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Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: How to Cope When the Matrix Implodes

August 24, 2021,

Beloved brothers and sisters of Gaia, very soon you are about to see the rules, norms and cultures of your world unveiled as lies and manipulations. Many of you are aware of much of this information already. Most will have a great deal to learn. Even those of you who know a lot will find yourselves presented with new, more deeply upsetting information.

How to cope with this implosion?

The lies are being made visible in order to dissolve them in the light of clarity, compassion and love. Darkness is dissolved by the light, and you are the light. It is for that reason that every action you take in the name of the light will expand the global grace required to transmute this time most quickly and effectively.

What we present below is a reminder of what you already know, and it is by no means exhaustive. It is a cheat sheet! It is a reminder for when your mind goes blank and your heart goes numb: return to the basics.

1. At your essence, humanity is of the light.

Recentre in your hearts, in your love. It is worthwhile noticing what makes your heart sing now, so that you may develop a menu of solutions and pathways to the feelings of love and lightness.  This will help when you feel overloaded and can’t even remember how to feel love. Suggestions include thoughts of family, friends and pets, meditation, being in nature, practicing yoga and deep breathing….take notice now and make a list of what helps you reconnect with your inner light, your inner divine self, your sense of love.

2. Limit your exposure.

When you feel overwhelmed by the situation, it’s appropriate to take time out for self care, self love, self nurturing. You cannot be there for anyone if you have lost yourself: there’s a reason adults must put on their oxygen masks before children in a plane. Many will return to the experience of child-like overwhelm ~ you cannot comfort them if you have lost your centre.

3. Remember: this is a phase.

It’s been the most painful phase in many respects. It will end. This flood will clear, cleanse and purify more than anything ever has, so when you feel overwhelmed, remember that the worst of this will end…soon.

4. Be Gentle.

Be gentle with your self, and with others. Compassion, forgiveness, heart-centred listening, kindness… these qualities are your soul-compass. When in doubt about how to respond, return to these qualities.

5. Channel anger and outrage appropriately.

This is not the time to divide against each other, it is time to see reality clearly.  When your innate sense of decency is so appalled that you are overwhelmed by anger, take time out, immediately. Write out your anger, speak it out to a plant, cry into a pillow, draw it…there are as many ways to dissipate anger (without hurting or scaring others) as there are humans.

6. Deep breathing…

…is one of the most transformative exercises you can do. It opens up channels to your deepest heart, your innate wisdom, and divine source.

When stressed, B R E A T H E. It is magic.

7. Allow others to have their reactions.

Most will be unable to respond in thoughtful ways. If you are prepared for this, you will not take their reactions personally. None of it is aimed at you. If you are sensitive or empathic, as is likely if you are reading this, be consistent in clearing your energies, daily and even hourly. You may use any and all methods you currently use, from smudging to using light tools such as St Germaine’s violet flame, where you imagine his violet flame dissolving all negative thoughts, feelings and fears from your energy field instantly.

8. Self Care.

As far as you can, use all tools at your disposal to keep your energy clear.  This includes breathing fresh air (open a window), drinking clean water, and making healthier food choices when you have access to them. Zoning out using addictive substances may seem attractive, but it does prolong the pain.

9. Generosity of spirit…

…towards others, and sharing your time and resources, will reassure others that humanity is good, kind and loving. Many will need this reminder, it will be their safety net.

10. Be yourself.

You are the strongest of the strong, the bravest of the brave. You have awoken to be a conscious light in this time. While others will see only tragedy and terror, you will have greater insight and a wise heart. Trust yourself. You are where you are for a reason. Allow your mastery to shine with kindness and compassion.


Whoever you turn to in times of trouble, call upon them. Whether you turn to a divine source, galactics, angelics or nature – whosoever you turn to, bring them closer to you. All who assist humanity on the subtle levels are here for you, as equals, as partners. We are all One. Notice signs, symbols and coincidences: these are our ways of signalling our presence.

We love you and we are with you at all times.

Ashian through Jennifer Crokaert

If you are focused on expanding love ~ your love for yourself and your love for others, you are in complete alignment with the Divine Plan. You are effortlessly creating external change, through your internal transformation.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Xiaera: Are You Distracted?

August 19, 2021,

Beloved sisters and brothers, it is our great pleasure and honour to revisit you this day. You are both on the cusp and in the moment. This is an historic moment that those of the dark side have tried to steal from you, to vanish from in front of your very consciousness, but they could not, as they had stepped beyond the laws of the Divine Oneness.

This is the legacy that you were always destined to experience, and although it has been delayed more than you may like, it is in perfect alignment for this now moment.

The truth is unfolding in layers; what seems “true” one day, is revealed as lies in a subsequent now moment. ‘Truth’ as you understand it, as you conceptualise it, is a process; it is created in layers, and each layer reflects your consciousness at that point in “time.”

It is for this reason that there are many layers of “truth” all being shared in this now moment, because there are many layers of consciousness currently co-existing in your now moment. These will very soon converge around two dominant “truths” that reflect two dominant world views and two consciousness vibrations.

For this reason, we ask, are you distracted? Are you externally focused? Waiting for revelations and change? Waiting to be “right?”

Or are you internally focused?

This journey is a journey of consciousness, first and foremost. The external landscape changes to reflect the evolution in your consciousness. Your ascension is what matters.  Your ascension is the focus and the pivot point, your alignment to your Divine Self, your Christed Self, your inner Yoda…  That is the focus.  That is the engine of all external change, truth and evolution.

Look inside! Look at your heart, your actions and motivations. Become as clear as you can be: that love is the super-power of your evolution.

At one level of consciousness, love of self is seen as a failing. At a much deeper level of consciousness, love of self is seen as the quantum power driving this evolution. Without surrendering to the totality of who you are ~ the light and the shadow ~ you cannot embrace the totality of another in compassion and understanding.

The wise men and women who walked your planet were revered for the love they extended to others, but they all began with love of themselves ~ that was gateway to the ocean of love.

By truly loving yourself, you mark yourself as a Master, where upon you are accepted into the ocean of love, so that you may bathe in it and allow the love within to flow from you to all around you.

So we ask you: Are you distracted? Are you looking at the external world waiting for change? Or are you focused on the real transformation at hand: the evolution of consciousness, the Ascension?

If you are focused on expanding love ~ your love for yourself and your love for others, you are in complete alignment with the Divine Plan. You are effortlessly creating external change, through your internal transformation.

(c) 2021 Jennifer Crokaert

When you’re in a state of constantly dedicating your thoughts, words and actions to the collective, to the ascension energy, your vibration begins to raise higher and higher, so that you create a portal within yourself.

July 21, 2021,

J: Hello! I have a question about a thought that ‘landed’ in my head recently: ‘You are a portal’. I feel as though I intuitively know what you mean, but could you say more about it please?

A: Greetings! It is wonder-full to be with you all in this discussion. Yes, you are correct when you say this thought ‘landed’ in your head… or perhaps it evolved?

J: That’s entirely possible, because I’ve been thinking that we can expand the potency of our light, our meditations, our actions, by seeing them aligning with the light grid, thereby adding our power to the light grid and almost gaining quantum traction, for all that we do by consciousness alignment with the light and with the collective.

A: That is entirely correct, and yet it only goes so far. That is expanding the potency, the resonance at the collective level, but it also creates a personal affect too.

When you’re in a state of constantly dedicating your thoughts, words and actions to the collective, to the ascension energy, your vibration begins to raise higher and higher, so that you create a portal within yourself.

J: Will I fall into it?!

A: No! Consider it this way, a portal is a higher vibrational vortex; it is a now moment of much higher alignment than is usual in a given space-time moment, it is a connection to a higher vibration that is pulled through space and time to a specific now moment, in this instance, within you in that now moment.

J: Yes, that makes sense… It feels like a bubble or an expansion of love and energy through my chest.

A: You describe it well, like a bubble that connects to another, higher expression of energy. Like will always find like, and high vibrational energy will pull high vibrational energy to it, even if it seems that it is not present in that moment.

Can you see how you are acting as a portal now?

J: Yes. I wanted to check with you, I’ve noticed sometimes in the past, the feeling of joy, expectation, love and connectedness – especially in the early morning sunlight – sometimes creates a similar experience?

A: It does. There are many ways, but what is happening is a high vibration is attracting a similar high vibration, which comes from a space-time outside your now moment. This is why we go on and on and on about feeling love and joy, about following your bliss, about seeing yourself as divine beings undertaking a divine mission. They are all pathways to creating the internal 5D vortex, the 5D portal within you.

As more and more of you are able to expand your energy this high, and hold your experience for longer, you are anchoring the 5D on your planet, and moving closer to the tipping point.

J: Oh… the tipping point… We’ve heard a lot about that: 10% of the population, 60% light quotient for the population as a whole…

A: There are many tipping points! As your light level increases, you hit new energetic ‘markers’, that then prompt new actions in your timelines, almost like a graduation, where each marker or tipping point moves you on to a higher vibrational energetic, a higher timeline. It is like you are graduating from one class to move to the next and the next. Each new timeline is faster and – believe it or not – smoother than the timeline you have graduated from.

J: Are you sure about that?!

A: We are! You do not know what you have left behind, and that is truly for the better. Focus your energies on the now moment, on expanding love within, on dedicating that love to collective… that is light service.

J: Thank you so much.

A: It is always our pleasure to be with you all. We are always with you all, simply call upon us to feel us closer.

J: Thanks, I know so many of us are tired and many are lonely.  It’s good to feel that you’re close and you have our backs.

A: We are as close as your breath, if you call upon us.

J: Thanks Ashian.

© Jennifer Crokaert 2021

You have created amazing change in unprecedented time. You are through the veil. You are now in a very different time-space, and your now moments will begin to flow with greater ease, grace and speed.

June 11, 2021,

My dearest brothers and sisters of the Light, you have done it!

You have created amazing change in unprecedented time. You are through the veil.  You are now in a very different time-space, and your now moments will begin to flow with greater ease, grace and speed. We salute you and we cheer you.

With all this being said, we do not wish to suggest that the process after lift-off in your space crafts is easy; you may feel pinned to your seat, you may feel that you will pass out from the power of the G-forces, you may also feel the excitement of moving past gravity and wondering what weightlessness will be! The now moments after take-off can take a toll on the body and the mind, so caring for yourself is more important than ever. If you are exhausted or depleted in any way, you cannot care for yourself.

Allow me to share some insight into life on our craft. We consider our craft our home, but it is also an extension of us, a consciousness that is linked to us and to our well being. If we neglect ourselves and if we get run down, our craft suffers and all our team suffers. That is not a good thing to happen in space!

For this reason alone, it makes sense that caring for ourselves is a central priority.

This does not mean that we are arrogant, demanding, spoiled or greedy. It means that we are lovingly disciplined in noticing when we are feeling tired.  It means we would eat foods that are wholesome, uplifting and blessed.  It means that every day, we align with our service to the divine and our galactic family of light.  It means that we enjoy nature (we have some creative ways of doing that!) and it means that we spend time alone every ‘day’ to connect with our inner wellspring of divine love and light.

So, while there is great celebration at the level of light you have integrated, we must lovingly urge you to move into self-responsibility for your well being. Holding and expanding this new level of light means you must honour, respect and care for your wondrous self with the same care and attention you have lavished on others up until this time.

Care for yourselves with the tenderness of our care for you.

The Event could be imagined as a positive electro-magnetic surge that melts the blockages in your ‘junk’ DNA and in the 95% of your brain that you are not using. These two biological changes will transform all life, completely…The Med Beds will allow for all of humanity to have enormous assistance in the detoxification and refinement of their physical forms.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: Become 5D Ready

May 27, 2021,

A: You, humanity, are like a water balloon that is so full of water/energy that you are about to make a collective ‘pop’, and when you do, the Universe will know.

J: Are you talking about emerging from the ‘new big c’, or the EBS or the Event, or something different entirely?

A: The Event. It is close and getting closer. Despite what you may see, the vibration is increasing steadily on the planet and when you are able to sustain the vibration you will make the jump.

J: What vibration level? How? To where?

A: The Event could be imagined as a positive electro-magnetic surge that melts the blockages in your ‘junk’ DNA and in the 95% of your brain that you are not using. These two biological changes will transform all life, completely.

Illness will cease to exist, imbalances or addiction, temperament, habits that do not serve you… these will be seen as the effect of old programming and effortlessly left behind, like toys you have outgrown.

J: Great! So we don’t need to do anything – just wait!

A: Wouldn’t that be nice?! We know you ask tongue-in-cheek, and it’s an important question. Consider swimming: the water will hold you, but only when you have learnt and practiced the skill of using your body in a way that compliments the medium of water.

The 5D will hold you, and allow you to create unimaginable events, circumstances, health, experiences… but only when you have learnt to hold your body in a way that is aligned with that energy.

J: So, what does that mean, and why am I already feeling like I have failed? I don’t mean to be rude, but how do we hold such a high vibration with the lack of nutritional quality in food and water, not to mention frequencies from mobiles, wireless this and that, air pollution… The list is endless and overwhelming.

A: My dear friend, breathe…



Firstly, we never expect you to do it all; what matters is that you engage with your health, your physical sovereignty, your divine vessel. Begin with any aspect of your health that appeals to you, whether it is simply making a switch in diet, in what you drink, in exercise or – if we may be so bold – the radical departure of thanking your body for giving you the opportunity to be here now. Without your body, you could not access this experience.

We have seen enough of your world to know that humans at best ignore their bodies, at worst they hate them, and in the middle, they worship them.

J: Wouldn’t worshiping the body be good?

A: Worship always comes from the mind, from a feeling of inferiority and fear, not from the heart which knows only love, equality and respect.

J: Nice point!

A: Each and every precious soul has a different journey which must be respected. Your awakening is not just a spiritual awakening: it is also a physical awakening. You will bring your bodies with you into the 5D, so it is best to begin to gently prime them, to entrain them in the practices and routines of the 5D. What you do now, from and through love and respect, for your bodies, will make the transition easier, smoother and swifter.

Become more familiar with nature, with light, with breath… these are the fundamental aspects of your being in the 3D/4D and especially in the 5D.

J: I’m sorry to say, I’ve never been an outdoor person; it’s always too cold.

A: Layer up! External air …

J: I note you don’t say fresh air!

A: We would not lie to you. There are areas of your planet where the air is clearer, but fresh air is not currently possible on your planet. It will become so. The waters will be cleansed and purified, the earth will be made rich and fertile.

But we cannot and will not override your free will journey and self expression. You must begin first.

We can offer endless inspiration and assistance if we are asked, but we cannot and will not rob you of your victories, your insights, your growth. We are here as coaches, not surgeons. And very soon, it will become understood why surgery is no longer necessary.

J: Do you mean Med Beds?

A: We do. The Med Beds will allow for all of humanity to have enormous assistance in the detoxification and refinement of their physical forms.

J: You did that for us.

A: Only when the vibration was conducive to it: you must always act first. We will take 10 steps to meet you, if you just take the first step.

J: Very Jesus-like, if I may say so, but I feel that’s a conversation for another day. Thank you for this.

(c) Jennifer Crokaert 2021

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: How to Live a 5D Life

April 23, 2021,

Ashian: The superimposed matrix of your planet has been fear; every institution on your planet was designed around fear ~ creating it, spreading it, perpetuating it. This is no more. Look through the veil and you will see that the veil has disappeared. You are free of the fear-programming.

J: That sounds great and my head gets it, but I’ll be honest, I still find myself doing things I know are old patterns. How do I/we get past that?

A: First notice it, then bless it. What is not of the light is dissolved by the light. Open the door into a darkened room and the light floods in, the shadow does not flood out. And be patient with yourself. This is millennia old… you are looking for immediate change.

Change will come quickly, through the use of light and light-techniques, but it can take time, as you assimilate and embody the new light codes, vibrations and grids within your physical vessels.

J: Thank you. That makes sense ~ but you can see how we are running out of patience down here.

A: Yes. And we have waited millennia for this, so perhaps there is something we may share with you about patience!

J: Hmmm (said she, abashedly!)

A: It is not to shame you, but to put your experience into perspective, to provide you with a little breathing space, because ‘much’ of humanities impatience is ego-driven, not soul-driven. The soul is beyond time and is experience-focused, therefore time does not matter, experience matters more. When you are in the experience of something, you lose all sense of time because you too are experience-focused, when you are in your divine flow.

You are soon to gain your freedom in a most unexpected way. While that will come as a harsh shock to many, those of you who have waited for this and prayed for this moment stand ready to come into service in the way that best reflects you and your unique skills. You will each become aware of what it is that you are here to do and be ~ how you have chosen to assist at a soul level.

We do not say that this will be easy, because many will resist and wish to remain asleep, others will be so panicked they risk drowning the rescuer in the panic.

You, light workers, are to learn balance. The process of righting millennia of wrongs will not be achieved overnight, but it will be achieved quickly nonetheless. In a brief decade you will be amazed at the world you have created.

But in that decade, you need to find balance. Work with love, create with joy, share with passion. But do not feel that you have to slave, that you need to martyr yourself for the cause of others, or suffer because others are suffering. NO!

You are to show the pathway, how to stand in balance and help with poise, with love, with generosity ~ respecting yourself, your creativity, your sacred divinity, your time, your energy ~ as much as you respect those you assist. You are the role models of new society.

It is not what you do, it is how you do it. The means are the ends.

If you look after the process, the outcomes will be assured and blessed. Do one act of kindness with genuine love, not ten seemingly kind acts with no care and compassion. Bring your heart to your tasks, one by one, as you encounter them through your day.

Allow your focus and compassion to be on the present moment activity or non-activity; in this way you make your life sacred and each act you undertake becomes a sacred act, an offering to the Divine from the Divine.

You are the pathway, you are the light-bearers, you are the teachers. You are the love. You are the light. You are the Divine. And when you realise that, you awaken Heaven on Earth.

Slow your day down. You do this by becoming aware of each moment, as much as you can. It is a discipline, it takes practice, but it is the method that allows you transcend time and move into the 5D, because it brings you into the eternal now moment.

When you slow down, you notice the care – or lack of care – that you bring to everything that you do. Care for yourself in your now moment beingness. If you are rushing, then move quickly, but not with stress. If you are angry, then notice the infringement on your beingness with kindness, not revenge.

These are the skills of 5D beingness. You have been practicing them all along. Now it’s time to use them ~ in your every now moment.

We are with you. We love you and we bless you for all that you are achieving in being in your now moment.

(c) Jennifer Crokaert 2021

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: Parenting Your Higher Dimensional Children

March 24, 2021,

Jennifer: I know I’m not the only mother worrying about how her children are coping. What advice can you give us?

Ashian: Good morning dearest sisters and brothers, and to all who feel these words. We are delighted to have the opportunity to address this often overlooked question.

Let us start with an uplifting answer: your children are fine, they came here for a far greater purpose. Having said that…

Any carer of young people will have noticed that they are struggling with this period, however their struggle is the opposite of yours. You are trying to clear the shadow and acclimatise to the light, they are of the light and trying to cope with the shadow.

An enormous proportion of the children incarnated on your planet at present are here in service, not to clear their karma. They have come from the light and they are equipped to lead the world in the ascended energies. They are primed and aligned with the future energies – not the present energies.

For the young people, the structures of your planet are experienced like binding … like being wrapped in steel bandages that suffocate them, like living mummies from ancient Egypt.

Imagine a giant mechanical machine, run with cogs, wheels and levers – that is symbolic of the structures of your present world; the young people came equipped to work through light technology, to have crystaline bodies, to communicate telepathically. Your current structures – education, media, entertainment, social media, government, health, social care, judicial systems, politics, finance, all of your systems – are barbaric to them, because they are so unfit for purpose, so unaligned with higher consciousness.

As a result, many of you will have noticed that your young people feel confused, stiffled, angry without a cause (when really the cause is Everything), unable to understand the world, alienated, shut down, closed off, lost in virtual worlds online, hyper-sensitive, disassociated, hopeless and without a vision.

All of this is the result of overwhelm from the energies of the present world, combined with chemical overwhelm.

In detaching, they are trying to build cocoons around themselves to stay safe and to ‘numb’ the pain of being human.

J: And you say they’re ok??

A: Yes. While it is important to understand that all is one, it can be helpful to separate the the 3D/4D experience and the 5D experience. They are 5D aligned, they are 5D ready.

Yet, they have to ‘get through’ this 3D/4D period in time and that is where the disconnect happens for them, even though they agreed to this in their soul contract and, like you, they are the strongest of the strong. Being in these energies is more challenging than most predicted, yet these are brave and strong souls; they can and they are doing this.

Having said all this, there are some steps you may take to assist your young people:

Validate their feelings. It is important not to see their behaviour as a ‘problem’, but to understand their behaviour as a result of the present crumbling culture, a symptom of the current energies. This immediately takes you from being part of the problem (because you see them as a problem); this moves you into alignment with them as you are not sending them another set of heavy energy that they have to protect themselves from. Validating their confusion and overwhelm – even if you don’t understand it – is important. They will feel the sincerity of this as an alignment of energies. Your empathy alone can have a profound effect.

When they talk, actually listen. Listen from your heart, not your multi-tasking head. Listen to understand, not to solve. This will give them more courage to begin to explore their confusion as well as their deeper knowledge. They may not talk to you, it may be a friend, a loved one, or a professional. Space to be heard matters.

Encourage and support creativity and friendship.

Encourage drinking water where possible.

Encourage screen-free time – time in nature is extremely soothing, as are plants (even a window box or pot plants), pets and breathing freely. Their immune systems are more robust, yet they are also more delicate, thriving when their diet is nutrious.

Every being is unique, and your young people will flourish as the energies on your planet lighten, and the systems evolve into alignment with them.

Trust them. They are the solution, they are not the problem.

J: Thank you.

A: It is always our pleasure to serve you, the bright souls who shine their radiant light throughout Gaia.

(c) 2021 Jennifer Crokaert

Know that you are anchoring the 5D, regardless of what is happening in the 3D/4D world.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: Melting the 3D

March 12, 2021,

You may consider the matrix of ‘reality’ to be like a spiral. Many of you are focusing on moving ‘up’ the spiral, from 3D/4D to 5D. Many of you are enduring moments of great intensity, where you feel tired, aching, grumpy, confused or fed up: or all of these at once!

Let me suggest to you, that you are creating the passage between the 3D/4D and the 5D. Let me also suggest that the 5D is here, right now, at the same time as the 3D/4D. They exist together. One is a cave, the other is the vast landscape in which the cave is located.

Imagine you are in a large box; you can stand and move, but you can’t see anything apart from what is inside the box and what is painted on the walls of the box.

Take a deep breath. In. Out.

And another. In. Out……..

And a final…. Innnnn……. Outtttt…….

Now, imagine that the walls of the box are almost shimmering, as if you can see through them. Gradually you see vast horizons, countryside, sky, sunshine… You have melted the box, you have expanded from 3D/4D to 5D.

Then the phone rings, and you are back into the world of doing, not being. The world of focus, not expansion.

5D exists in your now moment. It is around you, because it is inside you. Your mission is to find it, to live from that inner knowing, that expansive vibration: only then will you find the 5D in the world outside you.

Your breath transports you from the outside contraction to the internal expansion. What occurs inside, must be reflected outside.

The more you practice melting the illusion of the 3D/4D box outside you, the stronger your resonance in 5D becomes. Practice stopping and breathing… it immediately refocuses you on the internal, on the 5D. The more you practice, the deeper your experience becomes.

Then, you will begin to walk in both dimensions simultaneously, using the 5D to navigate and expand the 3D/4D. Soon the 5D is obvious to even those who have been sleeping and not noticed the transformation process that has been occurring all around them. They will recognise it as a feeling they experience when they are with you, or out in nature, a sense of deep expansion and possibility, a familiar sense of home, of freedom, of anything is possible. That is the inner world resonating with the 5D potential that exists already, all around.

As often as you can in your day, take a deep breath.

Experiment with this process: stop, drop from your busy mind in to your deep awareness of this moment, imagine a box dissolving as you breath deeper and deeper. Know that you are anchoring the 5D, regardless of what is happening in the 3D/4D world.

This is Ascension and you are doing it.

You are Olympic Lightworkers.

March 10, 2021,

My beloved brothers and sisters, so many of you are finding it a struggle to allow the present energies to pass through you. These energies are old, dense energies that were locked and blocked away from humanity’s consciousness, because the pain and trauma within them were too intense for humanity to feel. Now that pain and trauma is being released and ‘purged’ through the lightworkers.

You are all familiar with Olympians, elite athelets who train to surpass what ordinary athletes can do, and to definitely surpass the physical abilities of non-athletic humans!

They undergo gruelling training, endlessly practicing although no one sees them. All the public see is a brief moment, the result of countless years of preparation and training. The discomfort and pain they endure in their day-to-day work, combined with their determination and focus, could not be undertaken by just anyone. They are elite athletes

You are Olympic Lightworkers. You work tirelessly – day and night – shining your light, allowing energies of pain and suffering to flow through you so that they may be transmuted and released, for the highest good of all.

This grueling expansion of self is beyond what most of humanity is able to do at present. You are the elite; you are in service to the Divine and to humanity. What makes you even more remarkable is that you are not seeking any glory for yourself, but to be of service.

Yes, as humanity wakes up, they will help; but they will be in need of coaches and mentors to assist them, to show them how to help humanity with compassion for themselves as well as others. You are in training to pass the baton, to become the wise elders for the next generation of awakeners. You are the Olympic atheletes of today, the star coaches of tomorrow.

So when your life programme seems too much to bear, take a breather – I mean that literally! – stop and breath.

Your breath is your instrument of transcendence, breathing in is ‘inspiration’, meaning ‘taking in Spirit’. Let the load be shared, allow divine energy to move through you consciously with your breath.

You are not alone, you too have coaches – some visible, some transcendent – you are constantly being coached and mentored, for we recognise the enormous efforts you are making, the tremendous pressure your dedication can place on your body, your personal life, you work and your finances.

We are with you in every moment, as you shine like the Olympic stars that you are.

your focus must be – first and foremost – on the inside.

Jennifer Crokaert ~Ashian: Wake Up – Everyday!

March 4, 2021,

Wake up: Every Day! You are in a highly charged, transitional phase, embedding extremely refined vibrations that are transforming your bodies, your lives and your world, from the inside out. So your focus must be – first and foremost – on the inside.

See and surrender any thoughts that bring you down.

See and smile at any thoughts that lift you up.

As often as it is practical: Stop! Become aware of yourself, your breath, your thoughts, your love within.

When you do this, you are attracting the higher vibrations to you more strongly and you are grounding them.

Really, this energy is not new, it has always existed, but it has been beyond your experience, like a country you cannot imagine because you have not visited it. Now you are not just visiting, you are moving home!

This new energy will create more change, it will shake life dramatically, so that all that is not pure of heart will shake free. It is not pleasant, we understand this because we monitor your emotions minutely. However, we also see that the intensity of this experience is galvanising the commitment of lightworkers, of the pure of heart; it is focusing your love, your compassion, your forgiveness in unimaginable ways.

You are creating Alchemy. You are the Alchemists. You are coming home to your true home, your higher vibrational home.

Many, many miracles will occur – alongside the shaking loose of all that has decayed – and there is much to rejoice in these times.

Be strong, be weak… it matters not. Just notice the flow within.

Breathe! Smile a little smile, even if it is only to make yourself feel better – there is nothing more important.

The resonance of the 5D is building in your heart, you recognise it in every cell of your being, yet the qualities you live by are not yet shared by those around you, and that can make living in the 3D world feel harsh and abrasive.

March 1, 2021,

My beloved sisters and brothers! You have worked long and hard to come to this time. For many of you, it will feel as though you are walking on a tightrope as you move from 3D to 5D.

The 3D world is being left behind, it no longer resonates with you; what you once loved is no longer interesting or uplifting. Yet, the 5D world you feel inside, the truth of it that resonates in your heart, is not yet grounded and manifest around you.

The resonance of the 5D is building in your heart, you recognise it in every cell of your being, yet the qualities you live by are not yet shared by those around you, and that can make living in the 3D world feel harsh and abrasive.

Take heart! You are doing magnificently! You are lighting a path for those around you, even if they are not even aware of it…

Imagine that life in the third dimension was like living with a rocky crust around you. Your exterior was hard and rough, every time you touched someone else, you scratched them painfully, even if you did not mean to do so, ‘But that is how life is, is it not?’ you thought to yourself.

Then you saw others who had no rocky crust, around them was the finest silk. You noticed it and wondered how they were so different, so gentle, so calm, so soothing?

You began to think to yourself that perhaps you could adopt some of their ways, because their beingness resonated deep within you.

Until you met people in silk, you had no idea that it was possible to be anything other than a crusty human. They inspired you and so you began on the path to dissolve your crust and craft a sheath of silk.

This is what you are doing for others, inspiring them to reclaim their silk wings, their divine birthright, even while you are learning how to shed your crusty shell.

Every person you meet with silken wings shows you a different aspect of yourself that is waiting to be reclaimed and refined.

Without ever saying a word, once you begin on this pathway, you are demonstrating to humanity the truth and purity that resides within each and every one of you, inspiring others on their journey of freedom.

Soon things are to change dramatically.

February 26, 2021,

I wish to bring a message of hope. Soon things are to change dramatically. We know you have heard this word far too often and you are understandably weary of this particular word, nonetheless, it is true. There are great changes about to manifest for all humanity.

These changes will present both the best and the worst in humanity, they will require the light workers of all vibrations to model compassion and forgiveness in their daily lives; these times will also bring the presents that have long been held from you.

It is now that you will be called upon to apply all that you have learnt. When in doubt, wait. When unsure what to say, remain silent until you know what you wish to say. When you are about to lash out, condemn or hurt another in any way, remember that it comes back to you more quickly than you imagine. 5D living is not for the faint-hearted! It is for the wise-hearted.

You are coming to your graduation.

It will be as though the party and the exam will occur at the same time; you will need to pace yourself, to move with consideration and thoughtfulness, even when you would wish to ignore the exam and bury yourself in the party. Yes, enjoy your well-deserved party, but those who lose themselves in the party will have shown that they are not yet ready to graduate.

In all things, discernment and balance. Can you remain centred in your compassionate heart even when others around you have lost their centre? That will be your challenge. Many will mistakenly think that the party symbolises an end to process of creating new earth, an end to the practice of being a light worker: your work is truly only beginning.

Up ’til now, you have been developing the virtues of compassion, discernment, detachment, forgiveness, kindness, truthfulness, heart-centred listening, generosity… After graduation, it will become obvious who has mastered these virtues and who is still developing them. There is no judgement in this, it is a clarification; it may help you discern who you wish to collaborate with and in what ways you wish to collaborate.

Great news is to come, news that will lift you all. You have done more magnificently than seemed probable; you have truly demonsrated the transcendent essence of humanity to multiverse.

We are with you in all now moments and we love you unconditionally.

If you are feeling lost, it is a sign that you are a lightworker who has disconnected from the 3D world and is transitioning into 5D consciousness.

February 18, 2021,

My beloved brothers and sisters, if you are feeling lost in these times, it is a sign that you have awakened, that your journey between 3D and 5D is truly advancing at speed.

If you are feeling lost, it is a sign that you are a lightworker who has disconnected from the 3D world and is transitioning into 5D consciousness.

You have to unplug from the beliefs and the ‘stickiness’ of the 3D reality in order to move into 5D consciousness. This is not for the faint-hearted! The transition requires that you let go of your routines, your belief in the 9-5 grind, your focus on money-means-success and a million other mini operating programmes that have been imposed upon you.

I’m not saying you are leaving behind your loved ones, your home, your work (unless you choose to) – you are letting go of a mental structure, a construct of thought processes that bind you into the 3D reality.

When you let go of this mental structure, this matrix, you may feel as though you are tumbling, as though you are being washed on a fast spin in one of your washing machines. It is as though all shreds of that former matrix are being washed out of you: because they are. You are being shaken free of the old, limiting consciousness, so that you may evolve into 5D consciousness. This is what it takes to ascend.

Ascension is not a linear progression from 3D and 5D consciousness: it is a quantum leap. It is linear in so far as, when you evolve to a certain spiritual vibration within the 3D, you are ready to move, but that movement is not a step up – it is a completely different consciousness. It operates under completely different principles from your current structure; that is why you are feeling lost – you are letting go of the 3D so that new foundations may evolve, new mental and spiritual synapses.

You cannot create a 5D consciousness on a 3D foundation. The two consciousnesses are incompatible.

While 5D consciousness is here in your domain, it is not yet sufficiently grounded in the majority – or even the minority – of the population to be sufficiently seen, lived and experienced by most lightworkers. This is a work in progress, this is your work, you soul mission. This is the ascension journey.

So, beloved sisters and brothers, if you feel that you are swimming in the dark, that you have no landmarks to guide you, no idea about your future direction, no sense of what you wish to do to serve humanity, no clue about how to make your day-to-day life as meaningful as the depth of your yearning… congratulate yourself! You are mastering transition.

You’ve got this. Keep going. You are doing far better than you and we had ever hoped and, although you may struggle to believe it, optimal timelines are in place.

Remember, we are with you, we love you all and we are assisting you all in every now moment

What is for your highest good is the highest good for all.

February 11, 2021,

Each one of you is loved beyond measure. You may forget it, you may not feel it, you may have been programmed by life to think that love is not for you. Nothing is further from the truth.

Now, let me remind you, in the kindest and most loving way you can imagine, you are not alone. You have a team of beings that work with you constantly, every day and every night. They are here to help you remember – and then embody – your divine creator self.

They have different roles: some assist you in your work, some assist you in awakening to your divine creator self; some provide hunches and ideas about how you may deepen your practice of parent, child, partner, friend, colleague; and some assist you in transforming your 3D work into 5D service.

These beings are known as angels, as galactics, as versions of your higher self, as ascended masters and aspects of the divine. Their label does not matter, their service to you does.

As with all things divine, less is more. The less your ego insists on doing, the more surrender happens. As you surrender – blessing any action and inviting the highest outcome – you create space for your creator self to emerge and for your team to assist you.

The less you complain in your thoughts, the quieter your mind becomes and – almost suddenly! – you begin to hear the soft whispers of your team. Small intuitions, intense knowingness… all this is your team working with you and supporting you.

For anything that brings you down, that feels overwhelming, disappointing or confusing: ask for help. Surrender it – offer it for assistance, blessing the obstacle and knowing that a miraculous insight is your birthright, because it is your divine essence.

Expand your understanding of yourself beyond your (physical) self. You are far greater than you imagine. You have untold assistance to create miracles for your highest good, and what aligns with your highest good aligns with the highest good of all.

Become the detective of your greatness. Find clues that show you that you are greater than your programming or even your physical self. Every day, notice things that are beyond what you imagined were possible. They may be small, but they may also be so huge that you have failed to notice them before.

Begin to put in place, one by one, new ideas that support your greatness, evidence that supports your greatness, so that one day you awaken and you no longer have to convince yourself that you are a divine creator, you Know you are a divine creator.

If you do the small daily steps, your team will meet you; they will assist with miracles and clues, insights and inspirations, all created to reflect your divine creative power.

In spaciousness, your divinity becomes apparent; in spaciousness, your divine creator self is allowed the space to emerge.

Creating spaciousness is possible in any life, regardless of how busy you are. Coming into the present moment; letting go of the endless trains of thought; focusing on just what you are doing right now; surrendering doubt, fear and envy, adopting trust and generosity … these are all ways of creating spaciousness in your life and allowing your divine self to dance with you in your daily life.

You have a team, you have a divine creator self. You are infinitely loved, infinitely loved, infinitely loved.

Focus on the light, focus on your essence.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: Focus on the Light

January 21, 2021,

Dear hearts, focus on the light.

Your light is your gift to the Divine. Your light is your gift from the Divine.

Regardless of what is happening around you, know that you have won. You have reclaimed your light. It is yours regardless of anything you or any one else may do or say.

For millennia you had forgotten that you were of the light, that you were the light. You know now that you are the light.

It is not a wager, a bet, a debate or even a negotiation. You and the light are one. Nothing can change that or stop it.

The light has a trajectory and that trajectory is expansion and self-knowing. You are always within the light and you are always the expression of that expansion.

Don’t look to the horizon to know where you are: look to the light within. It is the truest compass; it will guide you in times of light and in times of darkness. The light is always true to you.

Focus on the light, focus on your essence. You are of the light. You are the light.

The Light will always return to the Light.

Keep It Simple.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: Keep it Simple Now

January 10, 2021,

My beloved brothers and sisters, I am here with an important message: Keep It Simple.

Yes, there is much in your world that is confusing and even overwhelming; it is as if you are in a pressure cooker and the pressure is being increased continuously, and it will continue to increase for a while yet.

My role here is not to tell you what is to come but to provide you with tools to develop Emotional Mastery during your Ascension.

Your emotions are the front line of this seeming war between the light and the shadow. It is your emotions of light ~ love, forgiveness, patience, compassion, peace, joy, creativity ~ where victory is found.

This is an important point, the war is already won. The result is a given…the only outcome is a victory for the light. However, you do have to walk through the process of creating that victory. Your heart is the front line. Your emotions are your role in manifesting this victory.

By focusing on kindness, patience, love, compassion, forgiveness and the innumerable qualities of the light, you create an easier passage through this turmoil, you shorten the time of confusion, and bring forward in your timeline the end of this chapter.

You are the strongest of the strong. The greatest lovers in the multiverse! It was known how difficult this mission would be, so it was only entrusted to those who truly had arrived in the sacred inner sanctum of the heart. If you are here, it is because you are equal to this sacred undertaking.

You are ready. You have already won. You need only walk towards victory by expressing the qualities of love in your now moment.

So, let us turn our attention to Simplicity Now. When you bring your attention into your now moment, you become focused and productive. You collapse all timelines into your point of power, your Now Moment. In your now moment, it is simple… are you being love?

Do you bring love to this task? To this now moment? Do you bring the shadow emotions of anxiety, stress, fear, gossip, envy, criticism, stealing, cheating, deceit…? The list is a long one.

By focusing on your now moment, you create simplicity and clarity in your life, which allows you to choose to express the light within. Yes, it is hard: but you can still smile. Yes, it is painful; but you can still choose to be kind. It is within you. You have that power to go deep and pull from the infinite reserves of the heart.

When you get lost in the ‘news’ from the media, the constant updates of social feeds, the wonder and worry of what will happen next, you have lost your simplicity and your now moment focus; you have wandered into a ‘no man’s land’ of anxiety, speculation and fear.

With or without your worry, this victory is assured. Without your worry, it assured even more quickly.

My beloveds, your mastery is achieved in your now moment and in your clear focus on expressing love in what you are doing Now.

the magic you have been dreaming of in your life is now starting. Enjoy it!

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: Woohoo!

January 6, 2021,

Jennifer: Good morning Ashian, I have been thinking that my experience may be a useful starting point for this conversation.

Ashian: Good morning beloved sisters and brothers. Yes, let’s begin here!

J: I am aware of the new energies on the planet from what others say, but for me personally, it’s been a rollercoaster ride: one day I lack energy, another day I am listless, another day I feel depressed, another day I feel all of those things simultaneously! I had imagined new energies and new beginnings would have a freshness to them, a joy or at least not a bath of the tired old emotions.

A: First, you are not alone in this feeling, or all these feelings. New energies don’t mean that lightworkers stopped doing what they were doing: shining light and clearing darkness. However, there are new dimensions to this now which I shall share in the hope that it assists you all.

You are still shining and clearing, and you are doing that magnificently. The new energies will make this process easier and it will also do a lot of the work for you, so there is less clearing to do. A lot of the dense, stuck energy you have been clearing cannot exist in these higher vibrations you inhabit, so it … vaporises, therefore this is less work for you in the long run.

J: You do know that’s not awfully encouraging for those of us living in the present and not the long run!

A: Ah, now this is where it gets exciting! So, if you can imagine two colours, red and yellow, sitting in two paint pots beside each other, each one is the pure expression of that colour; however, in the rainbow, you have both red and yellow in their pure expression, but they are not independent – they transition from one to the other, creating orange.

You did not bounce from one vibration to another, you evolved from one vibration to another, so there is an overlap, consequently you can see both the new and the old, depending on where you look, how you are feeling and a million other factors.

If I may make this even more complex…

J: Why not!?

A: You did bounce! You did jump timelines. That is why some people are actually living in the fifth dimension; however, you bounced with lots of people whose lenses are still focused on the red, so they aren’t seeing the yellow: yet. It takes time for your eyes to become accustomed to the light when you come out of a dark tunnel, this is no different. But you will become accustomed and quicker than you imagine.

There is something I do wish to bring to your attention. Enormous amounts of work have been done behind the scenes to ready the very fabric of your society for this moment. The fabric was red – service to self – and now it is yellow (to continue the analogy) – service to others. Everything that has been put in place will soon be revealed, the red of the past will be show in its purest form and that will be hard to see. Alongside that yellow will also be shown, new structures and ideas that serve everyone, not just the elite few.

Your reactions to that will be orange – a mixture of pain from the dark times and joy at the new beginning; gradually the joy will be greater as the new ways become embedded.

You saw a gateway of golden flames in your meditation, this entry point into the new vibration is here. You have entered, it is about to become obvious to you and to everyone.

All you who have been the meek, the quiet, the hidden, will be seen for the beacons of light that you are. You will be called upon by those around you to help them make sense of how they are feeling, of what has happened to them and to the world. Don’t worry about how to explain these things, the right words will come for the right people; you are I the flow now, the new energies will pour through you in inspiration, in new ideas, in new connections with others … the magic you have been dreaming of in your life is now starting. Enjoy it!

J: Thanks a million, I appreciate all your words. Can I just ask, you told me recently that there are a lot of smokescreens at the moment, and not to believe everything I see/ hear. Can you comment on that?

A: Of course and with pleasure. There is a war of disinformation going on at present, there is information that is red, yellow and orange! The red is lies, the yellow is pure truth and the orange is mixture of both. It is hard to discern one from the other, as the red sometimes makes itself look orange or yellow, to continue our analogy.

The wisest judge of anything is how you feel inside, yet there is such volume, so much ‘quantity’ of information bombarding you in every moment, from news feeds, televisions, papers, blogs, truthers who are truthers and truthers who are not truthers… it is hard for you to keep going inside to feel into the content. Time consuming and exhausting.

The truth will emerge soon and then clarity will arrive, in the meantime, it can be helpful to form no judgement about what you hear. It can be even more helpful to limit your intake of ‘information’ at all!

Put your energy into how you feel, into creativity, into doing things that uplift you even if only for a few minutes a day. Many of you are overstretched at this time, ask for comfort, ask for peace and we will answer you. We force nothing on you, not even the good stuff!

Remember to breathe. In. Slowly. Three. Times. A. Day. You are breathing in light, you are breathing out all that is stale and no longer suits you.

Jiggle your body! Let that light that you breathe in move through your body and loosen it up. Share a little jiggle with children, with the elderly, with the poorly, even a waving of your fingers is better than nothing, because it embeds light into your body 😊

J: Thanks Ashian! I shall give that a go, more play less serious: simple and fun. Woohoo!

A: And Woohoo from us to all of you!

Create space and time regularly to be creative.

January 3, 2020,

My beloved brothers and sisters of the light, you are to be congratulated on coming through 2020 so magnificently. It was a brutal year, one that tore so many of you from your sleep. You awoke! You used the opportunity to look with fresh eyes at everything you thought you knew about life, and refocus your own lives and values.

There are a two themes that I would like to reflect upon in advance of the coming year of your now time, in the hope that they assist you.

Creativity and Joy

Stay in the present moment! How often have you heard this said? In the coming year, your creativity will become extremely important for several reasons. First, any creative activity where you are engrossed brings you directly into the present moment. You are no longer missing the past or worrying about the future. You are in your expanded, higher-dimensional self.

Your creativity offers you a direct bridge to your higher consciousness, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate these higher vibrations into your mind, body and psyche.

Your creativity also allows you to access your higher wisdom, opening new insights, new visions, new inventions and evolutions that are beyond the grasp of the rational mind.

Creativity is the doorway to your Ascended Self.

Your Ascended Self is always in the present, always in joy, always in acceptance of what is. These are qualities that will help you navigate 2021 with much greater ease and grace.

Institutional Evolution

For many, it appears that the institutions of society are continuing to function as they always did. This is an illusion. They are held together by the cobwebs of outdated paradigms, and they are crumbling.

In the coming year you are to witness unprecedented change in your institutions. They all need to change, to crumble and to be re-imagined (remember your creativity!). The old 3D methods, patterns and programming are outdated: they will and must be redesigned in alignment with your rapidly emerging 5D consciousness.

For many, the shock of so much change when they had hoped to return to ‘normal’ this year will seem overwhelming. The key to gracefully transitioning is returning to the present moment of acceptance of what is. Resistance will only make this process harder for you because it will put you in opposition to What Is; the process itself will not stop.  It cannot stop.

Returning to your creativity will allow you to expand into your higher consciousness and download insights that are invaluable to you for your personal journey and for your sacred mission on this planet.


Beloved brothers and sisters, you are moving, evolving and transforming at unimaginable speed. You are radiant beyond belief, but we understand that the lived experience of that soul expression is not always clear or easily accessed in the physical form.

You are on an accelerated ascension timeline. You are changing quickly, and this year will see no let-up in the pace of change.

So our advice is this: return to the basics. Follow your joy.  It will provide you with release and rest when you feel battered by the external pace of change. Create space and time regularly to be creative.  It is your direct pathway to your Ascended Self, anchoring in new ideas, new innovations, new You.

As ever, you are loved in every Now moment and we are always here for you.  Just call upon us.

Yes! I am perfect. I am forgiven, for there was nothing to forgive. I am healed, because I now know my own perfection-Jesus through Jennifer Crokaert-

November 26, 2020,

“You are forgiven. You are healed. You are perfect.”

You have been bound, for millennia, by a false matrix of fear, guilt, anger, shame and resentment. These emotions are not and were not yours. You, every single one of you, were made in the perfect image of the perfect Divine Mother-Father God.

These emotions were inserted into your psyche and held in place by a dark matrix over the planet, an overlay, or a web, that covered Gaia and prevented you accessing your true nature – your innate perfection.

That web, that matrix, is now gone. You have access to your divinity. Now.

Miracles are your birth-right. Instant healing is now possible, for everyone. Like everything, some are ready to heal immediately, some will take more time and other souls may have chosen not to heal on this timeline. Each decision is perfect.

When I walked the Earth, I told people who asked for healing, ‘You are forgiven’, not ‘You are healed.’ The reason is because you have come to believe that you are these dark packages of fear, guilt, anger, shame and resentment, and the weight of these dark energetic packages is what makes you ill.

Illness is created through fear, guilt, anger, shame and resentment. The root cause is the distance from love you have traveled. When fear, guilt, anger, shame and resentment are forgiven inside yourself, you are restored to the perfection of love. You are restored to perfection in body, in health.

Guilt, fear, shame, anger and resentment are not of the Divine Mother-Father-One. You are created in Their image, so it is not of you either. It was a false mental construct that was overlaid on Gaia as a way of limiting your illumination and your light. That false matrix, that overlay is now gone.

While you have become used to its frequency, its vibration and the way your personality interprets these emotions, they are not actually ingrained in you. You are free, loving, sovereign beings. You are now able to access that birth right, that authentic part of you that has been hidden.

There is almost no one on Gaia at present who is not holding not just their own wounds and wounding, but also the fear, guilt, anger, shame and resentment of previous generations and previous selves. This is a distortion. It was never the intention that you suffer so long and with so little power to change your experiences from one lifetime to another.

Now you are coming into your freedom. Give yourself permission to feel your pains, both physical and emotional, without feeling guilt or shame, without imagining they show you as failing or imagining that you somehow created them. Just gently allow them to be seen.

Parceled into each pain is a package of negative emotion – let it come out. Allow yourself to become aware and compassionate towards your resentment, your anger, your fear, your guilt. Let these emotions be noticed, there is no judgement: it was not your fault.

The key is to know – at least intellectually at this moment – that you are perfectly healed and whole, right now, already. Any dis-ease is not yours, consider that it is simply a process you came to heal, without any fear, guilt, anger, shame or resentment. As you come to see your pains, your dis-eases, your fears, guilt, rages, shame and resentments with a compassionate eye, without judging yourself, you are removing the anchor that those emotions, those dark packages, have had within you and within the collective.

The matrix is gone. It is not in you, nor of you. It went through you, and now it’s gone.

Imagine it this way: it is as though your arm was bound to your side during your childhood, decades later someone cut the bandages and told you to use your arm again. You would have grown so used to doing everything without the help of that arm, that you may forget to use it at first. It would take time to relearn pure movement, without distortion or handicap.

It is the same for your emotions: you have become used to the patterning of fear, guilt, anger, shame and resentment in your personality, in your body, in your actions, words and thoughts. It may take a while to get used to a new patterning based on compassion, forgiveness, peace, love and joy.

But this is who you are, and we will all work tirelessly with you until the day you remember, ‘Yes! I am perfect. I am forgiven, for there was nothing to forgive. I am healed, because I now know my own perfection.’

you have traveled as far as you can down the path you are on, without mass destruction…embrace this decade. It is like the first decade in a child’s life; there is never so much exploration, creativity and change in life as there is in that exhilarating first decade.

Quick note:There are many speaking of the 21 Dec. 2020 event as this is going to be a final one.I beg to differ and this blog is in alignement with how i feel about it and our continuous Ascension process.We can not Ascend in one day,as this would be very much detrimental to a large part of the population that are not ready to receive bigger amounts of Light.-Nikos-

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Commander Ashian: The Schumann Resonance and December 21st

November 20, 2020,

Ashian: We are grateful for this wise question about the Schumann Resonance. You may understand the Schumann Resonance as the degree to which individuals and society are receptive to love or blocking love.

Yes, it is true that the vast majority of humanity’s population is uncomfortable a certain frequency (8Hz) this is because the wounds and scarring that they carry within them, from this life and previous lives as well as ancestral wounding carried forward, limits their ability to feel love. Love is uncomfortable for them.

There is a certain quality of love, mixed with anger, fear, manipulation, suspicion and many other forms of wounded love that they are comfortable with, simply because they are familiar with that pattern of love, it has been – almost – hardwired into them.

Those of you on the spiritual path who have been working on healing your inner wounds and releasing your limited ideas of who you are and what you are capable of have a far greater capacity to experience a more refined, less distorted vibration of love. It is for this reason that your friend is more comfortable when the Schumann Resonance increases.

In response to her question about raising the frequency on and after December 21st, let us clarify that the resonance is constantly being raised, otherwise it would not be capable of peaking in the way it currently is, from time to time. Those moments of emotional cohesion are created by group meditations, pure intent and a predisposition within Gaia’s space time particularities that lends more to quantum physics (which in itself is truly only an exponentially rarefied resonance of love) than can be conveyed through our channel.

J: That’s interesting and a lovely way of framing it that I’m not sure I had heard of before. I want to flag that I have some fear about where you’re going next, and this channel’s ability to not distort predictions of the future.

A: Why don’t you relax and just let it flow. Then assess how you feel when you’ve traveled through the words instead of fearing the visions you’re currently receiving.

J: Excellent idea. Very grounded of you!

A: We try! The Harmonic Convergence of December 21st will bring together a quantum energy ‘bubble’ around Gaia herself and all who live in and upon her. It will be the collapsing of space/time continuum that is on its last legs as we speak. This moment will be held in loving consciousness by all the Galactics charged with Gaia’s Ascension, which will naturally add a great deal of loving harmonic resonance to the event.

The result of this will be a spike in the Schumann Resonance, and thereafter a fall as the harmonic resonance or vibration that it will create within each person can be experienced as a ‘love orgasm’ which then shatters the sense of self as you previously understood yourself, as well as all the scars that were holding your emotional suit of armour together. For that reason, you are likely to see great variation in the field of resonance. It is our intention that this will stabilise at a higher average frequency than previously.

Now, was that so bad?

J: I’ll let you know on Dec 22nd! Issuing predictions is very risky business.

A: It will take longer than a day for this to play out. It will take closer to a decade for what is about to happen to stabilise on your planet. That does not mean that there will be a decade of chaos, but it does mean that there will be a decade of soul-searching, re-visioning and re-creating. It cannot be otherwise, you have traveled as far as you can down the path you are on, without mass destruction.

J: There’s a cheery thought!

A: Truly, Jennifer, embrace this decade. It is like the first decade in a child’s life; there is never so much exploration, creativity and change in life as there is in that exhilarating first decade. Truly it is an hour to be in form during this period, it is an unimaginable honour.

J: Thanks Ashian, I think we will leave it there for today, on a wonderfully high-love note!

A: Yes, it is our pleasure.

Jennifer’s note: I have personally thought that, like December 21st 2012, most of the experience will seem to bypass us physically. Ashian would beg to differ! He seems to see it as vital that it is felt, but what is not clear is whether that is felt by a higher or more subtle version of ourselves and then trickles down to our mental, emotional and physical bodies, or whether we really do physically feel it. And as for whether or not it’s on December 21st, 2020… well, I personally won’t even go there!

NEW WEBSITE! From November 21st, 2020, I am moving to a new website, where you can access ebooks and a meditation for free, as well as subscribe so that you never miss a message! I look forward to welcoming you to my new home 🙂

Align every aspect of your day with love and you will have a miraculous day, a miraculous week, a miraculous life.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Xiaera: Love is Quantum Power

November 13, 2020,

When you use love to power any action, any project or any business, you are using the quantum power of the multiverse. Existence is created from Love. Love is the fuel of existence.

Love can achieve what force and strength cannot achieve. Love can achieve what bribery and manipulation cannot achieve.

Go with the flow! Choose the power of love over the limitations of fear and force.

As the energies increase, the explosive power of love is going to become so obvious that no one can deny it. Align every aspect of your day with love and you will have a miraculous day, a miraculous week, a miraculous life.

You are made of love; aligning with love is aligning with your own essence, the essence of the multiverse.

Not sure how to do that?

Be loving. Start with yourself. If you can’t love yourself, love another as a way to remind you how to find your way back loving yourself. The more self-love you have, the more other-love you have.

Consider: what would Love do now? What would Love say now? How would Love be now?

Pray: let Love show me the highest expression of this ….

Give thanks: I am constantly delighted by the flow of Love through my life!

When you are aligned with the power of love, although you may be a gentle lamb, you have the power of the Infinite Divine Love. This will become clearer very soon.

Our love reaches out to you love, to embrace and expand your love with our love. We are all One Love.

Sleep Bathing, a Galactic Spa Experience-Commander Ashian via Jennifer Crokaert-

November 1, 2020,

Sleep is not just the time you regenerate or the time you work in the astral realms. It is also the time when you’re able to process and alchemise the emotions that flooded you during the day.  This is why many of you feel better in the morning than in the evening.

We suggest that to amplify this process, you ask for assistance at night so that the heavy emotions can be synthesised from your bodies rapidly and easily.

Sleep Bathing is a deep cleansing process whereby your consciousness is moved through your resting emotional structures to synthesize heavy emotions, thereby lifting them from your physical bodies. It assists in the crystalisation of your bodies and in detoxifying them by applying subtle galactic cleansing processes to your regenerative sleep time.

Sleep has been undervalued by Humans for far too long. The experience of heaviness and toxicity is so damaging to your physical bodies at present that we’re looking for every opportunity possible to assist you.

Consider the Sleep Bath as our gift to you, helping you to float in a wonderful bath while experiencing a deeply relaxing massage at the same time. It is simultaneously lightening to your physical, mental and emotional bodies.

This will allow you to have a deeper, more healing sleep, even if you’re working on other planes ~ as most of you are at present.

And remember… just because you don’t remember doesn’t mean it’s not happening.