Fairies Dream / Prime Creator Talks About Ascension Through Susie

Prime Creator answers questions  and talks about:

-The Moon

-Choosing Between Love or Fear,

At What Frequency do you wish to resonate?

-Full Moon of February 22nd 2016/ Alignement/Coming face to face with our shadow

-Solar Eclipse of 8th March 2016

-Dramatic Shift through Intense Gamma Waves

-Asking our bodies to receive this Light Energy assisting us to raise our vibration

-Spring Equinox:Large Amounts of Gamma Wave Arriving on Gaia

-The US receiving many energies of New Beginnings

-The Shift and Rebirth of Monetary systems and governments

-The Lightworkers

-93% of Critical Mass

-Shifting Timelines


-Structures serving the highest good

-Focusing on raising our vibration and living our lives fulfilling our responsibilities and dreams