Angelic Work And Lucid Dreaming.

Doing distance healing work has been and is one of my daily practices for over a decade now.And at this time space reality of our evolution where each one of us discovers new facets of our multidimensional selves i want to share with you a lucid dream i had a few days ago:

I was present in a room where an 8 year girl was receiving loving guidance for healing after being a victim of intense sexual abuse.As you most probably know or about to find out,this has been happening on our planet for thousands of years and all the truth is coming out pieces by pieces for the wider masses for awakening.I will not go into the details about why this has been happening and if it is true or not here.There is a lot of material out there,red pill material that one can easily access and find out on the internet.If you wish to know more about it,i invite you to watch Above Majestic.

Back to my Lucid dream:I was present in the room as pure energy of Love and Light radiating out in the room for both the teacher and the child.So they could not see me and i can even now feel my heart expanding as i speak about it.It feels like i am back in the room continuing this work by distance without having to be there,one minute suffice to raise my vibration and expansion of my being,quite powerful to experience in this now.And so now,it feels right as i write this blog to ask you to take a minute and be there as pure energy of Love and Light radiating out from you for all the children on the planet that have been abused and tortured:”May all Children heal all wounds and have beautiful lives in ease,grace and flow being safe and sound at all times doing all the things they love to do,free to be creative and expanding in all ways always””May all victims know forgiveness,may all victims and perpetrators know forgiveness as much as Cosmic Law allows”

It may take one minute of your time or 2 or 3 or more cause it feels quite awesome to do this.

And this an idea i expand on a recent channeling from Sananda Yehshua Christ i read about doubling ourselves and tripling and going to war areas and bring healing to all children and mothers in countries like Syria,Iran,Irak.We can do this every time we hear or become witness on the media about anything bad happening in the lives to any one of our sisters and brothers ,animals and plants included,instead of just being a witness,using the mightest strength in the Universe =Love to bring healing and Change.I truly tell you all sisters and brothers reading this post of mine:it works!What i feel is the proof and what i dream also.

So please allow me at this stage to share with you one of dear projects we have begun in Dakar,Senegal in Africa in 2013,setting a non profit association in 2018 named Feel More Than Fine Africa.This happened after an intention i send out through musical creation to eradicate hunger on the planet with the prime focus on children:Earthlinks was produced in 2011 and if you wish you go here and read a short description about it plus listen to the music :

I went to visit Dakar in 2013 and there i became aware of the phenomenon of so many children being in the streets asking for money.The first thing i did,was to go to the corresponding ministry of Dakar and ask how can we proceed to help these children.And so God,the Universe replied to me by bringing on my way a beautiful person which became my partner for this project.We have been waiting for the prosperity funds to assist with a small project we begun in the village of Fouta since already 4 years now.The full marketing of the project is complete and what is needed is 580,000 € to build infrastructure for schooling.I have many times requested for funding on this website and my belief is that at this time or the skies will open and bring it directly in bank account or somebody out there who is a billionaire and has a sensitive heart about it will assist us and making this reality true.

So i am making a call to any of you reading this post,if and only if you have the possibility to assist with this by financial means or you could maybe assist in creating an event or a serie of events for charity involving ecstatic dancing (where i am very happy to offer my services as DJ & ANGELIC CHANNEL) please write to me.

My email is :

And if you are just reading this post ,i thank you for making a prayer for us to bring the beginning of this dream into fruition and manifestation and action in the ever expanding now.Love is the mightest strength in the Universe and you are that Love and You have that power by sending out loving intentions for the Highest Good for all,can be general and can be specific!So thank you for being specific to this mission of us to

Feel More Than Fine Africa!

May all children have equal chances to become like Omari McQueen(Picture for this post) for anything they aspire to be,do or have.(11-Year-Old Award-Winning Vegan Chef: CEO Of Plant-Based Restaurant)

Nikos Akrivos