If you wonder why world’s situation gets more chaotic than it was,let me give you an explanation so you may understand wherever you stand in your evolution journey.All that is taking place is part of a Divine Plan orchestrated in such a way that even those are in deep sleep will awaken.There is no other way to do this.There are many stages.Currently we still in stage one till one big announcement comes which means we go in stage 2.All this needs to happen in order for the foundations to be solid and the new to come in.Do not despair,instead take action in proclaiming at all times wherever you are on the planet :IAM the LOVE,IAM the Light,IAM the Truth.A United Humanity where we all make peace with one another accepting our differences is what the dark agenda don’t want.Change is happening my friends and yes,it looks like the way it looks.And this does not need to affect you within.You each have the power to activate the Love and The Light you are at all times.The Universe’s contrasting forces witnessed at this time show the level of the energy we can hold within.Any given time by going within for at least 15-20′ finding the peace within one can feel this power.And to feel is the key here.As the more one can prolong this feeling within the more it manifests in,through and all around.So make peace with the chaos you see and use it as a reminder to go within.And when you use these words :”IAM my IAM Presence and IAM one with the IAM presence of All Humanity” you are also assisting all 7.5 billion souls on the planet.Truly as Within so Without.You are not small,you are huge,you are one with the Universe and you can get to that knowingness by being consistent with doing this sacred work.The more of us do this,the more chaos will be shown till at some point we reach the climax and the fog dissipates and we witness a New Earth where everything is changed for the better.Things take time to manifest in the physical and The Light Beings keep on telling us that It is already Victory of Light.Keep the faith,hold Gratitude in your hearts and Celebrate every moment because we are receiving huge support from all Light Beings across the Cosmos ,support,ask for it and it is given!!!Our Collective Light is doing the work,otherwise there wouldn’t be chaos out there.God has decreed that enough is enough and all needs to come to the light to be seen by all.So,if you are already awaken you know what to do and if you are not,you must wake up to the power that you are as Source Energy Being with the power to create your reality through your thoughts and most important through your feelings at all times.Feel appreciation of what is and eagerness for what is coming.Imagines more,observe less.Much Love #FeelMoreThanFine