Ascension for dummies.

For those of you who are hearing the term Ascension for the first time,this is for you!No,you are not a dummy,i am just taking the time to explain what it is using simple words.

So,what is Ascension? It is a process of transformation taking place within our bodies, a mutation as we are bathed in higher amounts of Light originating from the Central Sun and Source of All Creation.Our cells act as receptors to the energies and they are transformed from Carbon Based to Crystalin (therefor Christ Self) Based Cells.

Medical studies and scientists have just begun speaking about it,myself i know this from a very young age and been doing my best to share the message with those around without success,as nobody would believe my theories,if they are not written by someone.In 2008 The Pleiadians made sure that i remember the reason i came to the planet by constantly sending me on a link on youtube where i could listen to Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak and from the very first time ,it all resonated as my deepest truth.This same year is the year that i became Vegeterian(nowdays Raw Vegan) and that same year i got initiated in the Art of Reiki Usui (Japanese Healing Alternative Technique).

In my previous youtube video that you can watch here ,i was sharing You Are Much More Powerful Than You Think You Are!(Here Is How To Become Aware of This).

Today,i want to bring your attention to the fact that our bodies are also evolving and becoming multidimensional as well.This is very important notion to become aware of and here is why:While we are receiving the higher energies and our consciousness gets attuned in relatively short time,our bodies need much longer time to do so and so it is very important to see them as integral part of our evolution and not separate from the whole.It is not just about being healthy in our body,it is also about being aware of the transformation taking place to remind ourselves to be gentle and kind to our bodies for the time they need to go through the transformation.This also explains extreme fatigue and as personal trainer myself,i invite all teachers,yoga teachers ,coaches and personal trainers to really be aware of this and be gentle with your clients in bringing this information in your practices.Some may think that they are getting old in the bodies,while the only thing that is happening is a transformation whereas if one is really aware about this detail,one will really listen to their body and not do too much by accepting the process for the time it needs.Process takes many years and this is a first one for Ascending Humanity.There are of course those that are ascending by leaving their bodies and that is because it has been agreed so,pre-birth from their souls.This,in no way means that something is written in stone,one that reads this information may choose to live and be on the Ascension train.

All one needs to say is :

I want to Ascend within my physical body!And choosing to Ascend within our physical body,means that we choose to live ,if we desire so,up to 1000 years or more!The Hollow Earth beings live for many thousands of years.

We are the ones deciding as our DNA is expanding and the information we choose to believe becomes our reality.Welcome to 5D of authentic peace,joy and unconditional love and infinite possibilities!

One may choose to just shape their body to become a model only with the power of their mind and projecting images of beauty seeing self as that.It works also for Diet purposes or seeing in our mind’s eye our perfect body and writing about it describing it for 30 days.Try it!and you will notice the difference,i guarantee!!!

To this i am adding here a Song i made dedicated to Ascension.

The Highest Good For All.

Much Love and Happy Ascension!

Feel More Than Fine