Crying From Happiness

Last night i dreamed about people making huge lines in front of banks as they start to realise that we can all start trusting again our financial institutions that are now in place to  support humanity.I saw people crying from happiness and not believing how much money they got in their hands,unable to understand how this ‘miracle’ has happened.And I Nikos Akrivos I confirm you that Saint Germain prosperity funds are being put in place right now to purify Gaia’s waters and to bring joy to every man,woman and child living on Earth.The Universe is So Abundant and Father Mother God has the proof for all 7.5 billion of people.Be in Joy and prepare yourself from the inside out to receive what is your birth right,to remember who you really are and why you chose to be here at these amazing New Earth times.There is only thing we are all requested to do in these coming 3 months.To be Loving with all and especially with those that we think are our enemies.The only enemy is our own mind.We create what we believe.We create what we fear and we strengthen what we oppose as our brother Sananda aka Jesus says.Feel More Than Fine in the core of your being.Then everything else falls into place.Each one of us have our own Angels guiding us.If you feel lost,ask for guidance in your own prayers.Our Angels are connected with us telepathically,ask what you need and it it is given.Be a S.T.A.R.Surrender.Trust.Allow.Receive.

Also look around you,there are many Angels in Human form that can assist you.Ask for help.This is how it works.Every Human being is specifically good for something and We all are Light Workers.

We are reaching now the 2nd wave of Ascension.Enjoy the process of awakening by celebrating with your loved ones with music and dance without alcohol or drugs eating high vibrational foods,eat vegan or even better  raw vegan and fresh organic juices and purified water.

We are in this together.And nobody is left behind.This is the promise we made to each other before we incarnate in the vessels we call human bodies.Our souls will carry our memories for ever.Let’s make every moment Amazing for our self and for every one.The time is Now.And Heaven Or Earth is happening around us when are aware of our thoughts,projecting pure love through our eyes ALL THE TIME,no matter what we observe and without judging anything or anybody.