them.This is why you have certainly heard that there is no time, there is only NOW.Where we choose to focus our attention, this is what becomes our Truth.And everyone is different from another as vibration.Yes we can vibrate in same frequency for a while but not for ever.This is why we come together as friends or as a collective.We attract each other because we vibrate on same frequency.This is what defines liking or not liking something or someone.Vibration.The possibilities of creation are infinite.IN 5D there is no lack of anything.There is only abundance of everything at all times.How long can one remain in this state defines one’s quality of a Fulfilling Lighthearted Life.
ps.if you wish to know more about the 352 levels please go here

Nikos Akrivos