Conversation with Divine Mother

Me:Divine Mother,I know that the purpose of living as a soul into a human body is to be of joy,of appreciation of what is and eager of what is coming,i totally resonate with Abraham Hicks sharings.My intention is to feel good all of the time which in other words means i am aligned with my Higher Self always, ascending smoothly being loving and kind to myself and all others.I am doing my work daily,many times a day,doing my meditation that serves the highest good for all,always thinking of all others.I know i belong to the team of Light workers that helped transition the planet in the higher dimensions and that my work is done in relation to this aspect.I know this has been the culmination of efforts we did to Ascend the planet,not only in this lifetime and also in all other lifetimes.I have done my work and when i say ‘I’ ,i am also speaking about all Light workers that are on the same train.We were expecting this massive transition to happen in Dec.21st 2012,then we have learned that we as a collective humanity,want and decided that all souls may be able to Ascend,always respecting their Free Will Choice.But then Mother,You know very well that I have done and I am still doing my work,on a daily basis,why is it that i still have to go through intense feelings of pains and suffering when my (our) work is already done and while i am/we are still doing our work in Faith and Trust,day in and day out?Why?

Divine Mother:My beloved son,in your question lies the answer of it.Evolution at a multidimensional level,happens in mysterious and magical ways that the brain is not able to understand.And i know you are not speaking of your mind or ability of understanding,you are speaking of your emotion of feeling Love,of feeling Good of Feeling More Than Fine(i see Divine Mother and Many Archangels Smiling).My son,we applaud you for you tenacity and stubborness in bringing out this message to the world.This is what makes you unique in your endeavors as each and everyone is unique and different in how they are able to bring forward their gifts of creation into The Golden Age New Earth.My son,i understand your frustration and like i always said,every time you feel so,send it up to me,send it in to me,as i am withIN and withOUT you.

Me:Yes Mother,i do and remember to do this everytime i feel intense pain and suffering knowing fully this is not me,i know :IAM the LOVE,IAM The Light,IAM the Truth.I KNOW IT!!!then if i know it and if i am asking you to take the pain from me,why is that at times it takes long time before it goes?like 2 days ago,it was so intense that it remained for almost all day and yesterday my ears were buzzing much more than usually so much so that i decided to go on a water fast for 24 hours,as to have enough energy to deal with this.Why can it not happen more smoothly in my body,feeling good all of the time,since i am already doing my work and i definetely did not come on the planet to meditate all day long?(i am hearing and seeing all Angels and All Company of Heaven laughing and smiling at me while feeling intense Love coming from them and The Divine Mother and Father,it is very colorful place,it feels blissful,it feels unconditional LOVE)

Divine Mother:My beloved Son,we appreciate your humor ,not in a sarcastic way,as you know and i say it for all your readers.We Love You and Me and Father Feel Your Pain.Remember?We are ONE and THERE IS NO SEPARATION.Feeling pain and going into intense suffering in your case,is because you feel the pain of the collective of Humanity which for the moment is very intense indeed,many are awakening every second globally and the awakening is painful for them and since All is ONE,you are getting a glimpse of what the collective feels in this now.We applaud you for doing this work,we support you and are with you all of the time.The Human experience on this Ascension Journey is being recorded and this is how The Supreme Creator knows more about expansion within a Human Body.You all are born perfect and magnificent in the image of The Supreme Creator.And as such,indeed to feel Joy all of the time is the purpose of Living a Human experience.So when such pains from the collective is being felt by you,send it to me.Send me also the surplus of Joy you may have also !This also happens.It is all about Divine Neutrality,being at the zero point in alignement with Who you are really are and being in that place indeed feels good.And being in that place indeed attracts more experiences to expand.And if there is no feeling of unease how do you know that you are expanding?It does not have to be pain or intense suffering.This is an old program that is getting flashed out for your body as we speak.Use The Violet Flame of Transmutation of Magic of Alchemy to do its work.We know you do my son and we say for all your readers.We Thank you All for your service in reading these words.We love You.

Me:Thank you Mother,I Love You,We Love You!

It is 7am and I go enjoy now a nice breakfast.


Nikos Akrivos