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FEEL MORE THAN FINE Founder ENERGETIC THERAPIST/PERSONAL TRAINER/REIKI THERAPIST AND INSTRUCTOR (Healthcare) Accomplished professional healer and energetic therapist with extensive experience in providing treatment as well as personal training utilising various holistic healing techniques. Commenced medical education but changed track and decided on pursuing an artistic career and became a dancer, a DJ, a restaurateur and model agency business owner; however finally reached the actualisation of self and pursued education in reiki personal training. Expertise in offering therapeutic services for clients by mainly combining music therapy and reiki. Rich experience in establishing and mutually achieving short- and long-term objectives ensuring better post-therapy life for clients. CORE COMPETENCIES ▪ Therapeutic Restoration ▪ Understanding Therapy Techniques ▪ Client Requirement Analysis ▪ Personal Training ▪ Nutritional Planning ▪ Exercise Demonstration ▪ Motivation ▪ Client Health and Safety ▪ Strength, Healing and Conditioning ▪ KEY SKILLS Therapy Intervention – Recognised for hands-on experience in providing therapeutic services to harmonise the body, mind and spirit for overcoming and resolving various conditions/issues of clients including health, money, relations, stress and fear, among others. Expertise in energising clients and helping them activate their inner healing power utilising a combination of techniques such as reiki, qui gong, pilates, yoga, cardio training, dance, tantra and therapeutic music. Client Management – Adept in identifying clients’ dilemma and empathising with their situation by discussing their past experiences and current problems. Significant experience in successfully delivering distance treatment at prearranged times for resolving issues of long distance clients and transporting the vibration energy flow through email and Skype. Program Planning – Outstanding track record of understanding client’s needs and developing detailed programs aimed at achieving defined goals. Skilled in creating structured programs encompassing therapy, exercise, conversation and diet as well as giving guidelines to clients to achieve a peaceful, joyful and abundant life. Interpersonal and Communication – Proactive professional with proficiency in English, French, Spanish, Greek and conversational Dutch and German and the ability to communicate confidently and effectively with clients as well as providing specialist advice and training on energetic therapy for clients from diverse cultures. KEY DELIVERABLES Clearly communicating the program and explaining the process prepared for clients. Undertaking client consultations including medical history and preparing notes. Pre-treatment, ensuring the client is as comfortable as possible either lying on a couch, or seated. Placing hands in a sequence of positions covering the whole body to guide energy and activating the healing process. Treating clients by applying the energetic principles of Reiki as well as performing distance treatment at prearranged times. Adhering to established industry guidelines and providing safe therapeutic recommendations to clients. Planning the routine by comprehending the needs of clients and designing nutrition as well as diet plan for the client, as applicable. Interacting with client and strengthening client relations. Adhering to all personal trainer policies and demonstrating as well as teaching exercises to clients and providing feedback on techniques used. Preparing self for treatment, raising own energy levels and attuning self. Researching, strategising special techniques and increasing knowledge to introduce clients to innovative wellness programs. Constantly motivating clients to achieve maximum gain utilising provided therapy. Maintaining punctuality and preparing for all appointments with clients or professional staff. Attending mandatory and optional staff training classes. Designing rehabilitation program to manage specific physical conditions, injuries, diseases and swiftly responding to emergencies, if any. Handling client grievances and swiftly resolving conflicts by negotiating an amicable settlement. CAREER PROGRESSION Personal Trainer and Energetic Healer Natural Mente Festival,Camping La Playa, Ibiza Jul 2011 – Present Personal Life Coach Feel More Than Fine, Ibiza May 2010 – Present Energetic Healer Consciousness Festival, Rimini Energetic Healer Workshop Interconnectedness, Amsterdam Healing DJ and Therapist Healing, Ibiza Master Reiki Reiki Healer level II Reiki Healer level I International Career DJ and Producer Personal Trainer and CardioFunk Classes Fitness 1st (Passage), Brussels Co-owner Model Agency Pure Star Management Vilnius and Paris Club Manager/Choreographer Cova Santa, Ibiza Restaurant Owner L'empire des sens Professional Dancer Classes of Dance & Cardio Fitness Instructor Fitness 1st, Brussels Commenced career as a professional dancer and simultaneously working as a DJ and music producer. 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Jenny Schiltz ~ Message from Merlin on the Changes taking Place

September 20, 2021,

I was with Merlin today as he was walking in fields, harvesting wild plants. I was talking to him about what was going on in our world. He gave me a message that I felt was important to share. He said to me:

”You are familiar with Avalon, how, due to the lowering frequency of the world and the encroachment of belief systems; magic and particularly female empowered worship were seen as evil. This created a need for a veil, a separation of worlds.

Throughout history, there have been groups that have pulled away from the lowered vibration, and for their safety went vibrationally beyond their current reality. You may see this as a seamless process. I can assure you that it was not. It took considerable time. Many could not believe what was happening, they thought that reason would return, and therefore stood in resistance and were washed away by the changing tides.

Now that the Earth is raising her vibration, the veil that was put in place is lifting. We are on a new cycle, a new wheel, a return to a reality filled with more wonder and magic. The change is in front of every person. The opportunity to reclaim within themselves all that was lost behind the veil is present. Yet, here again, many are still holding on to what was, while etherically dreaming of a future. I ask you, who will physically create the new?

Each person must ask themselves if they want to expend their energy watching the collapse of the old or in building the new.”

I questioned this and was told ~

“Your world is changing drastically. Your medical system, for example, can no longer adequately support the needs of the ascending human. You can either watch the collapse or you can create structures for the people to move into when the time comes. Change is coming.  There will be chaos, but much can be mitigated by the creation of new structures or systems for them to access.

If one system fails and there is nothing to take its place, chaos will reign longer. In that space, it’ll be harder to create the new as it would be created in reaction instead of passion.

Many of you have ideas, passions, and visions. Yet so much of your energy is taken by focusing on the collapse. We urge you now, build the new. Follow your dreams, follow your passion, follow the urgings, and create!

Being present and not in resistance allows for the flow of information and ideas to come through, now is the time to plan, to organize, to visualize your garden for the spring. Why lament over the dying crops when there is a whole new garden to plan?

I thanked Merlin for the message and went about my way.

Thank you to all that support and share this work. It really means the world.


You all win when you work to bring out the best in yourselves and each other.

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September 22, 2021,

During times of intensity, it is a common human experience to get triggered. This, in itself, is not a bad thing. It allows you to become aware of an area that is looking for your attention and loving care.

People become easily triggered when they are in energetic overwhelm. Practicing good, tender self care, especially during times of energetic intensity, can help you stay in in a more balanced space. Continuing to meet your needs with loving self-responsibility allows any aspects of you that are seeking your love and attention to be met and for healing to occur.

The best way to diminish being triggered is to continue to prioritize your own evolutionary journey.

But even the most self-responsible souls may on occasion get triggered. This does not mean that you are not spiritual, that you are bad, or broken, or that your healing journey has been fruitless. It simply means you lost your balance.

If you find yourself getting triggered, we highly advise that you remove yourself from the situation if possible, and get into your own energy. Breathe. Ground. Imagine a beam of light that comes down from the heavens above, right over you, and deep into the earth. The above will help you gain balance.

Next, do nothing! It is rare that any action you take while triggered will give you good results. Honour your feelings, connect with any aspects of you that are in need of your love, but take no outward action. You are in a very activated 3D state which will not lead you to solutions that are in line with who you really are.

Wait until you are in a better balanced place before you do anything. People who are triggered and take action are usually looking for some semblance of control, and controlling energies will not ever lead you to empowered solutions.

If you have not waited and have taken action you now regret, learn from the experience. Understand that your triggers are always about you. Assume responsibility and do what you can to make it right. Apologize if you need to. Practice self forgiveness and make a plan on what you can do differently should you get triggered again.

Most of all, practice grace. Grace for yourselves, and grace for others if they have been triggered. You are in unprecedented times and such times can get messy. You are all doing the best you can. The combination of self responsibility along with encouraging each other forward with compassion and understanding will get you much further than the old ways of blaming and shaming ever could.

You all win when you work to bring out the best in yourselves and each other.

Lightworkers are White Hats

September 21, 2021,

J: Hello! Well you’ve just come through with this rather stunning message, and when I relaxed into it, I found it made complete sense.

A: Hello and blessings to all who feel this message. We are glad that it made sense to you, let us explore it a little more.

Many of you are used to thinking of the white hats as an elite group of off-world beings and political and military personnel who are working for humanity’s release from the matrix of torture that has imprisoned you. That is correct, and yet it is only part of the truth; yes, it includes these people ~ the names you are familiar with are at the higher levels, they are the ‘public face’ of this group.

But you lightworkers are also white hats, because to ensure the success of this operation, there had to be what we will call associates in every town and city, every community and country…  The movement to free humans had to be embedded in society at every level and in every way, and many wise beings and starseeds volunteered to be those associates.

This is a war in the 3D but also in the 5D, so it is a physical war, a mental war and ~ perhaps above all else ~ it is a vibrational war. You who have decoded clues to discover the truth were playing out your pre-birth agreements to assist, to be a white hat, to share the knowledge and to create a ground swell of opposition to the corruption that has become endemic across Gaia.

Those of you who have been committed to healing others have been on the front line of the local battle of hearts and minds, too; and those who have remained committed to lifting their vibration have engaged in the 5D aspect of this war, the vibrational revolution.

All lightworkers  ~ If you care for and work towards a world of love, harmony and kindness, then you are a lightworker.  You’ve contributed to the success of your Ascension and have been a member of the white hats.

So if you are feeling tired, if you are feeling as though your energy is shattered, if you feel injured…this is why. You are engaged in a war, where the weapons used against you are more sophisticated than you can imagine, targeting your thoughts, your emotions, your body and even your vibration in order to control you.

But they’ve failed.

You’ve won.

Much of the architecture of their empire has been dismantled, and the last pieces can no longer be supported because of the lack of foundation on which they are balanced. It will visibly fall, and very soon.

Already in its place, there is an architecture designed to emit vibrations that heal and uplift humanity so that you may be gently restored to a higher vibrational level. This technology has been developed in collaboration with the Galactics, to create as smooth and as gentle a recuperation as possible to humanity for the crimes of war that have been perpetrated upon you.

As your vibration restores, you will find yourself remembering information, lifetimes, insights and timelines that seemed erased. You will also find it easier to make healthier choices for yourself, your family and your community. You will have a greater understanding of the delicacy and subtlety of your planet, and you will naturally start to move in harmony with the natural cycles on your planet and in your body.

This upliftment will be alongside other innovations and endeavours that are all aligned for the betterment of humanity, as quickly and as gently as possible.

J: Thanks Ashian, that’s really interesting.

A: It is our pleasure and we remind you all to call upon us.  We are not distant or beyond you, we are here, and we consider ourselves to be your brothers and sisters in this evolution.

(c) Jennifer Crokaert

Linda Dillon: St. Germaine – Letting Go of Judgement

I am St. Germaine and welcome back. I wish to speak to you about letting go of judgment. Each one of you judges yourself and you carry a litany as long as the Bible of things that you believe you have done wrong. And this is simply not so. So I come here this afternoon to tease you, to jolly you out of your judgment of yourself, of how you have pulled your sister’s hair and how you have lied to your mother, how you have cheated. It is hilarious what you judge yourself for.

Judging is a way to underestimate yourself of what you are capable of. “Oh no, I cannot be master healer, because I punched my brother in the 3rd grade, and that time I kissed a boy I didn’t even like and all I could think of was that he smelled like onions.” These are grievous sins, my friends. This is the nature of what you have judged yourself as trespasses and see the humor of it.

Do not judge yourself. There is nothing that you can possibly conceive of in your judgment of self that we are not aware of and completely override. How you let go of judgment is in forgiveness. It is by packaging it and throwing it in the garbage. It is by putting it in the trash. It is giving it to the Mother. You can give it to me.

We have sat and drank wine and created miracles. And we have witnessed together the destruction of universes, and, the wonder of universes and planets ascending. We have done this together my friends. Were we sad when we saw destruction? When we sat there as witness? Yes. But we could not judge, for we knew that it would simply add to the destructive energy and prolong the agony. So instead we embraced each other, and vowed to each other that we would meet again when the time was right to fill the promise and to heal the planet once again.

The saying in your culture “the best of times and the worst of times” is true of now, because it is a breaking apart of all the evolutions, all the judgments that have prevailed. So let go. Let go of these judgments. Let go of the idea of limitation, of what you can or cannot do. If you can be such a grievous sinner, then you can be a spectacular saint. It is the same brainwaves. So laugh my friends and look at what you have done and what you have not done. And see the opportunity wide open in front of you, and celebrate. This is a time of reunion. It is a time when we come back together as One. I am rejoicing because of this. Join me. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

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Linda Dillon: Sanat Kumara – Letting Go

We have spoken to you about how this is a time of letting go of patterns, of behavior, of people, of circumstance, and what does not serve you and what does not feel like Love or Joy, what does not feel like it adds to the truth of your life.

“Greetings. I am Sanat Kumara, Planetary Logos, Keeper of Universal Law. And I come this day with golden radiance and messages of love, messages of encouragement, messages of beauty, gifts of truth, gifts of purity. I welcome you creators and fellow journeyers of Nova Earth, of Nova Being, and yes, even of Nova Time.

I have stepped forward this day because I wish for you to understand yet again the nature of Universal Law and how it operates. You are very familiar with the Law of Attraction, and you are very familiar with the Law of Above and Below, Within and Without. Some of you skirt and dance around the Law of Elimination although it could be very useful to you. And as you are growing and changing in this expansion that you are being given on a daily basis, it is important that you think and feel and activate this gift, this power to eliminate that which does not serve, does not serve either you or the collective.

So many of you are afraid to throw things out. What is that about you? We have spoken to you, all of us, how this is a time of letting go, of letting go of patterns, of behavior, of people, of circumstance, internal and external, what does not serve you and what does not feel like Love, what does not feel like Joy, what does not feel like it adds to the truth of your life. This also includes letting go of pollution, letting go of war, letting go of hatred, letting go of radiation. Because in the letting go what you are also doing is cleaning up. You are creating that bright, shiny space for the new. And you say to me ‘SK, how do I do that? How do I let go of something like pollution? How do I put it in the trash and take it to the curb as you have suggested? I’ve already cleaned up my house so it is not polluted, but I wish to clean for the collective. I wish to clean for Gaia.’

Now many years ago your beloved St. Germaine has said, ‘No do not take on what does not belong to you.’ Well that no longer applies and it most certainly does not apply when you are thinking of the work with your beloved Gaia. And so I allow you this day, I encourage you, see yourself on behalf of the whole and on behalf of Gaia to take what doesn’t serve her and wrap it up, put it in the trash and take it to the etheric curb. We will take it and we will transform that energy back to pure light, back to pure Love, because that is the only energy in the universe.

I think you do not fully comprehend what I say to you, what Einstein, Raphael, Serapis Bey, El Morya, St. Germaine, Mother Mary, Yahweh, you are not hearing fully in your hearts what we are saying to thee. The fabric, the energy, the substance, the essence, the sub-atomic matter of this and every universe is Love. Has it been transmuted and transformed? At times, yes, and we would like to emphasize that transmutation and transformation into something that is not so desirable has come from the powerful human collective, yes believing in false grids, false paradigms.

But the good news is my friends, is that you have already demonstrated what powerful, mighty creators you are. But it is understood that there are energies that you no longer want to touch and engage with and that is alright, that is why we say toss it in the garbage, give it to us and we will give it back to you as bright and shiny Love. If you are fearful in the slightest of being contaminated don’t worry, give it to us. We will dust it off, shine it up. and give it back to you. This is our sacred partnership. When we ask you to help us, to write Love in the air, Love in the water, Love in your heart, you are doing your part. So let us do ours and let us help you and let us help Gaia. Let us help every human, hybrid soul upon the planet. Let us fortify you because when we talk ‘as above, so below’ it also means if we are mighty and we all bow to Michael, then you, you my sweet angels, are also mighty. If we are humble and meek, then you are humble and meek. And when we are loving, you are loving.

Look in the mirror, look in the mirror of our eyes, look in the mirror of your friends, your family, your partner, see that beautiful truth of who you are. Declare yourself and step forward in Love because every fiber, every strand of hair, your eyes, your face, your skin, your body, it is Love. It is Love that has taken a form, a form that you decided upon, and a form that is absolutely perfect; just as Gaia’s form is absolutely perfect. So during this time of changes, of shift, remember you are perfect. Allow that perfection to shine through and if you decide, if you choose that there is something you wish to let go of, then give it to me, give it to any of us. We will be overjoyed to take it. We will not grab it from you; we honor you too much for that. We see your sacredness, we do not interfere, but we wish to be in partnership. Come join with us, come join with us my beloved ones. Farewell.”

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

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You are a master of energy, frequency and vibration. You were selected to receive the golden ticket to be present and anchor the reality of the great awakening.

September 20, 2021,

Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ The Great Awakening

We are here and we begin this by sharing that there is much work to be done. We will also say there is much work being done across your globe. There are those awakened and looking around with new eyes. There are those who are awakening with fear and confusion. There are those of you who are awake and aware. It is those who are awake that will reach out to others who are ready.

We are inviting you and those like you, Bright Ones, for it is your light, your energy, your radiance that precedes you. These are times of great shifts and changes on your planet. This is on every level and at every stage. You can sense or feel it.

You can observe all the negative energy being flushed up to be transformed. This negative energy is causing much distress, fear and alarm. It is being out-pictured in the events and happenings around your world. This energy is most difficult and painful for those who are extremely empathic and sensitive. Know that your sensitivity is your gift. When you feel these negative and misqualified energies, it is your birthright and responsibility to transform them.

Remember you are true masters of energy, you are alchemists, here at this time to shift and uplift all on this planet and in this limited dimension to a higher frequency of love and grace. Since you are always connected to everyone and everything you have the power to invite and envision a different reality.

Everyone is more aware of the total connectedness. Your internet is serving as an example of communication, like the energy communication from other dimensions.

Earth is very much like the reflection in physical matter of the energetic patterns and geometric shapes carried by the frequencies, the vibrations through the dimensions. Think of the dimensions not so much as going up as more like nested together, one inside the other, each in turn affecting the other.

What happens in the galaxy is manifest on your planet. What happens on your planet (in the form of energy from mass consciousness) ripples and is received by the galaxy. It is all one. You, as a human with a body, carry within yourself a reflection of the stars, moon and sun. You carry an aspect, a reflection, an interface with the galaxy.

Remember this is a game of evolution, a game of consciousness, a game which allows all energetic signatures to be experienced. You as human are like the most sophisticated, refined, highly developed probe that could be designed. You are information gatherers, sensing, feeling and ever expanding from Divine Mind. Planet earth has been a wonderful extension of Divine Mind.

The human body co-joined by spirit, interfacing with all possibilities, all emotional experiences, all thought forms is the incredible journey and opportunity in which those in non-physical form long to participate. The human body co-joined by spirit has amazing capabilities that have not even been revealed until this time. There are those with whom these abilities have been more visible and they are called your avatars, your divine ones, your Christ conscious beings.

All humans have the same connections, the same abilities, the same qualities and the same programs to work with energy and this physical reality in a more advanced, aware, awake way. You are beginning to recognize that you are descendants of the stars. You are one of those selected to be in the wave of this group experience. You have transformed other planets on the timeline.

You are a master of energy, frequency and vibration. You were selected to receive the golden ticket to be present and anchor the reality of the great awakening.

Your universe begins with you. Everything outside of your consciousness is an extension of you. You are Divine Mind ever expanding. You are a Divine Creator learning how to create in a dense, limited dimension.

The goal is to realize and activate the latent abilities to align group energy and group mind with the galaxy and with mother earth, all in one energetic flow of nested realities.

The energies of the galactic center have been offering intense frequencies to awaken humanity. These energetic infusions are offering new patterns and downloads, minute by minute. These high activations and frequencies expand your divine awareness and consciousness.

More and more humans are waking up and realizing that they are more than their physical body and life. They are being triggered to be open to their own amazing abilities; they are sensing their true connection and oneness with all. Many of you are experiencing being more telepathic, hearing guidance within your own mind and heart that you know without doubt to be true.

Many of you are experiencing moments in which you disappear and then are jolted back to your physical form. Often you have a brief memory of where you have traveled and often that is still a mystery. Trust us, these out of body experiences will become more real and you will be able to recall where you have traveled. Trust the process.

The energy consciousness of Divine Mind vibrates, moves, shifts and flows through all.

Each one is responsible to awaken and realize their part in this energetic flow. Each one is responsible for the thoughts, feelings and actions that are put forth into this grid. Do you put forth fear, hatred, chaos or joy, love and peace. Each moment it is your choice as to what you send forth.

Practice sending forth only your best. Practice breathing, walking, sleeping and interacting in joy, love and peace. You have our blessings. Be at Peace, Beloved. the ‘team’

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A Vision for Play

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A Vision for Play

We envision a world where people are no longer ‘working at life’ but are instead ‘playing at life.’ We see a world where every person is loving what they do so much that there is no clear distinction between what they do to earn money and what they truly love to do in life that aligns with their passion so much that it is just like playing.

We see a world where playgrounds and parks are just as prevalent as offices and institutions, where fun and games are prioritized over mandatory attendance and overtime, and where recreation time is truly a time of re-creating ourselves.

You’re Larger Than 3D Life

Dear Ones,

Meshing with your 3D friends and family is becoming more and more difficult. Not because they are wrong, but because you are different.

You are becoming larger physically, emotionally, and spiritually. So it is, you seem larger than life to 3D beings, even though you are similar to how you appeared before transitioning.

In 3D terms, your charisma has increased. So you might look the same in a mirror, but others see a sparkle, a charismatic being that encourages those of 3D to look more closely, to wish to be with you.

You have perhaps read about certain dignitaries or movie stars who seem larger than life. So it is for you now. Even though you are not doing or saying anything that unusual, your sparkle and love light up the room.

Many of you believe you do not display love. That you are as you always have been. Yet, you likely find people remember you more than was true in the past.

You might discover you wish to hibernate a bit longer than is necessary during this COVID time, but not know why.

If you remember from our last channel, being among large groups of people has become difficult for you because you are internalizing more of their frequencies.

There is another reason you find different frequencies difficult to be around. You are a new being somewhat unfamiliar with 3D personhood and very uncomfortable with 3D actions, words, and shoulds. At the same time, you seem more luminescent to others.

Your interactions with large groups of people – especially those of 3D – are uncomfortable because you sense much more and those of 3D expect you to be so much more.

You are not interested in the charismatic pedestal those of 3D want to place you on. It almost seems like a waste of time to be in 3D company because there is little you can learn.

Imagine you are a 1960’s 13-year-old adolescent girl enamored of the Beatles. If Paul, Ringo, George, and John appeared on your doorstep, you would be so overcome you probably would not be able to communicate. In turn, those young men would find you silly but not at all interesting.

So it is for you now. You are like a cherished dream for many of 3D, but there is nothing they can teach you, nor do you wish to emulate any part of their life.

You have outgrown most 3D humans.

You are not better than 3D humans – you are merely different. And that difference is the need to discover more about your new personhood with little interest in the 3D you have shifted beyond.

If you had had a similar charisma when you were of 3D, you would have marveled at your luck. For you could have created all sorts of 3D glories for yourself, as has been true for movie stars, politicians, corporate giants, leaders, artists, and musicians. The charisma that opened 3D financial and personal doors.

Such is similar for you now. The difference is you desire a different type of creation. 

Your interests are more about what you can learn and create. Almost as if you are interested in inventing automobiles, and those of 3D are interested in raucous partying.

You are too busy creating anew to address the need of those who wish to adore you or to enter into their conversations of right or wrong.

Your days’ likely roll along with not much interaction with others. Not because you cannot interact with others – even though it is uncomfortable at times to have 3D internal chatter in your being – but because you have such different interests.

You are a new being in a new world, not at all interested in your former 3D life or the rules that 3D life included.

There is no reason for you to attend this or that gathering. Nor is there is a reason for you to interact with those wishing to place you on a charismatic pedestal.

You are new you, with new interests and interactions. Allow that to be.

If or when you feel like it, you can encourage those of 3D to follow your lead by merely being you. 

There are more exciting pieces for you to assimilate than walking among those who wish to put you on a pedestal instead of following your lead. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page (, and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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it is completely safe to trust your journey and start to find peace with wherever you are on it.

September 19, 2021,

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ The Perfection of Your Journey

Your ascension is based on a compilation of experiences, both external and internal. You shift internally, then express it externally. In many ways you may think of it as its own manifestation process, starting energetically first and then slowly but surely making its way into form.

You are in the body to experience the continuation of your evolution. It cannot be rushed or avoided. It will simply continue at its own pace. So any fear you have of change, or not changing, or somehow not getting it right are completely unfounded, and only create resistance to the ever-unfolding wonder that is you.

Do you see? You simply cannot get it wrong, so it is completely safe to trust your journey and start to find peace with wherever you are on it. That will open you to the acknowledgement and acceptance of the intricate perfection of it all, and that is the balm that will begin to make the process far more enjoyable for you.

5D Technologies Are Coming

5D Technologies Are Coming

Dear sisters and brothers of planet Earth,

We are here to thank you for your step into the manifestation of your wish for freedom from the control through mind programming by the negative forces.
We are here to guide you to ascension in the fifth dimension, because you are ready to co-create with us a new reality. After many incarnations on earth, you have manifested the capacity to see beyond illusion and see the bigger picture behind what has been made to appear real.
Once you grow spiritually and can prepare yourself to help your friends in the 5th dimension, we will be able to communicate with you easily. However, until that time, we wish you progress in a scientific way as well, by sharing our advanced technologies.
The Supership Galactic Transporter, carrying Galactic Federation cargo and personnel, will arrive on your planet when the frequencies are stabilized, and if we can reach a mutual agreement, we may visit you for technology exchange.
There are two sciences: one is subjective science and the other one is objective science. Spirituality is to subjectivity what science is to objective actuality.
Spirituality (inner science) is used for inner progress. Technology (outer science) is used for external progress. Spirituality is discovered in the inner world, just as science is discovered in the outward world.
Their strategies are identical. It’s referred to as “observation” in science and “consciousness” in spirituality. It’s referred to as’ experiment ’in science and’ experience ’in spirituality.
Both sciences encourage you to enter the experiment without any preconceived notions or beliefs. You’ll simply be open to whatever reality arises, even if it contradicts your preconceived notions.
We encourage you to apply to both sciences. They are beneficial to both internal and exterior evolution.
The innovative technologies we will demonstrate will make your life much easier in ways you never imagined.
There’ll be limitless free stuff for you. Imagine a world where you won’t have to worry about paying bills, working hard, and living paycheck to paycheck. That’s the world we want to help you create today.
The robot revolution is inevitable. Robots do all the labor. Humans will only do creative jobs. The machines will do all the manual tasks. A lot of things will be automated, and the main work of humans will be creativity.
All citizens on the planet are welcome to have their own 3D printers so that they can create items for their own use and benefit from the manufacturing processes being developed all over the galaxy without having to travel to distant planets.
You can’t imagine what it’s like here. So many books, foods, clothing, electronic gadgets, medicines, and more—you can just print them whenever you need them. You don’t have to use money for anything anymore.
Going to the grocery store to buy ingredients will be a thing of the past. 3D printers will simply print your food, no matter what it is you’d like to eat.
Purchasing homes and automobiles will be obsolete. The AI robots will print the house or cars that you desire from the CAD model.
You will be presented with a vast array of CAD model libraries from which to choose. You can also use voice commands to design your own customized model or make needed adjustments to an existing model.
To produce your desired things, there will be an endless supply of raw material from the galaxy along with a digital process card.
If the raw material is exhausted, an alert will be sent immediately from your end to the galaxy central logistics team, and the essential raw material will be delivered within seconds. We have an excellent supply chain management system. Everything will be automated.
We are proud to introduce our anti-gravitational technology that can transport any material through space at an incredible speed.
Using this anti-gravitational technology, your essential raw materials will be delivered immediately. It works by using a system of powerful electromagnetic fields to attract or repel matter.
This technology was first discovered for transporting goods and raw materials. Later on, this is used for space travel. Anti-Gravitation technology not only makes long-distance voyages possible but also opens up new worlds for exploration and discovery.
That is the breathtaking power of Anti-Gravitation technology. A human could travel from Earth to an entirely new solar system in an instant!
We have discovered these technologies and put them to use in a constructive way. It’s possible that it might also be used negatively. So we want all the humans on earth to evolve spiritually by raising their consciousness as quickly as possible before we can release these powerful technologies into trustworthy hands with pure intentions.
Everyone will love one another as themselves once they have matured spiritually and entered the fifth dimension; there will be no more greed, hatred, wars, or anything else that produces unhappiness.
When everyone is united with the Source of Love, everything becomes one.
We love you dearly.We are here with you.We are your family of light.
A’HOAurora RayAmbassador of the Galactic Federation

This is the work, simply acknowledging the presence of God in everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or smell in the realization that nothing else exists.

Arcturian Group Message 9/19/21

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SEPTEMBER 19, 2021

Dear readers, welcome to this message which is intended to convey hope, information, and strength during these times of chaos and suffering for so many.

Never doubt that all is proceeding according to plan for in spite of how things may seem, you are witnessing a necessary and important facet of the ascension process which is the exposure and activation of layers of heavy and false energy created from and then accumulated over eons of time from the universal belief in two powers and separation. Many of these energies have lain unseen or controlled but still present and available to be acted upon by those in alignment with them.

In order for earth into shift into higher dimensional frequencies, she must first rid herself of old and dark energy for this energy as well as its resulting creations simply cannot align with the higher. This is true for people as well which is why you may be experiencing physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual issues at this time.

If you experience a sense of hopelessness when you look out at the world, recognize that that you are judging what you see by three dimensional standards of how things must be or look in order to be right. It is important to remember always that the whole world is now experiencing a new and different energy, one in which the old familiar rules and their enforcement no longer work as in the past.

Much of the suffering that the awakened as well as the un-awakened are experiencing at this time is the result of attempts to hold on to obsolete three dimensional standards of of how things must be based in what has been. Frantic and unfruitful efforts to force something into a familiar mold will not and cannot work because the energy on earth has and is changing, leaving much that was formed from old energy to collapse having nothing now to sustain and maintain it.

You may be personally experiencing pain on some level but remember that anything not in alignment with love is not real and has no law to support or maintain it. This is the illusion. Human good and human bad may seem very real, but because they concepts of a deeper underlying reality they have nothing to hold them in place and will come and go. Humanly good appearances are no more real than bad ones. Meditate on that.

Do not expect the clearing of old injuries, diseases, beliefs, or actions etc. some of which you have been actively carrying with you throughout many lifetimes, to happen overnight. The clearing of old energy is a process. Issues on all levels that have been held in cellular memory over lifetimes will often express in every lifetime simply because the energy of them is alive and well.

When some physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual issue arises time and time again or seems to last forever, try not to become discouraged and remember that the releasing of old stored energy is a process that does not happen overnight.

You are the strong ones. Once a person awakens to the realization that they are Source in expression, there are no longer accidents for it is at this point the Higher self begins to draw to the person the experiences necessary for them to go deeper. Many of these experiences cause the sincere truth student to feel that somehow they have failed, but no, it simply means that the soul is now ready for more intense work. Present times on earth are not for the weak, which is why you were chosen to be on earth for her ascension process.

It is easy to lose sight of the fact that everything is changing when problems arise regardless of their nature. It is simply habit to automatically refer to known three dimensional solutions while the mind works hard to fill in any empty spaces with scenes of doom and gloom. You must remember that things are not going to be as they used to be. Many understand this intellectually but when problems arise, revert back to old ways of thinking and acting unaware that many solutions from the past no longer have the energetic support they once had.

This does NOT mean you cannot visit a doctor, healer, or someone you trust for help. What it means is that before you do it, you ask yourself what you are believing about the problem and if it is true in the light of the truth you know. Listen to and trust your intuition in these and all matters.

The only reality is Divine Consciousness and ITs qualities. EVERYTHING else is but an illusory concept of this Reality. If you are guided to see a doctor it does not mean failure on your part, it simply means you are not yet fully conscious of your Divinity, but are on your way.

Resist nothing. There are some who attain knowledge of an absolute truth and then refuse help of any kind in the belief that they must hold fast to the truth they have come to know in spite of the fact that it has not yet become their state of consciousness. These dear ones often suffer from painful diseases and even die from their blind faith in an intellectual statement about truth. Never lose sight of the fact that consciousness forms the outer, not statements of truth. Help and healing is provided at all levels of awareness.

Be strong dear ones for you came to earth specifically for these times during which you knew you could advance your own evolution and that of planet earth. All is proceeding according to plan.

As higher frequencies of energy flow to earth, they automatically dissolve everything not in alignment with them. Those who are awake automatically integrate more of these high frequency light energies because they are able to align with them which is why many of you are experiencing intense clearings at this time in forms of physical pain and problems in general.

Always ask yourself when problems arise; “What am I believing that is making me feel this way?” This will guide you to the particular belief you are holding and now surfacing in order to be recognized and replaced with truth. Integration and clearing is a process that simply cannot happen overnight because the physical body would be unable to safely withstand the pressure of an instant full download of high frequency energy.

Those who seem to have no interest in spiritual matters often seem to be doing just fine and you may wonder how is it that I who am seeking to bring light and love to earth and self have all these problems whereas this person living a life based fully in three dimensional thinking and getting all his pains and pleasures from the physical, seems to have no problems.

Know that when this person is spiritually ready, he too will begin clearing accumulated old energies which may not be in this lifetime. Do not judge yourself or others by appearances based in concepts about right and wrong. You can never know what is going on within another. Those who seem to have the most disastrous lives may actually be completing things that they needed to experience or resolve in order to spiritual evolve.

Greet all seen and unseen, those you hear about, and those you come in contact with, with love. This does not mean attempting to feel an emotional attraction to someone because in fact you may not even like the person and that is ok. Learn to simply look into their eyes and acknowledge the life force that exists behind them while remembering that there is only One Life Force and it is God. This is the work, simply acknowledging the presence of God in everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or smell in the realization that nothing else exists.

Practice doing this as you go about your day. Visualize a tiny spark of light in the heart of every person–the clerk at the store, a fellow worker, the UPS or post person, a child or the elderly, the policeman. There are no levels of love–a kind word, holding the door open for someone , giving the dog a pat, or taking time to honor the essence of a tree or flower– all is love. Any seemingly ordinary service done with respect and love is Light work. Learn to recognize the Divinity of all life and it will soon become your state of consciousness expressing through you wherever you go. Many of you are at this level now.

Our message is simple; Just keep on keeping on. We know that the problems and chaos seem never ending and that nothing is ever going to happen or change but this is the process of evolution. This is how the ascension of a planet takes place. Other planets have done it.

Evolution is a continually unfolding process that cannot be stopped or avoided because Divine Consciousness is and always has been the only reality.

ONE expressing ITself as infinite form and variety.

We are the Arcturian Group 9/19/21

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You are awakening humanity just by being You – every single one of you!-Saul Through John-

As the collective awakening of humanity draws ever closer, please intensify your intent to be only loving whatever may arise in your day to day lives.

These are very difficult times for many of you, and so you do need to call on your friends and your support teams in the spiritual realms frequently – at least once daily – for a powerful spiritual energy boost as you do the work you incarnated to do in this time of mass awakening.

For the vast majority of you the task you set yourselves is to share and extend LOVE to all.  You are LOVE, your nature is to extend and share It, but, as humans in form, who have largely forgotten the plans you designed prior to incarnating to follow and fulfill, that often seem counterintuitive when you see conflicts in so many places that need to be dealt with, and, apparently, forcefully brought to a halt.

You do know, deep within yourselves, that force of arms never leads to peace, although it may bring a brief truce during which the opposing sides may rearm and reconfigure themselves to access the most effective way forward.

But of course they never move forward, because it only leads to either an angry stalemate, or to the total destruction of the opposition, which will then rebuild, in the next generation, an army or a political system to punish and defeat those who previously defeated them.

Humanity’s awakening process started to accelerate quite recently when large numbers of people finally began to really understand the total futility of conflict, and to see that a war to end wars is impossible.

Everyone wants only to be loved, but because of the trauma that the vast majority experience as they grow into human adulthood, it has been very difficult for them to place their trust in engaging with others in only loving behaviors.  However, enough of you now do have the courage to face your fears and move forward in Love, realizing that an attack of any kind is, in truth, a call for Love.

Offering Love silently, gently, and fearlessly to someone who is angry, and possibly ready to engage in conflict, is extremely powerful energetically, and it is the only way forward, and many are coming into awareness of this.

Humanity and form in a material environment are an invention, an extremely clever and well designed but unreal resource that the Son of God, in a moment of insanity, constructed in order to experience separation from Source, to experience freedom from the imagined lack of freedom that being the created instead of the Creator appeared to impose on Him.

But, as you do know at the depth of your being, when you were created in Love from Love, there were absolutely no limits imposed upon you.  You are eternally absolutely free from limitation of any kind whatsoever.

To admit that You had made an enormous mistake in attempting to separate from Source in order to obtain a freedom that was greater than the infinite freedom with which Source had already eternally blessed and endowed you was far too shameful an admission to make.

As a result, for innumerable eons, You have continued playing the game of separation by splitting Yourself into multitudinous individual and seemingly separate beings experiencing individual personal and quite different lives from one another.

Those apparent differences – of ethnicity, culture, skin color, nationality, religion, etc. – were quickly used, due to your severely limited awareness of who you truly were, as further tools to convince you that the state of separation was real.

You found yourselves apparently divided or separated from one another by those meaningless but easily recognized differences, and, therefore, ordinary normal people appeared to present dangerous threats to you, to one another!

All wars start when a few men – seldom women, isn’t that strange? – egotistically seeking power for themselves over others, determine to persuade and convince people in their communities that they are in danger of being injured or attacked by people those egotistical ones choose to identify as enemies – people who look different or who are different in their customs or lifestyles.

Humanity is now finally awakening to the fact that those who seek public office are, with very, very few exceptions, powerfully ego-driven narcissists.

And yet, your egos only have the power that you each choose to give them.  Nevertheless, you – nearly everyone in form – do choose very frequently to give your power away either to your own egos, or to the egos of those whose rhetoric uplifts and inspires you.

Inspiration of that nature is purely egotistical, a choice to give your power away so that you can, you believe, escape responsibility for your thoughts, words, and actions.

To be separate, to be individual, to be human, is to accept self-imposed limitations on your personal and divinely preordained sovereignty.  And who is the self imposing those limitations?  It is your egos!

Your egos – essential aspects of the human in form – live constantly in fear because they believe that the state of separation that life in human form provides is real, and because, therefore, they also believe that this human life that they are experiencing is their one and only opportunity to demonstrate what powerful beings they are!

Termination of their existence at the moment of physical death terrifies your egos, and they will engage in any procedure or routine that they think will overcome death, or the people and diseases that cause it.

All of you reading this or similar messages from the spiritual realms know that death is just a change of state, an awakening from the illusion.  Nevertheless, due to the conditioning that being human ensures that you all undergo, you mostly do have doubts about Reality, about whether or not you truly are eternal beings, and so you do fear death.

Maybe not for yourselves, but you often fear the death of loved ones, those in your lives who give you a sense of meaning, a reason for existence, and who lovingly support you in your human lives.  And when one of your loved ones does die you suffer.

So once again, I urge you to take time out every single day to spend time quietly alone in your holy inner sanctuaries, and invite Love to embrace you there.  Doing this allows you to remember and know that you truly are eternal beings, infinitely loved by God, and to whom no harm can ever come.

Therefore, be at peace within, and by doing so bring peace and comfort to those with whom you interact.

That is why you are in form at this moment in humanity’s spiritual evolution or awakening.  You are each doing an essential task that no one else can do for you, and so your presence in form is indispensable right now.

You are awakening humanity just by being You – every single one of you!

With so very much love, Saul.

Neutralizing a Timeline-Ashtar via Sharron-

September 16, 2021
Neutralizing a Timeline

They’re a Virus that Invaded the Universe – or God. Any of them that have souls we can live with, but the soulless ones are a virus that we’re getting rid of.
Sharon channeling a personal channeling: “As our timelines go backwards in time, we eliminate the dark threat from our galaxy/universe. We’re erasing everything. If this war never happened, then neither could any of the other invasions. All history in the galaxy will be changed as a result.”
Me: No less than that, eh, Ashtar?
Ashtar: Correct, Sharon. No less than that.
Me: So when this last war is won, then the entire universe will go back to another timeline, the timeline that we were all on before the Draconians showed up in our universe? It will be as if it never happened. This isn’t just about earth returning to the Lyran timelines, it’s about the entire galaxy returning to a timeline of relative peace. Peace without the dark marauders, anyway.
Ashtar: Yes, that’s true Sharon.
Me: For some reason, that seems weird.
Ashtar: It is not as if we won’t remember the lessons we were taught, we will. And we can always re-experience these lessons by stepping back into that timeline. This timeline will not be destroyed – it will always exist within the universal time matrix.
Me: It’ll still be active? It won’t be destroyed?
Ashtar: Let’s call it neutralized. It will be harmless and only serving a purpose of instruction.
Me: But that will change everything!
Ashtar: Yes, it will.
Me: Are you sure this is for the best?
Ashtar: We are sure.
Me: How can you know this?
Ashtar: We can jump timelines, Sharon. You are already doing it yourself. We know what will happen when there are no Draconians or Archons in the universe. This virus will be eradicated on timelines that will allow for normal development of humanity in the galaxy.
Me: How will that look for the people of earth who are only just learning about these beings?
Ashtar: It will be a memory but you must understand that when you are multi-dimensional, you have any number of memories to chose from, and many potential realities to pick from to go forward in, so they will become just a potential rather than a race of beings that sought to take over the All and overcome all life in this multi-verse.
So it will not be erased, let’s say, it just won’t be the active timeline anymore. All three planets, all who were soul murdered by these beings, and all who experienced death at their hands will live again to carry on. God will be made whole again.
Me: Sounds like a Star Trek movie if you don’t mind my saying so.
Ashtar: LOL Yes, a bit overwhelming for you, but normal course of business for us, let’s put it that way.
Me: Was this timeline necessary for some reason?
Ashtar: Perhaps, perhaps to teach humanity to stop warring.
Me: Okay, thank you for that clarification. I’ll put that out on the airwaves.
Ashtar: Thank you Sharon. Thank you all for the work that you so lovingly do.
I am Ashtar. Adonai

Instead of worrying so much about pleasing others, be more concerned about pleasing the Source of Creation that lives and abides in you and guides you – in every moment in time – along the path of greatest joy.

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Messages from Ann & the Angels – 09/18/2021 • Own your Own Mind

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are discerning about who you allow into your homes. You lock your cars when you go into a store. You select foods that nourish or comfort you and discard that which is spoiled. In most physical areas of your life, you are careful to discern who and what you allow in. You”mind your matter” very well in most cases.

But do mind your mind? Does it matter to you what you allow to infiltrate your thoughts? If your thoughts were people and your mind was a house, what kind of atmosphere would you like in your mental house? What type of thoughts would you allow in when they come knocking on the door of your attention? In this mental house, you get to choose the thoughts that keep you company.

You are certainly being bombarded these days with the thoughts and opinions of others. You have been trained to “take all opinions into account,” and indeed it is conventional human wisdom to do so. Sometimes –  for example, when working to create something with a team – it makes sense. However, you would never see a flock of birds sharing ideas and “taking into account” one anothers’ opinions about where to migrate. Each follows their inner compass. Sometimes their instincts motivate them to follow one another, and sometimes they are motivated to roost on their own. You would never see anything in the natural world “taking into account” another’s opinion. Instead, each beautiful being in the natural universe senses and reads energy feels instinctual and intuitive guidance in response and acts upon that.

Are we saying that you could remain totally independent from other human opinions and still be guided to have a blissful life? Although this is an unlikely scenario –  and not even recommended because the contrast provides stimulation and desire – we are saying exactly that dear ones. You have your own inner compass. You have your own connection to the Source. You have the ability to attune to what you wish to experience and therefore the ability to receive your guidance in each moment. So does everyone else. Collectively you are guided, if you listen, to live in harmony with yourself and with those around you.

Where you get yourselves in trouble is when you ignore the still, small voice, the delightful feeling that you want to do something, or the not-so-pleasant feelings that tell you you don’t. When you ignore your guidance and take everyone else’s opinions “into account” instead of trusting yourself, this is when you become confused, uncertain, insecure, and often, upset! When you are in agreement with your own feelings, you will feel good. You will be guided. You can live and let live. When you are at odds with your own feelings, you will not feel so great, you will miss your guidance or ignore it, and you are likely to want others to change… so you can feel better.

For example, suppose you have a feeling that you want to go to an event, take a trip, or visit someone. You feel great about it. You feel safe. You feel excited. Your God-given guidance is telling you to go for it! Suppose however you turn on the news or have a conversation with someone in fear. Suddenly you are taking their opinions “into account” and now you’re not so confident. You don’t feel so clear. You want to go but you’re not sure you “should.” Originally your guidance was crystal clear, but since you let thoughts that were not your own into your mental house, now they are taking over!

Your guidance will be a very calm feeling or knowing. You might hear words in your head, but often something just “feels right” or doesn’t. Often guidance feels instinctual, natural, and like the thing you want to do next. Guidance can be a feeling of resistance to doing something you think you “should” do, or a feeling of upset when someone is pressuring you to do or be something you don’t want to do or be. (If you were totally secure in your own opinions, you’d listen to them without upset and do what you’re guided to do anyway, with no need to justify or validate yourself!)

Dear ones, mind your minds and make sure your minds matter to you. Be discerning about listening to your feelings rather than blindly taking in the thoughts that bombard you. Be honest with yourself about how you feel. Instead of worrying so much about pleasing others, be more concerned about pleasing the Source of Creation that lives and abides in you and guides you –  in every moment in time – along the path of greatest joy.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

UNITED WE STAND- Mikos from Telos Hollow Earth via Dianne Robins-

The weather anomalies on Earth are out-picturing the chaos in people’s mental bodies. There are so many restrictions and laws being imposed upon the people and so much confusion and fear that people are feeling and that Nature is absorbing and then reflecting back to us in the form of erratic weather. Nature is out-picturing people’s confusion and fears, along with all the pollution it has had to absorb from people’s careless ways and harm to the Earth.There will be a few more storms or weather anomalies and then be over.  You have already experienced Covid, fires and drought. And now we are witnessing the suppression of the Divine Feminine taking place in Afghanistan that soon will be put to an eternal end. By 2025 a new Earth will emerge based on Love and Equality for all.

This is the End Times you have all heard about – the END of all darkness and confusion and war that will soon usher in the Era of Light that will be everlasting and permanent.  It will be a magnificent time to be alive ~ and it’s just over the horizon.  Just a few more years Beloveds, and you will experience permanent peace on Earth in preparation for Earth’s ascension.  For in order for Earth and its people to ascend, there must first be peace. There are only good things to look forward to.

Do not lose hope… focus only on God’s plan for humanity and it is grand indeed… about to unfold before your very eyes!

The Earth is now filled with great Beings of Light from other Star Systems who have come to help the people of Earth out of this darkness.  Angels by the millions are now covering the Earth with their Light and Love and shining it everywhere, uncovering the darkness and deceit that has overtaken the leaders of countries all for the purpose of control and money. From our vantage point in the Hollow Earth through our computers that monitor the surface, we see all – we hear all – and we know all that is transpiring.

The Light Forces are in full control, and you will be seeing great changes looming on the horizon in the very near future ~ for as the Light pours in, the darkness recedes. There is so much to look forward to !

For great changes are ahead for the American people and the people of the World – including Afghanistan.  The Spiritual Hierarchy and Angels and Silent Watchers and Great Cosmic Beings are all focused on planet Earth, helping in myriad ways to remove the darkness and usher in the Light.  Soon you will see great assemblages and masses of people take to the streets in protest against all the injustices and constraints and laws being imposed against Freedom of Choice, Freedom of Movement, Freedom of Speech.  People by the hundreds of thousands will protest and join together to demand the truth.  You will see the grounds of the White House filled with millions of silent protesters who stand with their backs turned on the White House demanding the return of justice and liberty and freedom of speech.  This is indeed the GREAT AWAKENING we’ve all been waiting for and IT IS HERE NOW!

You all signed up to be here at this time on Earth to be part of this Awakening and your Light makes it all possible!  


I am Mikos, Head Librarian of the Library of Porthologos located inside the very center of our Hollow Earth. Good Day Beloveds………

August 30, 2021

Copyright © Dianne Robbins 
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Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: ‘What is God?’

September 16, 2021,

J: Someone emailed me to ask who – or indeed what! – is God?

Ashian: This is a wonderful question and one that takes lifetimes to answer.  However, we shall attempt to be brief!

Can you imagine a void? Nothingness? And then a bubble appears, from nothingness. The void is the Divine Masculine – it is everything and it is nothing at the same time. The bubble is the Divine Feminine – it is creation, expression and – ultimately – also nothing, at the same time.

They are two energies of perfect and equal balance that require each other for expression, and they cannot be separated, despite the appearance that they are separate. This is one understanding of “God.”

For us, the concept of “God” does not exist.  We work with energy and vibration. The closest we could come to express the form you label “God” would be as a constantly refining vibration of expression that leads to an increasingly inexpressible vibration of pure expression.

Does that make sense?

J: It does actually, but let’s see if we can open it up a bit more…

A: In the 3D to 5D transition, your understanding of all things is changing and evolving, whether it is the concept of work, home, money, health, law, education, religion or God. Two of the most potent forms of oppression on Gaia have been money and God.

As the Divine Feminine is the expressing energy, it was purposely sidelined, distorted or written out of the teachings of the great prophets, who only became such great prophets because they understood that the Divine is both feminine and masculine. However, that creative expression was omitted.

J: So what’s the masculine and why hype ‘him’?

A: The masculine is beingness, is ‘holding’, is expansive.

J: But that sounds more like feminine traits?!

A: You see the distortion! Masculine energy is strong and grounded, it holds space for highest good.  It does not distort and it does not manipulate or control. It holds space for the highest good and works to support that.

Feminine energy is creative, dynamic, and maybe even explosive in its purest form.  It’s like the creation of a child, which is a creative explosion of physicality and spirit in the moment of conception.

Your order has been inverted. The masculine energy has been deprived of the joy of “holding the energy” ~ why and how that was done is beyond the scope of this message ~ and the feminine energy form has been deprived of authorship and creative expression.

And so we return to “God”…the most common concept of “God” on Gaia is a distorted male authoritarian figure who could be seen as holding a secret rule book that “he” uses to judge and condemn.  Perhaps he can forgive, but he often seems cold, aloof and only compassionate when pleaded with or bribed with good deeds etc. Where is the Divine Feminine in “God?” Vanished to the sidelines.

Many, many have woken up to this distortion and prefer to connect with the Divine Source, with All That Is, with the Universe… there are many names, but the overwhelming feeling is one of loving connection that is beyond male and female.  It is an energy that flows through beingness and expression, the ying and yang of perfect balance.

And, by developing a personal relationship with that energy, they create their own definition of the characteristics of the energy so that both ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ aspects of it flow freely through them according to what is required to bring them into perfect harmony, perfect balance.

J: This is going deep! So I just had the idea (it was you, wasn’t it?!) to look up God in the dictionary, and I got that it comes from ‘g̑heu’, which has Indo-European roots, meaning ‘becoming’ or ‘invoked’… that isn’t a ‘person’ at all, it’s more like an action, an alignment, a vibration.

A: Yes! The concept of “God” is a placeholder, a marker, a concept that reflects ~ or more accurately ~ creates the consciousness of the masses at any given time. How this being is explained to humans is highly controlled. Breaking free of that control and moving to ‘invoke’, is to discover your own relationship with the Divine, and the infinity of that Glorious expression.

Cellular Treatment by the Arcturians

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 
Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

pink sphere splashed by green liquid
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Greetings beloved ones, we are the Arcturians. We come forth with the truth, the love and peace of the Creator. We bring forth to you our energy, we bring forth to you our divine inspiration so you may benefit from all that we are achieving on the inner planes, to serve Mother Earth and all of humanity. Today we come forward to support the physical body, and in truth to support the heightened and quickening of your vibration on all levels of your being.

We wish to share with you a treatment that is to assist your ascension and to aid your physical body in becoming balanced with your divine self. Meaning that your physical body embodies your divine self and is equal to and a reflection of your divine self. It is important that this takes place so the physical body can easily move through the ascension processes that are coming forth, that are ready and available for you to experience and achieve. Your physical body is such a powerful tool. It anchors the energy, it allows you to express, to experience, to put into action all that is the Creator. Your physical body alerts you to any baggage that you are holding on to, any wounds, anything that is blocking your connection with the Creator or causing a separation between you and any aspect of the Creator. Your physical body is filled with so much wisdom and knowledge. Your physical body understands all aspects of your ascension and is in communication with your soul. Your physical body is like a sponge, it absorbs so much and supports you in every moment of your reality.  It is important to recognise that your physical body can absorb and be impacted by outside energies, as well as habits or negative thought patterns that you choose to hold on to.

When your physical body equals the vibration of your soul, your physical body is upgraded, rejuvenated, regenerated. You have a vessel that is of advanced energies. All your senses, physical senses as well as spiritual senses, awaken. The skills and ability of your physical being and entire being activate thus you can see into other dimensions, hear into other dimensions, and sense into other dimensions. Your physical body even becomes prepared to walk into other dimensions, to make transitions between dimensions, realities, vibration, and frequencies. At a very basic level when your physical body’s vibration equals that of your soul it is so much easier for your soul to express through your physical body, a unity, and emerging takes place. Thus, you begin to walk as your soul, as your Divine self upon the Earth.

Cellular Treatment Activation

We, the Arcturians, have a special activation that we wish to share with you to support a vibrational heightening and advancement of your physical body. It is known as a cellular treatment. On the inner planes, within our civilisation, we have many treatments, many activations, initiations, and all are created from the purest vibration of light, the highest intentions, and the most sacred expressions of the Creator.

For the cellular treatment, we create cells of light. We first scan your own physical being; we scan your soul and all energy bodies of your being. We recognise the vibration you are currently holding. We recognise the vibration of your soul, and we merge these vibrations.  Connecting with your current vibration and your soul’s vibration, we merge them and fill them with light. This creates for us a vibrational frequency which is the aspects of your physical body that have been healed and the vibration of your soul. This process is very clean and clear. We do not add any other light, we use the light of your soul to create the cells.

Once we have scanned your being and have determined the vibration of frequency that your soul is and your healed physical being are aligned with. We then access this vibration to recreate cells of light. When you are ready, we come forth, creating a circle around you with many Arcturian Masters of Light. We begin to pour light that is not from our civilisation, it is directly from the Creator through our beings into your being. As we send this energy, we begin to integrate the new cells of light that hold your vibration of a healed and complete body and being, and the highest vibration of your soul. We support these cells in anchoring into your own cells. This process may take time and you may wish to lie down to experience it fully. You may experience it as your entire body being lit up with the most glorious and fantastic light. You may experience old wounds drifting away.

You may experience, new understandings coming forth. As you experience the cellular treatment, your entire being is shifting and transforming. There is a union, a synthesis emerging of your soul new-higher aspects of your soul download into your physical being. You may feel a fondness, a deeper connection with your soul or deeper awareness of your soul. The outcome will be that your physical body will be filled with light and supported to rejuvenate, regenerate, and maintain a high vibration. As well as heal wounds and pains, with greater ease, your physical body will be able to hold on to the light of your soul. Therefore, you feel a deeper connection and embodiment of your soul. We believe this transformation is essential now. It also eradicates from your being old habits, old negative energies, and information, especially anchored into your being from the collective consciousness. Therefore, allowing the consciousness of your soul to be embedded within your physical body. This will create a greater freeing and release, allowing you to follow the guidance of your soul with greater ease.

You only need to ask us to come forth to experience with you the Arcturian Cellular Treatment and we will do so. We will begin to scan your being, then we will surround you and begin the transmission of the light cells into your being. It will be important to ground yourself, to breathe out through your feet, your Earth Star Chakra, and your Root Chakra into Mother Earth for some time until you feel fully anchored and fully present.

This is a powerful transition and creates greater freedom and the sense of divinity within your being. If you feel that this process is not for you, then please we wish for you to follow your inner guidance. It may be that you can achieve it at a later time or maybe it is simply not for you. Ask within to see whether you need to experience the Arcturian Cellular Treatment to aid your ascension and to support your physical body in these times of ascension.

We thank you, we love you,

We are the Arcturians

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How to Receive the Influx of Cosmic Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

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“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are able to detect even the slightest increase in the vibrational frequency of the human collective consciousness, and we want you all to know that there has been a spike. You are getting what you have asked for energetically, and those of you who are open enough to receive are tipping the scales for humanity. You can always look outside of yourselves at what others are doing, thinking, and saying, and feel as though humanity is not moving in the right direction, or you can look outside of yourselves at that chaos and realize that humanity is doing a whole lot of summoning of higher-frequency energies and that someone has to step up and be the receiver of those energies.

You can always realize that the someone is you. You have the ability to do so, and you have the willingness, and enough of you have taken the time to do so to make that impact that you want to make on the human collective. You are natural born givers; you want to help. You want to be of service, and opening yourselves up to the cosmic energies that are coming in is the way to be of greatest service to your fellow humans at this time. Working with those energies is easy for those of you who are awake, because you have been doing that in one way or another for so long, and the influx of energies upon you right now are meant to be very stabilizing for you and for your fellow humans.

You start out by accessing them by yourself, and then you let them do what they do in your physical body. You ground them into Mother Earth, sending them along the gridlines, and everyone across the planet benefits. Everyone could use a bit more of that feeling of stability in their lives, regardless of what they are living right now. You can give it to them. Now, some of you might be wondering how you are doing this, and that is a very good thing to wonder. We will tell you that there are several ways for you to open up to and receive these energies.

First of all, if you rest and relax, you are automatically open. If you do something that brings you joy, you automatically open up, and if you intend to open up, and you stretch your arms out wide, and you face your palms up, and you tell the universe that you want to be of service and that you want to receive the current energies so that you can be of service, then it is done. Putting yourself in a body of water, even if it’s a bathtub, also helps. Remain conscious of your thoughts, your emotions, where you are putting your attention, and whether you are tensing up or anxious, and release all that you need to in the moment, and you will continue to be the conduits that humanity needs you to be at this time, and pretty much always.

But as you know, it is a significant time in human history, and there are many people are afraid of something, or in resistance to something, and they need help. They need that stability to come from within them, and once you ground it for them, it becomes more available to them, as everyone has moments when they are open. Everyone has moments when they are not completely stressed out, anxious, and tense, and when they do have those moments, you will have laid the groundwork, literally for them to receive the beautiful stabilizing energies that are upon you right now.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”