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Looking for new ways to inspire and inform people in a manner that feels less preachy.

Looking for new ways to inspire and inform people in a manner that feels less preachy, i came up with various dance tracks attuned on 432 HZ that sound like this:

About Being Vegan and supporting Animal Life :

Angels Message for all of us :

About Ascension :

Co-Creating New Earth Reality

Your Higher Christ Self

About New Financial System :NESARA

and many more!


Lucid Dreaming

My dreams become more and more lucid as i set the intention to remember to be aware that i am dreaming while i am dreaming. This is a practice i begun a while ago, knowing fully that when i have the ability to change outcomes in my dreams i am also changing my subconscious mind towards higher vibration reality in real life.

I also find that dreams show a future outcome and how i feel about it, shows clearly how this is going to play out.

While i am not going to share with you any personal dreams because it is part of my secret garden that i want to keep for myself, i want to share with you that last night i dreamed that it was announced on the news that fake ‘president’ of USA Jo_e B_iden is dead. (to my sense it is the military who is in control and they have chosen President Trump to do and keep on doing the work behind the scenes)

I also dreamed of being on a galactic ship of many floors high where each floor had something i love to do and i dreamed with the best version of people that i know being loving and forgiving.

This last one is because if a practice i am doing most of my days in seeing the divinity in each and everyone and especially on those that show clearly through their behaviour their resistance and hence the lack of love for themself.

Practice to see the best within all around me, brings me more and more closer to those with who we are on the same vibrational frequency and my lucid dreaming is a confirmation of that.

I hope this serves you my dear,

Much Love

Feel More Than Fine


Maybe time to change your diet?try raw and vegan.

Maybe time to change your diet? did you ever try raw vegan? it keeps your energy high at all times.It keeps your PH alcaline (under 7 ) and therefore your body has a super strong immune system at all times.

My new booklet is out :High Vibrations Kitchen : 30 easy to do Raw Vegan recipes now available on lulu.


There are the digital soldiers,there are those that are seen doing their best for the highest good of all humanity in mind,there are soldiers rescuing children in underground bases and there are those that are working in the silence.Now the first and second ones are seen and appreciated for what they do.I send my love to all and specifically to the soldiers in DUMBS and the ones that work silently,the ones that nobody knows,the ones that meditate and pray knowing fully their power as Source Energy Beings and doing the work in their ‘caves’.I specifically send my Love to you.And as you know you are never alone even if you are a loner.And yes there are all the Light beings assisting in the invisible that we indeed feel more and more,as you already know.You are doing extremely well,you are a champion,you are the best of the best,you are a multidimensional hooligan and this DJ Set is dedicated to you.Soon enough we will gather,soon enough we will get to know each other,soon enough we will celebrate.We Got This.We are Legion!Be empowered.I Love You.


Flying Submarine this morning.

This morning i am witnessing these spectacular cloud formations changing shape.I truly feel it is the galactics make themselves known to me.I also know that i am a commander in one of these ships while living in this physical body.That is the meaning of being multidimensional ,becoming a Galactic Human to my sense.At least the first signs that are making themselves more apparent as we progress into our Golden Age of our existence.

Feel More Than Fine



I love the art of manifestation and i am diving into it directly and by the same invite you to do the same because this is the best time to make use of the energies. The truth is that everybody is about to become financially free through the NESARA /GESARA programs..

Just imagine or feel or both a world where everyone has Basic Universal Income, where everyone has abundance of organic foods and water and where each and everyone has the roof of their liking over their heads in the land or country they desire to live. Imagine poverty poof vanished just like that. Imagine Free Energy used everywhere and imagine Celestial Chambers /Medbeds available for each home where everyone can heal any condition in less than 3 ‘.All diseases vanished poof just like that. Imagine vast green areas and everybody driving flying cars or hover cars. Imagines everybody aware and connected to God within on a loving and forgiving planet that works for all life on a peaceful Mother Earth GAIA.

So much to add to all this tapestrty.

What do you wish to add for yourself personally and for all humanity?

I Dream BIG. Again and Again. I Never quit! till I get what I want. I invite you to do the same.More than ever the time is now.

Happy Creation and Manifestation to you and me and GOD speed!

Feel More Than Fine