in 2012 i left all my belongings including my car and chose to cycle and use trains and occasionaly planes in all my travels instead as a way to become self sufficient.This is one of our starting points:CASITA VERDE a community in Ibiza.Now,in this moment,i got a bike in every country i’ve been at,where our communities are gathering.If you want change,you got to change yourself and one of my main dreams was to create eco sustainable communities that are autonomous and independent and that we can connect with one another all across Europe and now community has expanded in Africa and i must say worldwide,with all this is taking place.In my mind’s eye i had a vision of The Venus Project being finally achieved where amazing technologies are being used to create homes as we wish them to be.I studied extensively The Venus Project and if one goes within and sees the whole package ,one will realize the amazing possibilities we have,adding to it :Free Energy because if we drive electric cars it makes no sense to have it from the current infrastructure but to have truly abundant energy created from inventions as TESLA or ELECTRA that we already have in Greece and is waiting for the compliance to move on.Why did this take so long time?ask your governments , the galactics and above all our collective consicousness.Me,i want,you ,you want.But where is the collective in all this?for the time i keep living my dream and even if c-ovid came this last year,i feel stronger than ever to move into action because i love to be the boots on the ground moving,acting,connecting 🙂