Fake News Definition.

News created by the best professionals in their respective fields (reporters, actors,think tankers etc that are getting paid very well to do their jobs)to disorient the public from Truth.This means that indeed there is a vast population paying the price with their lives, so that the rest of the population on the planet remain in the low frequencies of fear, hate and shame.So yes, it truly happened and it has been prepared meticulously to happen but it did not happen naturally so to speak.The truth about the last known pandemic is more likely to be known by all in about 3 months.This will prepare for the next truths to be told in 2021 when humanity as a whole is ready in consciousness to receive the whole truth =full disclosure of what occurred and has been occurring for thousands of years.Much of the truth is already licking out and If you are reading this post most probably you know about most of it and if you don’t and happen to believe what i am posting my invitation to all is to continue daily in your prayers,visualizations and meditations seeing that everybody is no more afraid , everybody becoming aware of the one Truth that we are all pieces of the same one Being(GOD/UNIVERSE), and the same one Being (GOD/UNIVERSE) exists in all of the pieces.IAM the ONE.YOUARE the ONE.( Neo in Matrix short Reminder :YOUARE the ONE Neo = You each are Neo(=anagram for ONE). #FeelMoreThanFine