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You will find here insights shared on my youtube channel along with some recent work we are doing locally for The Highest Good For All combining Meditation,Mass Meditation,Musical Journey,Chi-Dancing and Music Attuned on 432Hz that defines also The Feel More Than Fine Workshop.

High Vibrational Guidance Channel








Digging into my CD collection to play sound with the intention to create a powerful portal of Light from the inner planes and the support of The Angels for Perfect Fulfillement,Joy,Peace,Abundance,Prosperity,Well Being,Fun,Love for All Humanity,The Planet and The Highest Good of All.Feeling into those as you dance on this set will help you manifest all those in your life.Amen,Hallelujah & Namaste and we keep on Dancing with Soft Desire and No Resistance.


How to Evolve Smoothly And Create A Protective Magnetic Field around You – Merkaba:Pleiadian Centering and Mayan Grounding.

Fast Holistic Practise to Raise Your Vibration

How to Raise your Vibration while dancing.

Short and long term programs and retreats from 2p to 6p.

Raise Your Vibration while training.

Complete Holistic Life Coaching Program:

How to clean your pineal gland and stay grounded

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Release The Champion in You!