Ascension Update & The Final Purification.

As even more energies of love and light are hitting the planet and all living beings here is my personal experience today Thursday 30th of January and how these energies translate through my filter.
My right ear feels super heavy with very strong ringing here that happens only when there are super strong energies coming in.My general feeling is good, uplifting ,i do make a special effort to always stay on a positive creative momentum of thoughts and feelings, i know i need to drink more water and have as less food as possible and as alkaline as it can be.
Meditation and participation in global synchronised gatherings eases the ride towards a more ease, grace and flow feeling and timeline, less thinking means less or not resistance.
Grounding in nature and hugging trees feels great as well being in an open air space inhaling as much as possible fresh oxygen.
The main message that comes through is this:

The Final purification.

Speaking to my my Higher Self:yes, yes, you said this many times over ,every time it is the final time.
Higher Self responds:It is the last time because the extreme energies are about to finish the decapitated head of the sneak of darkness .Rejoice for the victory is at hand and the time to start restoring Humanity ,Mother Earth to Ascend Smoothly is finally here .
Conratulations to all you Light workers for doing your work with such dedication.You are loved.Light workers you know what it means to be the joy and this is your work now here no matter what you choose to do, to be the joy at all times.
I am asking who is speaking right now, voice says :IAM AA Raphael, call upon my energy to assist you in your healing, on easing any suffering and also call upon my brother Serapis Bey with his white ray to assist you for your Ascension.You are magnificent beings Light workers, we love you ,feel our love deep into your hearts right now by closing your eyes for few moments.You will recognise our signature.Oh and brother Saint Germain and Lady Amethyst are here too, along the dragons and they all bring in the violet ray to purify and clean all that remains and to allow you to be receptive in these energies.Call upon all of us and make your Ascension a journey of pleasure towards the higher dimensions.Life is meant to be joyful at all times.Find the joy in your now.Find the joy you are at every now.Be the excitement.Be the Bliss and let it radiate all around you to uplift all those you come in contact with.And finally Mother God is here,she covers each one of of us with a blanket of her pink ray to sooth and take away all pain that does not serve us.

God Bless You All and Much Love.

Feel More Than Fine


Art Work by Mark Eden