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Swell of Truth by Archangel Metatron

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

My love extends from the very depths of my being. It comes forth like a wave and surge of light, embracing you completely to create a foundation beneath you. My love lifts you up so you may bathe in the sunlight, the light of the Creator. When we speak of the light we speak of all vibrations and frequencies of the Creator, every single manifestation of the Creator.

I, Archangel Metatron, bring forth to you a remembrance of your truth. I invite you to recognise within you and upon the inner planes there is a Swell of Truth, a wave, a surge of truth that is coming forth from within your being and from your surroundings. I, Archangel Metatron wish to speak of this Swell of Truth that flows through my being to you, that flows from your being to all and flows from all beings to you. This Swell of Truth is divinely timed. It comes forth at this moment because the veils between the Earth and the inner planes are thin. This also means that the veils between your truth, your essence, who you really are, and your physical reality are thin. There is a great opportunity to recognise now in this moment and this stage of ascension what the truth is and the presence of truth within your being.

Truth is such a general word, it can mean so much and yet it can be the most personal and intimate connection between yourself and the Creator, even realising yourself fully as the Creator, as an embodiment and an expression of the Creator.

When I say the word truth to you, what do you think of?

What does your soul yearn for?

Your soul has a yearning for truth, the truth that is already within you that you already know and yet simply need to be reminded of. The truth that you yearn for is a message, an energy, a vibration that is destined to come through your being. Not only will it support you, it will support those around you and will add to the complete puzzle that is being completed by all of humanity at this time. You have a puzzle piece of truth to bring forth to add to the puzzle to create a larger picture. It is important for you to realise that your thoughts, your words, even your feelings are important, especially when connected to the Divine Essence within your being. Especially when connected to the yearning of your soul for the truth within you and your expression, embodiment, and experience of truth on the Earth. Remember that your truth is your unique puzzle piece, no other being will come forth with the same truth as you, maybe the message will the same, however the vibration will be different.

Everyone is creating a key that will open the door to the Creator, to the heavens, to the inner planes, to the manifestation of love and peace and the Creator upon the Earth. Of course, as you create this key, merging it with the keys of all other beings to open the door, you are also opening the door within yourself. It is so important now that you understand what your truth is, realising that it will be different or the same as other people’s truth, but it will always be unique. This truth needs to come forth whether it is a message, vibration, sound, feeling, manifestation, or a creation. It needs to come forth through you to complete your soul at this time of ascension because your soul is yearning for the truth, your soul is yearning to move to the next stage of ascension. As you bring forth your truth in everyday life and in every moment of your life you are changing the consciousness of humanity.

When you are born unto the Earth, there is a download that anchors into your being that has been created by generations who have existed upon the Earth. It is a combination of thoughts, feelings, understanding, and knowingness. The download allows you to begin to adapt to living upon the Earth as a baby. It allows you to fast track through your development as a human being for you to achieve what is necessary for your soul. However, the consciousness of humanity that is currently downloading, although it is shifting, holds a great deal of fear, negativity, judgment, and reactions to different things, thoughts, even to objects and to foods. You might call them allergies, an irritation that is downloaded. Each human being uses the download to support themselves. It was designed to support a being as they enter on to the Earth. There is a need to transform the consciousness of humanity, in doing so we transform the download that anchors into babies and that has been anchored into your being still influencing you now. We transform the general energy, vibration and frequency of humanity as a collective. It is immensely important as it removes the fogginess, blockages, baggage especially within the mind, perspectives, and thoughts, allowing a clarity to dawn. Thus, a clearness, open-mindedness, and a confidence to think from the soul rather than from the ego is created. Confidence to be the truth, to not only be the truth but to promote the truth of others will emerge. Therefore, it is important for your truth to come forth and is the reason for a surge, a wave of truth to come forth. The beings on the inner planes, the Creator recognises there is a space like a breath present. A breath that allows a space for the truth to come forth.

There is a need for you to recognise this space, this breath, this opening, acknowledging that there is a Swell of Truth coming forth. How can you recognise this? It is first important to ask yourself:

How do you experience the Creator?

Do you feel energy flowing through your being? Do you have sensations? Do you see colours? Do you have words of wisdom? Do you feel healing light? Do you simply have a knowingness and understanding that dawns or inspiration? How you experience the Creator is most probable how you will experience the surge of truth. The more you can recognise, acknowledge, and give space for this surge of truth to come forth the easier it will be for you to embody, express and allow it to work with you to create what you wish upon the Earth.

You have anchored the New Earth Ascension Blueprint within your being, you are capable of anything you wish because of this blueprint. It offers to you new opportunities and possibilities. With this surge of truth coming forth, you have a greater alignment with your truth, with the Creator and what you wish to manifest? All that you are required to do is to create space for the truth.

I, Archangel Metatron invite you to achieve this in the coming days. Simply create space and by space, I mean time, maybe even just one minute, five minutes or an hour in your day devoted to connecting with and allowing the Swell of Truth from the Creator to flow through you. Create the space within your surroundings, you may wish to be on your own or with others, but create the space, let it be a space that you recognised as aligned with you and truthful to who you are. In many ways it is like taking a breath, acknowledging that breath before you continue your breathing cycle. In that breath, you open the door, you allow the swell like a wave, like an ocean of truth to flow through you, igniting new things for you. It will also come forth into the reality of the Earth, transforming the consciousness of humanity and adding your puzzle piece of truth to the larger complete whole picture that is dawning.

Please know that I, Archangel Metatron, I am with you.

If you need any assistance, please call upon me silently or out loud and I will come forth to surround you, my energy supporting you.

I thank you,

I am Archangel Metatron

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Play!Have fun!

Beloved embodiments of divine light,
I am Metatron, and I come today to offer you my violet ran, my violet flame, my violet fire, that it may cleanse and purify the very last vestiges of what holds you back.  You are aching for a new start, a new beginning, a sign that ‘we are off’, that the game has begun.  
Well, my dear brothers and sisters, the game has already begun.  On a board game, is there not preparation work to be done before the players throw the dice?  Do you not lay out the board, distribute counters, agree the rules, organise and deal cards?  That is all an intrinsic part of the process and one without which the game cannot be played.  I invite you to notice that this is where we are in the evolution of Gaia and your sacred journey.
While life may not be viewed as a game by any of you, especially any of you above the age of 8 or 9, I would invite you to see the fun in this life and to treat life as more of game.  Not because I wish to take from the meaning of your experience, but precisely because I want to enhance that experience.  If you can allow a certain lightness, even if only for a few moments in your day, you are elevating your energy.  And when you elevate your energy, you elevate the collective energy.
Take my violet flame, every time you feel overwhelmed, burnt out or fed up, and let the flame dance through those negative emotions.  These emotions only fuel and strengthen the old.  You have moved past the old.  My violet flame will help you to free yourself from old residual patterns of thinking and feeling that keep you locked into the memory of the old.  Don’t relive it.  Don’t relive its pain and heavy energy.  
Let your energy lift. Do anything that helps you to feel better, to feel more alive, more joyous, more childlike.  This is the sacred path of the Now moment.  
You have done such incredible work breaking new ground and creating a new reality for Gaia and far beyond. You had to learn the skill of transmuting darkenss to light.  You had to learn to clear yourself of emotional wounds, sometimes inflicted generations before you.  You had to learn to clear up your planet and your bodies.  You had to learn to heal yourself.  You have set about learning these skills with passion and commitment, and sometimes resignation and cheekiness!  Just like 8 year olds learning new subjects!  But you have done it and I salute you for this.
Now is the moment to learn another new skill.  The skill of living life in 4D.  The skill of becoming aware of energy flows, energy streams, and the impact that they have on creating your reality.  You are learning to see with new eyes and to harness the vast potential of manifestation which is your God-given right as a spark of the Divine.  There is nothing of the Divine that is not also yours, for you are God.
The single most important thing you can do for your spiritual development, the onset of the Reval, the demise of the cabal and Ascension of Gaia is … Play.  Yes! You read correctly: play! Bringing light, laughter, joy, fizz, sparkle, jokes and delight into your life changes your energy signature; that immediately changes the energy signature of those around you, which in turn uplifts both Gaia and all upon her.
Play!  Have fun! Notice the fun already in your life. Children are not waiting to have fun. Children seize every moment possible to laugh, to play and to delight in life.  That is because they are closer to their divine nature than adults are. They have not yet been completely worn down by the efforts of the dark.  
Let children be yourrole models.  Laugh, dance and joke like children; play, laze and daydream like children.  Every moment spent being childlike will do more to raise your vibration than any other practice at this time.
Let the play begin!