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A Special and Long Overdue Shout-Out to all of the Special Military Forces across the World

A Special and Long Overdue Shout-Out to all of the Special Military Forces across the World who had the horrific mission of rescuing our children in darkness few could ever begin to Imagine!

Thank You for your service to humanity, without ever receiving even a mention, from the rest of the world during this Covert Military Operation to #SaveOurChildren!

You are all heroes, and we must make sure, the proper care, therapy, and recognition is given to each and everyone of you that saved these precious angels, while confronting, and seeing the depths of what hell actually is!


Behind The Scenes POSSIBLE scenario.

Ok, here is a possible scenario of what happened behind the scenes and soon to be future dates and times while keeping in mind that these timelines may change as the positive military forces aim to confuse the enemy who just like you and me are reading this information.WE TRUST THE PLAN however is unfolds as we know GOD is in control and Victory of Light is assured.


The official announcement of martial law and legitimate military government, in place since 12 a.m. on January 20, 2021, was made on Friday January 29 at 6 p.m. EST (11 p.m. GMT). The official announcement of the arrest of Biden as well as 355 Congressmen and 109 Senators (or 464 elected) on January 24 and 25 was made on Sunday, January 31 at 4:35 p.m. EST (10:35 p.m. GMT).

These announcements were communicated on the above dates and times to all American media (television, radio and national newspapers) as well as to all world press agencies. As expected by the legitimate military government governing America as well as Trump and Qforce this official news has been 100% censored by all of the world’s official media.

The US military government knew it and wanted it. As with Biden’s and his party’s coup, the legitimate US government allows the US media to commit the act of high treason of censoring official communications from the legitimate government regarding measures of national security and immediate danger to the nation. American nation.

The Illuminati media of the 4th Reich all fell into the trap.

From now on the legitimate military government can take (provisional) control of all these media guilty of terrorism whenever it wishes, as provided for by the laws and the American constitution.

The US military government will take control (by force) of ALL of the official media (radio, television, newspapers) on Friday February 5 at 6.30 p.m. EST (11 p.m. GMT or midnight in France) exactly on all American territory.

This includes taking control of all American channels on direct broadcast satellites broadcasting in France and Europe. This also means that all French and Europeans with a satellite reception antenna receiving American channels can no longer be censored and will therefore learn the truth from Friday evening.

Among other things, the American army will broadcast by force on all these American mass media the revelations on Biden’s coup d’état, on his arrest with elected officials on Sunday January 24 and Monday January 25 …

Finally, on February 12, the government American military will officially publish (evidence submitted to all world governments and the international press) all the evidence of the plot perpetrated by the French government and China to create a false global epidemic to overthrow the American government. This by ruining its economy by destroying the entire world economy. It is an act of war which gives among other things the legitimate right to the American government to overthrow the Macron government.

You can read more here

Latest Intel from JFK junior.

🇺🇸🐸🍿 Members of Q 🇺🇸🐸🍿Leader : General Michael FlynnSenior Advisor : President Donald J. TrumpSenior members : John F. Kennedy Jr.General Charles FlynnVice President Mike PompeoDonald Trump Jr.Ivanka TrumpKayleigh McEnanyCarolyn Bessette-KennedySeyed Mohammad HosseiniMichael JacksonElvis Presley===========================

JFK junior :

They really wish my father, President John F. Kennedy,was alive !

If you know, you know !===========================🆔

I am copy pasting here,part of comment section of my FB page :

Vice President Mike Pompeo appoints Michael Jackson as chief of U.S Department of arts and Culture.
-JFK junior-

Pope Francis has already been arrested.Are you ready?===========================… See more

John F. Kennedy Jr.

T.MEJohn F. Kennedy Jr.John F. Kennedy Jr.

Don’t get vaccine.Throw away the masks.===========================… See more

John F. Kennedy Jr.

T.MEJohn F. Kennedy Jr.John F. Kennedy Jr.

Do you know why President Trump does not wear a mask?Because the mask does not prevent the virus from getting in and enslaves you.===========================… See more

John F. Kennedy Jr.

T.MEJohn F. Kennedy Jr.John F. Kennedy Jr.

Follow OANN TV. in March 3 at 6:45 P.M (EST)I will confirm this channel on OANN TV … See more

Baron Trump is the son of President Trump and Princess Diana who is masked as Melania Trump

Michael Jackson today.
If you know, You know.

Watch live and Follow OANN TV. On March 3 at 6:45 P.M (EST)

If you know, You know.

Elvis is Alive.

B_iden died jan.6th of heart attack

Jim Carrey is the man behind the mask.Soon out on your mainstream news.Non believers will see.

The Truth Will Set You Free

The dirt needs to be recognized,witnessed and transmuted back to The Light.This is the work to do beloveds!Each and everyONE reading this,you are ment to do this work in the name of Humanity.Don’t forger to use the violet flamme to transmute the energies towards The Light.We serve in JOY and LOVE and LIGHT-Nikos-

Republic gets Restored.

Why Trump fenced off DC and why he moved out and is never going back to the White House.And why there will be a NEW capital elsewhere.
Occupying a foreign land.The act of 1871 was a seditious act by the (corporate) US government. The (fiction-at-law, straw man/straw women, corporate representative, persons) secretly re-wrote the united States (common law) constitution from “We the people” (by changing the capitalization on the document to all caps) which changed its legal binding meaning, which transferred the power from “We the people” to the CORPORATION of America, which was centered in Washington DC.
 Washington DC is a FOREIGN ENTITY (a fiction-at-law only “living” on paper agreements) but physically appearing on American soil of sovereign states. The United States of America, Incorporated was established through a loan from the Vatican when DC was transferred into a city-state, and this corporate entity then ruled over the people. Citizen’s rights got taken from them. Nobody realized this.You can see the presence of the fictitious Corporate entity in each city.  Look at the signs that say Now Entering Corporate Limits (with your city’s name.) This is part of the trickery. Nobody taught you this in public school because the public school system is an indoctrination school of what the Corporation leaders want you to believe and accept.  Public schools are NOT institutions of free-thinking.  They do not encourage you to feel comfortable as an individual.  They teach collectivism!  One size fits all because it costs less to the Corporate Machine to run their game.When the secret US Corporation PTB (Powers That Be) did the Vatican Loan brokering deal (via Bank of London) to get the loan, the surety for the loan was human labor.  YOU, the human being, have secretly been enslaved (used) as the surety (collateral) for the loan.  The Corporate PTB players transferred all of the property in DC Columbia to the ownership and control to the Corporate entity of DC.Regarding President Trump  (the master chess player strategic moves to restore the Republic), in 2018 he signed an Executive Order on election fraud, outlining how corporate assets would be seized.Wednesday, 20 January 2021, you saw the first seizure being made with the fenced containment area around the Capitol. The military has SEIZED CONTROL OF A FOREIGN COUNTRY, DC. That EO was primarily directed at Washington DC!President Trump must move from the White House (also called Castle Lock) because he can’t rule a sovereign nation from a foreign land. Once Trump exited the White House, the castle was locked because it’s not possible for a foreign ruler to rule over a sovereign country. The foreign country must be locked out. That means Joseph Biden was locked out. We are literally watching the reclamation of the real country.There is a difference between the term “legal” and “lawful.” Legal is corporate. Lawful is common law. Sovereigns are ruled by common law not Corporate law.  The Corporation has made laws to legally rule over us.  According to the Corporate game, if you break one of the Corporate Laws, you have to pay a fine or go to jail to the Corporation.Courts are banks.  People become prisoners as established by the Corporate Courts. When a human being goes to prison, they act as collateral (the surety) associated with the bond connected to the Corporate Person (straw man or straw woman) who allegedly committed crimes against the Corporation.  The Corporate Person is NOT the same thing as a human being!  But you’ve been deceived into believing you MUST pay money for the privilege of “being” on free land. That driver’s license fee you pay to the Corporate state?  That traffic ticket you pay?  That dog license fee you pay?  Those are all for the “privilege” of getting Corporate “benefits” as a Corporate Citizen.  Sick, right?  Don’t believe this is all true? This is part of the education being shared now as the Republic gets restored!

Pop Corn Time!

Get Your Pop Corn and see what is taking currently place behind the scenes.

1.Ukraine is doing it.Biden exposed.

2.WAKE UP AMERICA! Bold Billionaire Offers $1 Million Bounty for Dominion’s, Eric Coomer’s Comeuppance

3.Make your own conclusions.

REPORT: President Trump Met with Sidney Powell and General Flynn in Oval Office – Discussed Deploying Military, Naming Powell as Special Counsel on Election Fraud

The Associated Press reported earlier this week that President Trump has been asking about a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden and another special counsel to look into the Democrat voter fraud.

Attorney Sidney Powell reportedly met with Trump in Oval Office Friday evening where the President discussed naming Powell as special counsel to investigate massive Democrat voter fraud that took place in the 2020 election.

General Flynn also joined Sidney Powell on Friday and deploying the military was reportedly raised in the meeting but nixed.

According to the New York Times, Sidney Powell was at the Oval Office and Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani joined the conversation by phone where her potential position as special counsel was discussed.


Most of his advisers opposed the idea, two of the people briefed on the discussion said, including Rudolph W. Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, who in recent days sought to have the Department of Homeland Security join the campaign’s efforts to overturn Mr. Trump’s loss in the election.

Mr. Giuliani joined the discussion by phone, while Ms. Powell was at the White House for a meeting that became raucous at times, according to one of the people briefed on what took place. Other administration officials drifted in and out of the meeting, two of the people briefed said, and the White House counsel, Pat A. Cipollone, pushed back on the ideas being proposed.

Ms. Powell accused other Trump advisers of being quitters, according to the people briefed.

It was unclear if Mr. Trump will move ahead with such a plan.

Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor, has filed many lawsuits in several battleground states where the corrupt Democrat machine used illegal ballots to steal the election for Joe Biden.

Powell has fiercely gone after Dominion Voting Systems and revealed that they are actually designed to switch votes.

Powell and Giuliani have both alleged that the Dominion machines were flipping ballots from Trump to Biden — something that was proven in court earlier this week!

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman added to her story in a tweet thread on Saturday and said General Flynn was also in the Oval Office with Sidney Powell.

Flynn reportedly suggested deploying the military.

Giuliani pushed the DHS to seize control of the voting machines to examine them for fraud, but apparently the DHS does not have the authority.

Wall Street Journal reporter Rebecca Ballhaus said deploying the military was raised in the meeting but was nixed.

Specifics of Alleged Election Fraud

Two  excerpts from longer articles, on the specifics of election fraud being contested in the courts.

Thanks to Suzi on Patreon


Election Fraud You Can See

Debbie Georgatos, American Thinker, November 25, 2020


Specifics: Strong Evidence of Electronic Election Fraud

Decimals in Vote Tallies

Tabulation software in use in the 2020 election in at least 28 states explicitly authorized in operating instruction manuals provided by the software vendor — the use of weighting algorithms to tally votes.

Actual tallies in Michigan’s public records show weighted numbers of votes received, showing vote tallies in fractional numbers — e.g. a tally of 1,615,707.52 votes for candidate X and 1,925,865.66 votes for candidate Y.

These numbers are not vote total percentages for one candidate or another, which would logically include decimals. These are reports of vote totals. With decimals. There is no logical place for decimals in a system that is supposed to be counting one person, one vote. Vote counts with decimals establish that the system used algorithms. They prove the actual vote tally has been manipulated.

Impossible speed: Vote Tabulation Volume Impossibilities

Michigan’s Magical Ballot Blaster. After election night vote counting was suspended (in several key swing states) and later resumed, public voting records in Michigan show, according to Mr. Ramsland, the tabulation of numbers of ballots after resumption of the counting to be at levels that are physically, functionally impossible for the actual machines in use. It could only have been done by what is effectively a manual stuffing of the electronic ballot box. This appears to be simply old school cheating implemented with new technology.

Over 100% Voter Turnout

In Minnesota and other jurisdictions, some announced vote tallies exceeded the number of registered voters in those counties. By a lot. In Minnesota, the vote tally showed that one county had a 350% voter turnout, while at least 18 others had an over 100% voter turnout. This is election fraud that anyone can understand.

More commonsense suspicion about the election outcome

Voters already have a wide range of common sense reasons to doubt that Donald Trump lost, and to resist the media’s coronation of Joe Biden as president-elect. The comparative ability to attract supporters at campaign events is one of those reasons.

America’s bellwether counties, 18 out of 19 of them, went for Trump by an average of 12 points. The one lone outlier went for Biden by 3 points.

The GOP did not lose ONE US House seat, and won all 27 House races ranked by Cook Political Report at toss ups.

Dominion Voting Systems’ suspicious behavior. Dominion Voting Systems’ machines are under great suspicion. Last week the Pennsylvania legislature called Dominion officials in to explain the serious issues with their machines. After first agreeing to come, they backed out and lawyered up, after, Mr. Ramsland disclosed, a series of hard-hitting questions was delivered to the legislators about to question them.

(Read more:

Excerpt. The author questions Tucker Carlson’s current emphasis on the role of Google and Big Tech on the election. In the course of it, he lists what he considers to be “the real story” – instances of voter fraud.

Sorry, Tucker, your outrage is too little, too late

Dex Bahr, American Thinker, November 25, 2020


While Google and Big Tech may have played a significant role in the rigged election of 2020, it is not the story.

The story is why five states suddenly stopped counting votes, something that has never happened in the history of presidential elections in this country.

The story is President Trump having huge leads in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina and Georgia when we went to bed and waking up to a Biden surge giving him the lead in those states.

The story is Republican observers restricted from monitoring vote counts in these battleground states and the sworn affidavits of workers witnessing votes dropped off in the dead of night after the counting was stopped.

The story is the Pennsylvania Supreme Court doing an end-run around the legislature, breaking federal election laws, to rig the voting for Democrats.

The story is Pennsylvania ignoring an order from Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito, allotted to the Third Circuit, to segregate mail-in ballots received after Election Day.

The story is why no one in the mainstream media is investigating the Trump legal team’s allegations of massive computerized vote fraud via Dominion Systems.

The story is why Dominion backed out of a hearing with the Pennsylvania State Legislature, and why Dominion officials suddenly closed social media accounts and lawyered up?

(Read more:

The governmental abuse story .

To break it down super simple for everyone!!! 
1) The deep state has been in control of the world for centuries and in the past 30 years Donald Trump, Gen Flynn, princess Di, Jfk,MJ, ( to name a few), and the military patriots had a plan. They wanted to make a plan to save mankind and the children especially. Because the deep state had gotten into every country in the world and got to the top of the governments.
For example North Korea was not bad, The media lied to us, as they had deep state players in there controlling them.
Since been removed
This secret society of illuminati had pretty much control of everything!!!
Gov, meds, food, media, schools, entertainment. The satanic TV box was brainwashing the masses.
2) The final nail in the coffin was supposed to be when Hillary Clinton got into power. Their plan was to keep selling off America, to unleash a deadly virus, that would connect us to the 5G, And then they would herd us into colonies.
3) That plan was foiled when Donald Trump got into power and the deep state don’t know how because they had it rigged!!!
4) Now there’s A supercomputer called the NSA Which has everybody’s texts, emails. In 2017 Donald Trump went around to ALL the deep state countries, Vatican, Canada, all the evil corporations, and the Un.
They were showing all the evidence and told them, either they’re going to play along with the plan of Trump the patriots and Q Or be taken care of right there.
The Vatican completely capitulated and the federal reserve was cut off at the knees and all the federal reserve gold was taken into the treasury.
Donald Trump and the patriots are in full control of the world!!!
5)THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to learn and understand.
People were so brainwashed and programmed by the media and television that they would not believe the patriots if they were told everything that was done to us, and the children.
So they continued with the plan WITHOUT Unleashing the virus.
The coronavirus is nothing but the common cold.
The reason they continue with the plan was for the following reasons. 
A) To show the people the evil so they can wake up and get ready to be told the truth, which is horrifying by the way.
So countries were told to be really forceful with their Covid measures so as to wake up the people. So many stories of people dying, Was exaggerated.
They needed to take down the federal reserve and central banking system by ruining and taking down the world economy. By giving out lots of stimulus packages the federal reserve could not survive. They were just printing their own money and then charging us interest on it. The banks are absolutely screwing mankind over, all mortgages were fraudulent.
C) There was massive tunnels that were filled with drugs and children. They Waged war against the cartels , Isis and MS13. They put all the celebrities and powerful people under arrest and or execution. The tunnels wet all around underneath the world and even the ocean, for all the nonbelievers you don’t understand how much technology they had that they kept from us.
They use trillions of dollars to make these massive tunnels so they can transport children and drugs around.  
In Australia there was tunnels on top of tunnels like a spiderweb and there was hundreds of thousands of children dead snd alive in there. A total horror show!!
We are now almost at the end of the show. So trust in Jesus Christ and the God that raised up patriots and Donald Trump to save mankind and give us a second chance.
Lastly for people that wonder about the fact that some innocent people still lost their lives what they did to us is nothing compared to what Hillary Clinton and the satanic cult would’ve done.
Have joy in your heart, know that this will be over by the end of the year.
And for people that still hate Donald Trump you have to realize that anything you know about him you learned about it in the media. Everything!!!
And the media was bought and paid for to paint him in a terrible light. His wife is an incredible First Lady, she is beautiful and she has an amazing heart. Every time they made fun of her outfit they didn’t realize that she had a reason for every dress.
Jayson Bottyan

About Politics & Defending President Trump.

I never got interested in politics to be honest and yet in this moment i feel it is more important than ever to share with all of you the reason i do this along so many incredible Digital Soldiers of Love bringing Light to what needs to be seen by all.

Why is that i support Trump in my blogs?

Not only because of inner knowingness and also because of tangible channelings i resonate with :

1.Prime Creator ,you can listen here latest message channeled by Susie Beiler after subscribing to her website :

2.Ashtar :

3.A Teenager says it all :

If you’re liberal, can’t stand Trump and can’t fathom why people will vote for him – this is why.

Much Love


The Alliance’s October Global Lockdown .

The Alliance was composed of President Trump, Q (JF Kennedy Jr?), Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, India Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Pentagon Generals, the National Security Agency, Military leaders across the globe including Interpol, plus around 100 other influential global figures.
During October 2020 various countries were expected to declare public lockdowns while the Alliance finished cleaning up the Cabal Swamp, according to Charlie Ward, Ph.d.
For the last couple of months they have been testing the Emergency Broadcast System so that President Trump could make announcements. The Mass Media was so corrupt that they wouldn’t allow the news to come out. In preparation for a lockdown you were advised to have at least a two week (preferably a month’s) supply of food and essentials on hand for your family and others who may need your help.
With implementation of the Global Financial Quantum Computer, Cabal Central banks around the world got caught stealing from the kitty. A recent bank sting caused stock markets to crash, gold/silver prices to dip and 100 Deutsche Banks to close.
On Fri. 18 Sept. countries throughout Europe went into lockdown, closing their Central Banks and the non-retail side of major banks. The Central Banks of England, Spain, Holland and Germany would remain closed for two weeks. It was felt that this was due to the transition of the Cabal’s old SWIFT system to the new Quantum Financial System (QFS).
Lockdowns were still needed to cover up the rescue of children from underground tunnels across the globe. Alliance Missions in Australia and Israel (which started Sept. 6) that rescued over a million children in Australia alone, have been completed.
According to Ward, “Melbourne is currently under lockdown for purposes which have nothing to do with saving children. The mission in Israel was about getting rid of the Mossad Deep State that has been running Israel on the agenda of perpetual war. The operation should come to an end sometime around 1 Oct. However, there was a possibility that the curfews would remain.”
There were upcoming missions in Portugal and Switzerland. “I don’t know if there will be anything happening above ground like lockdowns and curfews in Portugal, but there will definitely be operations happening in the tunnels. As far as I know there has already been some preliminary work to prepare the groundwork for missions that are going on. There was going to be action in the underground tunnels in Switzerland as well. However, I’m not able to speak about it in too much depth.”
A HUGE FIRE IN OCTOBER “17 Global Changing Events Coming in October” by Light Bringer – 9.20.20 Entry Submitted by Light Bringer at 1:15 AM EDT on September 20, 2020
Dear IDC Readers,
This thread caught my attention and had to share.
Let’s hope this October Surprise preview is right on the money!
Blessings, Light Bringer
17 Global Changing Events Coming in October… Y the Wait?
1) Global Currency RESET switching from a Central Banking petro-dollars to a gold backed paper/digital currency
This will destroy massive global corruption.
2) MASS ARRESTS of BLM/Antifa + Financial Supporters….
3) This will be possible only one way: The Insurrection Act will be invoked By President Trump with Devastating Evidence and all hostile entities will be indicted.
New Temp. Emergency Laws shall be enforced by military personnel deployed quickly throughout the country…15 min
Trump’s last quote was ‘Our Boys could take care of this in 15 minutes. TVS will go black, Internet will go down, and an emergency notification will be on all devices…
4) SIMULTANEOUSLY Military takeover of all MSM outlets, Twitter, Google etc. for election..
ALL TOP SWAMP CREATURES will be SIMULTANEOUSLY Arrested including Hillary, Soros, Generals, CEOs, Pelosi etc.
5) A broadcast will begin, the likes of which we have never seen before
Arrests, exposure MANY Famous people already agreed to do LIVE CONFESSIONS and live arrests?
6) + Internet Blackout for 15 minutes while we take repossession of ICANN, the internet addressing system. They will do an internet reset and restart with a new global internet security repair, eliminating all hostile artificial intelligence & their attack bots. Necessary for QFS
7) Suspension of Congress will occur and cleaned out Mainstream Media will begin the broadcast of massive Military Tribunals
Announcements of recovered stolen assets and the beginning of giving money back to people… and I have heard that its’ a lot of money we are owed
9) Many Beautiful Laws are already prepared for this time.
10) Suspension of all income Taxes, Rules will be applied via emergency laws that are already written and ready to be make law during this time of Martial Law For which feel like a blessing from God
11) Free Health Care
12) MASS ARRESTS OF SEX TRAFFICKERS AND FREEING OF LOST CHILDREN! This will also be broadcast and send a huge message world wide, It will be a show that nobody forgets and won’t cry tears of joyous celebrations while softening sorrow. Suspension of CPS, Planned Parenthood etc.
13) Suspension of All Student Loans and financial defunding of hostile education NGOs and Unions, and arrests. New education laws (all of these temp. laws will be incentive to vote Republican so they can become permanent)
14) Suspension of all COVID Regulations
15) Trump reveals his relationship to Q
16) Trump begins releasing repossessed patents for amazing technologies and makes programs for great new business & employment opportunities
17) Martial Law will continue through the elections in order to secure election integrity & safety. Then We Vote.
And did I mention that similar things will occur globally, That’s why Trump has been so busy cutting contracts with all these countries

Sean Christopher

Millions of people worldwide are waking up to the fact they were lied to during President Trump’s entire Presidency.

a former Democrat apologizes to President Trump for believing the MSM lies about him.

Millions of people worldwide are waking up to the fact they were lied to during President Trump’s entire Presidency. We ‘conspiracy theorists’ (a term coined by Bush Senior’s CIA to deflect people away from their satanic crimes) have been ridiculed for years. We remained calm. We knew this day would come.

World Patriots, remember it is not your job to ‘red pill’ everyone you meet. They will come to the truth in their own way and in their own time – just as you did all those months/years ago.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)