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What is all the fuss about? The Galactic Federation of Light through Nikos

It is all about your Ascension as a specie , as humanity, as one race (IAM Race is the annagram of America) as Earth, as individuals and as a collective to be part of wider society and of a much wider family that is eagerly anticipating to wintess this taking place and assisting you by all means to make a tangible reality an event that happens for the first time in your history as humanity. You, as one race are here to show what is possible to do with Ascension as Love and Light being victorious within your physical bodies. You are made of the good stuff, as our brother Sananda Jeshua Christ likes to say and we are witnessing that you are succesfuly becoming The Christs, Buddhas and Krishnas that you came here to be, radiating your Light in through and around yourselves and all life, accomplishing your missions with ease, grace and flow in reaching a frequency that pushes you faster and faster towards your new lives in The Golden Age of Aquarius. You are doing extremely well! Keep pushing on, things are getting better, keep pushing on, things are getting better, all is well and it is going to be alright! You are loved , you are worthy and WE are ONE, there is no separation. Find us in the depth of your beings, listen to your hearts in complete silence and speak to us, loudly or telepathicaly, we are always replying to you and the first answer we give is always the good answer and you are able to know that because simply it feels good. The answer that feels good is the one to follow and when it feels good it feels GOD. The path of least resistance is the path of the soul, you may agree or disagree at will with that last statement, you are loved at all times. Celebrate often as when celebration there is no time to worry. Celebrate in silence and gather with your sisters and brothers on Earth in meditation , in cocreation, in collaboration for the Highest Good For All. And once this done, you can also celebrate and dance with music. True joy comes from within. You are that joy and the more you know it, the more you radiate it. You are the party and party is within you. You are loved and you are magnificent. If only you could see your Rainbow Lights as how we see it, you will become more aware of your power. And you have your feeling and the feeling is guiding you, trust your feeling and with faith only more joy awaits you every time you choose to go within and radiate out your Light for all your sisters and brothers to become aware of this truth and of their power. We love you.

We are The Galactic Federation of Light.


About Rejection – Nikos Akrivos-

Do not feel bad if someone rejects or you reject someone. Consider it a blessing for both, as both must do their inner work to get up to speed with who they really are.
Whether a friend, a family member, lover, coworker, partner, each is responsible for their own vibration. I had many partners in my life, i have rejected and been rejected. Rather than getting pissed off, herein lies the beauty of getting on the frequency of who we really are. If you really love your man or your woman, rececting or being rejected, it is our responsability to be as much as possible aligned with our truth. And sometimes our other half needs longer time to realize this truth and true love sets free.
That’s being commited to love.
And if you are alone, no need to go on tinder or fb etc. Get up to speed with the love you are and the lover will find you.

A little story about me -Nikos Akrivos-

A little story about me: when i was a child i wanted to become a dancer but since my grand ma was raising me up in Greece and both of my parents had to be abroad to earn a living we had only the necesary to live and could not afford to pay for classes. But in my mind i never stopped seeing myself dancing. I entered medical studies at University , studied for few years only to discover through a chaneller that my Angels had a message for me: Handicaps will dance with you! I quit my studies i didnt really know how to dance professionaly now at 25 and when i took decision i immediately attracted the best dance teachers who showed me.
I danced across the planet for 10 years and became a dj , a reiki therapist, life coach and meditation teacher for another 15 and today in my workshops people are experiencing deep transformation through dancing.
To be continued…

Why do 1st Wave Ascension Light Workers don’t live yet 100% the lives they desire and are worthy for?

It is true. As a first wave Ascension, i have already done my work to shift the planet. And at times i just don’t get it why i don’t get to live the life i desire free and independent because my work has been accomplished and i know it. Well, for all those of you who are into the same wave The Arcturians share with us that : You needed that oppression to stay in the fourth and third dimensions long enough to have a collective event that will be the ascension of all of humanity that is present on Earth. It is true that in 2012, i left everything behind to propel myself forward into The Ascending energies thinking that was what i needed to do as my soul’s call, only to find in 2020 that there is always something that does not allow me, allow us to move forward as i/we intend to and that includes the restoration of the planet :Free Energy and Many more projects in line.

Truth is is this journey has been much longer than originally planned and that i thought it would be when i signed to incarnate into this life. I might not remember all details, yet it makes sense that i can get angry with myself for not choosing to get into it in a more smooth way whereas i have a more comfortable life because living in discomfort, oui c’est moi these past 33 years of my life.

Yet no matter what i always find the way to feel good in every moment and to accept and to truth and have faith. And my sharing this part of my story is to let you know that there has been a lot of work to be where we are today, not just from us the boots on the ground and all Ascended Masters, Elementals, Angels , Archangels and Mother Father God and i remain eternally grateful for my gift of life . This does not mean i won’t express my anger. Because Angry I Am and accept my emotion as it is.



Higher Self Message through Nikos Akrivos

Be at peace with where you are with the ever increasing energies. It is true that this demands even more inner work in order to surf the waves of Solar/Mother God Energies smoothly. The work you are doing is also benefitting all those around you who are not as aware of what is taking place. The shift ,as we have repeatedly shared, is first within and then without in all things, for all manifestations both personal and collective. We are always one breath away to assist you and once you ask , support is immediate as you may notice more and more. That is the thinning of the veil manifestation and the shift on how you feel is equally a direct manifestation in the now to be tangibly manifest soon in the physical world. Notice that the word soon means: time of manifestation is shorter and shorter as the vibration rises on the planet. Another direct manifestation is the time of sustaining a good feeling, a good thought or a frequency of manifestation is getting longer and longer. This means that what the collective of Humanity wishes is about to become tangibly manifest more and more sooner than later. This is why it is good to write down ones thoughts as they come through a personal dialogue as this brings more clarity and a higher perspective, first felt through vibration , then translated through feelings, thoughts and finally words. Trust, have Faith and Surrender. Or as you like to say be a S.T.A.R. Surrender, Trust, Allow and Receive.
More than ever the Surrender part is the one that you learn to practice and be at in this now.
Allow Universe/God brings the beautiful uknown at your door step and you will discover that it was really worth it!
I Am Your Higher Self and I Love You.


4 am bliss state.

In this moment that i am writing this, it is 4am, my heart is filled with so much love and bliss that is difficult to describe with words. Yesterday Sunday 15th of August, i was , as usually on Sundays, doing our 3 synchronized meditations of 30′ each for Christ Light Expansion (since 5 years with Sandra Walter) and to top this up at the end of the day we had an amazing activity of Light along Saint Germain and Mother Mary guided by Patricia Cota Robles on DAY 2 of the 35TH ANNUAL WORLD CONGRESS ON ILLUMINATION involving hundreds of thousands of Light workers around the World. And the way i feel and i am sure all participants do as well is a direct manifestation of The Tsunami of Mother God now elevating the planet and all life upon it. The level of Inner peace and Harmony is rising up! It is here ,it is 5D up to 12D , it feels Heaven, it feels Pure Unconditional Love, it feels like i can be, do or have anything i want, it feels that IAM Worthy to receive, it feels Freedom, it feels Liberation, it feels healing, it feels unlimited potential, it feels Ecstasy, it feels Celebration, it feels Pure Authentic Joy, it feels Passion and Enthusiasm, it feels Widsom and Enlightment, it feels Safety and Security and Divine Will, it feels Ascension, it feels Harmony, Balance and Understanding, it feels Forgiveness, it feels Clarity, it feels Balance between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, it feels Peace, it feels Prosperity, it feels Transformation and Transfiguration. It feels All That and much more. And my wish is that you reading this and all humanity may you all feel and know in the core of your beings the beauty of what is taking place within in the here and now.
In this moment as i am writting this i am sitting outdoords watching the stars in the clear night sky receving even more codes from on High , this is the name of the Ascension game: To Open to Receive more Love and Light , to align more with who I really am, with who you really are :
GOD ever expanding living a Human experience and for the first time ever in an Ascending body.
What a treat and a gift to be in the here and now, going through that experience!

Feel More Than Fine and Namaste!

Nikos Akrivos

Sending Blessings of support and Love to all involved for planetary liberation.

Please repeat these words :

IAM my IAM Presence and IAM ONE with the IAM Presence of All Humanity and Mother Father God.

I blaze the blue fire of protection, safety and security to myself and all involved.

I blaze the violet flame of freedom , support and transmutation to all involved

I blaze the pink flame of Love , Light and Truth to all involved.

I bless all involved, i bless all my projects and all projects worldwide that work for The Highest Good For All.

Feel Gratitude for 2 minutes radiating out.

It is done! And So It Is. And So Be It.

Special support for Patriot Mike Lindel : Mike Lindell and His Cyber Symposium Attacked | Frank Speech the Home of Free Speech

Sharing my Ascension experience

It has been a while since i wrote a blog, sharing my Ascension experience. Truth is , i have been busy meditating and clearing the path while feeling the awesomeness of non resistant thought and ‘speeding up the process’ it relates to where attention goes energy flows. I watched less movies for entertainment and created again my own as i would like to experience my future life. Since i know that i am the Creator of my own reality and what i want to be manifest is meant to be. And yes indeed, i must admit there have been moments that i pushed the button a little but too much while now i am in this loving space of understanding that since IAM already enough and whole and ONE with GOD, there is no need to push more rather enjoy the process along the way keeping the balance doing my sacred work going within, becoming from Some ONE to No ONE and then to Every ONE, every Thing. every Where at all times = The Eternal Now. This was a wonderful work i must admit to integrate in my daily habits few more pieces like feeling and writing chapters about my future Life with as much detail as possible.

So now that i am writing this, it is almost 16h00 here in Greece, it is 40 degrees celcius outside and i am about to have my Raw Vegan lunch that i prepared a while ago. My diet is also shifting towards eating less food than ever before, this as a consequence of transformation of our Ascending body from carbon based to crystallin cells as the more we do inner work the more the Light feeds the body, there is less appetite for solid foods for me and more for liquids and luckily enough i found a local store here that sells raw vegan ice cream!!! once in a while it is nice to have them ready instead of making it myself as i do all my foods each and every day…because around here there is no restaurant that serves vegan and organic…besides with all the restrictions for now i don’t even feel like entering any of these places . Being in the knowingness of the Light Body as a powerful Armour that boosts the immune system, no jab , no masks and no PCR tests for me since the very beginning. I live my life continuing what i did before expanding each and every day, much less friends around physically but with so many in the ethers knowing fully that this is the process to attract all those like minded and like hearted in our New Earth communities. I am walking my talk and i am eagerly anticipating what is to come while appreciating what is with ease, grace, flow and playfulness and fun fun fun times.

I hope this serves you in your journey



ps.i know the picture has nothing to do really with this post and yet it really does if you look for deeper meaning because this is also part of my experience as Ajjuna who stands in the middle told me in a private message : Everybody is so thankful to you . And yes i don’t usually share any of these messages but i thought why not share once just for the lucky ones who read this post.

And don’t you love it knowing that children go to sleep knowing that they are safe and sound with their bellies full ? 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 This is one of our projects that once the prosperity funds are here we will be supporting further…meanwhile we give small donations that make big difference to the lives of all these children. If you wish to donate go to charities, choose one or more and make yours.


Why do i create 432Hz Dance Music?

Because 432Hz frequency connects you to the field of infinite possibilities and when you add physical movement as dancing coupled with joy and bliss and intention you manifest faster in your physical realm your desires.

I hope you enjoy this playlist and thank you for playing and sharing this message to help many more get into this magical alchemy of cocreation 🙂