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Try This For Two Weeks To Attract A Lover

I know in this time of social distancing- where Ascension process influences incredibly our behavior and awareness , evolving continually towards higher consciousness in our God-hood while intending joyfully and in celebration to be only loving whatever arises- and from my perspective it has never been a better time to create the perfect partner we want in our life or if we do have one already then this advice from Abraham Hicks applies too or maybe you are just like me for the moment totally happy to be spending time with your Higher Self which i admit it may shift any given time, i am always a big surprise to myself!!!

”you’ve got to create the perfect partner in you and the universe will match it so what we’re really saying is pick somebody and make peace with it and lineup with it and live happily ever after ….find somebody and make them the best partner by activating the best part of them in you …”Abraham Hicks

Let This New Year REALLY Be New!-Abraham Hicks-

….give up the struggle you’ve got to stop trying to prove your worthiness you’ve got to stop comparing yourself to any others you’ve got to let the competitive feeling go you’ve got to accept your blessedness and just let proof of your blessedness flow to you and through you with ease and flow and much of the world is not going to understand how blessed you are because they’re going to be standing in a place of not feeling quite so well and people who don’t feel blessed resent those who appear to be but just because they haven’t figured out how to get their valve opened doesn’t mean you should pinch yours off so that they feel better…

Calibrating Away From Unwanted Thoughts

…You don’t want to erase your past, you want to understand it, you want to see it for what it is and you want to reap the benefit of it and you want to take the pleasure from it that it gave you ,the past was when you were planting the fruit and now the fruit is gestating and soon you will be eating it but you don’t want to condemn the planting part …

Don’t Take Reality And Try to Improve It

”….most of the work is done in this vibrational realm (during meditation or day dreaming) and when you know that , when you know how much you’ve accomplished so what we’re saying is most of it’s done already here and then all you want to do is get up to speed so that you can witness the birth of it the birth of this part of it i…”