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On An Ordinary Day

The Event: On An Ordinary Day

On an ordinary day, the world will be turned upside down, on an ordinary day which people would go about their business the clouds will fall from the sky and it will rain fire, on an ordinary day when the people have their eyes fixed to the ground the sky will open and the impossible will begin to unfold.

The divine announcement of thousands of years will be announced and nothing will be the same in the evening as it was in the morning. On an ordinary day in space-time, the forces of Light will come out and will be made visible to all who see and audible to all who hear. This will be the reality to those who are already vibrationally open.
On an ordinary day, the media will still spread lies, the financial mob and politicians will twist it all. You will hear a Heavenly sound that will put an end to all the chaos. On an ordinary day, it will come so fast even those that are prepared will freeze.
On an ordinary day, the World change will happen and all the underground facilities and safe guards put in place to save the Elite will not be reached.
On an ordinary day, the Earth will be covered in silence and the people of Inner Earth will take over for a short period of time until the enlightened, inter-dimensional beings of space appear. A holographic, blissful reality will begin.
On an ordinary day, the Worlds will split in two, never seen by a human or experienced by any living being on Earth. On an ordinary day, the birds will fall from the sky and mountain chains that have never been seen before will begin to appear from the oceans.
On an ordinary day, the Guardians of Earth and the Masters of many worlds, angels, archangels of creation will show in the sky. Many people will be suspicious because many will not be able to distinguish between the Light from the shadow realms.
On an ordinary day, the veil between the Worlds will be lifted and everyone will find themselves exactly where they chose to be. Time will be bent and discarded until the timeless being is achieved.
On an ordinary day, all TV stations will be reporting on this Event. The Airwaves will be taken over by the Light and deceptive agendas will be squashed and the lies of the rulers will be told and in that moment the chaff will be separated from the wheat.
On an ordinary day the unprepared, the ones who resisted will be frozen in fear pleading for help to understand this Event, this is why many of you are here. You are the ones who chose to step forward with the Guardians of the Worlds.
On an ordinary day, everything will end which you knew so far, and for those whom neither trust nor serve the Light, everything will remain the same. Those who are just mindless slaves to the Dark forces will continue the reality of slow dying. Meaning, they will remain and continue to live in a 3D vibration.
On an ordinary day, you who are ready shall Ascend and be expected by Heaven. (5D) Many of you will go through a rebirth, resurrection will be accomplished for you who have voted for the Light. It is time for us to become the masters in our own house.

Breathe. Imagine. Feel.

Lion’s Gate Upgrades For Humanity

Something powerful happened during the Lion’s Gate this year. Photon Gamma light beams blasting earth straight through the central sun, bathing our planet in unconditional love frequency. Those who were ready to integrate these light codes made massive shifts.
We can feel it and yet, we are not sure what it is. The integration of these new light codes has facilitated an important upgrade in conscious awareness.
The new high vibrations accelerate the manifestation process. The higher you vibrate the faster things manifest.
This was one of those most precious kinds of shifts when you get a super upgrade from the universe.
Trust that what is meant to be will be. You are going through the greatest change in the history of humanity. That which no longer serves your highest good is falling apart.
Fear not, even if you’re losing your job, friends, or if your relationship fails. Light alters frequency and that which does not resonate with your higher frequency will vibrate out of your life to make space for your divine life purpose.
You have been through the dark night of the soul for a long time and you are ready to enter mastery level now.
You have worked on your frequency for a long time. You have looked at your pain, studied it, examined it and you have learned to transmute lower emotions. Instead, you could have watched TV and eaten fast food. But you faced your fears and you slayed some dragons.
Meanwhile, the universe has been working in preparation to match your new frequency.
The Lion’s Gate Energies are now allowing the universe to bring your desires to fruition.
New friendships, relationships, and partnerships that fully resonate with your frequency and serve your highest good are being forged now.
Keep a journal of gratitude.
Write about your desires, wishes, and goals. Whether you draw or describe them, abundantly add color and character. Give it life.
Think about names you like, the sound of a voice, the feeling when you hold something, or someone. Your favorite kind of scent. Food. Music. Etc.
Whatever it is you may desire, you must imagine it with all your mind and feel it with all your heart.
And you must imagine that you already have it now here. It must feel the exact same way it would feel if it was really there, right now. In your heart.
Take a deep breath in, close your eyes, and allow yourself to picture and put into words all your heartfelt wishes.
Take as long as you need to continue this practice.
Breathe. Imagine. Feel.
When you’re done or when you think you’re done because you may be done for the day but you might come back the next to add to your list and to your imagery, then you speak the following words:
“I fully let go of all third dimensional lower vibrations.
Acknowledging the teaching and the teacher, I have evolved in gratitude.
I am now ready to embody the highest version of myself.
I invite that which serves my highest good into my life now.”
You are the ones who create new earth.
I love you.

Aurora Ray

Artist: unknown


Imagine . . .
What would the world look like if you had NO MUST? If you didn’t have to go to work, If you weren’t forced to spend your time doing what you don’t love, If you wouldn’t need to do things you dislike because you must feed your family and pay bills . . .
Just imagine if someone said, “Hey, I’ll pay your bills from tomorrow on. I’ll give you more money than you need to support your family and I’ll even give you some extra cash so you can schedule some fun activities and regular spa visits or whatever you like.”
FEEL into this.
How does this feel in your body?
Are your shoulders loosening up? Is your back pain finding relief? Is your frown relaxing?
Imagine this scenario for a moment longer. FEEL this in your body.
Take a deep breath in and let go of all your worries with your exhale.
How would if FEEL if this happened?
Now the person tells you, “Hey I’m gonna continue giving you this free cash forever, till the rest of your life. No strings attached. I have more than enough to share this with you without restricting myself and I know you deserve it.”
FEEL this in your body.
Allow this feeling of relief, bliss, happiness, and peace of mind to enter your body for a moment.
Imagine this with all your mind and FEEL it with all your heart.
What’s happening with your heart right now? Does it feel a little lighter? Is it opening a little more?
Now, what will you do with all your time? You don’t have to do your job anymore if you don’t want to. So, what will you do?
Alright, take a vacation but what do you do after that? You don’t want to get bored and you still want to feel that your life has a purpose, which it does . . .
You are an immortal AND divine soul. You are older than you can even imagine. Wiser than you know. More capable than anyone has ever allowed you to believe . . .
What is it you love doing? If you could do anything if you could do whatever you want, what would that be?
THIS is how you find your soul’s purpose. THIS is how you activate your MAGIC and Your POWER.
Every soul incarnated on this planet has a purpose, dharma. What is your dharma? You can only find out when you follow your heart.
Humanity has been mind-controlled and manipulated for so long. The sole purpose is to distract you by keeping you busy with day-to-day drama. Who would dare to follow their heart as long as food needs to be placed on the table, rent and bills need to be paid, etc., right?
But what would happen if we had enough of the bullshit and dared to dream? If we just looked within and started to listen to the heart?
WHAT would happen if everyone followed their heart’s desire?
That which once is finally heard eventually becomes a roar that cannot be denied and then turns into a force with a life of its own. And then you have no other choice than to follow that inherent scream that guides the way for you and turns a blind eye to whatever anyone could say or do to stop you on this divine path.
Could it be that we, as a race have the inherent god power to create new earth? You know the answer already in your heart.
So, let me ask you again. What would you like to contribute to this planet?
Maybe it’s your art. Maybe it’s your sense of humor. Maybe you just want to ride a train.
Have you ever had a moment in your life where you could just ask yourself what it is you would love to do? Without feeling guilty. Without pushing the thought aside because of a sense of responsibility. Has anybody else ever asked you what it is you love doing?
Start asking yourself this question and start imagining this feeling in your body: What would it feel like if you had no more obligations no more painful responsibilities, no more jobs you hate doing. Start imagining the opening of your heart facilitated by the thought of simply doing what you love. FEEL it. You are allowed to do whatever it is your heart desires. Make this your daily exercise.
THIS is your magic key to manifestation.
The new earth is being birthed. The currency reset is coming. The world’s wealth will be distributed among humans on earth. You will no longer do what you hate.
You will only do what you love with all your heart and that is the greatest contribution and the biggest accomplishment a human being can give to the world.
Change is inevitable and imminent.
This is the victory of light over darkness.

A’Boss Aurora Ray Ambassador of the Galactic Federation | Lyran High Council Elder | Emissary of the Goddess