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The whole system is going to rock and be shaken to the core. You will begin to see what you have never thought possible. Those who wish death and destruction upon you, will find it happening to them. It is the natural reversal of a very dark cycle on the earth. Prepare for shock and change. Keep yourselves removed from the chaos and rest in knowing that the old way of living and merely surviving is nearly complete. Watch the old go. Hold your head high for much good is coming to you.

Dear Ground Crew:

This is a message I received on December 4 from Apollo. He is a galactic who is assisting in removing the dark forces from the planet. I receive regular messages from him.  This is the latest one: “The whole system is going to rock and be shaken to the core. You will begin to see what you have never thought possible. Those who wish death and destruction upon you, will find it happening to them. It is the natural reversal of a very dark cycle on the earth. Prepare for shock and change. Keep yourselves removed from the chaos and rest in knowing that the old way of living and merely surviving is nearly complete. Watch the old go. Hold your head high for much good is coming to you.”

How are you doing, ground crew? Do the energies feel strange? Does it feel like you are living between two worlds? Are you finding yourself becoming more Galactic? Are you gaining new talents and abilities? Are you feeling complete with the third dimensional experience? Do things feel surreal? Are you surprised with what you are learning? Are you letting yourself be distracted with the mainstream media? Are you releasing old patterns and programs? Are you full of expectations for a new world?

These could be just a few examples of the current experience on our beloved planet. These feelings point to the need to go inward, to trust oneself, and to be completely discerning with what you are seeing and hearing. There is a lot going on behind the scenes. The big media events are a distraction from what is really happening.

The truth is there between the squabbles and the scenes. There is a Divine Plan that is at work with every detail laid in place. The panoramic view is huge. The Creator is in charge. This is what we need to remember. We only get to see some pieces of this big picture. No one knows everything. We each get to do our part.

As we progress with your Ascension Process, we see increasing transparency. Some of it is ugly and disturbing. We can wonder how we could have lived this way for so long. Since the veils have been removed it is more obvious. The wordshorrificand disgustingcome to mind. We ponder how they could have kept us from knowing, yet we continued to be in the matrix. It prevented us from knowing what we know now.

In this divine awakening we get to see it all. It is a part of our enlightenment. Here is a link to a long but important article that spells it out. I highly recommend it.

If you read the article about planetary liberation you will see that we are at the end of the first phase of our liberation. This is the phase of Loosening the grip of the dark forces by weakening and eliminating their power structures and technological controls, increasing awareness among the general population and preparing for the Event.

We have heard plenty about investigations upon investigations. Yet this is part of the process. Some of you might have heard that December 5 is when military tribunals are supposed to begin trying the 68,000 people who have been indicted for crimes against humanity. This information could likely be temporarily postponed and/or buried in the Bush funeral festivities. Q anon has been giving out some very interesting information. You might want to check him out on YouTube.

Apparently, behind the scenes a lot has been done to take away the financial controls of the cabal. If you recall, a few months ago all the spy satellites were taken out by the Galactic’s. There is political unrest globally. Technological advances that remove us from the cabal’s control are also being put into use. Stay vigilant. Humanity is waking up.

The Lightworkers are contributing immensely. By working with our own energies, raising our vibrations, and tapping into the power within, we are anchoring in the light and the templates for the event. We are also getting very close to having powerful crystalline bodies instead of our carbon-based bodies. This helps raise the vibration of the planet and the consciousness of all of life.

Miracle after miracle is coming our way. I find this to be so when I remind myself that Spirit has my back. If I find myself challenged, I say Spirit has my back. This works every time and shifts the energy from doubt, fear, lack and limitation. By doing this, we are in the fifth dimensional energies of manifestation. We are tuned in to the Power Plant.

The Power Plant

By Valerie Donner

Tap into the power plant.

You can’t go wrong.

It takes you to frequencies

Where you belong.

The power plant is real. 

It’s been there all the time.

When you meditate

You get there on a dime.

What does it feel like

To tap into the power within?

You will find

It is absolutely divine.

This is true free energy.

There is no cost at all. 

It is super powerful;

It makes one feel big and tall.

It’s time to tap into the power,

Like Tesla did before;

He showed us magic

That we have galore.


Healthy 14 Week Old Infant Gets 8 Vaccines and Dies Within 24 Hours.

We got to be able to see and face darkness cause  too much Light will burn us.While this website is dedicated in bringing feelings of Joy at all times this is a post that goes towards all parents that i have been expressing my concert about vaccinating their children without any result.Here is the story of Malakai that is now sitting next to The Angels.


Source: Stop Mandatory Vaccination| By Melissa Curtin

Matthew and Angeline Le Grangeof South Africa recently lost their youngest son, Malakai, to eight vaccines on September 22nd, 2018. He was only three and a half months old. Malakai was a vibrant, happy, and healthy baby boy leading up to his 14 week doctor’s appointment. Within a day of receiving his last round of vaccines at this doctor’s visit, he died.

No family should ever have to bury their child as an outcome of the destructive path of vaccination. Vaccine death stories from shattered families worldwide continue to be expressed, shared, and shouted from every corner of the world, and we have over a dozen vaccine death storieson this website alone. Please listen. Please hear their truththrough their agony, grief, and tears. The pain of what these mothers and fathers have endured is unfathomable and unbearable, yet these selfless broken-hearted parents offer their tragedies as a cautionary lesson to anyone who will listen and heed their warning.

The Le Grange’s share their raw painful experience and horrendous tragedy in their own words below, followed by a question and answer exchange.

Malakai Le Grange was born on the 12th of June 2018 at the Pretoria West Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa, weighing 4.1kgs (9 pounds, 4 ounces) and measuring 55cm (21.65″). Our healthy big boy was breastfed and growing fast. He had a bit of colic, but other than that he was full of smiles.

On the 21st of September, he was taken to a Dis-Chem Clinic for his 14 week check up and vaccinations. He was given the Rotavirusorally, PCV (Prevenar 13)in his right thigh, and a third dose of the Hexavalent (DTaP-IPV-Hib-HBV)in his left thigh.

*His vaccine records show at birth he received the BCG (Tuberculosis)vaccine and first dose of OPV.At 6 weeks, he was given a second OPVdose, his first dose of RotavirusPCV (Prevenar 13), and the first dose of Hexavalent (DTaP-IPV-Hib-HBV). At his 10 week visit, he received the second dose of the Hexavalent (DTaP-IPV-Hib-HBV).

The nurse instructed Angeline to give him a dose of Calpol3.5ml when we returned home. Angeline was alone with Malakai when the nurse gave the injections; the nurse was quite rough as she pulled his legs to inject him and she manhandled his body.

Roughly two hours after Malakai got his injections, Angeline gave him a 2ml dose of Calpoland he was closely monitored as he wasn’t himself. We considered this normal as our first born son, Zachariah (20 months old), was usually groggy after getting his vaccinations done.

Malakai stayed up a bit later than usual that night and we played with him. He had just started shouting and laughing, so we entertained him, tickled his toes, and enjoyed his new giggle and noise. At around 3:00 a.m. on the 22nd of September, he had his last full feed from mom. Matthew woke up at around 4 a.m. and slept on the couch when Malakai had woken up for a demand feed. At around 6:45 a.m., Angie woke up feeling something in her womb and knew something was wrong. She noticed Malakai wouldn’t wake up and wasn’t breathing. Then I rushed Malakai to Matthew, and he immediately tried to perform CPR, and noticed his lungs were clogged up.

We got in the car and drove as fast as we could to the nearest hospital which was a few kilometers away. We took Malakai to casualty and the doctor and nurses urgently tried to resuscitate him. After what felt like days, the doctors came in and told us that they have tried the best they can, but at this point there hasn’t been enough oxygen in the brain for a while now and they must stop. They called his death at 08:10 a.m. September 22nd, 2018.

The nurses allowed us a private room to say goodbye to our boy while they called for the coroner and the police to remove his body and open a police report as they said his death was unnatural.

There was a miscommunication between the police and the hospital, so we waited in that cold room with our son for almost four hours. We held his little hands as they went ice cold and stiff. There were tubes coming out his mouth filled with blood and mucus.

His body was removed and had to be taken for an autopsy to establish the cause of death. Our lives had been destroyed. We lost our son and we still had to be strong for our first born who was watching his mom and dad break apart. He kept asking for his brother Kai.

Matthew went to identify Malakai’s body at the state mortuary. The pathologist wanted to speak to him in private. She first wanted background information on the pregnancy and asked him how long was the baby sick for. She sounded shocked when Matthew told her he was perfectly fine before the vaccinations. She hadn’t found the cause of death, but she found swelling on the brain, a build of fluid on the brain, and found contusions on his lungs and they were heavily congested. She had taken all the necessary samples and had sent them away to the lab. Matthew was then led to another room to identify him.

Matthew: I looked through a small glass window and there was my boy, wrapped in
state hospital blankets. He still looked so peaceful but his lips were purple. The pathologist was kind enough to cover up the parts of his body that she cut open for the autopsy. I just saw his face; I saw my own face and my wife’s face there too. No father or mother should see their child that way.

An investigating officer contacted Angie and took her statement. He was going to get all the statements and get the investigation sorted out as soon as possible. But he did warn her that the blood results and other samples taken, could take up to nine years to complete as there are problems with the forensic department in South Africa.

Almost a month later, our lives have been torn apart, dealing with the trauma of trying to resuscitate our dead son. Identifying his body in the morgue has caused us a lot of depression and fatigue. We’ve been getting in touch with a lot of moms who also recently lost a child due to “SIDS” or unknown causes. ALL of them lost their children within 24 hours after receiving vaccinations. We try and help them get through each day if possible, but we ourselves struggle each moment, wondering if our lives can ever return to normal.

Malakai was a healthy baby before his injections. We took a videoof him that night before he passed away and you can see him lifting his body up and laughing with us. Seeing his body lifeless has made us feel like we are going crazy.

Q&A with Matthew and Angeline:

Q: Were you aware of the risks of vaccinating prior to Malakai?

Le Grange’s: We had heard some information about vaccines being harmful to children. When Zachariah, our oldest, was born I tried to stop the midwife from giving him injections right after birth, but she informed us both if we refuse the vaccine we cannot leave the hospital with the baby. We had no idea up until now when we are actually researching what they are giving to our babies.

When Zachariah had his earlier injections we would notice he would be uncomfortable and irritable immediately after receiving them. We thought this to be normal as we are told most children behave this way after vaccinations.

Q: Did your doctor provide you with the full vaccine package inserts which shows all the risks, contraindications, and extended info? And/or did the doctor offer any information about the risks, including death to vaccination prior to your son being vaccinated?

Le Grange’s: We weren’t provided with any information. After his death, I had requested that clinic send me the package inserts and they have still not provided me with them. I have obtained online copies of them.

Q: Have you received the autopsy results yet? (Brain swelling (encephalopathy) is listed in the vaccine adverse reaction list on many of the inserts.)

Le Grange’s: We haven’t received the official report yet and the cause of death is still under investigation. Due the back logs with the South African forensic laboratories, we could wait up to 9 years for the toxicology and histology results.

Q: What advice or recommendations do you have for other families and parents?

Le Grange’s: I would advise them to do thorough research on vaccines and any medications any government wants to give out to its people. Don’t be intimidated by society shaming you for wanting to know more information or deciding not to give vaccines to your children. We have paid the highest price by blindly following instructions from our country’s health care system.

Q: Is your older son up-to-date on his vaccines? Since Malakai’s passing, are you continuing vaccination plans for your older child and your household? And if so, or not, why or why not?

Le Grange’s: He is up to date on his vaccines and only needs one at 6 years old and 12 years. We are not going to take him for those vaccinations as we believe these vaccines are not necessary and they have not been properly tested enough to be given to any human being. Losing our son has made us even more protective over our first born and we definitely will not continue them. The risks of giving these vaccines far outweigh any good that can come out of it.

Q: Are there any programs in South Africa to report adverse vaccine reactions/injuries/death? Is there any accountability or liability for the doctors there? (In the US, we have the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA)that was passed in 1986 releasing liability from the vaccine manufacturers.)

Le Grange’s: Yes, we can report adverse reactions in South Africa. However, from a legal point of view, we cannot even try and take the clinic or vaccine company to court as no lawyer will assist us. Almost every firm we have approached tells us that the legal costs are too high and they will outweigh any compensation given, if any.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Le Grange’s: Since our Malakai passed away we have met a lot of beautiful people that helped us work through the first few weeks of trauma and we are really grateful for that. We have also been in touch with a lot of moms from around the world who have also lost their babies within 24 hours of receiving a vaccine. Something is wrong with all these healthy babies dying. It’s not rare or uncommon this is happening every day. Our children are dying. We have to save each other. 

May Malakai’s catastrophic story and short-lived precious life raise awareness and open hearts and minds to the grave reality and regularity of vaccine-induced deaths and injuries.

Please leave your condolences below for the Matthew and Angeline and hold them in your heart as they continue to mourn their son, Malakai.

~ In loving memory of Malakai Le Grange (June 12 – Sept 22, 2018) ~

How can we stop these political villains from demolishing the Netherlands further?

Yellow Vest to prove the politics, morale, globalists bankrupt on 1 December in The Hague.

Now we are lucky that the common man is not with empty hands at this meeting.

This letter will also be sent to trade unions.

We can list what crimes the globalists have done to the world’s population, but let’s start by changing it, because that’s in our own hands.

No matter how many police will be, they are of the same color, and are involuntarily fellow standers, even if they have another mission, to protect the government’s rigs.

How can we stop these political villains from demolishing the Netherlands further?

Very easy, don’t pay any more to a criminal organization, through taxes and CJIB, payroll taxes or health insurance.

We pay for our own misery, we can stop it en masse.

Not everyone is aware that the current debt slavery money system will be replaced before the end of the year by the introduction of a new money system with value coverage.

For this, all the central banks in the world will fall apart, so that the bankers no longer have any power over money creation.

Through the new money system we will ask to freeze the accounts of the government and state, tax authorities, and CJIB, and to deposit them back for the population, also the disappeared € 1400 billion pension monies belong to the Dutch, an effort has been made for that, and the corrupt state has stolen it.

Police and Army can only get income if they serve their employer, and that is the population, not the globalists Bilderberg mafia criminals from The Hague.

It’s very easy, don’t want to listen to the hand that feeds you, go income, for police and army.

The new money system will eliminate world poverty, which means that the UN Migration Pact will be an outdated thing, because people also get an income in their own country and can live in abundance.

The Netherlands is for the Dutch, Africa for the Africans, the Antilles for Antilleans, etc.

Europe is a Christian continent, not for Muslims who want to claim the happiness of their own culture, because of lack of intelligence and their barbaric religion to dominate the world.

The Cabal Politicians have conspired to set in motion the exchange of the people of Europe.

This is an act of treason, to commit the genocide on its own population, by deliberately mixing it with low IQ people from the 3rd world.

Muslim countries need their own people to rebuild their countries, just like Africa.

It cannot and will not be the case that the European population must work to serve migrants forever and must continue to provide them with income, shelter and food.

The deliberate destruction of the economy must be stopped, no longer grow GMO food, deliver farmers directly to the population, to implode multinationals and to continue their exploitation system.

The Merkel’s, Rutte’s and Macron’s of this world together with many paedophiles will disappear from society by the mass arrest that will take place.

The involvement of Rutte, EU, Shell, Timmermans for the disaster with the MH 17/370 will be made public by co-causing at the CIA, FBI, NSA, Deepstate puppets.

The demonization of Putin and unjust sanctions will stop, the Nazis will be driven out of Kiev just like the corrupt EU maniacs in Brussels, with the new money system they will no longer be financed.

Share this information with the Yellow Cardigan initiative, people will wake up and see for what it is, a dirty game by a corrupt government that has betrayed its own people.

Possibly tomorrow November 30, 2018 the stock exchange will crash to announce the revaluation of the money system on December 1 in Argentina, by announcing the GESARA. Global Economic Security and Reform Act, signed by Bil Clinton as early as 2000, but never introduced to protect bankers and Wall Street and further suppress their world population.

Ask the police why the Netherlands, as one of the few countries in the world, has no constitutional court, because the laws are not legal, and the kingdom on May 13, 1940 has lapsed due to the flight of the royal family, according to the then valid constitution article 21, that the seat of government should never be outside the kingdom.

All laws and treaties after May 18, 1940, when the Germans ruled the country, are not legally valid worldwide because the Netherlands never got its own government back from the then occupying Germany after the capitulation in 1945.

Let yourself be surprised by what revelations will be made, and how the self-appointed Elite will be crushed.

Kind Regards

Rinus Verhagen.

Above Majestic Producer Reveals Secret Space Program Disclosures & Document Dumps Imminent

Corey Goode, producer of the bestselling Above Majesticdocumentary, released a major updateon November 17 concerning a new insider that he has privately met and vetted. The insider is a retired surgeon with 30 years experience in a major branch of the US military, and used the pseudonym “Bones” after revealing his true identity. Goode says that after he met Bones about a year ago, he subsequently put Bones in touch with his other insider sources, including “Sigmund”, another pseudonym used by former senior officer in a USAF run secret space program.

Sigmund first met Goode in early 2016, when he was leadinginterrogations of Goode’s information, which included classified information about the USAF program, which Goode calls the Military Industrial Complex Secret Space Program (MIC-SSP). Sigmund eventually had to go on the run from the Cabal/Deep State after confirming Goode’s claims of a far more technologically advanced Navy run space program, Solar Warden. Sigmund eventually began working with the Secret Space Program (SSP) Alliance– a broad alliance of defectors from rival secret space programs and Solar Warden – who rescued him.

According to Goode, Bones passed on two hard drives with numerous digital files to Sigmund revealing details of the “Dark Fleet”, which is a German run secret space program that originated out of their hidden Antarctica bases and alliance with a group of Reptilians called Dracos. 

After agreements were reached between the Germans and the Eisenhower Administration in the 1950’s, the Germans were able to infiltrate all aspects of the US military industrial complex as Goode has previously explained.

After the treaty was signed and the joint Secret Space Programs began in earnest, things quickly got out of hand and the Nazi Break Away group won the race to infiltrate and take over the other side. They soon controlled every aspect of the U.S. from the Financial System, The Military Industrial Complex, and soon after, all three branches of the government itself. 

Goode summarizedwhat Bones told him regarding the classified name of the Dark Fleet which has still not been publicly revealed:

When I asked him which program he was involved in, he looked me straight in the eyes and told me the actual classified program name. He then said, “I think you have been referring to this program as ‘DARK FLEET’.” I was shocked to hear the actual name of this program dropped so freely. 

After arranging a meeting between Sigmund and Bones where the latter handed over digital files on the two hard drives, Goode describedwhat Sigmund told him in an early morning meeting on November 17, 2018 at Lunar Operations Command, a former German moon base now controlled by the MIC-SSP:

We sat there as Sigmund talked about the new intelligence they had received about the Dark Fleet.

He went on to give a nearly 3-hour summary on what was found on the two hard drives that Bones had given them. Sigmund was visibly excited and stated ‘We have everything! Their infrastructure, their lists of assets going back 80 years and where they are located. We now know of Dark Fleet bases in over a dozen different star systems as well as on the Earth and have the joint agreements and battle plans that the DARK FLEET had signed with the Draco’s and an insectoid race as well as non-aggression pacts with other ET Groups.”

I asked Goode today why Sigmund was able to travel safely to Lunar Operations Command (LOC) when the Cabal/Deep State was after him through their own space program that Goode has called the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC), which controls the LOC. He replied:

It is a joint facility and control is with ICC but different programs think classified ppl from their own projects run everything. You have levels of SSP coming in and out. They timeshare the assets at the LOC’s.  Only middle brass ever see’s the ppl that run the bases and the ppl that cycle in or are lower SSP’s only have access to the middle brass, etc

Goode went onto state that the digital files Bones gave to Sigmund had enabled the SSP Alliance, working in tandem with the Earth Alliance (a consortium of White Hats in every major nation on the planet) to identify all Dark Fleet operatives, and subject them to sealed indictments and future arrests.

Sigmund stated that they now had everything they needed to intercept Dark Fleet assets on every continent on Earth. They have now identified every Dark Fleet agent and double agent on the planet and how they have infiltrated the ICC and MIC SSP Programs. He was confident that they now had enough information to pass to the Earth Alliance for future indictments. 

Among the more than 60,000 sealed casescurrently found in judicial records, the vast majority involve indictments, which will lead to arrests when unsealed. Some of the looming arrests, according to Goode, involve Dark Fleet assets.

It’s furthermore worth pointing out that the Executive Order issued by Donald Trumpon December 21, 2017 allows the confiscation of property of all those involved in human rights abuses and international corruption. This has allowed Trump’s military backed government to systematically strip the Dark Fleet/Deep State of their financial assets, which were used to control the planet.

What’s particularly noteworthy is Goode’s claim that all Dark Fleet assets in the solar system and even adjacent start systems, will be confiscated and handed over to White Hats who will ensure that these are eventually used for the benefit of all humanity. He wrote:

The SSP Alliance is also confident that they now have actionable intelligence on every ICC, Dark Fleet, Solar Warden and Intergalactic League of Nations base and asset in the galaxy and are ready once the action begins. I am told this will assure that the entire extraplanetary infrastructure that has been built in secret will be available for use by a new system that has been outlined. This is a post-disclosure plan that a minority in the Earth Alliance has put a lot of planning into. 

Essentially, Goode is here stating that the new system will be something along the lines of “Star Fleet” in the Star Trek series, whose creator Gene Rodenberry had been secretly briefedabout the Navy’s secret space program.

Finally, Goode saidthat the SSP and Earth Alliance plan to use him for future disclosure dumps:

He [Sigmund] went on to say that they are gathering information to release through me at a future date. I was told that after this information was compiled it would then be given to me to disclose in a way that is beneficial to the SSP Alliance. I was also informed that at about the same time that I am cleared to drop the Dark Fleet information that I should also be cleared to release the information from my meeting at the LOC Alpha, Bravo & Charley and the tour of ancient alien ruins within the Moon itself.

Some of the information will be disclosed in documentaries similar to Above Majestic: The Implications of a Secret Space Program, which the SSP Alliance believes is an excellent way of disclosing the truth. 

read more here

Expect an announcement from each nation as they become GESARA compliant and join together in prosperity and global peace forever.

Today is 11/11/11. (2018 = 11)

This day is special in many ways.

This will be a day to mark history forever.

Most are asleep and it will pass just like any other day…so I will point out why you should pay attention to what is happening today.

Really it should be all over the MSM but all you will see there is the work of the dark cabal and their negative agenda.

What is in the news is just a distraction.

Fake News…Shootings…Fires…Caravans…Hurricanes…Election Fraud…& more…all the work of the Dark…Deep State…Cabal…Satanic…Pedophile…Chimera Group…Off World ET Agenda.

The cabal wanted to set off the San Andreas Fault Line and cause Earthquakes for more damage…but that ability has been taken away by the good guys…so they are throwing a tantrum over the loss…and all they can do is start fires. (as seen in California recently)

Today is the 100 year anniversary of World War 1.

And today the left would like nothing better than to start World War 3 if they were to have their way.

But instead…today a Very Important Portal Opened and A Huge Fleet of (the good guys) Pleiadian Ships (Light Forces) came in and are here around the earth in cloak mode. 🙂

We are one step closer to Disclosure…The Event…1st Contact…and more.

There has been a lot of activity behind the scenes in the last few days

The grid is down…and now it is safe for the good guys to come in.

This marks the beginning of good things to come.

The main aim of the Light Forces is to minimize suffering on the planet and to decrease the level of violence.

The amazing future we have been fighting for is real…and will happen.

Replicators…Free Energy…Interstellar Travel…The Golden Age…all this is awaiting us.

Trillions upon trillions of dollars are spent by the Cabal every year to give us the impression that nothing has changed and nothing every will.

When this Truman show falls apart, you will all be amazed.

Today on 11/11/11 there was a Putin – Trump meeting in Paris with members of the ‘Surface Alliance’ and ‘Resistance Agents’ present. (The Resistance Agents are Pleiadians)

Certain backdoor negotiations about the future of our planet will be taking place there. (you won’t hear a peep about any of that on the news tonight)

Massive voter fraud will be uncovered in multiple locations across America.

A staggering amount of voting machines were impounded Monday night by the Trump Team.

While people are focused on the present issues with Trump and the left…these are just the outward events in the take down of the old paradigm and its corruption.

Soon we will discover who and what we really are…our true origin.

John McCain was allowed to take the little white pill that killed him.

The cancer story was a cover to protect his family from retribution.

Expect new elections for the vacant seats in DC after the guilty parties are arrested.

A record number have decided not to seek re election as Trump continues to drain the swamp.

You are going to be told what you really are…and that is not quite “HUMAN”. (non of us are from here)

You are all quietly entering an Age of Wonders…where many things that were hidden will be revealed…and much history that was lost will be found again.

43 nations have been making Cabal arrests and have notified the Rothchilds…Rockefellers…Bushes & Clintons that if they try to cash in any bonds or fake debt instruments they will be killed.

The Chinese asked the US Military (Marines) to request Trump to make the necessary changes that would make America GESARA compliant.

The alternative to Trump ‘draining the swamp’ was a military attack on the cabal and significant destruction to expensive infrastructure.

The Smithsonian Institute was a prime cabal terrorist target to destroy our culture and its artifacts.

The ultimate goal of the Chimera Group Dark Extraterrestrials was the harvesting of the souls and resources here and the destruction of earth itself.

That is why the good E.T.’s (GFL – Galactic Federation of Light Forces) have been helping us.

The GFL are comprised of ‘100,000 off world races’ who are all good guys. (regardless of what unhollywood would have you believe in their movies)

Trump has been correcting the flaws and corruption…retrieving stolen wealth for us and setting the stage for the termination of the cabal.

GESARA is the Global New Order with fairness to all.

Much in the news and alternative media was designed to hide what was really going on until it all was completed. (it is time)

Today 11/11/11 marks the opening of the window to go GESARA for all 208 nations on earth.

Expect an announcement from each nation as they become GESARA compliant and join together in prosperity and global peace forever.