Our mission is to explain what that secret government and its global network have done and also enlighten you about who you are—unique, inviolate, eternal souls inseparably connected with the Supreme Being of this universe and all other souls. Your mission is to share that knowledge with all who are receptive and exemplify that love and unity is the way to a world that fulfills the desires of Earth’s civilization.

What Can Our Star Family Do and Not Do for Us?

When you close your eyes for a moment, or even just have the thought of millions of you … all over your Globe holding hands … your Light stream from your heart is connecting and forming a grid of the most powerful rainbow colours … and the more you ‘hook into it’ the stronger its pulse becomes … and others FEEL that pulse and they too, have the desire to hook into it also.And then, from there … take the visual to all those not of your Planet joining the grid also …IMAGINE DEAREST SOULS … IMAGINE THAT POWER.That is literally what we ask you to do … IMAGINE IT DAILY. FEEL ITS LIGHT. FEEL ITS STRENGTH.BUILD UPON IT DAILY.YOU ARE ONE. RECOGNISE YOUR UNION. BREATHE INTO THIS THOUGHT. THIS KNOWING.

Hello there! Art thou well? I know you are because you always are! You have said you cannot not be! Ok, so … I am aware that what we think …