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There are so many clones and body doubles now in Congress, that you would be hard-pressed to find the “real” bodies-JFK through Losha-

Our New World is Coming!

February 12, 2021

Message from John F. Kennedy

To my most beloved Patriots of our “True” history. .. I say, greetings! This is a time in our young world which is brand new…such things as are happening right now have never happened before! You may not feel like it at the moment; however, you are very blessed to be here on Earth, at this time!

All of you, each one of you, are here because you “agreed” to be here…. Now, one might wonder, why would I agree to live through the most tumultuous and chaotic events in the history of our world? What am I to do right now?

I would say to each of you…that you are to do what you were born to do! If you are unsure what that particular “role” or “task” is…then you can begin by listening, and watching, for “signs” that are there to guide you. Each one of us is “guided” by many different beings throughout their lives…many call him Jesus, some call her Mother Mary, some believe in Buddha, or Allah…there are many different beings available to help each of us find our “calling” in this lifetime.

The reason I am going into this so deeply is because “we” are at a very critical time…very critical…where every Patriot, Lightworker, Truth Seeker, and all who are on the Light side, is important, and their particular skill, ability, knowledge base, or intuition, is needed to help those on the “front lines”…because, even though we know the Light has already won in the higher dimensions, it still must “play out” here on Earth, right now.

I realize that I speak a lot about “each” of us, or every “individual”…and that is because, as I have alluded to before, we are all “One”…a collective…and that means that whatever happens to ONE of us, happens to ALL of us! That may sound quite outlandish to some, but I do believe those who are reading this message, already know this fact…so I am just providing a “friendly reminder” to you beautiful souls, is that not so? (smile)

I will briefly address a couple of the “events” which are happening, in your current timeline. First, the impeachment. This is a farce…this shows us just how desperate the Dark Ones are to try and rid themselves of our beloved Donald Trump, and his family.

If you knew all the details of how they have tried to end his life, and the lives of his family members…and how many times they have tried it…you would not believe it. It indicates how dark these ones truly are, and the lengths they will go to to try and keep the Light from shining! Have no fear, dear ones…our beloved Trump’s “Light” will keep on shining! We are not done yet! We WILL be victorious! We will Be the Bright Light for All!

The second topic is the one of “president biden” (I will give him no respect as he has done nothing to deserve it)…that also, is a farce…it is a circus! There are even clowns included for you to enjoy! You know who are the clowns in that “group”! However, they are about at the end of their “rope,” literally for many. There are so many clones and body doubles now in Congress, that you would be hard-pressed to find the “real” bodies! (1)

Many of the Congress men and women are just “acting out” their role, at this point in time…they have already been tried and convicted; it just, as yet, has to be made public. We are in the last “scene” of the “play”…and the “finale” is about to start!

I know this has been hard on so many of you…especially when it has caused rifts in so many relationships. However, the rift will not be there much longer…as many Patriots have said…yes, most especially my beloved Juan O Savin… (2) “it is time to choose a side.” It is my greatest hope that all those who are not quite yet seeing the Light, will “choose” to see it clearly, and very soon, so relationships can be mended, and we may all come together to create a wonderful, brand new world!

I am going to gently remind you of what wonder lies ahead after this last bit of rancor is over…there is to be free energy, so many of you will be able to work less, and even find new jobs in the burgeoning fields of advanced technologies, and quite possibly be able to “create” a job about which you are passionate!

There are going to be unlimited possibilities for new endeavors and occupations! There will be less need to work, and more time will be spent with family and friends. Pollution will be gone. New schools will help each child to find their special skills and passion, instead of just memorizing fake dates and events…and there will be healing for all! This is just the beginning of our adventure! It will seem miraculous when compared to our “old” and very limited world of 2020! Our new world will be limitless!

Yes, I do indeed get very excited about our future…which is almost our present, now…and it is much more interesting and compelling to think about than the last dregs that are happening to clean up the cabal and their ilk! Our minds are best used when we put our thoughts on our positive accomplishments, and the unlimited possibilities that lie ahead of us!

I will tell you this again, my beloved ones…you are so very, very blessed to be a witness to this destruction of the Old, an integral part of creating the New! You are members of a very select group who were “annointed” to be here at this time, to help all to evolve to the higher dimensions, which is the ultimate journey to be taken, and you are being watched by many other species of beings, all of whom have great admiration and love for you!

You also have my very own undying Love and Admiration…and I ask you to keep up the Fight for Good!

I am yours, forever and always.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Channeled by Losha

the “clean-up on Aisle 4!” is just about done, now…and it is time to BEGIN LIVING OUR NEW LIVES…at least within our own minds right now, until our physical world catches up!-JFK through Losha-

Have Faith in Our Future, Patriots!

January 30, 2021

Message from John F. Kennedy through Losha

I am so very happy to be able to speak to you Patriots today! Today and tomorrow are very big days, indeed!

I know you would like me to tell you every single detail that has been, and is currently, happening in the United States, that is helping to bring us all back to our sacred Republic…and I would love to tell you these things, myself! However, you must have faith that these powerful, life-changing events ARE truly happening, right now, as I am speaking to you!

You who have a solid foundation of faith at this time, must know why many of these profound events, need to happen “behind the scenes”. For those who don’t quite understand the need for such secrecy, I will point out the most obvious reason.

First, and foremost, the general population who are as yet “unawakened” to the Truth of our absconded Republic (and even before then!) and how the malicious cabal have kept “us” enslaved for many, many years, would be so shocked if the Truth had been thrust upon them all at once, there are some who might, in fact, cross over prematurely.

We are trying very hard to ensure that the Truth is “disclosed” at a pace which most of the “new Patriots” can handle…and yes, there are many who are “crossing enemy lines” recently, and joining you wonderful “original” Patriots! That is our “best case scenario”…that we are able to swing the ones who are not completely “die-hard” MSM followers, toward our 100-million-strong group of Patriots! We are mighty, indeed!

It has been such a pleasure lately to watch how cohesive you all have become since that auspicious day where the “Biden one” was allegedly inaugurated as president (no “capital” letters used on purpose). That day and its apparent “results” was a huge test of faith for all Patriots, and so very many of you stood strong! I am so very proud of you All!

Since that dastardly day, our beloved Patriots have shown their true mettle…that they will NOT be stopped, in any way, shape, or form! It is truly inspiring for me to see how very quickly you all have become at “switching gears”! You have been “banned” from so many different social media platforms, and yet here you are, still “bothering” the MSM with your memes and truth-speaking! So much so, that they are having to spend quite a bit of their “air-time,” trying to “debunk” what you are saying! It is a true joy to watch!

I hope all of you beautiful Patriots have truly taken a moment, to realize what a momentous time in the United States’ history this is…and how very important YOU all are in helping us get to this point in time! There are no words glorious enough to “Thank You!”…for we truly would not have made it this far, but for your inspiring, and indefatigable spirit!

There are many of you, like my muse here, who are so surprised to find yourselves as being labeled a “dissident” or a “terrorist”, when all you were doing was searching for the Truth, and following your heart. Many of you started this lifetime out as a rather “passive” spirit.

However, these recent days of reckoning have forced you to “make a choice”…a choice which may be causing a great rift between you and various members of your family…even your spouse and partner. I remember when I finally realized how evil some of those who surrounded me were, and I tried to explain it to my own family, many of them turned their backs on me … just as they have done with you. It saddened me greatly, and it saddens me now.

I can see how very much this “ex-communication” from your family tears at your hearts, when in fact, it is you who are “right” about these matters. Unfortunately, right or wrong does not really matter much when it is involving such close ties…it cuts right to the “heart” of everyone…on both “sides”.

Do not believe for an instant, however, that this chasm of Truth between you and your family members does not also affect greatly the ones who disagree with you and are clinging to truths which will not “hold water” much longer. I assure you…their hearts are breaking just as much as yours, right now.

The good part about all of this…and yes, there is a good part!…is that almost ALL but the very hard-core “MSMers” will end up seeing the Light…your Light, and the Light of Truth! I promise you that.

So you can begin looking forward to the time when you all will be able to give a long, loving hug, to each of those family members…and we can all begin to look forward to our wonderful, sovereign future “together”…where we will all be equal in the eyes of the Lord, as it always should have been, and will be…forevermore.

There are a few of you, like my muse, who try to “be positive” about everything that happens, no matter how difficult it is, at times. They like to spend their time envisioning the “new” future that is coming for us…where you will be able to quit working your “9 to 5” job, and instead find an “income” which allows you to do whatever you are “passionate” about…and where you live with neighbors who are loving and kind, and where you will all help each other out, and care for each other in ways that we haven’t seen in our lifetimes! Kindness will no longer be a “bad” thing…it will be celebrated!

So, as we are still “treading water” through these last tough days, please try to focus on what you would “LOVE” to be doing with your “future” days, instead of allowing yourself to be filled with angst and anger. What would YOU like to DO? Please think about what truly makes you happy and excited…whether it be caring for children in wonderful, loving ways…or creating inspiring handmade items which bring joy to others…or developing a “new system” for our many old systems of doing things…which are soon going to be obsolete.

We are going to need many, many beautiful souls who are ready to “roll up their sleeves” and get to creating a brand new way of “Living”! I “know” that there are many of you out there…I can see you!…who have already been getting flashes of insights as to how to “do things better”, and we need ALL of you to begin writing those insights down…there is no insight too small!…because we are fast approaching a time where our “new Lives” are going to be ready to be created…by us!…each ONE of us! I exaggerate, NOT! (smile)

Well, I wanted to take this time to try to help you shift your thinking of “when” everything will “happen”, to the kinds of thoughts such as “what can I help to make happen…for our Future?”…because the “clean-up on Aisle 4!” is just about done, now…and it is time to BEGIN LIVING OUR NEW LIVES…at least within our own minds right now, until our physical world catches up!

Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country…it still rings true, does it not?

I love you all without equal!

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

JFK: Your Light is Needed, Right Now!

January 20, 2021

Message from John F. Kennedy

Whoa, whoa, whoa, my dear Patriots! Please do not go over the “rails” after witnessing today’s “faux affair”…there is still much more to happen, and as you are finding out the hard way, it is not always as soon as you would like it to be. Well, let me help to take your mind off of those dour thoughts, my beautiful ones!

I would like to talk a little bit about “time lines”…yes, time lines! Some of you may not be very aware of how many different, and yet similar, time lines are occurring in each moment…however, this becomes important with regard to what is happening right now in the U.S…and the world.

At first, it is difficult to determine when a time line is shifting…but, as you become more aware of how your environment “feels” around you, it becomes more apparent. My muse taking this message is just now learning about this, too!

Let us take a rather clear example, such as when you are doing something that you are passionate about…something creative, or all-consuming. You are familiar with the saying that you “lost all track of time”, are you not? This is one basic way to understand that time lines are shifting.

So, let us take the current geo-political scene, right now…that is not a situation where someone is doing something they are passionate about, however, some of the tasks being performed by the Alliance right now, are most definitely time-consuming!

So, every time there has been a “pivotal” moment in our current environment, there is also an imperceptible “shift” in the Universal time line. Now, that may sound too grandiose to imply that when one of the Alliance’s tasks is being achieved, it can cause a shift in the time line of the whole Universe…however, it is quite true, I promise you!

As a point in fact, that is where the concept of “All are One” comes from, too…everything each one of you beautiful Patriots does affects the “whole”…the Universe…and you thought you were rather insignificant, didn’t you? Well, as you can see, that is farthest from the Truth!

So, we have these imperceptible time lines shifting all the time, involving each one of us…what does it mean then? How do we use it to help us in this moment of extreme angst and depression?

I would offer you this…that when you are feeling such angst and such depression, that you find something to do about which you are passionate…something just for yourself. Thus, when you do that passionate something, it will cause a wonderful feeling of energy all around you (and through you!), and that energy, based upon the “All are One” principal, will then be extended outward, to envelope the person next to you, then your neighbor next door, then in the nearest city, then in the state, and then, all the way around the world!

Now, I know this is difficult to comprehend for some, however, I say what is wrong with just doing something you are passionate about anyway, no matter what the energy does afterward, am I correct, dear one? You can just leave it to the Universe to send the beautiful energy wherever it needs to go!

As for how all this matters in today’s geo-political scene, well, it matters, because YOU matter. You matter to the Universe, and to our President Trump, and to our Alliance, and to all of our international brothers and sisters, and to all of our Patriots, who are trying just as hard as you are, to help bring about a positive outcome to our current situation.

However, I tell you this…as simple as my statement is that you focus on doing things that you truly enjoy, right now…that is also how *important* that very action is, because it actually helps all others here on Earth, besides yourself! Now, that is a lot of bang for your buck, is it not? (smile)

I know this message has not been what you might have expected from me at this critical time in our history, however, if you have been reading my other messages through this one recently, it has become my “calling card” to try and help you to understand that we truly are…ALL of us…in this “together”…whether we like it or not…so, why don’t we try to make the best of it, and go ahead and help ourselves by doing what makes us joyful, while also knowing that our joyful actions are spreading Love throughout the entire Universe! There are no insignificant souls here! Every one of you are so very critical to the shifting of the time lines right now, so we can continue our path towards Freedom, Sovereignty, and Unity…our united states of America! (the “capital” letters on united states was used by the cabal). We are no longer under their regime…it will just be a few more “moments in time” until it is seen by all!

Please continue to have faith in each other, Patriots…and to have faith in your “true” leaders. I know without a doubt that you are ready to climb back into the boat, dry yourself off, and continue to trust in our worthy goals of Life, Liberty, and Justice for All.

I am with you always…

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

The Good Fight-JFK via Losha-

The Good Fight

January 11, 2021

Message from John F. Kennedy

Note from Losha: The same day that President Trump got banned from Twitter (then subsequently Facebook, Instagram, etc), I was also banned from Twitter. I had only 292 followers…lol! However, ever since that event happened, I have been feeling that JFK wants to give another message…and I think he is pretty frustrated! We shall see what he has to say, right now. Thank you.

Greetings to all my fair weather friends and Patriots!

Yes, my muse was correct with her interpretation as to why I was wanting to provide another message at this time.

As you all know, based upon the latest “intel” that you regularly follow, this is a very critical moment in our American history. In fact, it is a critical moment in our world’s history…and I am not exaggerating at all.

For those who have a good understanding of our United States of America history, you know that our beloved Founders of our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill Of Rights were known for their independence of thought and actions. They were the first Patriots! They were unified by their desire to break away from the old regime, the British Monarchy. They believed they were being oppressed economically, socially and ideologically. They believed that they could do better than their “masters”, and wanted a chance to prove it.

Well, the hope of breaking free from their oppressors and showing they could govern themselves better than the others, didn’t last long. Even though the colonists fought valiantly, and ultimately won the fight, and with it the separation from the British they had long sought after, it wasn’t very long after that war, that a group of “elites” began to lean heavily on the new U.S. lawmakers, and obtained more and more power, by either blackmailing or bribing those in such lawful positions to do their bidding.

So, even though we had won our sovereignty once early on, it did not last very long, unfortunately. Subsequently, here we are again…valiantly fighting to regain our independence and sovereignty…only this time we are attempting to take it back from our very own “government”. Hence, it is much harder to convince some of the “conditioned” population that this is the true situation, as many cannot believe that their own government officials, whom they have admired and trusted for many years, would indeed commit such treasonous acts against us, their own “electors” (the ones who elected them). I will not even discuss the elections themselves as to their veracity a second time, but suffice it to say, it has been many, many years since the United States (and many other countries) have had a true, authentic election, without some form of cheating being utilized by the infamous cabal.

So, that brings us to our current, critical situation. I am so very proud of all you Patriots and Lightworkers, who have understood how very important it is for you to keep contributing to the greater good, in whatever way is unique, and passionate, for you. Each of you has a very special role to fill during these challenging, and ultimately liberating, times.

I will tell you that I was very surprised as to the extreme lengths the dark ones have gone to recently, especially when they banned Patriots such as my muse from social media, who had very small followings. I believe however, that such extreme reactions by these ones, who have devolved over time into a “shell” of what a human truly is, indicates how truly terrified they are about getting “caught” and having to deal with all that will go with it…such as prison for the rest of their lives, and for some others, the ultimate “penalty”. Now, I have never been an advocate of capital punishment in the past, however, after the general population finally sees “proof” of the many treasonous and truly terrible crimes the dark ones have comitted, they might end up agreeing with capital punishment for some, just as I ended up doing.

I know I don’t have to even ask this of you, my beloved Patriots and Lightworkers, but I will do so anyway…and that is just to keep praying for our President Trump and family to be protected as he continues to face the most cunning, fraudulent, and evil group of people who would like nothing better than to take him out, permanently. In fact, they have tried to do so many times, and I am so very glad that our President is surrounded by a multitude of angels and protectors, who have worked to keep him safe at all times.

We also need to pray for all those in the Alliance who are on the front lines of this epic battle. They are sacrificing much because they believe so fervently in regaining our Sovereignty, and we thank them, and bless them all. Last, we need to pray that the Highest Good for All be made manifest during this ultimate test of wills…and that our devotion to God and His will, be kept at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers.

I am with you in this challenging moment, and I love you always. Keep up the Good Fight!

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Your Light is Shining Brightly!-Message From John F. Kennedy via Losha-

January 7, 2021

Message From John F. Kennedy

My dearly beloved Patriots…oh, how it hurts me to see you all hurting so much, right now! I wish I could do more to comfort each of you, as you wade through these rough waters. I will try to help with the words that I am sending through my muse, right now.

Actually, I would like to address a couple items that won’t necessarily be comforting but I feel that I must say them at this time.

First and foremost, I am so very glad that these evil scoundrels, who have enslaved all Americans (and others!) for so very long, are finally getting their just due! I know that it certainly does not seem like we are winning and they are losing at the moment, especially following the tragic events that took place on the day of the very important Joint Session of Congress regarding the Official Electoral Vote Count.

There are many different intel perspectives being bandied about as to the reason for the attack on the Capitol building. Some of them contain a bit of truth and that is all…but the ones who are saying that the Alliance had a hand in the “attack” are most correct.

The Alliance were definitely involved, and yes, they even “encouraged” some of it (not the violence), so they could then use some of those moments to their advantage. Yes, while the Congressional officials were “reacting” so quickly to the announced attack by running for their safety in the tunnels below the Capitol, the White Hat “plants” were able to confiscate some of the Congress person’s computers, which will provide the Alliance with a large amount of sensitive data, that can later be used against them in a court of Law. Do not worry…all that is being done, is being done “by the book”…the book of our revered Constitution.

Do not worry about those whom you are hearing “passed on” due to the attack…because they are either not truly deceased and the MainStream Media are using it as part of their misinformation agenda, or they did cross over because they had decided before they were born in this lifetime, that they would be the ultimate Patriot and sacrifice this particular lifetime of theirs, in order to help us Save America. Additionally, know that those beloved Patriots have already been enveloped with our Love, and are going to assist from Above, just as I have learned to do. We are all most certainly fulfilling our “life roles” in our own unique, and beloved, ways.

Now, as for the Joint Session of Congress where they were to formally count the electoral votes for each state…that was a complete sham! Even though the process was interrupted with an incursion of sorts, it had already been made clear by the Vice President…even before the session had started…that he would not even entertain the objections to the electoral votes, because he had “decided” that he didn’t have the “authority” to do so…ha! I say! If he had truly wanted to do the right thing, and he knew he had the authority to do so too, he would not have “created” this “simpleton reason”. Yes, I am a bit aggravated at the way this particular Election milestone played out. As many of you have also said, it is just one more delay toward Saving America.

However, as others of you have been trying to remind those of us who have been unceasingly anxious lately, the Alliance does have a Plan…in fact, they have several plans, and they are continually monitoring the events of the day to determine if a modification is needed in the Plan. The Alliance is even using the extremely advanced Quantum System to determine if there have been any changes in the “fabric” of the timeline that is playing out at the moment, and if there is actually a need to “change” the specific timeline, which is not as difficult to do as one might think. The only reason I even bring up the Quantum System is because I want you to know how very many variables, both intellectual and technology-based, goes into the Plan.

Now, as for those Congressional Patriots who put their very lives on the line in order to object to the “methods” used to count the votes in each state, we applaud you! We thank you for choosing to put America First in your lives, and for being willing to sacrifice your esteemed careers, as there was always a chance of losing it. Your courageous acts did not go unnoticed!

As for my beloved Patriots…you are finally realizing how very important your role, big or small is, during this Great Awakening…each one of you, continuing to do what you do better than anyone else, is helping to shine the Light of Truth so brightly that the ones who have been so very asleep, are beginning to awaken. Each day we can see a few more Lights shining brightly on Mother Earth, and it is a wondrous sight! Do not give up beautiful ones…as your efforts, as small and invisible as they may seem, are truly helping! Keep up the fight, Patriots! Hold the Line! Shine your Light!

I am with you always.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Who is QAnon?-JFK through Losha-

Hold the Line, Patriots!

December 21, 2020

Message from John F. Kennedy

Oh, my…how very happy I am to be able to communicate with all of you loving, courageous, persistent, and emboldened Patriots again!

Yes, as you can hear in my tone of voice, I am very excited to speak with you at this particular moment in time.

First, let me say regarding “moments in time”…that you all are living in one of the most spectacular moments in time, right now! I realize that to many of you, my muse included, it may not feel very spectacular in your current reality…but allow me to give you a reason or two why it is so, please.

First, “our” Republic, which has been usurped from us for many decades now, is finally being restored to its rightful place! Our “new” Republic is also restoring our Sovereignty as a nation!…and that is a wonderful blessing toward which I was steadfastly working, before my demise. So, it is truly joyous for me to see this happening now…although the “Truth” is still “behind the scenes” until all the dark ones have been “silenced” for good…and that is happening now also, in a variety of ways and methods.

Let me say that some of the dark operators have actually seen the Light and are now helping the Alliance and President Trump to carry out the Plan and are working alongside our Light ones. For that, I am truly grateful!

In regards to the Plan, let me say that there is one particular fellow who bears my own name, and who is also very integral in helping the Alliance to achieve victory…and I couldn’t be prouder of him! Semper Fi!

As you have been reading from your Truth sources, this is a very critical moment in time. Prayers are requested for all those on the front line in this battle for not only America, but for the soul of our World, as well. I would especially include President Trump and his family; all of the extremely hard-working and dedicated lawyers and staff working on the plethora of lawsuits to bring about justice for the 2020 Election; and all of the new “alternative” media sites and video broadcasters (including all the wonderful Anons and Tweet’ers!) who are risking much to try and disseminate the Truth through the maze which is the Main Stream Media, where they are beginning to see the Light…of the repercussions for all of their nefarious deeds. There will be Justice, indeed!

Now, all of you know by now that there IS a Plan for taking back our country. Unfortunately, it is taking longer to achieve than many of you have envisioned, and that causes great distress for you, and for that, I apologize. When I was President, I was working diligently to try and begin the process of eliminating all of the entrenched dark ones, however I realized right before my end, that this effort was going to take a very long time, and require many resources and battles, before we saw real victory.

To that end, I began the secret group that has become known as QAnon, and it has grown from there. I am so very proud of all those who have so fiercely dedicated their entire lifetimes toward regaining our Republic and our Sovereignty, and so very sad that so many have had to give their lives for it.

As you have heard many in our circle say, this is not a game…this is not about democrat or republican “parties”. It hurts me to have to say this, but this is about Good vs. Evil…it is that important and critical!

I try not to dwell on the negative aspects of any problem, but in this case I feel that this needs to be said, albeit briefly.

The reason that the Alliance is moving so slowly it seems, in getting the Truth out to the “unawakened” population, is because some of the acts which have been committed against “us” are so heinous and downright evil, that the unawakened souls would not be able to handle hearing it, let alone believe it had truly happened.

So, the Plan is being enacted slowly, with the less vicious deeds being exposed first…then slowly, the more extreme acts will be brought to light, albeit a small percentage of its true totality.

As I am saying in a roundabout way, this Plan is very complex, meticulous, ever-changing, and dreadfully long regarding its completion…but when completed, and Victory of the Light is achieved, it will be a glorious day, indeed!

We are through most of the challenging times, with just a little more time required, and possibly a little more trial and tribulation needing to happen, to achieve the final result…which is our Constitution-based Republic and individual Sovereignty for All!

I hope that my message today was as much a message of Hope as it was about the “other” topics, because I truly want to mostly inspire with these messages…you receive enough of the other, in your current events! I did feel though, that I needed to provide some explanation as to the Plan and its details…oh, and my beloved son! (big smile)

I send you all so much Love from Above! I truly am watching over each of you, and I am also assisting as much as I can toward achieving the Plan, as it is so very important to me. I love you all.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Note…when Ibegan searching for an image to post for this message, JFK picked this one…because it was the last one taken with his son, before his death. Bless you, JFK. Losha.

On This Auspicious Day of Remembrance-JFK via Losha-

Message from John F. Kennedy

November 22, 2020

On This Auspicious Day of Remembrance…

Message from John F. Kennedy

My beloved Patriots…I just wanted to check in with you all today, on the anniversary of my assassination, back in 1963.

Yes, it was a harrowing event for all involved…and I feel the collective energy of sadness and anger building right now, as we come upon this auspicious day.

However, with the extended period of time with which I have had to review this tragic event that ended my physical life on Earth, I have altered my perspective somewhat, and I wanted to share it with you now, my loving Patriots.

Even though my life was cut short by a nefarious group of infidels, this event also called many early Patriots to “action”, because they knew who had planned out the assassination, and they realized that it was time to “make a plan” to finally stamp out the darkness of the cabal.

The Patriots who had stood by me during that time began to make detailed plans to begin the elimination of the Deep State, as they are called now. My colleagues also knew that this plan was going to take time to come to its ultimate completion…and that “completion” is what you all are witnessing, right now.

The plan to eradicate the cabal, which began as a very clandestine plan, has now become the “news of the day”…at least on the “truthful” news sites, that is. Eventually, those other “mainstream” news sites which have been manipulated and told what to say since the days of my Presidency, will be no longer.

We are at the most critical juncture of our short American history right now…and I am watching and assisting from my “station”…and knowing that all will end well…and all will be well, soon. In fact, it will be better than ever before!

There are new leaders, attorneys, state officials and patriots, stepping forward each day, to assist in restoring our Republic once and for all…and working to give us back our sovereignty. That is no small task however, and it is also needing each and every one of you who are reading this, to participate in whatever way is your individual divine calling, in order for all of the Alliance collective to battle the dark agenda’s plan with courage, determination and perseverance, and to reverse its course steadfastly until all can see the Light!

I am so very, very proud of you all, my beloved Patriots, for all the exhausting hours and mental energy you have expended in order to quell the cabal’s maze of intricate distractions and blatant elements of fraud and deceit…and believe me, we will WIN…and WIN BIG!

This big win will be for more than the Presidency of the United States though…it will also be for each and every American, even those who are currently on the “other side” of the Truth right now…for they will see the fraud and deceit for what it truly is, and has been for so many years, and they will slowly realize that they have been lied to, and taken advantage of, and they will quietly direct their allegiance toward the Light.

I ask of all of you…please be respectful and understanding as those who were deceived and unawake become awakened…because you also were, at one time, an unawakened one…and I hope you remember how long and arduous the road to awakening was for most of you…and it will also be that way, if not even more arduous and mind-numbing, for those who are just now waking up. Compassion is always the answer.

Thank you all for “having my back” all these years…it means so very much to me, and I hope you can feel I am returning that love you have given me, back to you all…one hundred fold!

I am watching over you all, and loving you all, during this very momentous and challenging time in our history.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Channeled by Losha

America…what does it truly mean? It stands for so much…our freedom, our sovereignty, our faith in God, and our ability to love others even though we might disagree with them in very fundamental ways. -JFK via Losha-

JFK Message – A Wondrous World Awaits!

November 14, 2020

Message from John F. Kennedy

My fellow Americans…I feel that I can truly say that again now…and it is the Truth!

Much has happened since my last message through this muse of mine…and there is still much happening, in this moment. I have been itching to help out even more than I have been able to from my perch here in the “world of the beyond”. There are times when I miss being in my physical body from my last lifetime as President of the United States of America.

America…what does it truly mean? It stands for so much…our freedom, our sovereignty, our faith in God, and our ability to love others even though we might disagree with them in very fundamental ways.

I hope that you patriots can now start to feel the tide shifting in favor of the Light. I know my muse can feel it…and whomever truly does feel it will be better able to withstand the last onslaught of vitriol that the dark ones are exhaustively putting forth…however, they are really feeling the loss of their “energy boost” they were used to receiving…and for that I am very, very happy! They do not have much power left, dear ones, so please do not give up, do not give in, and do not give your own power, to others.

I am just so very joyful inside right now, dear patriots of mine! I can see a bit more than you due to the higher level of “spirit” upon which I perch now, and it is a truly glorious sight! I am so very proud of each one of you…from those doing the very important and sometimes disgusting dirty work to apprehend some of the darkest beings on our Mother Earth. We owe our front line patriots our debt of gratitude…and please also send them Love and Healing energy…because they need it!

Then there are all the high up “officials” who have dedicated their livelihoods to trying to expose the dark situations, so that the Light may shine! They are truly our official brethren!

Next, there are so many wonderful meticulous computer “geeks”…and I mean that in the most endearing way…who are invaluable to helping to expose the false voting tabulations that have been announced recently…and I promise you…these “results” for President will be reversed.

This particular 2020 election process is going to bring out much of the deceit, bribery, and “under the table” negotiations that have been going on for decades…and this 2020 election is when it all stops!

The penultimate results of this election will bring in the beginning of our new and better ways of doing things…from the federal government being trimmed down substantially, to the state officials being weeded out for good, and all the way down to the most important ones…each of you!

The new way of living on Mother Earth is going to begin at the grass roots level…where the saying “it takes a village” will finally be thought of as a positive and loving sentiment…because we are learning that in these changing times that we are in right now, it truly will take all of us, working together, in order to achieve the greatness and cooperative sustainability toward which we are heading.

There are so many wonderful changes awaiting all of you…money will become less important, because free energy will be available to all soon, and that will allow many souls to quit working at a job they don’t like, and allow them to find what they are passionate about, and to do that, instead.

When that happens, bartering will become the primary method of trading for goods, as more whole, organic foods will become available due to the new growing technologies which are being released, now.

It is going to be a grand adventure, and you will all be able to breathe a huge sigh of relief that all the dark experiences are over and neighbors are becoming small, caring communities and learning to “govern” themselves.

As some of you have heard, there is really only one “law” needed under the upcoming Universal Law…and that is “Do No Harm”. Pretty simple, right? (smile)

Well, I just wanted to give you a little look into your near future, so you will not give up during these very last days of conflict and deceit…because there is so much that will be joyful awaiting you all…and you deserve every last bit of it, too, my beloved patriots! I am so very proud of you!

Please try to keep moving forward each day right now, even if it is one small step at a time, because each of you are here in this lifetime to complete the purpose for which you came, at this particular time in our history…and as you know, it is a very, very important, and critical time in our history…but we will all emerge victorious from it…and we will be sovereign once again! Praise God!

Thank you for listening to me today. I will be back…and until then, please remember to Love one another, and to also Love yourself.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Channeled by Losha.

I encourage everyone to live your life uniquely and as passionately as possible. All else will be taken care of perfectly. -JFK through Losha-

September 15, 2020

Channeled Message from John F. Kennedy

Hello, I am John F. Kennedy…Jack…as many have called me in the past, and the name I am going by for these purposes.

I am so very glad that I have been able to communicate with you patriots at this time in our world. As you can imagine, I have felt very invested in these times even though I am not physically living in these times at the moment. I hope to convey to you that I am like you, and I am with you, and I am trying to guide those who will listen to my words. I am very intrigued at all that is going on right now in your world…although I feel that it is my world, also.

It is very important that you listen to my words because I have the experience from the past, and also from the future in many ways, given from where I have been perched lately, for so many years. So, I have much knowledge and experience to pass along at this time.

Let me say, my message is one of hope…it is one of inspiration…it is one of love, and possibly a bit of sadness. I want to primarily however, provide a message that is inspiring and hopeful. So I will say in this moment…you all are doing an amazing job right now in trying to expose the secrets that have been secret for far too long.

I knew about the cabal’s secrets way back when I was on earth, so they have been secret for a long time. There are many, many new patriots who are now waking up, especially because of the virus situation. That is wonderful…we are gathering more and more numbers…greater numbers, and that is exemplary and important…and I wanted to profess to you all, that I wish I was there right now with you all, physically, I truly do. I am actually a bit envious that you are able to experience these transformational times. Although I can experience them somewhat from within my muse, and others of you who feel a strong connection to me…so I appreciate you all very much, all who are open to hearing, and connecting with me.

I have been channeled by many muses…I chose this muse for a series of messages because she and I both are very idealistic and expect the best at all times. The times right now do not seem to be the best, but you who are patriots know that the times are getting better…you can see it, and you can feel it, and I encourage you to hang onto that feeling, as much and as often as possible.

During the times when you don’t feel quite so hopeful and positive, you can send your love out to all others and that will allow you to feel better also…because the love flows through you, from the universe, out to others. So, when you send love to others, you are also sending love to yourself!

I have learned this since I have been gone from earth. I did not understand spirituality back then as well as I do now. I am just adding that because it may seem very strange to others to hear me talk in this way…especially among people who have known me in the past…they may say, “it doesn’t sound like JFK because he didn’t talk about love!”…however, I say he has learned (chuckles) since that time, about love…unconditional love.

So, when you are feeling hopeless, try to concentrate and focus on love…in any of its forms…and hopefully, that will help you.

I am also feeling, not just from my muse here, but from others too, that they are feeling much pressure to educate others about all of the “Disclosure” topics…and there are a myriad of topics, that is the truth!

However, there are so many of you who are feeling such pressure from that particular task, including my muse, and they are allowing it to bring them down. When you are dispirited that much, and that often, it is not good, for anyone. It is not good for you, and when you are in that mode it doesn’t help the people you are trying to educate, truthfully.

The information should be expressed in a pure form when you provide it to others. There are many, many of you who are doing an amazing job at educating others…and I am so very pleased to see your great works! However, I am concerned about those who feel the pressure to educate others, when it might not be their path to be doing so. If they are feeling too much pressure from it, maybe it could be their path to, as my muse says, “hold the light” for society…for humanity, instead…just as an example. All paths are challenging to follow, no matter the form it takes.

Hence, there are those who want to educate others and are able to do it and somehow not become depressed by it. Those are the souls who are on their true path.

My muse here has been diligently trying to educate others because she feels it’s important…as it is…but she gets depressed by it quite a bit. So, she is learning to lessen her involvement on that path, and instead, do things such as this…channeling messages for others…and at this, she excels, and she is also quite passionate about it!

I wanted to impart to you, my beloved patriots, that not everyone has to take the same path as others. Each and every one of you has a unique path…it may be similar to another’s path, but it is still unique.

I have referred to this in other of my messages also…and that is everyone has a unique role to play and bring forth on earth at this time. I am just so blessed to be able to watch you all from above, and to assist some of you, to speak through some of you, and to inspire some of you. I am so very proud of all of you…this is not an easy time to live in, right now. You are doing it though…you are doing amazing things. Even though it seems at times like progress has been slowed, or not moving at all, I hope you know inside yourself that is not accurate…because things are moving forward every moment, even every millisecond of a moment!

We have galactic help, we have spirit help, we have ascended master help, and we have our own humanity helping. The percentage of humanity who is waking up now is growing, moment by moment! I tell you this with no hesitation because I can see it!

So, what you are doing, all of you…whatever unique role you have, and you feel excited about, and passionate about…those things are helping in every moment, to help awaken others. Even if you are not feeling compelled and guided to tweet, or to facebook, find what you are passionate about. Find the way that you want to best help others in this moment.

After I crossed over, I was amazed at the world I saw…not down here, but the world in which I then found myself…and it is an amazing world…well, it is more of a dimension, I would say. However let me just say this…that dimension clued me in to many, many new ways of thinking, and everyone should be open to changing their ways of thinking…if it is truthful and feels right in your soul. That is what it did to me…my soul learned many new things after I crossed over…and that is why some of the things I am saying now do not sound like the “old Jack”…but I guarantee you, I am Jack…a new and improved Jack, let us say! (smiles)

So, I guess we will just leave the message as it is right now. Hopefully, I provided inspiration to some of you. My muse and I are trying to get the word out about certain aspects of the world right now…and the most important aspects of the world. Truthfully, the United States, is the world, right now. No offense to any other countries…they are all beautiful, the people are all beautiful…everyone is beautiful on planet earth. Right now, however, the events that are happening, are all about the United States right now…and Trump. I will get more into Trump next time, I promise that.

For this time, I will say I love each and every one of you with all of my heart. I am watching over you, and trying to assist in any way I can…and I will be back soon with another message through my muse. I encourage everyone to live your life uniquely and as passionately as possible. All else will be taken care of perfectly.

With unconditional love…I love you all.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Channeled by Losha

Yes, I am speaking of the Federal Reserve Board, which I was due to soon terminate, until the event of my death occurred. I was also going to re-introduce the gold standard, and I had knowledge of extraterrestrial happenings which I believed needed to be disclosed.-JFK-

July 22, 2020

Channeled Message from John F. Kennedy via Losha.

I have been anxiously waiting to speak with all of you beautiful patriots! I would just like to say right now that I have been watching what has been occurring in your world, and most especially in your United States lately…and most importantly with the so-called, QAnon, movement.

As many of you read in my last message that I provided to my muse here, I ended it by saying “Where We Go One, We Go All”…and yes, I was first and foremost indicating my approval of the movement itself, and I was lending my support to it…but it was a bit more than even that.  It was, as some of you have heard through the grapevine in your alternative media, that I was the originator of the Q group.  I will say, here and now, that is correct, but it wasn’t necessarily called the Q Group at that time.

The Q moniker has been given to it recently.  I did in fact believe that my life on Earth was in danger many years ago…and I wanted to ensure that [regarding] the very important areas of deceit that I had discovered were being planned by your Deep State (even way back then), steps would be continuously taken to combat their sordid actions.

Yes, I am speaking of the Federal Reserve Board, which I was due to soon terminate, until the event of my death occurred.  I was also going to  re-introduce the gold standard, and I had knowledge of extraterrestrial happenings which I believed needed to be disclosed.

So, there were several actions being taken by the other side, for which I was trying to prepare this soon-to-be Q group, to continue the fight against those actions they were desperately trying to complete.

I may have begun the group which is now being called Q Anon, but it has evolved into an even more powerful group of members now and I am very proud of all those involved in it, and for taking the helm on this very important movement against the Deep State.

I sometimes envy all of you who are physically there at this time because even though there are many tragic things happening, there are also  exciting things happening.  Even just watching the QAnon movement turn the tables on these powerful social media outlets is very exciting!  That is very satisfying for me to see.

Still, even though I would love to be there with you, linking arms and moving forward into a new world, I understand everything that has happened in regard to my lifetime there and I am better able to provide a bit higher perspective regarding all the happenings on Earth at this time, from the vantage point that I have now.

So all works out in the way it is meant to, even though it can look terribly depressing and frustrating, and even maddening, at times.  I felt that way myself many times while I was in the White House as President.  While my intentions were good regarding areas where I was unable to completely fulfill the needs of different groups of people, and of even countries, in certain situations…I still deeply regret the unresolved status of those areas in which I left them.

In some small way, I feel that providing these messages at this time, during this very tumultuous time on Earth, is a bit of penance on my part…it is also my hope that these messages will be received with open hearts, open minds, and a willingness to take action.

My muse here has been very hesitant to put herself “out there,” so to speak, and that is one of the reasons I chose her to receive these messages, because it is part of her role in this lifetime to take more action…she is doing that now, and I am  proud of her.

Each and every one of you has a specialty… an area of expertise, around which you can take action. You may not even know what that area is at this time, but if you become quiet for a few moments and listen, you will eventually hear that small still voice, indicating to you, where your passion lies…where your expertise lies.

Your expertise is needed very much, right now.  It is paramount that each voice be heard at this time…each soul is needed to add your individual commitments to the “whole” of this movement.  All of you souls brought together in one very important group of kindred spirits have already, and will in the future, become unmatched by any other group in this moment of time … in our history.

You have great things to achieve and it won’t even take a large amount of time to accomplish because you all have already spent so much time preparing for this moment…individually and collectively.

When you come together as a powerful like-minded group such as you are, you are unstoppable!  Those on the other side will find this out very quickly and very intensely…in fact, they are finding it out right now (smile).

Well, I just wanted to inspire you with a little cheerleading in this message for you all because I am so very proud of each and every one of you, and how you have not allowed the very deliberate and deceitful tactics being used by the mainstream media, as you call them, to try and undermine you and to compel you to quit…to quit trying…to quit living…to quit breathing, quite truthfully.  

I do not mean to be too dramatic but that was a part of their plan for all of you.  So you are showing them without a doubt, that you will not go down without a fight, and you will fight to the bitter end…and I will tell you now, that it will ultimately be a very happy ending, in God’s timing…I promise you that…it will take work on all of our parts, however I am always here with you in spirit, assisting you in any way I can, and loving each one of you, with all of my heart.  

Where We Go One, We Go All.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Channeled by Losha 

I can tell you with no hesitation and with great joy, that this time, “good” is going to win…and win big!-JFK-

July 7, 2020

Channeled Message from John F. Kennedy via email

My most beloved patriots – I am so very happy to be able to speak with you at this time.  I have been waiting for this moment of time to happen…where we are so very close to changing the world.

I have been watching events from afar but I was waiting for the right time to come back and provide a series of messages from the perspective that I currently have and also from the experiences which I had while I was on earth many years ago.

As my muse has felt many times lately, part of the reason that I want to leave these messages is because I have experienced various lessons learned from the past and I would like to pass that along at this time so others may also learn from them.

There is so much going on right now in the world and most especially in the United States. My heart breaks to see so much chaos, confusion and destitution. There are so very many people who are confused, depressed and feeling very disappointed with how the world is appearing to be. They would like to feel hopeful instead of hopeless.  

They would like to feel pride in whatever they are doing in the moment and they want to show others that there are many things about which to be prideful.  In these days there are so many different factions and opinions that are bandied about and people will wonder what they can do to right things in this world.

My suggestion right now is, for those who have faith, and believe in a hopeful future, to use that faith steadfastly, right now, and to invest their time and thoughts toward a better future…a more positive future.  I would suggest that many of you tune out, as they say, much of the rhetoric and disparaging newscasts that are just trying to instill fear and not hope.

This is one way that one can determine who to listen to…and that is who provides hope for the future.  Sometimes that hope may not initially be obvious in the messages you read from some of your beloved patriots and others, but you can discern from what they are saying that there is still hope, embedded in their thoughts and actions.

There are other media factions where there is no hope embedded in their thoughts and actions whatsoever.  It disturbs me greatly to see that even after all these years since I have been absent, so much of the media is still the same…if not worse even, at this time.

There are times from when I was president where my own thoughts and actions did not embed hope for the future as much as I would have liked.  I was not as cognizant as I should have been as to what my actions and thoughts were conveying to my constituents…to those who believed in me.

I have been watching throughout these many years, the various politicians and what they are saying and doing, and truth be told…I am sorry to be blunt…but they have not been saying much, or doing much, for the people…for you, the patriots.  It bothers me to no end that we have had so many years to learn our lessons from our somewhat sordid history, and yet, here we are…with very few lessons learned.

However, I will say that we are in the most wonderful of times right now, even though it surely does not appear to be the case at the moment.  Those of you who are patriots however, and believe in America’s hopeful future…you do know in your heart of hearts that it is truly happening, and it is happening now.

This hopeful future is what we all must believe in and discuss amongst each other so that we might build our numbers to become a mighty force in this literal fight of good versus evil…and it may sound cliche to say but I can tell you with no hesitation and with great joy, that this time, “good” is going to win…and win big!

I think I will leave this particular message with that joyful thought so that all of you patriots may also feel the joy that is coming, and coming soon.  Please persist in your individual callings regarding America and the world’s hopeful future because each and every one of you has a very important part to play in it.

I believe in all of you…each and every one of you, so very much…and I just have to say at this time…Where We Go One, We Go All.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Channeled by Losha