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Your feelings are perfect indicators as to whether or not you are allowing or resisting the flow of Love through the universe and through yourself.

Messages from the AngelsMessages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Upon your earth there is an unprecedented flow of love creating movement and change. You have, collectively called for it. In the confinement of quarantine, you longed for freedom. In months of separation, you cried for connection. Watching the horrors of racism you prayed for unity. Going within and creating better futures in your inner world, your desires were prayers that called to the heavens for support!

Unlike any time ever before in human history, love is flowing to you, through you, and when permitted, from you! Love is flowing into a world that is ready to rebirth itself into a brighter, greater, grander, more glorious, kinder, unified, creative future! You are the ones creating this change by your willingness to dream it. You are the ones allowing for it by your willingness to tune yourself to the frequency of love. You start with love and kindness for yourselves, and then you spiral outward, expressing your love for the world according to the dictates of your own Divine inspiration.

As you move forward, it is good to understand that the greater the flow of Love, the greater the magnitude of your feelings – both positive and negative.

If you watch a physical river, there is little disturbance when a gentle flow reaches a boulder in its path. However, a rushing river suddenly creates massive gurgling, bubbling, frothing waves when its powerful current runs into a boulder. So too, in a greater flow of love you notice your own boulders of resistance ever so much more strongly!

Your feelings are perfect indicators as to whether or not you are allowing or resisting the flow of Love through the universe and through yourself.

When you allow love to flow to you and through you, you feel bliss. In resistance, you feel pain. Most of you feel varying degrees in between, with occasional peaks on both ends of the spectrum.

For example, when you are immersed in the present moment, genuinely enjoying and appreciating what is in front of you, and not thinking any thoughts that would block the rushing torrent of love, you can feel a bliss that was once accessible only to those who worked diligently on their spiritual practice and meditation for decades! Many of you will find yourself seeing energy, perceiving spirit more clearly, and being bombarded by inspired thoughts that guide you to your dreams. These are the moments, dear ones, when you have no resistance whatsoever to the flow of love. These are your moments of heaven on earth!

When you experience (as so many of you are!) what we call emotional eruptions 
or sudden outbursts of intense “negative” emotion, this is simply an indicator that you have run up against a pocket of your own resistance to the flow of love.

Perhaps you’re focusing on something that bothers you, rather than something that pleases you. Perhaps you’re trying to push yourself to feel a certain way or do something that someone else says you should… but you don’t feel this way. Perhaps you need rest, food, or recreation but you’ve been ignoring your own needs. Perhaps you’re judging yourself or another or trying to impose your will on another. In any of those cases, you’re resisting the natural flow towards greater love and joy. These behaviors and thought patterns are taught, conditioned, humanly accepted, and understandable, but the bottom line is that resisting love’s flow doesn’t make you happy.

In fact, resistance to love’s flow is at the root of all human pain and suffering.

Sometimes you can begin to shift out of this resistance easily. You can take a breath and imagine you’re breathing in light, love, and goodness. You can breathe out and imagine sending love out into the world. Sometimes it is truly that simple to return to the flow of love. In this very natural rhythm of breathing, of giving and receiving, you can easily return to its flow.

If you hold your breath, however, you start to feel a craving for air. Your body tightens. The circulation of nutrients, waste removal, and nerve signals is diminished. Likewise, if you refused to exhale you would want to burst.

Similarly, if you don’t shift your focus to take in a vibration of love offered to you in each moment, you crave love in ever-increasing measure. If you don’t flow love outward in some form on a regular basis, you will feel like you want to burst.

We’re not saying you have to like everything. We’re not saying you have to receive human love from everything or everyone, or even flow love outwards to everything and everyone at all times. This would be an ideal state, and while it is a lofty goal, we’re simply reminding you that you can re-enter the flow of love, much more easily, no matter what is going on around you.

Find an easy way to take in love, even if you simply focus on a single pleasing thought. Find an easy way to flow love outward if only by praying for, or appreciating anything or anyone in your life, especially yourself.

The object of your attention matters far less than finding the feeling and flow of love. This is an extremely different paradigm from the one most of you learned, and a critical understanding to help you navigate 5D reality with joy.

We’ll say it again:

The object of your attention matters far less than finding the feeling and flow of love.

Your objects of attention simply help you tune your energy. You can focus with internal or external attention on anything that pleases you and begin to experience the flow once again.

You can allow love to flow to you, by taking in the beauty of a single wildflower, a single beautiful thought, a wonderful song, a joyful video, a delicious meal, a kind thought – anything that plugs you into feeling love and enjoying the moment. Breath that in.

You can flow love outward by appreciating a beautiful color, sharing a kindness with someone, praying for anything or anyone, simply sitting and imagining light filling you and emanating from you in silent presence. You can do good deeds, think kind thoughts, and allow yourself to be a beacon. You can flow love first and foremost by being kind to yourself. Breathe out.

Opening to a small flow leads to a larger flow if you are willing to continue in this fashion, reaching for a focus that feels more like love. As you continue to open and release areas of resistance to love, simply by shifting your focus, you will soon tune to a more blissful feeling space.

We know there are times, especially during periods of “emotional eruption” when you feel it is nearly impossible to re-enter the flow of love by finding a single pleasing thought! When someone triggers your pain; when life seems unfair; when you have focused too long on something upsetting – in these cases, it can feel as if you are possessed by the very thing you do not want to see! These intensely unpleasant emotions arise from feeling disconnected from the flow of love.

In these cases, you have become temporary, obsessively entangled with your focus on a negative object of attention, and have therefore removed your focus from the multitude of things, people, situations, and inner conditions that would assist you in finding the feeling and flow of love.

It is oh-so-human to blame the triggers of your eruptions! 
If only he/she/it would be different you’d feel better! That may be very true, but in assigning blame, rather than re-entering the flow of love, you render yourself entirely, spiritually powerless. It doesn’t matter if what upsets you is a person, a situation, a republican, democrat, a vaccine, an unvaccinated person, one masked or unmasked, a rotten piece of fruit or a rotten behavior, a traffic jam, a horribly abusive people, or any one of millions of displeasing conditions.

We speak plainly here because we want to help you reclaim your power to feel joy. We want you to know your power to focus on a kinder feeling thought and thus to disentangle yourself from vibrations that do not please you. We want to support you in your soul’s bliss, your unfolding desires, and in living, breathing, and contributing to the flow of love!

In this flow of Love you are aligned with nothing less than the Creator of worlds! You become the change for the world. You become powerful creators. You become effective communicators. You become part of the solutions instead of vibrationally reinforcing the problems.

We know this isn’t always easy. There is plenty going on in the world to upset you right now, and many practiced negative emotions that are quite socially (but no SOUL-cially) acceptable.

Many of you have been asking us in your heart – What do I do when I experience an emotional eruption and I can’t find a better feeling thought? What do I do when I feel stuck in negativity? What do I do when my ex/mother/father/brother/sister/boss/child is being so terrible I can’t focus on any of the good people in my life? What do I do when I worry night and day about the country/the economy/my health/death, etc.? What do I do when I get stuck on a focus that feels terrible?

In these cases, dear ones, you can gently begin to release your resistance to love’s flow by first, being kind to yourself. Make the choice to accept yourself where you are and love yourself through it. There’s no need to berate yourself. There’s no need to criticize yourself because you’re a spiritual person who “should” know better. There’s no need to beat yourself up because you can’t find a single positive thought in the moment. You could only calm a screaming or crying child with distraction or, that failing, by soothing them until the emotion dissipates. When in an eruptive emotional state, you must grant yourself this same accepting, allowing, kindness.

Practically speaking, love yourself enough to allow the unpleasant feelings to flow through you in the healthiest and most responsible way that you can, and they will dissipate. Say to yourself, “Well I’m angry. I’m sad. I’m jealous. That’s where I’m at, and that’s OK for now.” Then vent in private – in a journal, to God, or your angels. Wrap a cozy blanket around yourself, and cry the tears, without judgment. Immerse yourself in your jealousy and journal it until you wear it out and realize you don’t want to feel powerless. Breathe deeply. Allow the unhappy energy to move and simply observe it flowing as if you are watching debris that was deeply lodged within you float up and out.

There will often be nuggets of loving gold once the intensity of the “negative” emotion dissipates. Under your sadness, comes a desire for comfort and kindness. Under your anger comes a desire for more balance or to move away from non-resonant conditions or beliefs. Underneath your jealousy is a desire to embrace your power to create.

As soon as you are able, gently steer your mind towards better feeling thoughts. Gently release your resistance to love. “I’m proud of myself. I allowed myself to feel and it didn’t kill me. That was brilliant to just feel and observe, rather than re-act in a hurtful way! I love myself no matter what. I accept myself no matter what. Strong feelings won’t kill me. Better out than in. I love myself. I have compassion for myself. I feel better now. I am going to create more comfort, to move closer towards what resonates and away from what doesn’t. I’m going to learn to create. I’m no longer resisting love…” Hug yourself. Get yourself a glass of water and imagine filling it with love. Drink it.Then, open to love’s flow. Imagine opening your heart like a flower to the sun. Breathe slowly and deeply and with each in-breath imagine that flow of love pouring into you and through you. If you continue in this fashion, you may fall asleep. You may still have resistance and want to retreat back into upset. You may want to distract. Do your best to sit, breathe, open, breathe, and receive. You want to feel better. You want to be happy. You want to feel loved.There are no “wrong” feelings dear friends. Your feelings simply indicate whether or not you are allowing or resisting love. They tell you what vibration you are currently tuned into, so you can choose whether or not that is the magnet with which you want to attract or allow your future.

There is no judgment from the heavens in this conversation. Resisting love does not diminish who you are in any way. It simply diminishes your experience of who you truly are.

In this very intense and beautiful flow of love, be kind and gentle with yourselves. Embrace yourselves where you are. Don’t push yourselves to do or feel what you do not. Don’t run from your feelings. When you can, gently shift to better feeling thoughts. When you are in the midst of emotional eruptions just observe the “debris” flowing through you in a kind and healthy way, until the “love” inevitably follows.

You are birthing yourselves anew. Your earth is birthing herself anew. Love is being birthed in a massive rushing flow right now. Enjoy the process. You are freeing yourselves from eons worth of conditioned resistance to love. You are freeing yourselves to see, be, experience, and express the love that you are made of.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

When you want a better life you must be willing to let go of what no longer resonates with who you want to become, but if you do so with zest for the adventure of life it is a joyful, albeit perhaps nostalgic, letting go.-The Angels-


April 3 2021
Death & Resurrection = New Life
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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

If you celebrate Passover, Easter, or even the coming of spring or fall, you are celebrating the reality of life eternal, and the inability of death to vanquish that Life. Death seems so real in your third dimensional reality because the body can, and will, eventually die. Death was “built into” your experience here on the earth, not as some horrible end but rather, as a way in which you can return to the greater, more glorious dimensions from which you came.

Death – of the body, or one of the gazillion mini-deaths you experience throughout your life – need not be painful. Some of your masters upon the earth have simply shifted their focus into the greater reality, thus “dying” simply because the spirit withdrew. Illness, disease, and devastation are optional ways to expand beyond the body when one is complete. You can, instead, intend to simply withdraw in your sleep when you’re done with your soul’s desires at the end of this life. You can love yourself enough to embrace life as you desire, while you are here, thus allowing the healing and rejuvenating energies keep your body health, or restore it, until your soul is ready to expand back into the greater understandings of reality.

Likewise, the many “mini deaths” you experience throughout the course of your life can be either painful or joyful. The seed must die for the plant to rise above the soil, but it surrenders willingly. The child within must merge into the greater adult self as you mature, and if you allow this to happen kindly it is a graceful transition. When you reach for a happier career, you must leave your old one behind, and this can be done with enthusiasm and positive expectation. When you want a better life you must be willing to let go of what no longer resonates with who you want to become, but if you do so with zest for the adventure of life it is a joyful, albeit perhaps nostalgic, letting go.

Death, dear ones, is part of life itself. You were meant to expand. You were meant to grow. You were meant to create and to make use of the current unpleasant situations in life only as launching pads for a better reality.

In order to birth a new world, you as a collective human race, are dying to the old one. There will be no “going back” to normal. There will be only “going forward, and it is a glorious reality you are moving towards, even in spite of all the birthing contractions you continue to witness.

So as you celebrate Easter, Passover, Spring, or Fall, ask yourself, “What do I want to to die within me? What new life or situation do I want to resurrect? Do you want to let judgment die so you can be resurrected into peace? Do you want to let the fear of physical death die so you can be resurrected into feeling fully relaxed in the flow of life? Do you want to let old upsets die so you can experience freedom and joy? Do you want to let an old identity die – one that identifies with suffering – so you can embrace yourself as nothing less than a magnificent child of the Divine?

Dear ones, what would you like to release so as to resurrect something better?

If you like, divide a piece of paper into two columns. On one side, make a list of what you wish to let go, and on the other write down what you wish to resurrect in its place.

The items on your list can be simple of profound. I want my messy closet to “die” so I can resurrect order. I want my old diet to “die” so I can eat food that nourishes me, body, and soul. I want an old upset to die, so I can resurrect innocence, joy, and freedom. I want my complaints about XYZ to die, so I can resurrect hope. Write down a list of all that you are willing to allow to die, and what you want to resurrect instead.

Now, every time you focus on one of the items that you wish to release, quickly switch to the one you want to resurrect. For example, if you open your messy closet and start to mutter, quickly switch to your desired resurrection. “Oh yes! I wish to resurrect order!” Take a moment and see how that might feel. How would it feel to resurrect order? Just imagine it. If you feel like doing something about it, do it. If not, don’t.You will quickly learn what you truly wish to release vs. what you don’t, and we have no judgment whatsoever about any of it. Maybe you realize you are fine with your messy closet after all, but even in doing this exercise you have resurrected a higher vibration of peace. Maybe you get the sudden urge to clean it out, and you have once again found a path to peace. In either case, you resurrected peace with you!Likewise, suppose you want to die unto an old upset with someone in your past in order to resurrect emotional freedom and joy. When you think of your old hurt, catch yourself and remind yourself, “I wish to resurrect emotional freedom and peace.” Take a moment. Imagine that. Feel that. What would emotional freedom and peace feel like? This has nothing at all to do with the other person. This has to do with the energies you are resurrecting – calling to the surface – within your very own heart.

Your resurrection is always within your power, no matter the external world.

Death happens within first. Resurrection happens within first. As you shift your energies within, then your outer world can change. The choice to stay in a situation or mindset or to expand beyond it is up to you… and you have eternity to play with these energies! There is never any pressure from us to rebirth yourselves. There is only support to help you keep what you want alive within you, and move beyond what you don’t.Happy Passover dear ones. Happy Easter. Happy Spring, and to those of you in the southern hemisphere, Happy Autumn. Allow yourself at this wonderful time of year, to look at that which you want to keep alive, that which you want to release, and that which you want to resurrect within.

There is great Love moving to you and through you every day, but it is especially intense upon your earth at this time. Enjoy it, make use of it, and allow yourselves to resurrect yourself in any way you choose.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

As you earth continues to rebirth itself we wish for you an awareness of your incredible freedom.

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As you earth continues to rebirth itself we wish for you an awareness of your incredible freedom. Each one of you regardless of external circumstances is free to tune your energy to attract and allow the life you want. When you focus, in your inner world, on the things that you appreciate and give you joy, on the people you resonate with, the causes you admire, in this joyous space of thinking about what makes you happy and inspires you, you begin to draw it to you.

You have, however, been taught to place an inordinate amount of focus on the external world. We know you must focus on the external when it must be dealt with and we celebrate your focus upon all that you enjoy within it. However, if you start to think of your life force – your attention and energy – as your most precious resources, then you will start to become a bit more discerning about how you use your focus.

One of the things that robs you most of your precious life force is judging yourself or others, resisting yourself or others, making yourself or others wrong (even if you/they are!), and focusing on what you don’t like in yourself or others, instead of focusing on what you do like about others, and best of all, what is right inside of you.

If you were the thumb on a person’s hand you’d never make yourself wrong or insist that the pinkie agree with your perspective! You wouldn’t be jealous of the jewelry on the ring finger, or upset that the pointer finger gets more attention. As a thumb, you’d know that you had a special place, perspective and purpose. You’d revel in the fact that you help grasp and move objects. You’d take pride in the fact that your person uses you to hit the space bar on the computer and type on their phones. You’d understand that each of the other fingers had their place and purpose too, in spite of the fact, or rather because of the fact that they are different. None of the fingers need agree with each other’s place, perspective, and purpose. The hand – the greater Self – is always guiding them to work in harmony, just as the body is guiding both hands.

Likewise you don’t have to agree with anyone. You don’t have to insist that your perspective should be right for them. And you don’t have to agree with others who insist that their perspective is right for you. There’s no need to argue or agree. You have a right to be you! Listen if you must but just keep being your sweet, wonderful self!

Everyone, including you has an inner “hot line to the Divine” because the Divine IS your greater self, and the Divine wants everyone to live in a harmonious dance whether that means living and working together physically as the heart and the nerves do, or moving apart on your own paths as many cells in the body must in order to function according to their own design. You would not find the bone in the heart or the heart in the bones, for example.

If you listen to yourself and do what feels best in a given moment, you will find your place among those who are resonant and – naturally, easily, without judgment, argument, or the need to be right – you will naturally move away from those who do not resonate. It really can be that simple. The universe was designed to be that simple.

When you look at nature, you see the absolute perfection of each part of an ecosystem. You can also see the complete absurdity of imagining that one part of nature would insist that its way is right for another. Would a bird insist that a fish must fly? Would a tree insist that the moss must climb to the heavens? Would a rock insist it must roll instead of being content in its purpose of holding the soil in place? Would you make the bugs wrong for their existence? If you did you’d have to eradicate the birds that eat them, the forests that the birds seed, and the air that the forests produce for your life and lungs, and as a result your own life. Everything, every little, tiny part of creation, has purpose and value.

So do you!

As you surrender to this very basic fact of existence, you stop struggling with life. You find freedom, joy, and a flow of grace that guides you easily towards your desires. In a higher vibration wherein you accept – even if you don’t understand – the perfection of life’s dance, you avoid becoming entangled in the very common, unpleasant disagreements that seem to be part of human life. The all-too-common dance of “I’m right/You’re wrong, I’m right/Life’s wrong, I’m wrong/Nothing’s right,” and so on, has never truly made anyone happy.

You can be right about others being wrong, but that will never make you happy.

You can be right about life being wrong, but that will only drag you down.

You can be right about yourself being wrong, but obsessing about your so-called flaws or mistakes will never allow you the growth that makes you feel better.

The only thing that truly makes you feel alright is to realize that all human beings are all right for their own soul’s own growth and expansion.

So how to feel right when life feels wrong? How to feel right when you feel others are wrong? How to feel right when you feel wrong? It is actually not so hard at all dear ones. Just ask yourself a question many of you have heard many times…

Would I rather be right or would I rather be happy?

If you answer, I’d rather be right!” gently ask yourself, “Why?” Why do you want to be right? Isn’t the ultimate goal of being right, being happy? You tell yourself you’ll be happy if another acknowledges that you’re right. You’ll be satisfied if life conforms to your expectations. You’ll be happy if you’re perfect according to the standards that were programmed into you before you even had a choice to believe them. Is that true dear one?

Question yourself deeply. Do you really think you’ll be happy if someone who hurt you suffers? Dig deeper? Wouldn’t you rather just let them go, free yourself of the burdens they heaped upon you, and be happy now?

If you wait for the external world to conform before you choose happiness, you could wait for lifetimes.

Being “right” is deeply ingrained in the human psyche. You have been trained to feel as if your very worth, identity, and being is threatened if you are “wrong” yet nothing can invalidate your worth in the eyes of your creator. Nothing can invalidate the precious, perfect, and unique role that you play in all of creation.

Your ego can feel threatened, but your soul, your creator and your angels all know your value. Best of all, when you truly embrace your value, independent of external validation, you will attract people and situations that easily mirror it back to you. Until then, if you hold on to a need to be right and for others to agree, you will likely receive struggle in return.

For example, if you are stuck in traffic, you can blame the cars in front of you. You may be right. You can blame yourself for starting late. You may be right. You can blame the city streets for not having enough lanes. You may be right. You can honk your horn and the cars in front of you will honk back. The situation can become more unpleasant. Or you can stop blaming and say, “Here I am. I can’t change it. I may be late. So be it. How can I enjoy this moment in time?” You could turn on the radio. You could pray for everyone in traffic. You could sit and think about everyone and anyone you love… and in choosing any of these options, you can be happy!

Perhaps you have been the subject of unkind or abusive behavior. You can certainly blame the abuser and you may well be right. You can blame yourself for getting into a bad situation. You may be right You can blame the world and its programming, and you may be right. You can focus on the injustice and therefore attract more injustice to you. The Divine is always trying to guide you towards a more loving experience of life, but there are many in this world who will willingly match this kind of focus.

Wouldn’t you rather be happy? Wouldn’t you rather focus on how far you’ve grown, how much different you are from the people that hurt you, where you are going in your future, how strong you are, and all the good in your life now? Wouldn’t you rather stop giving those who were unkind to you your power, and reclaim your joy? It is up to you dear friends. It is a choice to focus upon that which makes you feel better.

We know you have been deeply immersed in conditioning that subtly teaches you that you that being right is a higher priority than being happy. Question this often throughout your day. Anytime you feel yourself justifying your own unhappiness, ask, “Would I rather be right about why I’m unhappy – even if I am right – or would I rather be happy?” Then, if you want to feel better, choose better feeling thoughts, one thought at a time.

Far from “letting others get away” with something, or becoming a “doormat” your vibrational frequency of joy will attract kinder others, shine a light upon and reveal untruths, and guide you along a path of ease and grace!

If you truly choose to elevate your vibration by letting go of the dance of right/wrong, and trusting in the vibrational universe to draw like unto like, then dear ones, you will tune into greater happiness. In doing so, you release the people and situations you feel are “wrong” and let them spiral off along their way, while you proceed along the path that is “happy” and therefore ultimately most “right” for you!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

After reading this paragraph shut your eyes, breathe for a minute or two and simply open to receive our love for you -The Angels via Ann-

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 03/20/2021 • Memories, Daydreams, Tuning in the Present

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a moment. Look around. What is happening in your world right here and now? What room are you in? Are you in your car? Outside? Take a moment to appreciate your computer, phone, tablet, or the device with which you are reading our words. Take a moment to appreciate your environment. Take a moment to appreciate yourself for taking a few minutes to connect with those of us in the heavens who love more than we can possibly ever convey with worlds. After reading this paragraph shut your eyes, breathe for a minute or two and simply open to receive our love for you. Do it now, if you like.

It is in this place, this moment, this very perfect time that you call now, in which you can access the Divine, your angels, and the miraculous power that creates worlds. For just a moment, after you read this paragraph, shut your eyes, breathe, and receive our love once again. This time, after you feel us, play with us. Imagine yourself in a future where you already have something you deeply and dearly want, be it a situation, a feeling, or a thing. As you receive our love and imagine your future, we are sending our energy to empower your creations. Just take a moment, in this moment, and then come back when you are ready.

We are often asked, “How can I be present here and now while imagining my happy future?” This of it this way. Here and now, you can watch a futuristic show on your TV. Here and now, you can watch a historical documentary. Here and now, you can watch the news, the movies, the cooking channel, or a variety of other programs. Here and now, you get to tune into anything you please.

When you tune into the past, you are asking the universe to recreate the past. The higher dimensions will always and only match your loving vibrations, but there are plenty on the earth who will unwittingly cooperate with the lower ones. That’s why we recommend you only tune in only to what you love about the past, and when painful memories seem compelling, slowly and gently steer your thoughts to ones that feel better. Tell yourself, “I am strong. I am capable. I made it. The past is over. Here I am now and now is better. In this moment I am safe. In this moment, as a I read this, all is well. Now is new.” In this fashion, by focusing on better feeling thoughts in the present moment, you release the unpleasant past’s grip on your future.

Likewise, when you think about the future, imagine the best and you will bring those good vibrations into your here and now.

It is your energy, not your words that dictate what you are tuned into. You can’t shout at the TV, “I want to watch channel 5!” You have to tune into it. You can’t tell your voice activated control, “I don’t want to watch channel 3!” It will likely either ignore you or say, “OK, I’ll tune into channel 3!” Your devices, dear ones, are starting to teach you more and more about the 5D universe! You can only tune into one channel, one vibration at a time. It is either something you want to tune into, or something that blocks what you want.

So, as you sit in your here and now, you can focus with appreciation on something pleasurable from the past and thus call more of that to you. You can focus on the best possible future and draw that to you as well. You can simplify all of this and appreciate life and all that it offers right here and now. In so doing you are tuning into good feelings, higher vibrations, and therefore drawing unto you absolutely everything you desire!

The simplest thing you can do is to breathe, and open to receive our love. Appreciate what is around you. Appreciate yourself. Then go enjoy your day, one moment at a time, knowing that in a vibration of love and appreciation the entire universe is assembling the sum total of all your dreams and guiding you towards them… one beautiful moment at a time.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

This is why your feel refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

Messages from the AngelsMessages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Sleep is a glorious experience of dying unto the “self” and expanding into your greater being. In your sleep your consciousness temporarily ceases to identify with the body and mind. You re-emerges into a greater awareness and understanding of yourself as a soul. You surrender to love.

This is why, when your mind is not in the way, deep healing can take place in your sleep. This is why you can go to bed with questions and wake up with answers. This is why your feel refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

This is also why, when you don’t sleep well, it is important to find a way to temporarily tun off the mind and just “be,” for it is in your sleep or in your restful states, – when you are free of thoughts and concerns– that you return to your soul’s natural state of being. You become open to receiving love, flowing, trusting, relaxing and surrendering into the perfection of life.Whenever you can turn your mind off, calm the thoughts, and simply surrender to love, you open to a miraculous flow that is an ever present, steady stream of energy from the Source – a love that is always trying to help and assist you.

Even if you don’t sleep well, you can put on beautiful music and just feel it moving through you. You can breathe deeply and slowly into the heart until you feel yourself relax. You can meditate, walk peacefully in nature, cook, pet the dog, or do any number of things that allow you to switch the mind temporarily off and “lose yourself” in the moment. In these spaces, without the usual chatter of the mind’s habitual filters, you receive unfiltered love. In these space of receptivity, miracles are possible, solutions easily accessible, and guidance available.

While you can easily open to this flow of love in sleep or in mind-less states of blissful being, you can also open to it consciously and willingly during your everyday waking hours.

Stop for a moment. Breathe into your heart. Say to yourselves, “I am loved exactly as I am.” Allow the truth of this to flow into your body, mind heart, and soul. Stop putting conditions around why you should or should not be loved and open to a greater truth. You are loved.

Say to yourself, “I am open to receive the magnificent love of my Creator.” Imagine opening your heart and feeling this love flooding into your awareness.

Now say to yourself, “The Divine loves me exactly as I am… Exactly as I am.”
 Breathe that in, and allow it to permeate your being as if water is seeping into every corner, crack, and crevice of your soul, or light is filling every little area within your body. Repeat this several times while breathing into the heart and let it fill you. Willingly feel it. Embrace the truth of it.

Something deeper than your mind knows the truth of these words, for the Source that lives and breathes within you knows its own love. Open, open, open dear friends. Let the love that creates you fill you. Stop resisting love. Breathe. “The Divine loves me exactly as I am.” Allow it in.

When you sleep you surrender to this love. When you find ways to shut off your mind, you surrender to this love. When you consciously and willingly surrender to this love, you become open to miraculous help, healing, and change even while wide awake. Try this exercise several times a day.

You want to surrender to love. You want to feel it coming to you. You want to feel the truth of the fact that you do not have to earn your Creator’s love. You do not have to be “worthy” of your Creator’s love. You do not have to achieve anything, be anything, or do anything to receive the unconditional, ever flowing, never ending love from the Divine.

You, dear ones, and all of creation, are constantly able to receive this love. Only you can decide if you will open to it.

The flower does not have to earn or be worthy of the sun that constantly shines.

The ground does not have to earn or be worthy of the rain that will inevitably falls upon it.

The animals do not have to earn or be worthy of the sustenance that is freely offered.

The cells in your body do not have to earn or be worthy of the nourishment that is constantly provided to them.

You dear ones do not have to earn or be worthy of the love that flows unceasing to you.

Open. Breathe into your heart. Say to yourself, “The Divine loves me exactly as I am.” Deeply allow these words to seep into you, fill you, soothe you, and ultimately remind you that you are and always will be beloved, cherished, and whole in the eyes of your creator.

In one moment of truly allowing this love in, your entire life can begin to change. Breath, dear ones. God loves you exactly as you are.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Each one is living in the reality they believe in.

Messages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine two people are standing next to each other. A new person comes to stand between them. Suppose we asked the original two, “On which side is the new person standing?” One would answer truthfully, “They’re on my left.” The other would answer truthfully, “They’re on my right.” It is easy to see in this example that each person – answering from their individual position, perspective and point of view is telling their truth.Likewise, suppose we placed a piece of chocolate in front of two people, and asked them, “Is this good for you?” The person who doesn’t eat sugar would reply vehemently, “Absolutely not!” The person who takes delight in sweets would answer, “Absolutely yes!” Again, who is right? We would suggest that, from their unique position, perspective, and point of view, they both are. Each is sharing their truth.“What if,” the one who loves chocolate argues, “no one enjoys chocolate anymore. The chocolate shops in the world will disappear. I will no longer have the freedom to buy and eat chocolate unless I grow and grind my own beans. It’s not fair! You should like chocolate too!” The other says, “My goodness, if everyone eats like you do, they’ll be sick! My health insurance costs will go up and I’ll end up paying for people who aren’t responsible for their health. I’m not supporting that!” Who is right? Again, each one is sharing their truth. Each one is living in the reality they believe in.It would be far more useful if the one who doesn’t like chocolate said, “How wonderful you are choosing what delights you! I am so happy you have found what resonates. I think I’ll go ahead and give you my chocolate.” The other answers, “Thank you! I hope you find other ways to enjoy sweetness in your life that resonate with you. Perhaps you’ll find my love and acceptance sweet!” They hug and go their way in peace – one to the chocolate shop and another to enjoy a garden-fresh meal.

So you see, the question is not whether or not you are right. You are always right in your own mind and reality. A better question than “Am I right,” might be, “Is my position, perspective, and point of view useful? Does it make me happy? If not, can I find a more positive and powerful point of view? “Project this idea into the questions so many disagree about upon your earth, “Who is the right leader for a country?” “Are vaccines good for you?” “Are masks effective?” “Explain why?”If you ask a million people to answer these questions – through their unique position, perspective, and point of view – they would give you a million slightly different answers! We ask you to consider this. Who is right? Who is wrong?There are still many people upon your earth who believe the world is flat. They’ve done their math, come up with their arguments and in their reality the world is flat. It would take someone brave enough to set prior conceptions and explore beyond the limits they perceive, in order to experience the world as round. “Ah ha!” you say! “They’re crazy! The world IS round,” and we would say to those of you who insist on this truth, that according to your position, perspective, science, and point of view, it is round. Again, it would take a person brave enough to set aside prior conceptions of physicality and explore beyond the 3D to experience to see your “round world” as simply a symphony of energetic vibrations in relationship to other energetic vibrations! In this more expanded view reality, it is neither flat, round, or even solid, but rather a dance of frequencies!

So who is right? Who is wrong? We would answer again, all of you. Each one of you, given your paradigm, position, perspectives, and points of view has your own truth. Your truth is right for you. What gives you the greatest joy; what feels like the most love – for you – is right for you.

This is a radical 5D concept in a 3D world. So many of you are dead-certain you must know “the truth” about any given thing upon your planet earth. And yet, we ask you to question, “Why?” In some cases, there is good reason. In some situations you want to know what is true so you can take appropriate action.

However, in many cases, there is no positive purpose in trying to dig up, justify, or demand agreement for “the truth” when in reality you can more joyfully focus simply on living “your truth.” For example, someone tells you “this is good for you” and “that is bad.” “You should eat greens.” “You shouldn’t drink coffee.” “You should get a vaccine.” “You shouldn’t get a vaccine?” What to do in a world of so many varying truths that are often at-odds?

Dear ones, there is one truth that will never fail you, and that is the truth of God’s love and God’s guidance… for you, personally, as you live your life day by day. Tune into that when you are confused and you’ll get answers that are right… for you.

“Dear God, is this resonant with me? Is this supporting my intentions?” Whether it be a food, a supplement, a treatment protocol, or a pair of shorts you will get a feeling of yes or no. You will get “your truth” straight to your body and mind’s “energetic in-box” via feeling or knowing, words, or imagery. If you’re not certain turn back to God and your angels, “I think you said this, but I’m not certain. Please try other ways to get the message to me.”

There is a “truth” for you on any given topic, in any given moment, that guides you along a path of least resistance to love. There is a “truth” that leads you closer to the Love of the Divine, which is ultimate truth.

So how do you make this practical? Suppose you like one political leader and your friend likes another. Each of you has your own truth, and you don’t agree. If you are both emotionally mature, you can agree to disagree, dig deeper, and share the ideals you espouse rather than insisting one leader or another is better. You can agree to avoid the topic and have more uplifting dialogues on things that interest you both. If one insists on demanding agreement, the other is likely to walk away and find those with whom he or she resonates with more easily.

Is there an absolute “right” or “wrong” here? Certainly not about which leader is best. Certainly not about what course of action is best, for ultimately the two souls involved must decide for themselves. We have no judgments whatsoever in the heavens! However, we do know that allowing others to have their own truths, while allowing yourself to have your own, frees up tremendous energy for you live the happiest life possible. If you live according to your own inner compass, you are always steered towards people, situations, and opportunities that resonate more easily with you. You allow others to do the same.

Next time you feel a need to insist on being more “right” than another, ask yourself, “Can I simply be OK being right for myself?” “Do I really need others to agree with me, or am I just afraid they’ll force their views on me if I don’t defend my own?” “Does my need to be right come from fear, a need for love, a need to be seen as more intelligent, to feel more competent or more helpful than another?” “Does my need to be right come from a fear that another I care about can’t find their way?” Can you simply accept your truth, knowing what you resonate with? Really dig deep. Why is it so important to be “right” for anyone but yourself?

Next time someone else insists they are more right than you, listen with love and simply be content knowing your own truth. You don’t have to agree with them and you don’t need their agreement.If you are right within yourself, right within your own soul, living your personal truths, and listening to the Divine within, you will know the absolute truth of the Love that lives within you. You will feel happy, free, settled in yourself, and joyful.

When you are in agreement with yourself in your inner world, you will not require agreement from the outer world.

You need not fear the decisions and truths of others. You need not feel victimized by external circumstances because you will realize that living your truth, living in alignment with the Divine within, you can create any experience of reality that you wish to enjoy!There are as many “truths” on a given topic as there are human beings upon your earth. There will be agreement on many things, but never on everything. It doesn’t matter, dear ones. Go within. Find your deeper truths and live according to them.

You are guided – each one of you – individually, by the Divine, each one along the path of least resistance to love; each one of you being gently steered ever closer to the deepest Truth of all. You are sourced from Love. It is Love that breathes the very breath of life into you. It is Love that makes your heart beat and keeps galaxies turning. It is, and always has been, Divine Love leading each of you on unique and beautiful pathways, like a multitude of rivers running their individual course, all returning to the vast Ocean of Love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

You are the signaler, the tuner, the allower, and therefore the creator of your own personal reality

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

It might be hard to imagine, in a world of vastly diverging opinions and perspectives, that you can find harmony. Nonetheless, all of life – including yourself – exists in a beautifully synchronized dance of vibration. Harmony is what you experience when you surrender to the natural impulses that arise within you – when you are in harmony with your own deeper Self.

You will find evidence of this harmony and order In every facet of the natural world. 
Within universes, galaxies, solar systems, ecosystems, and your very own human bodies, the diversity of life and perspectives is beyond human comprehension. Nonetheless, each of these systems operates in a perfectly orchestrated dance that supports both the good of the individual components, as well as the good of the whole.

Breathe. Right now, within your very own body, you have an orchestration of life in a countless, miraculous diversity of form! Trillions of cells are interacting with one another, sending signals via nerve channels. There are millions of chemical reactions in a given moment, and electro-magnetic waves pulsing in unison that your science will someday come to understand.

Within every breath – in every micro-moment – this universe of tiny beings that make up the body that you call “you,” are dancing together in an unimaginable harmony.

Just breathe for a moment.

Contemplate the miracle that is you…

Feel the life within you…

Imagine the trillions of cells, signals, chemicals, and countless other forms of life living within you, comprising you, and keeping you alive…

Feel the diversity of life humming, vibrating, communicating, and dancing within you!

You are a Magnificent, Miraculous, Diverse, and Harmonious collection of beings and interactions with diverse purpose, passion, and perspective!

You are an ecosystem in and of yourself.

You are a universe of life, and a vibrational symphony that pulses and weaves itself throughout all of creation!

Can you feel the miracle of the communities within you? Can you feel their cooperation? Use your imagination at first. You can tune into this harmony in the diversity of life at any time. It lives within you.

If this exercise feels too challenging, look at any ecosystem. Study it. Learn how a fallen tree feeds the fungi, that act as nervous signals beneath the forest floor to help the living trees thrive. Learn about the insects that feed the birds that eat the seeds that fly to new locations and plant new trees. Dear ones your life and all life is an intricately, interwove matrix of miracles – a symphony of diversity operating in a coordinated dance beyond your wildest dreams.

So too, the human race was designed to be infinitely diverse, and to operate in harmony as part of the ecosystem of life upon your planet earth. Just feel that for a moment. Feel the rightness of your place within the whole. Feel the importance of you, here and now. Feel the energetic contribution you are, as you emit varying degrees of love, and feel how those signals weave into the fabric of the vibration of the human race!

You are never, ever without purpose and value. You matter. Your thoughts matter. Your feelings matter. Your desires matter, for these very same desires are the signals that activate the universe to guide your steps in the dance of life itself.

So next time you find yourself disagreeing with anyone – be it with their own actions, their beliefs, their perspectives, even their treatment of you – remind yourself, “I only need to be concerned about my own place in this dance! I only need to signal the universe with my own desires, and follow my own inner compass, and live according to my own heart, and my own feelings, and my own beliefs!”

In so doing you can rest assured that all you have to do is be you, and that everyone else can find their place in the dance according to their own desires. Like a cell signaling the body for help with health and well-being, you can signal the universe that you want health, happiness, joy, abundance, peace, and whatever else you choose to create – no matter what anyone else is doing, thinking, believing, or being!

You are the signaler, the tuner, the allower, and therefore the creator of your own personal reality and as you signal what you desire, tune into what you wish to feel, allow it to come to you be getting out of the way (discarding your fears and doubts and shifting your focus to success), you will experience the reality you wish to experience.

So, we implore you, for the sake of your own joy, your own peace of mind, your own well-being, your own prosperity, become like every other wonderful and beautiful part of nature and live naturally – according to your own inner nature.

You need not think about what action to take next if you act naturally based on your heart’s natural urgings.

You need not worry about how you “should” feel if you allow yourself to feel as you do, and then love yourself through it until you naturally return to love.

You need not worry about what anyone else is doing because in your natural state of allowing yourself to think thoughts that feel good, to choose joy when you can – you will be naturally guided to your place, according to your own desires, in this beautiful dance of life.

You were not all meant to interact with everyone else. You were meant to be true to self and in so doing to allow life to sort you into groups of like mind and like heart. Some of you are like organ cells, congregating together for a common purpose. Some of you are like nerve cells, sharing messages between differing perspectives. Some of you are like the catalytic enzymes in the human body. You all have a place in this beautiful dance of life.

Just be you, dear ones. There is no need to over-analyze what that means. Breathe. Relax. What comes naturally, lovingly, kindly to you now? What feels more like love right now? What thoughts feel best to you? You have been trained in ways unnatural to your very being, and yet Love, which is your essence, is always there, rising up within you, and guiding you on the most natural path in a Divinely orchestrated dance of life and love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

You can grow through joy. You can embrace expansion by eagerly anticipating the fulfillment of your dreams while living each day in love.

Message from the Angels through Ann Albers
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

When you came to earth you knew that you were entering into a world of variety and contrast. You knew that you would encounter people and circumstances that would challenge you to deepen your awareness of who you really, strengthen your ability to love, and motivate you to use your minds in a way that draws a more loving reality into your physical experience.

Why would you do this?

Consider this analogy. If you wanted to learn a subject, would you take the easiest class you could find – one that gave you a diploma without any challenges and also without any deep understandings? Or would you rather sign up for a class that might challenge you but one in which you’d learn all you wanted to know if you were wiling to do the exercises and apply yourself to the process.

Likewise if you were to play a game, how much fun would you have if there were no challenges? You’d start, follow easy steps, and win every time. Would there be greater satisfaction in that, or would you prefer the challenges of a game you’ve not yet mastered, and one that presents opportunities to strengthen your skills and awareness?

When you are in heavenly dimensions, the energetic universe is apparent. You think of something and it appears. You have all you ever could desire. You understand that although you have a form, you are united with and never separate from the Source. All of life looks like a beautifully coordinated dance.

There are few challenges in heaven. Unlike earth where you are granted free will to embrace or block the Divine love that is always attempting to surface within you, in the heavens, you don’t block this love. Things come easily. You can, in your words, coast for all eternity. You enjoy that for some time… and then, like a tree at the end of winter, you long to grow into something more. You can choose new lives in any number of realities. You can be a guide for others.

You can come back into a new life to this planet earth, knowing 100% that its challenges were only meant to be incentives and launching pads from which your will expand your soul’s experience of, and ability to love. The challenges motivate you to align with love and create. Through your willingness to create, you become part of the expansion of love in the universe.

Next time you encounter a challenge, breathe. You arrived here because something in your depths wanted to grow. Perhaps you knew your life wasn’t exactly as you wanted it but you fought change until life started to insist on change. Perhaps you were in a dead-end job and got laid off, or maybe you were in a job that was wonderful but not aligned with your heart of hearts. Maybe that relationship you were in needed attention, or keener observation. Suddenly it falls apart to help you love yourself more, learn more compassion, or simply because it is no longer a vibrational match.

Sometimes challenges seem to come out of the blue, but if you look back you can see how they caused you to grow in ways you wanted to grow; motivated you to create things you wanted to create; and, inspired you to get out of situations that were merely “OK.” They propelled you into situations that were ultimately so much better… if you were willing to embrace these challenges as opportunities to grow in love.

You can grow through joy. You can embrace expansion by eagerly anticipating the fulfillment of your dreams while living each day in love. When you slip out of this vibration of love and unwittingly create challenge, you can quickly recognize it as only an opportunity to find and deepen your vibration of love.

When you feel lack you can inwardly tune into abundance by appreciating anything and everything. When you feel unloved you can love yourself of share kindness with others until you feel that flow of love. When you feel abandoned, you can refuse to abandon yourself. When you are sick you can find joy in simple pleasures and practice deepening your connection with peace and relaxation until you receive the guidance as to how to best heal the body. You can love your doctors and health care providers and that love will be reflected right back to you.

This dear ones is why you are here – not to suffer, but to love, expand, and create here upon this playground and school called earth. You knew you would have challenges, but like a school, these challenges are only there to motivate you to create and grow. Like challenges in a game, they inspire you to expand your awareness and deepen your ability to love for that is the only game there upon the earth.

You are embodiments of the Divine. You wish so dearly to expand, grow, love, and become more, for this is the nature of your very being.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

No matter what is going on around you, you are the only one who can ever control your own energy field…Perhaps you honestly can’t control the 3D world. But you can breathe. You can flow love. You can breathe again. You can control your vibration.

Message from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a long breath in. Now let it out very, very slowly – as if you are a balloon slowly deflating. Do this once again. Breathe in. Exhale very slowly allowing your body to simply release the air. No forcing is necessary. One more time. Breathe in deeply and then allow the body to exhale, slowly, gently, thoroughly. How did you feel when you were doing this? Just notice.

Now, pick up something around you. It can be anything, a pen, a pencil, a glass of water. Just pick it up, and examine it carefully. Notice its color and texture. How does it feel in your hands? Is it heavy or light? Just be with this thing and really examine it. Imagine this thing you picked up is living being. Whether out loud, or in your head tell it how much you love it. Point out all the good qualities and characteristics of this thing. Appreciate it. Imagine you can it all the love in your heart. Breathe now. Exhale slowly. Notice how you feel.

In these two very simply exercises you took charge of your inner reality. You became intensely present. You chose to flow love forth from within. You became for a few seconds, rooted in the present, and rooted in love. How did that feel? Remember this simple exercise. Breathe. Flow love. Breathe. You can do it any time.

When you are rooted in the present moment and rooted in love, you become the peaceful, calm eye at the center of the storm. While chaos whirls around you, you can feel centered, grounded, clear, and calm.

This is extremely useful in a world where many are trying to convince you that things are going terribly. Covid is running rampant. Disagreements are at fever pitch. Friends, family, or co-workers have strong biases and suddenly don’t feel you belong in their lives. You feel stuck, stir-crazy, unclear… Breathe. Flow Love. Breathe.

Dear ones some of you already practice being as present as possible. Some of you already play with the magic of your breathing. You already experience the benefits. If you’ve never tried it, or if you feel pushed and pulled and buffeted by life and the choices of others, then take charge of your reality, if only for a minute or two. Breathe. Flow love. Breathe.

No matter what is going on around you, you are the only one who can ever control your own energy field. The world can trigger you, influence you, push you, and pull you. Others can worship or attack you. Nonetheless, you and only you control your energy field. It is not your fault that so many of you still believe you are controlled by the external world. You have not been taught that your energy attracts your reality. Now, however, you are learning to start taking charge of your inner reality, your thoughts, and therefore your own personal field that will attract your own personal reality.

Try it this week when something stresses you and you feel you are not in control. Perhaps you honestly can’t control the 3D world. But you can breathe. You can flow love. You can breathe again. You can control your vibration. And in that simple sequence of actions, wherein you decided to be in charge of your inner reality, suddenly you find yourself at the calm, clear, center of the storms around you. Suddenly you are truly – if only for a few seconds – living in the present, and living in love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

If you tune into a feeling, you pick up and broadcast that feeling.

Message from the Angels via Ann Albers
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You’ve heard it countless times. “The power is in the present.” You know it. Most of you believe it. Yet in the throes of human drama, you forget this fundamental principle of human empowerment. We don’t blame you. While presence has been practiced in monasteries and mystery schools throughout the ages, you are among the first generation of human beings striving to weave this wisdom into the mass consciousness.

“Sounds great,” many of you tell us. “I know I can be peaceful now. I know I can choose kinder thoughts now, but how will that help me pay the bills? How will that ease my loneliness? How will that heal my body, or help my kids feel better?” Of course, as human beings, you want to solve your life’s challenges. You want to have your manifestations. You want to live in love, in grace, and in joy.

We want you to live the most empowered, inspired, abundant, loving lives possible too! We feel your joy. We feel your loving emanations. We feel your inspired, empowered, creative vibrations. They are ours as well. We could choose to focus ourselves into your pain, your anger, your sadness, and your frustrations, but were we to do so, we would not be able to help lift you up into our higher, happier vibrations.

Dear ones, you have choice. You are learning that tuning your inner tuners – by choosing thoughts that make you feel good and cause you to emanate higher vibrations – is the process that will get you far greater results than all the effort and struggle and efforting in the world. We are not telling you to sit still, feel abundant and loving, do nothing, and let money rain on you and people knock on your door (although that has happened to some). We are saying that when you tune into a higher and happier vibe, now, here, in the present moment, you begin to attract flow, grace, ease, and inspired action.

Joyous effort leads to joyous results. Painful forced efforts lead to more pain along the way. Focusing on sickness keeps you sick. Handling it but focusing on what feels good – in any thought or area of your life – supports your shift to well-being. Handling the bills in front of you best as you can while giving thanks for all abundance in your life and the world, or even sustaining an abundant attitude of gratitude, will bring you more abundance.

A happy now leads to a happy later. Living in a vibration of abundance now attracts abundance later. Living in a vibration of love now attracts more love later. Living in a vibration of feeling good in any way in your life now leads to health and vitality later. Whatever vibration you are emanating now is tuning you into more of that later. The good news is that your positive vibrations are much stronger than your negative vibrations. One single thought of true self-love or self-acknowledgment sustained for less than a minute can point your entire life in a more positive direction.

Now. Here. This is all you have. The past only exists if you carry it with you and dredge it up in your memories. The future is imagined. If it makes you feel good to think about the past or the future right now, then enjoy those thoughts and feelings! If, however, it makes you feel sad, angry, upset, disempowered, or in a generally low vibe to think of the past or imagined future, stop! Catch yourself. Learn to question yourself more often, “Do I feel good now? If not what better thoughts can I choose now?”

You are energetic beings. You are learning to tune your tuners to vibrations that feel good, by choosing thoughts that stimulate good feelings.

In the future you will understand that your technology is a mirror of your own very being. If you tune a radio to a station it picks up and broadcasts that station. If you tune into a feeling, you pick up and broadcast that feeling.

If the vibration is positive, you pick up the supporting vibrations of the universe, as well as any positive vibrations from humanity.

If the vibration is “negative” you might block the positive, supporting vibrations around you and tune into the negative vibrations in humanity.

There is only a broadcast of love and the highest vibrations from the heavens. To the degree that you choose thoughts that feel good, you tune into this broadcast! To the degree that you allow thoughts that feel bad, you create static on the line and don’t as easily hear the broadcasts from higher realms. Play with this often. When faced with a feeling you do not like, ask yourself, “What thought can I think that feels better?” Do you have a bill you don’t know how to pay? Look out the window. Breathe. Appreciate the beauty of the mountains in the distance, or the song of a bird in a tree. Focus on that feeling. Keep raising your vibe. Imagine you are dialing a dial and tuning into higher and happier feelings. Now think of that bill. It is still there. Is there anything you can do right at this moment? Are you getting guided now? If so, act joyously. If not go about your business, keep your vibe high, and enjoy your day while waiting for inspired guidance and action. It really can be that simple. One thought at a time… here, and now.

Your power dear ones, comes from the vibration you tune into right here, right now. What you tune into now will determine what you experience later. Keep the tuner as high and happy as you possibly can… one better thought at a time in the present moment.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

In 5D, when your honor your heart you’ll be aware that this is the most unselfish thing you can do. In a happy, positive, peaceful, and loving state within, you are a vibrational contribution to the entirety of the human race.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 01/23/2021 • Avoiding the agony of over-analysis

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

No matter what is going on in your world, the 5D laws of vibration are, and always will be in effect. You have worked hard this past year to being to take charge of your minds, to focus on things that make you feel better, and to adopt a positive and uplifting outlook when you can.

Now it seems the world is tugging and pulling at you now in so many different directions. So many have strong opinions. So many think they know what is best for all. So many want you to agree with their perspectives. Should you take a vaccine or not? Should you live in fear of a political party or not? Should you take up arms or not? Should you pull your money out of the markets or pool it and put it in?

Dear ones, step back a bit from the agony of over-analysis. Step back and drop into your hearts, here and now, in this moment. What do you long to do right now? Do it as soon as is practical. Do you want to nap, garden, call a friend, take a walk, cook your dinner, get a project done? Your desires don’t have to seem “big” in any way. Your guidance is often simple, peaceful, practical, and loving.

You may not think such guidance can solve the world’s challenges, but if everyone lived according to their own hearts, they’d be happy, peaceful, healthy, and as a result, kind, loving, accepting, and allowing of others as well.

In 3D, when you honor yourself some will say you’re self-loving. Others will criticize and call you selfish because you’re not serving their needs. It is OK. Everyone is entitled to their own perspectives.

In 5D, when your honor your heart you’ll be aware that this is the most unselfish thing you can do. In a happy, positive, peaceful, and loving state within, you are a vibrational contribution to the entirety of the human race.

So no matter what the world is doing, stop. Breathe deeply. Instead of over-analyzing how you should react, ask yourself a simple question, “What does my heart want to do in the here and now?” Trust this guidance. Honor it as soon as is practical. Allow yourself to embrace the universal 5D truth that a Loving Source is with you and in you at all times, attempting to guide you gently, kindly, and peacefully towards your desires in life, in harmony and in a loving dance with others who wish to be at peace.

Aligned with love you can be in the world but not of it. Listening to your heart you can dance around the chaos and be a contribution. Embracing a kind reality in your personal life, you be the change you wish to see. You can ripple kindness outward to the hurting hearts, and you can allow yourself a wonderful experience of life no matter what everyone else is doing.

This embracing of the heart, dear ones, is the farthest thing from being selfish. In honoring the true Self within, the One that guides you all, you honor that very light, love, and Self within all beings.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

The loving truth of each soul is rising up from within.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 01/16/2021 • Peace Amidst Diverse Perspectives

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are living in exciting times upon your planet earth. Never before has the opportunity to explore other perspectives been so easy or so accessible. Never before have you been able to sample from the abundant diversity of life while sitting in your own homes. Never before have the contrasts been so vividly played out in the theater of human existence.

For some of you that is frightening. Most of you were raised to feel safe around sameness. Most of you were raised to feel right in worlds and with words that were passed down throughout generations. Many of you were raised to “keep the peace” by never disagreeing.

Now things are different. It seems that few are interested in “keeping the peace” as you once did. You’re faced – in your media, your news, in your families, and on your streets – with people whose perspectives differ widely from the ones you may have been raised with. You are living in times when you’re encouraged to own your truth, to speak up, to share your perspectives, and most importantly of all to seek understanding of perspectives different from your own.

As a result your world appears to be in chaos right now. There are so many perspectives! Some people present their ideas and beliefs with decency, kindness, and a respect for one another. Other people feel a need to bully, manipulate, shout, and push their perspectives upon one another. Whether in an evolved way or not, everybody’s personal truth is coming to the surface.

You feel your own personal truths emerging from within.
You feel the things you once tolerated but can no longer. You feel the thoughts you once pushed under the rug becoming important to you. You feel the emotions you’ve stuffed for decades. You see the possessions that no longer serve you and want the things you once refused to admit you wanted. It is no longer possible to avoid feeling your personal truths. The energy is just too strong.

The loving truth of each soul is rising up from within. Given an unblocked path it emerges in a loving desire to be more authentic. Given a blocked path from within, it finds unkind expression. Pray for the souls trying to express their truths in violence and anger. They are hurting and don’t yet feel mature enough to share their perspectives with love. Pray for yourself to express your truth with love. In this fashion you become the light houses and beacons of hope and peace in a world where many do not yet know how to express themselves in a higher, happier, and more loving way.

This movement towards becoming more authentic – awkward, unpleasant, and scary as it might be at times – is a sign of spiritual evolution. One must go through the teenage years and find one’s voice, however awkwardly, before one can reach maturity. No matter how old a person, many now are going through a phase wherein they find their truth, feel the discomfort of speaking up, and as a result, share their perspectives in an unloving way.

You need not fear. You need only stay in a vibration of love and you will be safe, secure, and protected, for in love all things are made right. In love you are guided. In love you can express your truth with only a desire to share ideas, to understand and to be understood. In love you can be you and allow others to be who they wish to be. In love you will attract light and repel the darkness of misunderstanding.

You are facing times of great growth here upon your earth. There is no need to despair. There is no need to fall into fear. It isn’t the end of the world. It is, instead, a time of re birthing, a time when you stop sweeping issues that never worked to begin with, “under the rug,” a time when humanity is crying for truth and integrity, freedom and justice, and all those qualities that a soul craves in their experience.

Be the ones who understand that self-expression is an expression of the True Self only when voiced with love. Be the ones who understand that truth and integrity begin within the self. Be the ones who know that the universe is completely just already, in that like vibration attracts like. Be the ones who know that you are, and always have been, free to emanate whatever energy you like.

Chaotic though it may be the players in the theater of human existence are just that. You are a beautiful being of light, as are they. You know this. Embrace this truth. You are loved. You are pure light. You are a tuner in a world of vibration and you can pick and choose the vibrations which you wish to tune into.

Dear ones, we are working with your earth very closely right now. There are countless beings of light sending love to each and every one of you. We don’t judge any soul. We simply send our love, for that ultimately is the greatest expression of any being, whether on the earth or in the heavens. Receive our love daily and know you are all perfect and precious in our eyes. Do your best to realize that good will ultimately arise from the chaos. Be patient. Pray for all. You are all so very beautiful and so very loved.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

No matter what others in the world are doing, you can choose to live in a world of peace. No matter how many argue for lack, you can live in an abundant world. No matter whether or not others are choosing it, you can live in a world of kindness, care, compassion, and courtesy.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 01/09/2021 • Your world or “the” World?

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As you move forward into your new year it would help to ask yourself the following question: “What world do I choose to live in?” While you all live upon your planet Earth, there are billions of worlds within this world, and each one of you – by your vibration – will choose the one in which you reside.

You need only to put a large group of people in a room and ask them what they think about “the world” and you’ll get as many differing viewpoints as there are people. Each person would say they are telling you about “the world,” when in reality they would be telling you about “their world.” Consciously or not, they would be sharing their perspectives, beliefs, and opinions. Consciously or not, they would be citing the situations, issues, sources, and the evidence that they choose to focus upon, and the resulting situations that they have attracted into their lives.

Their viewpoints, no matter how convincing would not reflect the whole world, but rather a subset of reality that they have focused upon and attracted into their personal experience.

Some would say the world is at war, and while that is true in some cases, there are many more souls choosing to live in peace. Some would say the world has been taken hostage by disease and death, and some of it has, but a much larger percentage of you are healthy and lively. Some would say that one political party, race, religion or group is at fault for the chaos and violence, while other would claim the exact opposite.

Each would be right in their own personal experience of reality.

So how do you navigate the many worlds within worlds, especially when you have others in your life who insist that “their world” is “the only world?”

Trying to change others is never the answer. You already know you can’t argue someone into agreement. You can’t bully someone into adopting your point of view. You can’t manipulate anyone to see life the way you do. You might get compliance but you will never achieve true cooperation.

Instead, the solution to creating a world that you wish to live within is to make your own personal energy a vibrational match.

No matter what others in the world are doing, you can choose to live in a world of peace. No matter how many argue for lack, you can live in an abundant world. No matter whether or not others are choosing it, you can live in a world of kindness, care, compassion, and courtesy.

If you want peace, turn away from chaos and upset. Breathe deeply. Engage in practices that make you feel peaceful.

If you want to feel secure, find ways to connect with the Divine, for this nothing more secure than feeling how deeply you are loved by the power that creates worlds.

If you want prosperity, start by focusing with appreciation on all that you do have.

If you want love, start by loving and accepting yourself without judgment.

You can choose to see the “cup half empty” or “the cup half full.” You can choose to look at the world’s problems or the world’s progress. You can choose to look at the light within all souls attempting to grow and emerge, or you can choose to look at their darkness. You can, selectively choose to focus upon that which uplifts and inspires you and turn away from that which does not.

There are souls in joy and at peace in the midst of war. There are those who prosper even in the midst of recessions. There are those who can love the light within a soul even when others choose to hate. It is up to you. What will you choose to focus on this year? What energies will you choose to emanate? How will you tend to your vibration? The answer to these questions will help more clearly define the answer to our initial question, “What world do I choose to live in?”

“The world” is moving into a greater reality as, one soul at a time, you each choose to change “your world” – your own personal reality – for the better.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 01/02/2021 • Resonance vs. Right & Wrong

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Happy New Year! Happy New Now! Happy year of emerging from behind the masks – some of which you’ve metaphorically worn for decades and, little by little, from behind the masks that currently cover your faces. One soul at a time, you are coming to the realization that you live in a vibrational reality in which unmasking yourself means a lot more than simply removing a piece of cloth from your face.

You unmask yourself by sharing the truth of yourself with the world. You can unmask yourself by wearing a face mask if that is what makes you feel safe and comfy. You can unmask yourself by removing the cloth, when laws permit if that is what feels right to you. You can unmask your sadness and loneliness by being honest about it and reaching out for help. You can unmask your joy by inspiring and sharing it with others. You can unmask your fears and upsets by expressing pent up rage, or you can unmask your deeper Self by expressing love in even the smallest of ways.

As part of your “unmasking” we ask you to reframe some often-asked questions. Instead of asking, “What is the right thing to do? What is the right belief? What is the truth?” ask yourself, “What resonates with me? What feels right to me, right now? What is my truth – for me?”

You can never presume to know what is right for another soul’s path and their growth, but you will always know, in each moment, what is right for you. The resonant choice simply feels good in the here and now. When you focus upon a choice that resonates with you without worrying about what anyone else thinks, your entire body will begin to relax. When your thoughts and your choices are aligned with your soul, you will feel peace, joy, and a rightness and lightness in your being. It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing, thinking, or believing. What resonates with you, defines what is right for you.

For example, some of you will resonate with taking the new vaccine. You will feel good about it and protected by it, and it will work well for you. Others of you will not resonate with the vaccine and will choose to ensure your well-being in ways that do resonate.

We know this stirs up a lot of concerns for those of you on various sides of the highly charged issues upon your earth. You fear that if others do what they want vs. what you feel they should, then they could harm you. We will reassure you time and again that no one, and nothing is in charge of your vibration and your vibration alone will dictate your experience of reality.

So how to navigate seemingly disparate realities? Go within. Create from within as we have been teaching you. Imagine what you want to experience in life, then enjoy your days. Live and let live. Wait for your guidance. The Creator of universes lives in all things and all beings, and can easily orchestrate a harmonious dance of reality, even with all the diverse desires, beliefs, and concerns.

For example, some of you will embrace the vaccine and feel all others should do the same in order to end the pandemic. You can be upset and angry at those who choose not to take it. You can become self-righteous and vengeful and hope they get sick, all the while making yourself sick with stress. A far kinder approach would be to unmask your soul’s deeper wishes by going into your inner world and imagining a life a life where all are healthy, happy, harmonious, and free. In creating this focus, you will be guided and this will become your personal experience of reality.

Others of you will oppose the vaccine and be very upset if you feel you have to take it for work, travel, or some other activity you wish to enjoy. You can choose to be angry and indignant and feel victimized. You can take it and self-righteously, unconsciously, create adverse reactions just to say, “I told you so.” A far kinder approach would be to unmask your soul’s deeper wishes by going into your inner world and imagining a life without you taking the vaccine where all are happy, healthy, harmonious, and free. Or you can go into your inner world and imagine taking the vaccine but allowing everything non-resonant to pass right through you. In creating this focus, you will be guided and this will become your personal experience of reality.

No matter what you choose, choose to love the reality that resonates with you – the one you are creating inwardly and focusing upon. Then wait with faith and trust for the 5D guidance to steer you in your 3D world.

You are, dear ones, are truly #inittogether, each with your own unique, beautiful, and precious and perfect expressions of love. You were never all meant to agree. You were never meant to impose your will upon another not to allow others to impose their will upon you. You were intended instead to live and let live, love and let love, and to live in a vibration of love, starting with love and acceptance for self and spiraling out eventually to embrace all of creation.

Love, after all, is the vibration that lifts you above problems and into solutions that fit your individual lives, beliefs, and perspectives. Love raises you above discord and into harmony, above illness and into well-being. As you choose to live in love and express love in the smallest moments of appreciation or kindness you raise yourself into a cooperative dance with life – one in which you fit exactly as you are, and one in which you allow others to do the same.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Whenever you listen to your hearts, you follow the star – the guiding light within that has helped you navigate these unprecedented and uncertain times.-The Angels via Ann-

The Angels via Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

While so much has been unpredictable, scary, and unfamiliar this year, our wish is that you find peaceful solace in the celebrations of your season of light. Whether you are alone or with family and friends, the light in the manger and the lamp that burned brightly are the same light that lives and breathes, and burns brightly within you.

You are, in effect celebrating not only miracles that occurred in years past, but more importantly, the miracle of every single expression of love that you bring to the surface in your hearts and your homes, in your here and your now.

For wherever Love is birthed, you find Christmas. Wherever the Love remains shining in the dark, you find Hanukkah. Whenever you listen to your hearts, you follow the star – the guiding light within that has helped you navigate these unprecedented and uncertain times.

So many of you have been this light, throughout the years. You have been the beacons of hope and inspiration, peace, kindness, and truth in a world where many have been possessed by fear, or mired in divisiveness. You have been the mangers and the menorahs. You have been the light of the living Christ, the Presence and embodiment of Divine Love in a world very much in need of hope.

With every simple act of kindness to self or others you have brought the season to life. You have birthed this love as you honored your own hearts and accepted your own feelings – whether that meant staying at home and having your groceries delivered, or going out and about and proceeding with life as you adapted to a new normal. You have birthed this love as you sewed masks, delivered groceries, helped a neighbor, shared a smile through your eyes, worked in your regular jobs, learned new skills, connected on your computers, baked, enjoyed time in nature, or simply allowed hope for a better world to rise up within you.

In a million ways, great and small, you have brought the holiday season to life in your hearts and homes all year long. As you gather, where and how you can; as you celebrate – whether in silence or in solidarity with those you love; as you listen to your holiday music, sing your holiday songs, enjoy your traditional foods, or simply allow yourself to have a few days of quiet peace, know that it is You that you celebrate – your light, your love, and the miracle of your Presence here upon the earth.

Merry Christmas dear ones. Happy Hanukkah., Happy Kwanzaa, and above all Happy holy season of light. We honor you as the pioneers in a wondrous new world that is still in the process and pangs of birth. We honor you as the lights in the darkness. We celebrate your willingness to work through your fears, your frustrations, your upsets, your disagreements, and your challenges, and to bring to life again and again, the miracle of light that burns within you.

You are the brightest bulbs on God’s tree. You are lights in the dark. You are the sparks that will eventually kindle a very beautiful and bright flame of love within the human race. Enjoy your holidays. Slow down. Savor the moments. Gather your energy. You are needed dear ones. We celebrate you and the birth of your light in every moment of your lives.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

What would your life look like? Where would you live? What would you do? What would be different upon your earth? Take time to immerse yourself in this fantasy – in a possible future that you, in this moment, are empowering with your focused attention.-The Angels via Ann-

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are all so very precious and so important to this world. You are the lights on the tree, the candle in the menorah, and the rays of hope that shine brightly in a world where so many beautiful souls are frozen in fear. Your light, your hope, your love, the present of your Presence, and the gift of your positive expectations are the most important things you can share with humanity during your holiday season.

Give yourself a little gift right now. Take a moment, and look deeply at your immediate surroundings to center yourself in this present moment. Breathe as if you could breathe your spirit into your body, just as a hand would slip perfectly into a glove. Now, no matter what your life looks like, no matter what the world looks like, imagine yourself in a life and a world that you love. What would your life look like? Where would you live? What would you do? What would be different upon your earth? Take time to immerse yourself in this fantasy – in a possible future that you, in this moment, are empowering with your focused attention.

Anytime you have a few moments, pause. Center yourself in the moment. Breathe your spirit all the way into your body, slipping in all the way down to your fingers and toes. Then, fully anchored in the present, dream up a beautiful future. Dream of a reality in which your life is filled with love. Dream of a world where there is respect for all beliefs and opinions. Dream of a human race that cares about your Mother Earth. Imagine people hugging, celebrating, holding hands, working on cooperative projects, glowing with health, and honoring one another’s differences. Dream about the most amazing life you could be living.

Every time you allow yourself to focus with love on this wonderful future, you give yourself and the world the gift of empowering the essence of that reality. Every time you allow yourself to dream with joy – without reservation, and without worrying about the how or the why or the when – in those moments, you are giving the gift of a beautiful future to yourself and your world.

Allow yourself this year, to experience your holidays through the eyes of a child. Allow yourself to dream of the best possible future, as a child dreams of the presents they will receive during the holidays. Allow yourself to look beyond your pandemic, your vaccines, your politics, your disagreements, your fears and frustrations, and dream of the things that you share as human beings. You all want love. You all want a sense of purpose. You all want health. You all want to feel safe. You all want freedom. You all want mother earth to share her resources for generations to come. Empower that future with your anticipation. Empower your present with your joy. Right here and now you have the power to create a better world. You have the power to empower love.

The rest of the world may take a while to catch up with your visions, nonetheless, the more of you that dare to imagine a kinder world, the quicker that reality will manifest around you. Even sooner, you will manifest a kinder life for yourself, and a life that you love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

The Power of Simple Appreciation-The Angels & Ann-

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 12/05/20

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As you enter your busy holiday season, pause every now and then for moments of pure appreciation. Take a few seconds here and there to stop and give thanks for life’s simply pleasures. Enjoy a shaft of sunlight as it filters through your windows in the morning, the scent of fresh coffee or tea, a snuggle with your beloved animals, a moment of connection as you look into the eyes of a total stranger. Admire the smoothness of you dishes, the softness of your towels, the strength of the engine that powers your car, the beautiful blue sky, and the air that you breathe.

At random times, pick something random to appreciate and then repeat something like this – either out loud or in the privacy of your own mind. Try to deeply feel the appreciation as you do

I give thanks for this moment.

I give thanks for this <whatever you are appreciating>.

I give thanks for all the hands and hearts that contributed to this moment and brought this thing into my life.

I give thanks for the Spirit of love within me that is connecting to the Spirit of love in this object, in this moment.

I give thanks for the Spirit of Love that lives and breathes in me now.

Then, take a few slow breaths as you appreciate the object, the moment, and your own ability to appreciate. Feel this feeling of love and appreciation expanding within you. Imagine it fills every cell of your body, and expands outward as a beautiful light, radiating from you and blessing all who are near. Imagine it radiating outward, encircling your globe and touching all open hearts with the loving glow of appreciation.

Just breathe in this beautiful light for a few seconds.

This simply exercise which takes less than a few minutes throughout your day can change your life. If you could see what happens to your energy in this space of appreciation, you would be awestruck with the beauty you create in such moments. You shift your focus into a higher vibration where only light can be present in your aura. The energetic vortices of your cells open to this radiance like flowers blossoming and receiving sunlight. In a single moment of appreciation you instantly tune into the vibrations of well-being, happiness, peace, contentment, joy, and love. Love loves to witness itself in all forms!

We live in this glow of appreciation for you. We appreciate your incredible love and courage, your willingness to be the midwives of a new reality upon your planet earth. We appreciate your commitment to love and care for yourselves, to follow the guidance of your heart, and above all, to be the shining beacons of love that you truly are. Your very being, when connected to love and appreciation opens you to a light that can now filter in greater measure into the collective consciousness of humanity. You are all such an important and integral part of creation. In every moment, no matter what you think about yourselves, we honor and appreciate you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

What energies do you wish to support and empower? You were given the gift of free will to explore this very question. Through your focus on energies within, you attract experiences without. -The Angels via Ann-

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We have, in recent months, been gently assisting and guiding you in shifting your reality from a 3D paradigm to the 5D – a reality in which energy is more important than effort or action. We continue to do so because it serves your soul, your joy, and your desire to create a happy experience of life no matter what the rest of the world is doing.

This will become increasingly important as all of you continue to explore your emotions, expressions, and the resulting life experiences. Even the divisiveness, upsets, and frustrations you witness are simply signs that souls are “coming out of the closet” so to speak, sharing their feelings and their personal truths. These expressions – whether hateful or kind – are steps along the path of maturing into more loving and authentic beings.

So how do you, in a world that currently seems so beyond your control, create the peace, love, joy, and all the other things you wish to experience in your own personal day-to-day life?

The answer depends upon which paradigm you espouse. In 3D you work, save, strive, manipulate, bully, plead, cajole, earn or DO whatever it takes to try to get what you want in life. Sometimes this works. Sometimes it doesn’t. In 5D you go within, create an inner reality that generates feelings, which emanate energies into your world, that magnetize the essence of what you want. You avoid jamming your own signals with doubt and fear. You allow your positive, expectant energies to go out into the world and be reflected back to you with faith and trust.

Imagine, for a moment, that the entire world lives within you. You might picture that your body is filled with stars, universes, or your Dear Mother Earth, with all her inhabitants. Imagine that all people live within you, all plants, and all species of animals. Use whatever imagery or imaginary scenario works for you. Perhaps you imagine everything in miniature within. This is just visual metaphor, but it will serve a purpose.

Now, imagine for a moment that the person you love the most lives within you. Feel their love. Imagine focusing your attention on that love, receiving it, reveling it, and appreciating it. Feel that love grow within you. If you were to do this often, you would start to notice more and more of that feeling of love being reflected back to you in all areas of your external life.

For just a moment, imagine that something you cannot stand lives within you as well. It may be an ideology, an individual, a political party, the squeaky door in your house, a food you dislike, or a situation. As you focus your attention on this inner reality, notice the difference in how you feel, both in your body and emotions. We don’t recommend spending more than a few seconds here! This is not an energy you would want reflected back to you in your external world.

Now, once again, shift your focus. Imagine shining an inner search light in this inner universe until you find something that ignites feelings of joy, love, peace, or contentment. Focus on this. Expand the good feeling. Allow it to fill you and spiral out from you. See if you can maintain this focus by keeping your attention on the good feelings for a minute or two. Notice that as you focus more and more of your attention on the things in your inner reality that please you, your personal experience of outer life will shift to become more pleasing as well.

In truth, the energies of all creation exist within you. You didn’t do a thing in your outer world as you were practicing this simple technique. You completely shifted your attention to the energies of the world within. Your “ego” or personality chose, from the vast array of life’s energies and offerings within you, the frequencies that resonate with you, uplift you, and inspire you. You noticed that it feels good to focus on what resonates and it feels unpleasant to focus on what doesn’t resonate with you.

This is a 5D tool that you can practice often. No matter what your outer world looks like, remind yourself, it is just a reflection of what you have paid attention to within. Since most of you pay attention to a variety of frequencies, ranging from those that delight you to those that disgust you, you witness a variety of reflections in your outer world. You argue with us at times, telling us you feel a certain way inside because of what is happening outside. While we understand this 3D paradigm, we know the greater truth is that you could walk in a crowd of loving and hateful people and you would find and focus upon the ones that match a vibration within you.

This doesn’t mean that you are hateful if you attract hateful people, but it might mean you hate conflict, and focus on that discomfort until it finds you. It might mean you are intensely uncomfortable setting boundaries and thus attract people who don’t like them either. It might mean that you love others more than you love yourself, and thus you attract people who love themselves more than you as well. Dear ones, this is simply the way the universe works. The external world mirrors internal energies – not beliefs, not actions, not words.

We are not making you wrong, for living in a 3D paradigm. We love you! You have great courage! You incarnated into that reality. We are, however, guiding you with great love to embrace a greater truth so that you can enjoy your life experience. We want you to learn that you can go into your inner world, focus on that which brings you delight and thus attract it into your life. Then when you bump into something or someone in your outer world that doesn’t resonate, you can dive back inward, quickly adjust your focus, and as Jesus said, “Turn the other cheek.” You can quickly focus once again on that which gives you joy. The outer world, in its less pleasing aspects, just reminds you to do so.

Do your best. As you learn new 5D beliefs and energy management skills, it will take practice to make these part of your life. You will do well one day, and be challenged on others, but you have the capability inside of you. You are all created in the “image and likeness of God” in that all worlds, all things, and all beings live within you as energy. Like a hologram in which every part contains the whole, so too, entire worlds exist within. What energies do you wish to support and empower?

You were given the gift of free will to explore this very question. Through your focus on energies within, you attract experiences without. You look at them, learn, grow, and adjust your focus until your personal outer reality, no matter what the rest of the world is doing is beautiful and filled with light and joy.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

You will always receive and see that which you focus predominately upon…Your free will power to choose the thoughts that give you the feelings of love is your soul’s greatest freedom on earth.-The Angels via Ann-

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Never before on your planet earth has the soil been so tilled by the differences and the diversity. Never before have human beings been so strongly bringing their opinions, ideas, beliefs, and desires to the surface. You have always had wars and disagreements but here and now, with your increased ability to communicate and share via your technology, each and every one of you has the opportunity to let the world know who you are and to share your beliefs with one another.

Life is a buffet rich with experiences, ideologies, and frequencies. You get to choose what you will select from the vast array of offerings. In your grandparents’ generation most people had exposure to an extremely limited set of ideologies from family, community, church, and work. You, on the other hand, have exposure the world! You have an infinitely larger pool of contrast from which to select, and just like a person selecting from a buffet, this affords you greater opportunity to figure out what it is you like, who it is you are, and how you wish to show up in the world.

Your task in all this stirred up energy isn’t to change anyone else, nor to bend them to your will. It isn’t to fix or educate those you disagree with, but rather to dive deep within and find that still, calm, center of your own personal truth. Who are you? What do you believe? What do you want to experience in your life? What would you desire to create? How do you want to show up in the world?

Are you a lover or a fighter? Are you a gardener, or an excavator? Are you an artist or a scientist? Do you love to write poetry, bake, invent new technologies, race cars, fly planes, take care of animals… or one a billion other experiences you can create? Do you want to be a peacekeeper or one who stirs and fans the flames of unrest; the healer or the tormentor; one who takes responsibility for their own energy, or one who gives their power away to everyone else around you?

We have no judgment here in the heavens. Each of you gets to choose the essence of what you wish to create and how you wish to experience life. Each of you will choose the path that creates the growth your soul wishes to experience. Each one of you will find the exact vibration that you emanate being mirrored back to you, so you can learn, discern, and choose a new vibration if you wish to experience something else.

Your experience of life need not depend on what the outside world is doing. It need not depend on anyone else’s agreement. It need not depend on whether or not the world or others act or think the way you wish they would. Your experience of life is dependent only upon the vibrations you emanate. You will always receive and see that which you focus predominately upon. This is the meaning of the phrase, “Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door will be opened.”

If you don’t like what you see, change your focus, dear friends. You have that power. Think thoughts that bring you joy. Remove your focus from the outer world except insofar as you find things to focus on that inspire you to feel passionate, enthusiastic, and loving. Focus on the causes that excite you and remove your focus from the behaviors and souls that don’t resonate. If you’re sad, find thoughts that comfort. You need not judge anyone or anything. You need not save or fix anyone to make yourself more comfortable. You need only pay attention to what feels good and what does not in order to choose where to place your focus. A radio cannot tune into both AM and FM at the same time. Likewise you cannot be tuned into that which resonates and that which does not at the same time.

Your free will power to choose the thoughts that give you the feelings of love is your soul’s greatest freedom on earth. Always, we recommend that you focus upon that which resonates with you, because that is what will feel loving, inspiring, and joyful, and what will be in vibrational harmony with your truth.

We love you. We gently and lovingly encourage you towards those thoughts which feel loving and kind to yourself. We gently encourage you to give less of your power to external world and more power to your internal world. You swim in a sea of vibration; you emanate vibrations; and you receive like vibrations. We want to assist you in shifting your paradigm away from one of 3D dimensional thinking where you must manipulate and change the outer world to give yourselves a sense of security, abundance, love, and joy, to one of the 5D reality in which you simply tune into those vibrations and thus draw them to you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Telepathically whisper to each soul you see, whether in your physical presence or in the media, “You are loved.”-The Angels via Ann-

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 11/14/2020 • Giving up is giving in

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Your world looks to us like a choppy sea right now – stormy on the surface, and yet always calm and peaceful in the depths of your being.

On the surface there is great division.
In the depth of your shared essence, there is unity.

On the surface there is a clashing of ideas.
In the depth of your shared humanity there is a unification of ideals.

On the surface there is disease, anger, frustration, fear.

In the depths of each and every soul willing to surrender to the love you are made of, there is well-being, peace, security, and an awareness that you are all moving towards a better, kinder, and more unified world.

The birthing pangs continue on your earth. Just as a mother giving birth must surrender and exert an incredible labor of love to assist in the emergence of her baby, so too you – the light workers – are going to be called upon to surrender to the events you cannot control, and exert an effort born of love – to be love, to pray for love, to be peace, to pray for peace, to be the light and the love that you truly are.

You will not assist your world by joining in the chaos. You will not assist your world by any stance of righteousness,judgment, or superiority. You will not assist your world by trying to force light into anyone’s darkness.

Instead be the light. Be the love. Be the peacekeeper. Be the one who gets up in the morning and appreciates your pillow for cradling your head at night. Love the soap and the water in your shower. Love your breakfast. Give thanks for your home. Give thanks for your family. Pet your dog. Praise your children. Appreciate your partners. Then pray dear ones, for all human hearts to be uplifted. Pray for the hurting to be soothed. Pray for the fearful to feel God’s love. Pray for yourself to be at peace.

When you look at someone, imagine the spark of light in their hearts growing brighter until you imagine them glowing with this light. Telepathically whisper to each soul you see, whether in your physical presence or in the media, “You are loved.” Do this for all souls – not just the ones you agree with – for all, regardless of beliefs or behaviors, are sourced from the very same light.

As you silently bear witness to the inner light, you help others remember who they really are. As you telepathically whisper to souls, you send a vibrational wave of love to them, which their soul will energetically interpret and feel.

Your emanation of love might be the one that calms the hurting heart of a person who is about to become violent. Your telepathic whisper might be the one that soothes a soul who was in such pain that they were preparing to exit the planet by their own hand. Your love might be a wave of peace that lifts a spirit before they fall into the depths of despair and resignation. You may never meet these souls. You may never know them. Nonetheless, in the depth of your shared essence, you are connected, and your love matters. Your vibration matters.

Love – consciously, intentionally, in every moment you possibly can. Love your technology. Wash your dishes with love. When you are driving in your car, or doing mundane tasks, repeat simple truths as if you could whisper to all souls. “You are loved. You matter.” Say, “I love you” to anyone, anything, and everything you can, even if in the privacy of your own heart. “I love you world. I love you dear stranger in the grocery store. I love the light within you dear soul on the news whose words I can’t stand. I love you human race. I want you to know you are loved.”

You are all loved – more than you can ever imagine. You are guided. You have legions of angels and other-dimensional beings sending light to your planet right now. You have a team to personally support your every thought, word, and deed of love.

As for your help. When you are upset, breathe slowly and deeply and search with your feelings to feel our love. Breathe. Focus on any good feelings in your body. Imagine you are loved and surrounded by a warm, fuzzy field of comforting light, because you are. When you are afraid, ask us to help you rest in the peace of the Divine. Breathe. Imagine you are surrounded by angels. Imagine your home and your neighborhood or business glowing with, surrounded, and protected by the light of the Divine.

Affirm that wherever you live or wherever you go, the space in you and around you is a sanctuary for peace.

Dear ones, you can either allow peace to rise up from the depths of your being, or you can allow the world to infiltrate your mind with its chaos. Focus on that which you gives you joy, peace, contentment, inspiration, and hope. Know that just as easily as you can choose a new thought, you choose a better, higher, more loving, and peaceful vibration.

You are lights upon this earth. You are the midwives of a new and greater reality. You are the hands, the eyes, the heart of the Divine. Love everywhere and anywhere you can, for no emanation of love is ever insignificant. Your seemingly small choices may well be the vibration that shifts the balance in a hurting heart, or a hurting world.

God Bless You! We love you more than you can possibly imagine.
— The Angels

Art Work:Mark Eden.

You don’t “vote” every couple of years. Rather, in each and every moment of your existence, you vote with your vibration.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 11/07/2020 • Vote with your Vibration

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Celebrate your freedom. You don’t “vote” every couple of years. Rather, in each and every moment of your existence, you vote with your vibration. You vote for peace or you vote for war. You vote for unity or you vote for divisiveness. You vote for equality, superiority, or inferiority. You vote for health or you vote for disease. You vote for chaos or you vote for order. You vote for love, judgment, or even hatred.

Your words don’t cast your cosmic “votes.” Your beliefs don’t cast your cosmic “votes.” Instead it is the energetic vibration that you are emitting that casts your vote in the sea of mass consciousness, and the vote that will ultimately be reflected back to you in your personal experience. You can support a cause with love, or you can fight against something with hate. Your energy, not your action, is what calls a different reality to you.

What energy are you emitting now? Is it love? Fear? Anxiety? Joy? Contentment? Contemptuousness? You’ll know by the way you feel. As soon as you realize what energy you are emitting, you can either enjoy it, or you can begin to shift it. There is never any judgment on our part. You get to define your own experience.

At any time, you can exercise your true freedom – your spiritual freedom – which is the ability to think the thoughts that give you the feelings you desire to experience. In so doing, you alone attract the reality you are feeling and focused upon. You can pray for those vying for leadership or you can loathe them. Your vibrational “vote” will ultimately define the reality that you will personally experience.

No one, no matter how inspired or loathsome in their words or behaviors, can dictate how you feel. You alone are sovereign in the kingdom of your emotions. You alone choose how you will act and react in the world. No one “makes you” feel anything dear ones although it is common practice to abdicate your spiritual freedom and to blame others for your vibration.

While it may be easier to say “my ex makes me angry,” this person “makes me sick,” or that situation “makes my heart sing,” what truly is going on is that your anger makes you feel angry; your upset reaction to something you don’t like “makes you feel sick,” and your willingness to see the love in any situation “makes your heart sing.”

While it is challenging to take such an impeccable level of self-responsibility for your vibrational vote, it is your God-given right and freedom to choose how you want to feel, simply by choosing thoughts – one thought at a time – that make you feel better and better.

We urge you very strongly at this time to “vote” for peace by focusing on thoughts that make you feel peaceful. We urge you to “vote” for kindness, by being kind and seeking examples of human beings that are doing kind things in the world. We urge you to “vote’ for love, dear friends, because right now the hurting hurtful are coming to the surface to express their pain as never before.

Your every thought, word, and deed matter now. Your every vibrational vote counts.

Cast your vibrational vote for love as often as you can, dear ones. Cast your vote for peace. You are needed. There will be temptation in the weeks ahead to fall into judgment, fear, and anger, but do your best to focus on love. Focus on the good that is always present. Focus on the peaceful constancy of nature. Focus on the loving people in the world. Seek out examples of those who are living in peace, compassion, and kindness.

Every kind, loving, and peaceful vote brings your world closer to a kind, loving, and peaceful world, and while it may take the world at large many years to grow closer to that ideal, your life and your personal reality will become kind, peaceful and loving much sooner.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels