Nowadays the world is shaken by crises of which no one is immune including children in Africa. The problem of street children is a very worrying social phenomenon for most countries in Africa. Their rights are violated despite the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, many of them are from poor families, their education is not assured, in short their future is not guaranteed.

For example, in Senegal, many children hang around the streets all day long to find something to eat, they do not even have a place to spend the night, they fall sick without being cared for. Moreover, these situations go well beyond the public authorities. Despite the efforts that have been made, the situation remains unchanged, even some NGOs are active but they are far from proposing a concrete solution to eradicate this scourge. This is often what they do begging, delinquency, running away. It thus urges to provide an answer to this problem. It is in this context that concrete actions must be taken.

Objectives :

The objectives of this project are:
1.ensure a bright future for children from poor families. 2.eradicating poverty locally, then expanding in Senegal. ensure better education for children. repair inequalities between children.

Solutions : To solve this phenomenon, we believe that we must ensure the children a good education by assisting them in their studies , by giving them social scholarships so that they can eat , by assisting them in their medical care, in building socio-educational housing for them and in building spaces for their fulfilment.

Estimated Budjet for our first infrastructue in the village of Fouta in Senegal is 580,541.103 € (380,810,000 CFA francs).

Our Non Profit association exists since 2018.
Donations for our project may be given for the moment through paypal only :