Punk Buddha Clown


Well Being, Holistic & Sustainable Entertainment On Tour.

A circus of artists,musicians,performers on tour promoting togetherness in a clean toxic free environment with exclusively vegan ayurvedic food and healthy drinks and  where all people of all ages are invited to get involved,dance and learn to enjoy and gather with all sisters and brothers in celebration,love ,meditation touring in villages,small and bigger cities.

Buses with all comfort in will be bought ,luxurious mobil homes where each artist is treated with respect , appreciated and valued as much as they deserve it from Ibiza To Amsterdam around Europe and the World.

Estimated Initial Budget: 11 Million €.

More info coming soon.


Tour has already begun unofficialy.

Next dates:

Amsterdam ,Oct.20th and 22nd.

Nice People Dancing To Good Music at Odessa.



Artists Meet Up at Kaskantine,Oct.22nd



Ascension Guidance